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To dream of the brand Ford represents reliability that notices it's never jealous. Reliability that does exactly what it's supposed to do. Never running from anything without having to be exceptional. Everything you need to do can be afforded. Reliably never a loser. Feels good reliably always listening to why you aren't going to have to lose. Everything in your life has to notice it's working first. Never showing off and always arriving on time. Best person for the job and don't want to be told you're not. Never being let down because reliably working matters first. Respecting yourself having a job.

Negatively, dreaming of the brand Ford represents decision-making that may be too reliably honest for your own good. Decison-making that will never allow you to rise to higher levels of sophistication or "the next level" because you are too focused on reliable function or working. Reliance on parents. Being more focused on reliability than on being exceptional.

Example: A woman dreamed of buying a red Ford Expedition. In waking life she was a mother of a 2 year-old child when she broke up with her ex-boyfriend for cheating on her. She still thought he was a great guy who would make her or someone else happy once he settled down. The red Ford Expedition in this case may have reflected her feelings about how dangerous it is to take care of her child on her own while single while her ex reliably shows up to help her with childcare or money.

Example 2: A 13 year-old girl dreamed of driving in a red Ford Escort with her friend. In waking life she was an unemployed student hanging out with friends. The red Ford Escort in this case may have reflected her feelings about enjoying herself with her friends dangerously behind her parents back never jealous with little money.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of driving a Ford Focus and backing it up into a ditch. In waking life she was having problems with obtaining finances for starting a business license. The Ford focus in this case may have reflected her feelings about herself reliably not wanting to make any mistakes wasting anyone else's time while trying to get the business license financing. The Ford Focus going in the ditch may have also indicated that her jealousy about being too honest on her application about her financial status causing a problem for application approval because she wasn't respected enough.



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