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To dream of a hamburger represents feelings about an straightforward settling of a problem the way you wanted to that isn't complicated. No jealousy in basic needs indulged that doesn't require intelligence. Strength that sustains you that doesn't need an explanation for why it mattered. Simplicity that resolves a problem, but doesn't have to be professional. Satisfaction that isn't serious. Confidence that a choice will work that doesn't need to be sophisticated. Simple power that doesn't need to be intelligent. Heaviness that satisifys you with strength that doesn't need to be a genius. Nothing uncomfortable about why a choice satisfied what you needed. Feeling good not saying anything you're doing in a problem because you can take care of it in simple manner.

Negatively, a hamburger may reflect easy sex without any emotional component. Waking life situations involving power, but leave you unsatisfied. Enjoying something that lacks some intellectual, emotional, physical, or even spiritual component that makes you feel whole. Satisfaction of settling something temporary without any long-term satisfaction. Not seeing yourself as satisfied for the rest of your life. A temporary choice that is not as beneficial for you as long-term permanent solution. Situations in waking life where you disagree with other people's choices because they lack sophistication and leave you unsatisfied.

Example: A man dreamed of eating a hamburger. In waking life he was told he could marry a really beautiful girl, but because of her personality he was unsatisfied by the offer. The hamburger in this case may have reflected his feelings about enjoying the possibility of indulging in having sex with the beautiful girl, but feeling there would never be any intellectual or emotional connection due to personality differences.

Example 2: A 16 year-old boy dreamed of wearing a hamburger suit. In waking life he was projecting an overconfident attitude about his driving abilities to others before he actually had to take his drivers test. The hamburger suit may have reflected his personality trying to project himself as a straightforward strong skilled driver that shouldn't be complicated to accept. He may have also trying to project a fake confident attitude about to other people to trust him as a good driver as though there was nothing overly sophisticated or serious about it.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of ordering a hamburger from a country store. In waking life she was experiencing financial difficulties and stress to find a new place to live. In this case the hamburger she order from the country store may have reflected her need to rely on family to settle her financial or housing problem temporarily because asking family was a straightforward and uncomplicated temporary solution.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of her friend ordering a hamburger that takes 3 hours to make. I waking life she disagreed with her friend's choices while her friend seemed to override all discussion and would get irritated if disagreed with. In this case the hamburger may have reflected the dreamer's feelings about her friend wasting time settling a problem while also reflecting the dreamer's view of the choice being unsatisfactory and not sophisticated enough.

Example 5: A man dreamed of cooking hamburgers in the oven, while noticing that his wife looked like she was on drugs. In waking life the man had entered alcoholics anonymous and narcotics anonymous. In this case the hamburgers that were cooking may have reflected his feelings about comfortably settling his addiction problem by attending the meetings like it was a straightforward decision with nobody laughing at him handling himself.



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