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To dream of kindergarten represents mentally or emotionally preparing yourself to deal with problems or situations that you really care about.

"Playing with the idea" of confronting a problem or serious issue. You may be considering confronting a problem or starting a project. You may be experiencing a transitional phase in your life.

Negatively, dreaming about a kindergarten class represents a situation or problem that you fear beginning to confront. Beginning to worry about taking action on a problem you don't even want to think about confronting. Dabbling with preparing for a problem.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing a kindergarten class. In waking life he had experienced trauma from an illness that made him lose some of his hair. He realized that once school was over he'd have to remove his hat in order to get a job. Something he didn't have to do right now. Be was beginning to consider his problem to be a serious potential embarrassment and was running potential ideas for his life to deal with it to spare himself humiliation.



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