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To dream of a landslide represents unexpected problems in your life that feel overwhelming to clean up. Big oversights that need to be addressed. It may also reflect emotional buildup or conflict that is finally coming to the surface after being overlooked. Having to deal with a problem that you've never thought of as being important because now it's become stifling. Feeling that progress or your sense of normalcy is effected due to big unforeseen problems. Overpowering or unstoppable changes. Total failure that takes you by surprise. Feeling overwhelmed my a problem or multiple problems that "hit you all at once."

Alternatively, a landslide may reflect an overwhelming or unexpected change of events.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing her timeshare pushed off the side of a mountain by a big landslide. In waking life she felt that numerous problems in her family completely overwhelmed her ability to enjoy her life at all. She felt that her need to financially support her daughter and parents made it impossible for her to ever take time off for herself.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of experiencing a giant landslide. In waking life she felt totally overwhelmed by unexpected financial problems that seemed to completely wipe out all her money that she had saved up.



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