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To dream of above a gorge represents feelings of questioning yourself about whether or not you have the ability, strength, or courage to "make it across" a challenging problem completely. Questioning whether or not you are fast enough to bypass a short challenge that you may perceive to carry significant risk. Feelings of doubt about whether you have the ability to succeed or "make it." Feeling stupid that you can't overcome a small challenge because it barely too big to safely deal with. Feeling that a hurdle in your life might be lethal. Hesitance or unease with the difficulty of a challenge.

To dream of travelling through a gorge represents feeling of having no choice about accepting the direction of a situation. Feelings about a situation where nobody is listening to any complaints, but allows you to get through it anyway. Feeling that a situation is stupid about not listening, but isn't stopping you.

Example: A man dreamed of standing in front a steep gorge. In waking life he was questioning whether or not it was financially safe to carry out a business plan after having made significant preparations. The gorge in this case may have reflected his hesitant feelings about proceeding with financial obligations because he felt they might be dangerous.



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