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To dream of a lake represents negative situations or uncertainty in your life with solutions you are aware of, but not currently choosing. The land surrounding the lake visible to you reflects answers or safe harbor that you are aware of.

To dream of a lake with trees around it may reflect feelings about difficult solutions to your problems that you do't like because they will leave you feeling confused. Accepting a difficult solution that leaves you feeling confused about the future. Solving your problems with a situation that gives you different problems.

Like any body of water in a dream, the size and condition of the water reflects your emotional state.

Negatively, a lake in a dream may reflect feeling of impatience with answers to problems you know are true. It may also reflect difficulty controlling yourself when you know better. Unpleasant obvious answers that you don't like accepting as the solution to current problems.

Difficulty controlling spending or staying away from someone because it's in your best interest when you don't like it. Feeling like a loser having to stop doing something. Knowing what the answer is to a problem or uncertain situation and not caring about it.

Example: A man dreamed of sitting in front of a lake. In waking life he was told by a women he was desperately in love with to back off and wait until her divorce was over to contact her (she was in a very devout Muslim community). He had problems doing respect this because he loved her too much. The lake in this case may have reflected his awareness of the solution to his relationship problem being the need to temporarily stay away from the women he loved for a short while and not liking it at all.

Example 2: A man dreamed of flying dangerously in the sky and then landing on the ground beside a lake. In waking life he received a large sum of money that he became enjoying spending to the point of draining his funds very low. He began to think about having to curtail his spending to conserve his financial stability, but didn't like it as he enjoyed how easily spending money made his life feel. The lake in this case may have reflected his feeling about his financial uncertainty having an obvious solution which was to stop spending when he didn't like it.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of walking on a lake with colorful fish in it. In waking life she was very happy and confident that a fertility treatment would help her to get pregnant, but she wasn't bothering to book an appointment to secure the pregnancy. The lake may have reflected her uncertain feelings about the possibility of getting pregnant while knowing that the fertility treatment was a solution to her problem that she was ignoring.

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