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To dream of a lobster represents a difficulty in freeing yourself from a problem. Feeling you that someone will never stop talking about problem if you even bring it up once. Difficulty getting other people to stop reminding you of your negativity if you allow them to have any control or power at all. Sensitive angry people who will not stop trying to control you with something they are angry at you about.

Lobsters may also reflect feelings of your self taking risks discussing topics that are sensitive to other people.

Positively, dreaming about a lobster may reflect your persistence with dishonest people. Never letting go of someone who has been dishonest until they are honest. Using any opportunity you can to persistently never let a dishonest person avoid a responsibility.

Negatively, dreaming of a lobster may reflect petty or nauseating attempts to remind people of something wrong they did. Persistently reminding people of their faults if they make a single mistake. Hyper-sensitive nagging or reminding. Never stopping reminding people of why they aren't perfect.

To dream of eating lobster may reflect feelings of never having to worry about being controlled again. Enjoying yourself not having to put up with someone else's annoying persistence, nagging, or reminders. Enjoying peace and quiet. Enjoying someone else's passivity or inability to bother you again. Enjoying the power control people by telling them to never bother you again. Negatively, dreams about eating lobster may reflect a dishonest use of power to control honest people from bothering you about your dishonesty. Threats of revealing secrets, using leverage, or calling in favors to keep honest people from bothering you.

Example: A man dreamed of trying to kill live lobsters and keep them for food. In waking life he was trying to intelligently avoid debt collectors and people who wanted to take large portions of money he had accrued. He felt that if he didn't perfectly avoid them that they would never stop coming for the rest of his money. The lobsters may have reflected his feelings about the consequences of cooperating with debt collectors whom he felt would never leave him alone again if he ever gave them any money at all.

Example 2: A man dreamed of being bitten by a lobster he couldn't shake off. In waking life he made a serious mistake in school and a teacher wouldn't stop reminding him of his mistake everyday until he was perfectly complaint for over a month.



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