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To dream of a bomber plane represents feelings about a personal mission to destroy someone else's plans, ideas, or choices that are contrary to your wishes. A personal project of humiliating others or surprising others with ruining their plans. Planning on delivering a "devastating payload" to someone else's life. A person mission to "take someone out" with a powerful destructive action.

Negatively, bomber airplane may reflect an excessive amount of time and energy being utilized to embarrass or hurt someone else. Scaring other people that you are getting ready to destroy someone or take powerfully destructive action.

To dream of a stealth bomber may reflect feelings about personal plans or projects to totally humiliate someone in secret. Making your personal mission to hide your plans or behavior while you get ready to devastate someone you don't like. Attempting to humiliate people without their knowledge. Humiliating people in ways that will never be discovered until it's too late.



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