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To dream of your current husband represents an aspect of your personality or area of your life that is a supportive source of assertive strength and stability that you can rely on. An aspect of yourself that is permanently supportive by being more assertive than you are. Feeling that you are committed to behavior or a habit that is more assertive than you usually are. It may represent a strong, assertive, or dominant aspect of yourself that you can rely on during difficult times. A strong, assertive, or dominant person in your waking life who provides unwavering support and guidance during difficult times.

Negatively, dreaming of your husband may represent an area of your life that has always worked that is starting to have problems. Overdoing relying on strong, assertive, or dominant aspects of yourself that you rely on during difficult times. A feeling of dependence on a supportive source of strength and stability, leading to a lack of confidence and self-reliance.

To dream of a dead husband could represent the end of an aspect of the dreamer's personality that was once supportive or always there for them. It may symbolize the end of a habit, behavior, or way of thinking that was once a mainstay in the dreamer's life. Feelings of loss or separation related to an assertive aspect of yourself that was always supportive of you. Feeling that assertive behavior or another person isn't going to support you anymore. It can also represent the feeling of being alone or unsupported in a certain area of your life, or a fear of losing someone or something that you rely on.

Dreaming of a husband and wife may also reflect a theme of conscience and intuition where the man represents the conscience about decision-making and the woman represents the intuition about safety for the future. An example would be a fat husband and a wife that is too skinny. The husband may reflect a conscience or style of decision-making that is lazy while the wife would represents an intuition or future thinking for safety that isn't strong. Famous people oddly pared as couples may reflect a style of conscience and intuition based on their most appartent traits.

Alternatively, your husband may reflect your current projection of him and your current relationship. Anxieties or fears about the future of your relationship with your husband. Dissatisfaction with the relationship in waking life.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a husband and wife. In waking life she had decided to she wanted to move, but intuitively knew it wasn't safe to because she couldn't afford to.

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