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To dream of a Ferrari represents feeling faster than other people with decision-making or control of a situation with an attitude that happily never needs to listen to anyone else all the time. Feelings of power or success that makes you feel that you never need to waste your time talking to anyone else if you don't want to. Noticing that everything you are doing is more attractive by other people while you don't need to talk about it. Feeling better than other people and not needing to tell them. Perfect confidence that doesn't have to care about what anyone else thinks. Deserving to respecting yourself for who you are as the reason you don't need to listen to other people. Confidence from success or attractiveness that doesn't need others. An attitude that gets away with not needing to listen to other people if it doesn't want to. Enjoying getting away with never waste time believing that other people lives matter when yours is better. Confidence that other people don't even know what success is when you do.

Decision-making that revolves around never having to do what your told ever again. Coming and going as you please while being too powerful to stop. Never having to explain yourself to anyone about your decisions. Choices you are making where you are too big to be stopped or told what to do.

Negatively, a Ferrari may reflect a wish to get away with arrogance or bad behavior to people's faces.

Example: A girl dreamed of seeing a guy driving a Ferrari who liked her. In waking life after 11 months of being broken up and depressed she finally began to believe that another guy liked her for who she was.

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