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To dream of diamonds represents incorruptibility. Beliefs, feelings, or situations that are guaranteed. Diamonds may also represent virtue or principles that are unwavering. Never giving in or compromising who you are or what you belief in. Some area of your life where achieving perfection is important. Noticeably having nothing wrong with you.

Negatively, diamonds may reflect perfect arrogance. Thinking you are better than everyone else and that nothing could ever change it. It may also reflect feelings about yourself or someone else behaving in a perfectly negative, arrogant, or dangerous manner.

To dream of a diamond ring represents a permanent commitment or promise you've made. It may also reflect a permanent promise made to you. Feeling good being accepted by others in a permanent manner.

Negatively, a diamond ring may reflect feelings about enjoying knowing that someone has to do whatever you tell them no matter what. Anxiety about a generally strong relationship. Anxiety about a relationship with fiance before an upcoming wedding. Anxiety or unpleasant feelings about family not excepting your relationships. Having a fiance that your family doesn't want to accept.

To dream of throwing a diamond ring away may reflect oversensitivy about an argument or lack of trust. Overreactions about about not having 100% perfect loyalty.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing himself in a mirror wearing boots that "sparkled like diamonds." In waking life he was a German doctor who didn't like witnessing his job and hospital being overrun by Nazi's. The boots that sparkled like diamonds may have reflected his dislike of witnessing himself becoming a "perfect Nazi" as the Nazi regime's policies became more restrictive.

Example 2: A man dreamed of experiencing someone talking about how he could "either be on his menstrual period or being perfect like a diamond. In waking life he was a student being pressured with strict religious rules that had to be followed or he would end up being embarrassed for much longer period of time at the school than he wanted to instead of being a perfectly successful student.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of being given a diamond ring by her fiance and then told to run away with it to avoid someone who was chasing her. In waking life she was having concerns about needing to elope in order to marry her fiance because her family was having problems accepting him because he was from a different religion. Running away with the diamond ring may have reflected her feelings about needing to elope in order to permanently keep her relationship with her fiance.

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