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Drinking Fountain

To dream of a drinking fountain represents feelings about easy access to replenishment, support, or resources whenever you want. An aspect of your life where you feel you can easily refresh or re-energize yourself. The availability and accessibility of emotional support, knowledge, or sustenance. Your perception of the accessibility of resources that can replenish your energy, vitality, or emotional well-being. How you perceive the availability of help or resources in your life, and your feelings about being able to access them without significant barriers. Feelings about utilizing a resource whenever you want to emotionally sustain yourself, revitalize yourself, or address your own needs effortlessly. Feelings about praying as an emotional source of strength and comfort to keep you going in life.

Positively, dreaming about a drinking fountain may represent an abundance of support and resources at your disposal. Feelings of security knowing that you can always find help or get what you need. A sense of relief, ease, and comfort in your life. Your ability to find quick solutions to your problems or access support when needed. A network of support, easy access to knowledge or information, or a dependable source of emotional sustenance. This dream may also suggest that you are taking care of your basic needs in a simple and efficient manner.

Negatively, dreaming about a drinking fountain could represent taking resources or support for granted. A lack of appreciation for the easy access you have to certain benefits or help. A dependency on external sources for support or sustenance, indicating a need to become more self-reliant or independent. Feelings of dissatisfaction with the quality or level of support you are receiving. Feeling of scarcity or an inability to access the necessary resources for nourishment, leading to a sense of frustration or deprivation. Replenishment that is temporary or the best you can do for the moment.

To dream of a malfunctioning or broken drinking fountain may represent a sense of frustration or disappointment regarding your access to support or resources. Problems or obstacles in accessing the support or resources you need to endure a challenging situation. Feeling that something in your life is not working as smoothly as you would like, and it may be time to seek alternatives or address the issue. Feelings about praying not working as a source of strength and comfort to keep you going in life when it usually does, indicating a need to seek alternative sources of support or to address underlying issues that are hindering your ability to replenish yourself. Feelings about your usual means of coping or re-energizing are not available to you.

Example: A woman dreamed of walking down a path and drinking from a drinking fountain. In waking life, she had a lot of issues on her mind with work, school, exercise, family, and taking the time to pray. In this case, the drinking fountain may have reflected her feelings about praying as a source of emotional replenishment and support in her life.

*Please See Water Fountain



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