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To dream of a feast represents a sense of freedom to indulge yourself. You may feel free to do as you please, or that there are no restrictions in some area of your life.

Food in a dream represents emotions or qualities we take in through our life experiences, and so a feast reflects an abundance of certain kinds of emotions through experiences we have. Life is allowing you to feel the way you want or to satisfy your needs or interests.

If you are gorging yourself at the feast, it represents over-stimulation, or excessive indulgence in certain habits or behaviors. It may also indicate greediness and selfishness.

If you are the only one who doesn't get to eat at a feast, then it may represents feelings of jealousy, being left out, or putting others needs ahead of your own.

Alternatively, dreaming of a feast may reflect a sense of freedom associated with eating. Something a person with dietary restrictions may experience.



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