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To dream of standing on a ledge represents being on the verge of something. You or someone else may be very close to finally making a big decision. You may be feeling tense or experiencing anxiety about a difficult change. Alternatively, a ledge may reflect how close you or someone else is close to going to far in a situation.

To dream of jumping off a ledge represents a big choice or change you are making.

To dream of falling off a ledge represents you or someone else that has finally gone overboard. It may also represent feelings of being forced into a big change.

To dream of pushing someone off a ledge may reflect feelings about yourself trying to force people to change their minds with things they are close to doing, but haven't fully gone ahead with. Making people do things who are resisting you at the last moment.

To dream of holding on to a ledge represents feelings about desperation to avoid accepting failure, letting go, or embarrassment. A persistent attitude about avoiding losing. Feeling that you are confronting a last chance of some kind. A very uncomfortable crisis moment. Tension or anxiety.

Negatively, holding on to a ledge may reflect difficult letting go. Difficulty accepting jealousy or defeat. Desperately attempting to reverse a positive change that was made because you were acting dishonest. Behaving evil and not wanting to accept losing because of it.

Example: A man dreamed of standing on a ledge. In real life he was struggling to get the strength to tell a girl how he really felt about her. Standing on the ledge reflected how close he was to finally "taking the plunge" and finally telling her how he felt.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of walking along a ledge. In waking life she was secretly feeling that she might be close to choosing to leave her husband.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing herself push someone off a ledge. In waking life she was frustrated that an expert who was always giving her free advice wouldn't give it to her anymore unless it was serious.



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