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Living Room

To dream of a living room represents emotional comfort with accepting life or a situation the way it is. Usually a symbol for being very relaxed or unconcerned about an issue or situation. Thinking that nothing is wrong the current state of a situation. It may also reflect personal time. Feeling that you are done with the hard work of a situation and can comfortably accept it the way it is

Negatively, a living room may represent laziness or being too comfortable with a situation. Jealousy of losing an opportunity due to laziness or comfortably accepting a situation for too long.

Example: A woman dreamed of people walking into her living room and dumping piles of poop. In waking life she ran a counseling practice and was starting to feel that she was taking too much work home with her. The living room scenario reflected how she was too comfortable taking care of everyone else's problems during her personal time.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing his brother sleeping in the living room. In waking life he in in between jobs and felt that being too comfortable with accepted his life the way it is may have cost him an opportunity.

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