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To dream of a corvette represents decision-making or control of a situation with an attitude that boldly doesn't look back if it doesn't want to. Showing off never regretting anything you do. Decision-making or control style that is assertive and showy. No fear of insulting someone or telling someone off while you enjoy your own life. Getting away with nobody getting you back for telling them off. Feeling yourself to be or projecting yourself to be the "top of the game." Believing that nobody can ever tell you what to do without a good reason. Enjoying ditching people or ditching bad friends.

Negatively, a corvette may be a sign that you or someone else is being a bit too assertive and showy. Being a jerk that demands to come first. It may also reflect another person that is arrogantly putting themselves first at all times. An arrogant attitude about talking back to people and never regretting it. Arrogantly telling a friend, partner, or spouse that you don't need to respect them ever again if you don't want to.

Example: A woman dreamed of beating up a guy driving a corvette. In waking life she broke up with her boyfriend who arrogantly invested all her money in a failed oil business.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing her husband sitting in a black corvette that she felt was too small for him. In waking life she felt she had a bad marriage. The black corvette in this case may have reflected her feelings about her husband getting away with being a jerk that didn't regret anything he said or did to her.

Example 3: A teenage boy dreamed of seeing a lime green corvette with a pretty girl near it. In waking life a friend ditched him. In this case the corvette may have reflected his enjoyment of enjoying the rest of his life leaving a terrible friend behind.

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