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To dream of the number 11 represents confronting starting a situation. Beginning to do something that you never believed would happen. Feeling good that you're not a loser as an individual that deserves to respect yourself when someone else wants to stop you. Thinking or feeling in a new way for the first time on your own. Beginning to be confident that you don't need other people for the first time. Beginning to do things when you aren't experienced. Being better than other people for the first time with no experience. Surpassing people being more attractive for the first time. Prefering to do things by yourself. Believing everything is a loser if it says you can't. Believing that participating or practicing all the time is the only thing you need in order to succeed starting something. Confronting starting not needing anyone else. Confronting starting a relationship with another person. Confronting who deserves to be first or matter the most. Wanting to not feel like a loser doing something on your own.

Negatively, dreaming of the number 11 represents overdoing confronting people with you're need to matter. Confronting doing or saying something for the first time because someone is difficult to explain things to. Confronting being by yourself as something you don't like letting go of. Not liking all you have to put up with to start something. Feeling that other people are jealous that you begin to do something at all. Feeling it's difficult to start something because someone is in your way. Not liking why you have to see someone beginning starting something that might be evil to you instead of doing what's right. Confronting starting doing someone that someone else wants to do before you do. Not liking everything you need to do to become perfect when you think you can for first time. Confidence you deserve to start something and feeling that people or life won't let you easily. Confronting someone for first time not liking them in your way, making you dependent on them again, or that they're passed you ever again. Confronting starting a relationship with a person means they talk back if you aren't careful. Confronting beginning to think of why you don't like someone ever again. Confronting people who don't want you to be independent or stop needing them first. Confronting want to get rid of someone who aggressively needs to keep being around you.

Example: A woman dreamed of the celebrity "The Rock" Dwyane Johnson handing her $11 and then giving more money to someone else. In this case the $11 may have reflected her feelings of being confidently able to do something for the first time on her own if she confronted starting it by staying or doing something she hadn't done before. She might have felt jealousy that someone else had an easier time than her in the similar situation (person getting more money than here).

Example 2: A woman dreamed of the number 11 appearing, then disappearing, and then seeing the number 2 appear. In waking life she was experiencing fertility treatment frustrations. In this case the number 11 may have reflected her feelings not needing to do anything except have sex with her husband a lot in order to get pregnant. 11 may have reflected how easy sex was to have with her husband, but she needed to make time for it more than usual. The number 2 shows up at the end to reflect her jealous frustrations that nothing is working to get pregnant.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of being handed 2 wedding rings and seeing them break in half. One ring had a size of "11 1/2" etched on the inside. In waking life the woman experienced her 21 year-old daughter's heart being broken with a relationship breakup on Christmas day. The size 11 in the dream may have reflected her feelings about her daughter's boyfriend being expected to get married to her daughter by proposing. 11 may symbolize confronting starting marriage by proposing.

Example 4: A young man had recurring dreams of the number 11. In waking life he was changing his entire life to move to another country for a job. In this case the number 11 may have reflected his feelings about confronting starting a new life on his own in another country when he had to talk about it to other people whether they liked the idea or not.

Example 5: A woman dreamed that no liquor would be handed out between 10am and 11am. In waking life she was in the process of going through a tax audit. In this case, the time being between 10am and 11am may have reflected her feelings about the tax audit forcing her (10am) confront no leisure spending while the audit completes so she could (11am) confront starting her life back to normal after the audit finished while never thinking she owed anymore taxes.

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