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To dream of cheese represents feelings about a situation being comfortably better off than being regular which feels easy as long as you control yourself or don't go overboard. The feeling of being a little bit better off than you already were with comfort or ease. Feelings about gains or profit. The nuanced balance between enjoying the easiness and maintaining self-control to avoid excesses. Easy and comfort that acknowledges the importance of moderation. Feeling comfortably better off than normal while not wanting to talk about it too much, keeping it to yourself.

Negatively, dreaming about cheese may reflect feeling about overdone comfort with being better off while experiencing easiness. Overdone feelings of easiness being special. Embarrassing yourself liking easiness when nobody else does. Excessive easiness that feels "cheesy" about thinking it's the best. Unwanted romantic advances that felt too comfortable and easy talking to you.

To dream of refined cheeses may reflect feelings of a situation being easy and enjoyable due to a heightened sense of sophistication, knowledge, or experience. Feeling comfortably better off that feels easy because you are professional about controlling yourself or experienced about not going overboard. A sense of professionalism or experience in balancing easiness of being better off with responsibility. An appreciation for quality, subtlety, and the finer things in life while still recognizing the importance of self-control and restraint.

Negatively, dreaming of refined cheeses may represent feelings of elitism, snobbery, or sophistication that doesn't have to be that important when it says it is.

Cheese may be a sign that you are experiencing financial gain, good luck, or benefiting from an investment.

Example: A young man dreamed of using telekinesis to make himself toast, but it messed up, and he ended up with toast with a few clumps of cheese on it which he had to settle for. In waking life, he was at home sick and resting. In this case, the clumps of cheese on the toast that he had to settle for may have reflected his feeling about getting help from someone else while sick which made him feel better off with an easier time while being sick, even if the help wasn't exactly what he preferred. He may have felt it was best to appreciate the help that made his life easier without being a snob about overdoing giving orders to the person helping him to change anything.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of leaving a house where a man who wasn't her boyfriend was inappropriately flirting with her. She then saw holes in the ground filled with macaroni and cheese that she had to walk passed. In waking life, she didn't like feeling that her boyfriend's friend was hitting on her or sending signals that he liked her even though she had a boyfriend. In this case, the cheese on the macaroni may have reflected her feelings about being inappropriately flirted with in a manner that was perceived as too easy.

Example 3: A young woman dreamed of scooping out ruined feta cheese on spinach from a microwave to eat. In waking life, her boss told her that the company was considering not renewing her contract next year. In this case, the feta cheese may have reflected her initial feelings about how easily supported it would be to get her contract renewed without having to talk to her superiors about renegotiating it.

Example 4: An elderly woman dreamed of snacking on cheese with a group of people. In waking life, she was enjoying talking to a preacher over breakfast at a restaurant about nothing about faith or God. In this case, the cheese may have reflected her feelings about her informal social interaction with the preacher being slightly better than a typical interaction because she felt good knowing him as a person.

Example 5: A teenage girl dreamed of giving her friend a piece of cheese to put on a hamburger to make it a cheeseburger. In waking life, she bought her friend a skateboard for her birthday. In this case, the piece of cheese used to transform the hamburger into a cheeseburger may have reflected her feeling about giving her friend a gift to her feel good that she more than a regular friend on her birthday.



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