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To dream of a hurricane represents powerful conflict or destructive behavior that must be avoided to spare yourself total loss. Someone's temper or anger that is senselessly destructive while expressing itself. It may also reflect a temper, argument, or act of revenge that you feel threatens what you've achieved. The potential for a very big negative change. Feeling the potential for a lot of people to get very angry at you. Feeling that potential for a major crises. Experiencing a serious relationship crises. Devastating anger or relationship conflicts.

Example: A woman had recurring dreams of feeling that a hurricane was coming, but that it never did come. In waking life she was expecting a number of very large conflicts in her personal life to erupt. First with her aunt and second with the police over a relationship problem that required police involvement. She felt that fighting and big legal problems were very close to happening if she wasn't careful.

Example 2: A grandmother dreamed of seeing a yard destroyed by a hurricane. In waking life she was fearing that her daughter would never let her see her grandchild again if the government was called in to intervene with grandchild who needed medical care. She feared for the grandchild's life, but also feared the devastating relationship conflict that could cause irreversible changes to her family life if she choose to take action to help the grandchild get needed medical care.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing a hurricane lift a house off the ground and when the hurricane was over it left the house off it's original position. In waking life she had a fight which left the relationship feeling different afterwards.



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