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To dream of an elevator represents feelings about how easily it is to control how good or bad a situation experienced will be. Effortless choices. Awareness that a choice will better or worse with ease once you make the choice. Feeling about how easy it is to increase or decrease the seriousness of a situation.

To dream that you are ascending in an elevator represents choices that you know are easily improving a situation. Feeling that improvements being made are easy or that someone is helping you. Feeling lucky or that fate is working in your favor. Feeling good about a decision to be more intelligent, responsible, or moral. It may also reflect choices that lead to increased power or success with ease. If an elevator goes upwards too fast it may represent a lack of preparation or inexperience. It may also reflect power and responsibility that you are not ready to handle. Improvements that are too quickly gained to be processed in a healthy or safe manner.

To dream of descending in an elevator represents easy choices that you know are making a situation worse. It may also reflect simple choices that restore a powerful or exciting situation to normal, especially if you go down in an elevator to the ground floor. Feeling stupid for making a very bad decision so easily. A positive situation getting worse or ending because of a choice you are making. You may be choosing to deal with unpleasant situation or feel that a choice is turning for the worse. It may also reflect a decision to reduce, minimize, or intentionally downgrade a situation.

To dream of an elevator going to the basement symbolizes decisions that are leading to a situation that is dangerous, a crisis, or humiliates you. Choices that lead to confronting some of the most unpleasant situations or negative emotions. You may be aware that something bad is going to happen or intentionally choosing a negative experience. Embarrassment that a making the worst decision of your life could be so easy.

To dream of falling while inside an elevator represents feelings about losing control after believing you were initially making an intelligent or positive decision. Embarrassment from bad decisions gone awry. Feeling that improvements were going to be easy to achieve and then experiencing total disaster that is beyond your ability to control. A disastrous oversight or assumption.

To dream of an elevator moving sideways may reflect feelings about choices you assumed would cause easy changes pulling you into unforeseen distractions or delays. Counter-productivity you weren't expecting.

To dream of broken elevator cables represents feelings of lost security or dependability. Your ability to confidently manage a situation with ease is lost.

Example: A woman dreamed of getting out of an elevator and then seeing another girl fall through the floor of the elevator. In waking life she had just made-up with her ex-boyfriend and starting have sex with him after taking a restraining order off him. The elevator scenery in this case mat have reflecting her feelings about losing her leverage in the relationship after succumbing to lust once the restraining order was taken off. The elevator may have reflected the easy with which the relationship with her ex was restored after taking the restraining order off.

Example 2: A man dreamed of using an elevator and then being shot by his girlfriend. In waking life he was thinking it would be easy to pressure his girlfriend to get a job and then began to fear that she would break up with him. The elevator in this case may have reflected his original hopes about how easy it would be encourage his girlfriend to get a job by simply and easily bringing it in conversation.



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