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To dream of the number 44 represents having to be stable or safe. Handling stability or safety. There is no choice other than staying stable or safe. A need for patience and persistence in order to achieve long-term success or stability. A sense of stability or balance that is achieved through hard work and effort, not gifts or risking anything. A reminder that you need to maintain focus and stay disciplined in order to achieve continued success. A feeling of being in a secure and grounded place, where one is able to maintain progress and momentum towards their goals slowly. Fundamental stability is more important than exploring, investing, or taking risks on new ideas. Keeping problems contained just enough so you don't fear them. Problems keep "popping up" and you keep stabilizing them to keep a situation settled or fearless. Feeling safe that you don't have to fight or go to war any further. Problems are going away slowly while you make small adjustments. A situation feels like it's slowly becoming more intelligent than it was before, but isn't feeling good achieving it like you hoped. Difficulties keep arising to annoy you that stability isn't easy, but you keep managing it safely. Stabilizing actions that feel like they are never over-with. Safety and stability that rides out little "bumps" or "storms" predictably. Any promises that are kept probably didn't feel good waiting for them to happen or add a burden so they "just work."

Negatively, 44 may represent feelings of not liking having to stay safe or intentionally holding yourself the way you are in order to stabilize a situation. A feeling of "staying safe" that doesn't allow you to feel like a winner. Jealousy that you can't do anything except stay safe. Staying safe with unbearably slow progress. Unbearable waiting that's keeping your life on hold in order to satisfy safety regulations. Communicating the need for safety that never wants to feel good taking action or feel good moving on. Behavior that only talks about itself as safe while never doing anything that enjoys change. Safety holding that never embarrasses itself doing anything new because it might appear reckless. Feeling that there is no time for change unless it's perfectly safe or patiently waited for. Patience that waits for every single little thing to happen first before ever allowing us to move on. A big waste of opportunities for change or to get ahead because you have to first stabilize a situation safely. Promises that were never delivered because you are busy looking good being safe for status quo protection. Never risking angering people when it's an emergency of losing all that's special forever. Forcing people to have to be safe without considering people's feelings. Never doing anything to anger anyone because someone might not like you. Safely talking without any desired action. Corruption that stays safe trying to exhaust other people's enthusiasm for change until they give up wanting it. Using the concept of "staying safe" or being patient about progress to use people. Corruption that holds a potentially awesome situation the way it is under the "umbrella" of safety.

Interesting Fact: Former President Barack Obama is the 44th president of the United States Of America. All of his behavior during his presidency feels like the dream number 44.

Example: An older woman dreamed of talking to 2 men. The first man said to go to apartment number 782. The second man disagreed and said she needed to go away and come back in 44 minutes so both men could help her. In waking life, her husband had died months earlier. In this case, having to wait 44 minutes may have reflected her feelings about having to wait for the probate waiting period to end after her husband died in order to completely move on with her life from a property ownership standpoint. 44 may symbolize how she has to intentionally hold her financial life still for the government and not feel good spending any money or selling any property until the probate waiting period ends.



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