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To dream of the number 11:11 represents confronting mattering with another person who confronts mattering with you. Confronting starting beginning to face a problem. Confronting starting to matter with another person. Standing with someone else noticing you matter together. Feeling good not doing something on your own.

Negatively, dreaming about 11:11 may represent overdoing showing off confronting a situation with other people. Overdoing confronting jealousy that people don't see you alone or relationship single. Naively believing that togetherness will help solve an enormous or impossible problem. Wasting time "holding hands" to stand up to a problem.

Alternatively, 11:11 may reflect confronting starting something with another person who is confronting starting something with you.

The date 11/11 for Remembrance Day represents (11) confronting starting your day with a moment silence by thinking of the people that died (11) confronting why freedom mattered standing up to tyranny to achieve it.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing 11:11 on the moon while she laid in bed. In waking life, she was an African that had moved to the USA by herself to study filmmaking at school. She was lonely in a new country with no family and no relationship. In this case the 11:11 may have reflected her feelings of confronting mattering in a relationship with a person who thinks the same way she does. She was single, but possibly saw an opportunity to date someone and didn't take it. She symbolically stays in bed while seeing the 11:11 to symbolize how she feels it's important to confront starting a relationship, but instead chooses to "sleep on it."



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