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To dream of a bobcat represents behavior that is dangerous, intuitive, and tenacious about having to prove it isn't "little" all the time. An aspect of yourself that feels underestimated or overshadowed and is waiting for an opportunity to assert itself. Behavior that is dangerous about being underestimated, not liking being "little", and needing to prove itself serious all the time.

Positively, dreaming about a bobcat could be a manifestation of your self-confidence in overcoming obstacles, even when others underestimate your capabilities. A desire to break free from constraints and prove your worth. A need to prove your strength or seriousness, particularly if you have been dismissed as unimportant or "little."

Negatively, dreaming of a bobcat might represent your fear or annoyance at someone you initially considered unimportant but who is now assertively trying to prove their significance. Fear of someone you don't think is important assertively attempting to prove they aren't "little." A threat from a person or problem that you underestimated at first, but now view as potentially dangerous or serious. This dream may imply concern that the underestimated person or issue could cause more significant problems if not addressed properly.

Bobcat dreams appear to be common to people who have lost their jobs.

Example: A woman dreamed of a snow-covered field with a bobcat wearing a skirt approaching, causing her to feel very afraid. In waking life, she had recently separated from her husband and been laid off from work the day before. In this case, the bobcat in the skirt that she feared might have reflected her apprehension about her separated husband's new girlfriend encouraging her husband to become more aggressive about pursuing a divorce after initially underestimating the seriousness of their marital separation.



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