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To dream of the number 6 represents negativity, arrogance, or dangerously about seeing a problem happening. Feelings about liking what is happening that might require a fight to protect it. Feelings about being better than someone else for the first time that might require a fight. Being aware of yourself being more attractive than someone else that might get back at you. Bad intentions, meanness, greed, deception, or bad intentions. The dynamics of superiority, rivalry, or ethical dilemmas involving power and influence. Vanity that may dangerously make other people jealous. Believing that you are better than someone else for the rest of your life that never wants to give it up. Announcing your superiority to other people and experiencing jealousy or people wanting to get back at you for it. Pushing limits with believing you are better than other people. Taking risks that may ruin you or destroy everything you've worked for.

Negatively, dreaming about the number 6 may represent situations that are dangerous about getting back at you for making other people jealous of you for being better or more attractive at something. Fighting over vanity. Criminality that is confident. Wanting to tell someone that you are better than them that never works because other people are aggressive about never wanting to hear it once and attack you for it. Evil that is aware of itself. Arrogant people talking back to you.

Example: A teenage boy dreamed of waking up at 6am on the beach in a post-apocalyptic world. In waking life, he was enrolled in camp and hated it. He wanted to go home. In this case, 6am may have reflected his feelings about beginning to think that staying at camp was dangerous because people didn't like him and that talking about or escaping camp might make the situation worse.



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