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To dream of saying 'goodbye' represents feelings about conclusions, endings, or transitions. Your emotions and thoughts about parting, separation, or moving on. An old relationship, situation, or phase of your life that you are letting go of. Letting go of past or outdated beliefs and feelings. It may also reflect bad habits you are moving on from. Letting go of worries in your life. Approaching a new stage of your life.

Positively, dreaming about saying goodbye might symbolize a sense of liberation, growth, or transformation. It may reflect a conscious choice to leave behind what no longer serves your best interest, to seek closure, or to move forward towards something new or better. It could be indicative of personal growth, acceptance, healing, and the ability to let go.

Negatively, dreaming about saying goodbye could represent feelings of loss, sadness, or regret. Fear of change, reluctance to let go, or feelings of abandonment or isolation. Perhaps you are grappling with the pain of parting or the fear of the unknown that comes with moving on. Fear someone will die. t may also represent a feelings of carelessness with something special. Having had an opportunity within reach or then losing it.

Example: A young woman dreamed about reading a letter from her mother that said "This may be Goodbye." In waking life, her mother was taking a business trip and she was worried something bad might happen to her. In this case, the letter saying "Goodbye" may have reflected her apprehension about her mother's safety and the potential for unexpected tragic circumstances.



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