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To dream of an emergency represents your sense of urgency to stop something. An urgent matter that needs your immediate attention or a situation that you are desperate to get away from. Feelings of needing immediate help. Rushing. Urgent feelings to prevent an unwanted change. Jealousy that you can't control something.

Alternatively, dreaming about an emergency may reflect feelings about not doing enough to help other people you felt needed it.

Negatively, an emergency in a dream may reflect a urgent wish to avoid being humiliated. Feeling powerless to stop an imminent embarrassment. Unnecessarily making a problem more serious than it needs to be. A sign that you need to calm down and think clearer. A risk of taking urgent action that make look ridiculous at a later time. A risk of rushing. An nonobjective mindset about how dangerous a situation really is. A naive or misinformed mindset about a situation being perceived as more dangerous than it really is.

Example: A man dreamed of an emergency he had to escape. In waking life he was desperate to get away from an arrogant colleague that was embarrassing him. The emergency reflected how urgent he was to get back at his colleague who was embarrassing him while having no ability to do so.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of seeing the USA in a state of emergency. In waking life was very worried about the United States collapsing economically. He feared an "end of the world" scenario if the USA economically collapsed.

Example 3: A man dreamed of a 911 emergency. In waking life his son had lost his job and he felt powerless to help him while believing it was a serious problem.

Example 4: A young man dreamed of an emergency. In waking life he was experiencing hair loss and was desperate to stop it.

*Please See Number 911



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