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To dream of a Lamborghini represents decision-making where you or someone else is enjoying being noticed by others as having too much power to stop. Attention being drawn to having unstoppable superior power. A decision-making style that enjoys being too original for other people to compete with. Feeling excited about a new exceptional original way of dealing with a problem with ease. Feeling excited humiliating enemies with exceptionally original cleverness that can't be outsmarted.

Negatively, dreaming about a Lamborghini may reflect decision-making styles that are focused on getting away with dishonest behavior is original ways that are impossible to compete with. Flaunting perfect winning to others that is impossible to outsmart. Pretending you are a professional and enjoying getting away with it. Dangerous behavior that nobody can do anything about. Jealousy of your enemies getting away with everything they do. Jealousy of your enemies being too original to stop.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a Lamborghini. In waking life he was pretending to be a lawyer filing legal complaints against other people who were stealing his copyrighted work and enjoying seeing himself being perfectly respected and complied with. Everyone he pretended to be a layer with feared him and complied. He knew he was risking getting caught breaking the law, but he didn't care and was excited to experience himself getting away with it with ease.



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