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Gay People

To dream of gay people represents aspects of your personality with a mindset that is aware of itself having problems not being acceptable to other people. Behavior that respects itself noticing it has acceptance issues.Behavior that feels good doing something feels wrong, odd, or not acceptable to others. Issues with caring about acceptability or feeling like you don't fit in with others. You may notice that you're not as "normal" as everyone else in some way, or you may feel good doing something that others view as wrong, odd, or not acceptable. Issues with moral acceptability with other people or with being noticed behaving in unconventional or taboo ways. An unconventional or non-traditional way of thinking and living your life that you feel has trouble being accepted by other people.

Positively, gay people in a dream may represent a comfortable attitude towards exploration of the taboo or not caring what other people think about something you are doing that is viewed by others as different. You may have no concerns for what other people believe is acceptable or not, and may even be testing boundaries that have never been tested before, making people think you are weird or dangerous. Feelings about hallucinogenic drugs being beneficial when other people think they are evil, dangerous, or illegal.

Negatively, gay people may reflect awareness of yourself enjoying something hard to make other people accept because it's immoral, not considered standard behavior, or dangerously away from the line of safety. Awareness of yourself liking doing something that may come with backlash or consequences due to others not accepting your behavior. Vanity that is out of control. Showing off with something that other people find difficult to accept. Behavior never cares about why respecting yourself being accepted is important when it is. Not doing something the right way when you know you could. Feelings about other people thinking you are lamer or wimpier than you should be. Not respecting sexual conservatism when it is the norm.

To dream of worrying that someone will think your gay may represent anxieties about people thinking there's something wrong with you. You may also be very self-conscious about being accepted, looking strange, weak, or choosing losing.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing lesbians driving a bulldozer on her front lawn. In waking life, this woman had an abortion. In this case, the lesbians on the bulldozer may have reflected her feelings about herself having difficulty being accepted by family as childless or as a woman who chose to have an abortion, which may be viewed as unconventional or taboo by some people in her family or social circle.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of enjoying gay sex when she was not gay. In waking life she was enjoying herself discussing her relationship and marriages plans to people about man she was in a long-distance relationship with and hadn't seen in a very long time. In this case the gay sex may have reflected her enjoyment and excitement about the long-distance relationship with the man, even though it was unconventional or unusual, and her fear of being judged by others for it.

Example 3: A straight man dreamed of being self-conscious that he might look gay to a crowd of people. In waking like, the man was self-conscious about getting back at people in public after ruining them for trying to attack him in public. In this case, being self-conscious may have reflected his concerns about appearing unorthodox, overly sensitive, or vulnerable while trying to defend himself against the public attacks. The fear of being perceived as gay in the dream might represent his fear of being seen as weak, different, or not conforming to the expectations of others as he took action to protect himself.

Example 4: A man dreamed of seeing a gay person. In waking life, he hadn't heeded religious advice to stay 100% sexual abstinent when he heard the advice loud and clear. In this case, a gay person may have reflected his feelings of guilt or inner conflict about not being morally acceptable to himself for ignoring the religious guidance on sexual abstinence.



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