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To dream of hovering represents feelings about exceptional unlikeliness that doesn't need to stop or humble itself. Noticing something unlikely you are doing being supported exceptionally easier than is normal. Questioning what something unlikely is going to do next because what's happening is impossible. A state of readiness to do something else.

Negatively, dreaming about hovering represents annoyance that something won't go away. Annoyances that embarrass you with unlikeliness making you wonder why they won't go away. Exceptional unlikeliness that annoys you that it's never required to humble itself. Annoying reminder or presence that won't go away. An issue that won't let you stop thinking about it.

Negative or painful issues that "float on your mind." Thoughts of exceptional unlikely bad luck that weight on your mind or interfere with regular thinking. Lingering intrusive thoughts stay that way due to repeated reminders or conversations.

Example: A man dream of seeing a workboot hovering in the sky like a UFO spaceship. In waking life he was struggling for money and looking for a loan to improve his home. The hovering workboot in this case may have reflected his constant state of readiness to do something else to work on his home while he was having financial problems. He couldn't stop thinking that he needs to work on his home.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a flower and lost necklace from her child hood hovering in a room. In waking life she had experienced a lot of death in the family around Christmas time. The hovering objects may have reflected the exceptional unlikeliness of 2 people in his family dying around Christmas time causing her to keep thinking of it.

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