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To dream of an inheritance represents feeling of being luckier than other people with an advantage you have been given. Feeling that you have stumbled into success. Benefits you have didn't need to earn. Feelings about having to patiently wait for an advantages or power to be passed on to you. Shock at how easy some area of your life has become. Obligations or responsibilities you are expecting. Work promotions you are expecting when another employee leaves.

Negatively, dreaming about an inheritance could reflect of arrogance that you are better than others without earning it. Feeling that you are more special than others to be given better advantages or opportunities. Awareness of yourself not having to work as hard as others. Having no respect for someone who is occupying or using power that you feel forced to be patient with. Using someone to get yourself something at a later time.

To dream of inheriting real estate or a car may reflect feelings of needing to continue a job or way of living that someone else was managing. Feeling responsible to carry on some area of your life after someone is no longer able to. Feeling stupid if you don't continue on with something that someone else has stopped. Problems with allowing yourself to do something differently. Fear of needing to stay the same.

Alternatively, from a negative perspective dreaming about an inheritance may reflect problems that you feel have been unjustly passed on to you. Feeling that others failures or losses have given you problems you don't want to deal with. Feeling stuck with a problem that you didn't create.

To dream of losing an inheritance represents feelings of embarrassment of serious losses for the rest of your life because you didn't behave perfectly for someone. Feelings of embarrassing losses for having disappointed someone. Expectations of being luckier than others feeling dashed. Feeling like a loser who waste time hoping for something good to happen.

To dream of writing a will to leave someone an inheritance reflects how responsible you are about delegating your advantages or problems on to others when you can no longer handle them yourself.

Alternatively, dreams of inheritances may mirror waking life anxiety about losing an inheritance or being written out of a family members will with last moment changes. Issues with conflict of beneficiaries of a will or jealousy over the value of shares.

Example: A man dreamed of hearing a very beautiful girl talk behind his back that he had been written out of his father's will and lost his inheritance. In waking life he was in a big argument with his dying father and was very self-conscious about how he would look to other people if his father choose to get retribution against him by writing him out of the will at the last moment.



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