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Board Games

To dream of a board game represents your attempt to competitively take your time do something better than other people without cheating. Trying get ahead of others, gain leverage, or "winner take all." A desire to come out on top in social situations. A clear set of rules or guidelines to follow in order to succeed or achieve one's goals.

Negatively, dreaming about a board game represents a fear of losing, or a feeling of pressure to conform to certain rules or expectations in order to be accepted or successful. Additionally, it could represent a tendency to see life as a game or competition, which may lead to a lack of authenticity or deeper connections with others.

Board games are common to life situations where cheating happened and taking your time proving yourself with established rules and boundaries long term is important.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing someone playing a board game. In waking life he was feeling very competitive with other guy friends to be better looking and sleep with more girls. In this case the board game may reflect a sense of competition or a desire to come out on top in social situations, particularly in matters of attraction and sexual conquest. The dreamer may have enjoyed taking his time competitively trying to sleep with more woman than his friends according to a rule system that encourages no cheating.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of a board game. In waking life she didn't trust her husband after he flirted with female friend in front of her. In this case the board game may reflect the woman's feeling of competition with her husband to maintain control in their relationship, as well as a desire to establish clear rules or boundaries to protect herself from potential threats. The board game may also symbolize the woman's sense of strategy and planning in navigating the dynamics of her relationship.

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