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To dream of a buffalo represents procrastination or taking one's time to confront an issue that might become a big problem once it is too late. Behavior that is very instinctual about never admitting it has a significant problem until it's too late, and then suddenly reacts aggressively or urgently to address the issue. A situation or decision that seems unimportant initially, but becomes substantial and demanding when the time comes to face it. Pushing through last minute changes, plans, or oversights. Wasting time waiting until the last minute to do something that is more aggressive than you thought. Buffalo dreams appear to be common to people who have issues with needing to move their home or work.

Negatively, dreaming about a buffalo represents overdoing procrastinating or wasting your time thinking something isn't important until it's too late. The ignorance of never handling a problem until the last moment. Last minute pushiness to overlook a deadline that has arrived. Feelings about jerks who waste all their time and then become aggressive at the last minute. An area of your life where you or someone else is putting off dealing with a problem until it becomes serious. Not liking experiencing yourself being mean or reckless with people due to your own procrastination. A dangerously ignored issue that doesn't have to say it's dangerous right now.

To dream of a buffalo charging represents a serious attitude towards a neglected issue. You or someone is finally being forced to deal with a problem. Rushing something that has been put off.

To dream of a buffalo poop represents a problem that may have been created due to procrastinating for too long.

Example: A woman dreamed of being told that "Buffaloes are not at home in California." In waking life, she wanted to move from California to another state to change her life and felt she had been putting it off for too long." In this case, the reference to Buffaloes not being home in California may have reflected the woman's feelings about her own reluctance and procrastination in making the decision to move.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of a man disguising himself as a water buffalo. In waking life, she was about to experience her entire workplace move to a new location within days. In this case, the man disguised as a water buffalo may have reflected feelings about herself pretending not to be concerned with procrastinating until the last minute to move her office to the new location. The water buffalo symbolizes her internal struggle with delaying the task, while outwardly appearing calm and unconcerned, as if the upcoming move was not a significant issue for her.

Example 3: A man dreamed of a buffalo knife. In waking life, he was deeply concerned with needing to move to the West Coast very soon while currently living in the Mid-West and experiencing financial difficulties. In this case, the buffalo knife may have reflected his ability to control people or sever ties to help himself move on, once the procrastinated situation became more urgent.



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