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To dream of a clarinet represents sensitive feelings about being noticed never doing anything wrong at all. Wanting others to feel good noticing you not doing anything wrong. Feeling expected to behave nice, always be "wonderful", or project a perfectly responsible personality. Wanting others to feel good noticing you are not risking anything. Projecting safe grown up feelings to others.

Negatively, a clarinet may reflect feelings of being pressured into maintaining the appearance of doing nothing wrong at all so others will feel good. A fear of disappointing others with behavior that don't expect from you. Feeling expected to maintain behavior that is considered safe to other people.

To dream of playing the clarinet in a school orchestra or concert may represent pressure you feel to prove yourself as a perfectly responsible person that can be relied on for that type of behavior. Trying to impress others with your ability to be depended on to do exactly what you are supposed to do. Trying to impress others that you are all grown up.



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