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To dream that someone or something is evil represents a part of yourself or someone else that you believe is immoral, corrupt, or malevolent. A negative or destructive aspect of your personality. Negative thinking patterns or situations in your life. Behavior that you see as being that is seen as harmful or wicked. Your own ill intentions towards someone else. It may reflect fears, desires, hate, anger, jealousy, or guilt that you need to confront.

Alternatively, evil people may reflect people or situations that you feel are out to get you, are mean, or that scare you. A fear of an external threat or challenge, such as an oppressive authority, mean person, or an ominous force that is beyond one's control. Evil in a dream may represent a warning or a call to take action against something or someone perceived as a threat.

To dream that you are evil represents awareness that your own immorality. Feelings of reflect guilt or regret you have for something you did. The fear of losing control over oneself or one's actions. Feeling of guilt or shame, as well as a fear of being judged or condemned by others for something you did in the past. A belief that you are fundamentally flawed or unworthy of forgiveness.

Evil people in a dream can often times reflect difficulty with powerful addictions.

Example: A person had recurring dreams of being evil. In real life they had powerful feelings of regret for something they did to a friend. They felt that they will never have the chance to explain themself or be forgiven. In this case the dreamer being evil may have reflected a deep-seated feeling of guilt or shame, as well as a fear of being judged or condemned by others for something they did in the past. The dream may be an expression of their inner turmoil and the struggle to come to terms with their actions and find a way to make amends. It may also reflect their belief that they are fundamentally flawed or unworthy of forgiveness, and that they will never be able to redeem themselves in the eyes of others or in their own eyes.

Example 2: A man dreamed of an attractive evil woman whose eyes went black with an evil look of satisfaction. In waking life he was trying to give up masturbation because he believed every time he masturbated he felt God's wrath. In this case the evil woman may have reflected his sexual temptation that he felt was leading him down a sinful path. The black eyes of the woman may represent his fear that giving into temptation would lead him to God's wrath."



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