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To dream of aliens represents aspects of your personality that are unfamiliar, unknown, or unusual. An alien may also represent a situation in your life that you can't do anything about. You may also be observing, or experiencing things that are not normal for you. Things that may be hard to explain or understand.

To dream of being an alien represents your feelings of being an outsider, being unaccepted, or misunderstood. You may feel like you don't belong, or can't fit in.

Interesting: People who take ayahuasca often see visions of aliens. This may reflect their feelings about how alien it is to have a supernatural spiritual experience while taking ayahuasca as the shamanic tea is known to make people hear voices or reach into your body to heal you.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing an evil alien inside his bathtub drain staring at him as the water went down the drain. In waking life, he was experiencing a dangerous and unusual detoxification that had no explanation. He felt God was behind it controlling it and questioned why God would want to do this to him to heal him. In this case, the evil alien may have reflected his feelings of fear, confusion, and powerlessness regarding the mysterious and unexplained nature of his detoxification process.

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