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The color red in dreams represents negativity, negative intentions, or negative situations. In a dream it's reflecting something negative about the way you think, feel, or act. It can point to thoughts, emotions, or behaviors that are unhealthy, unpleasant, or, deceitful. Red can also represent anger, fighting, meanness, or dishonesty. Often red also reflects feeling about how dangerous a situation or people's behavior is. Dangerous feelings that "everything is on the line."

The color red is a sign that you are being excessive, immoral, dishonest, or experiencing something unpleasant. Red can also reflect full knowledge that you are doing something that you know is wrong.

The symbolism of red is based on the human perception of the color of blood, since blood is something you only see what something really bad or dangerous happens to you.

Positively, the color red can represent intense passion. This is much rarer in dreams, but does occur.

Red and white in a dream often reflects feelings about purifying negativity or passionately being perfect. Red and white dreams may show up when you are aware of your life experiencing some kind of change involving observing negativity being reduced.

To dream of red and orange may reflect feelings about something powerfully dangerous, dangerously powerful, dangerous passion, or liking how powerful you are to the point of being dangerous. Consider how dark or light the red and orange mix is for additional meaning.

Example: A man dreamed of see a red car that was stuck to another car. In waking life he was having an extra-marital affair and was having problems stopping the relationship. The color red of the car may have reflected his awareness of how negative the relationship was or how dangerous it was for his marriage to keep having the affair.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a TV with a news channel on it where the screen is all red. In waking life he was beginning to fear watching the news because he felt the state of the world was becoming too dangerous.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of a red sky. In waking life she felt that he whole life was being ruined after deciding to leave her controlling cheating husband.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of seeing a red tiger. In waking life she was not very confident about a divorce she was having because she felt that her husband would use illegal tactics to win the divorce.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of seeing her ex-boyfriend wearing a red and white striped shirt. In waking life she was hoping or desiring that her ex-boyfriend would want to get back together with her by choosing to slowly reconcile.

Example 6: A man dreamed of seeing his girlfriend wearing a bright red and orange dress. In waking life he was having concerns that his girlfriend might get bored with him sexually and find a man that would satisfy her sexually.

Red Bull Energy Drink

To dream of Red Bull energy drinks represents feelings about a choice being edgy, competitive, and quicker that's allowed without getting in trouble for it. Feeling that you can be more edgy, competitive, or quicker without being immoral or breaking the law. Feelings of "having backup" with energy or power in case you are behind that's aware of it not being immoral or illegal. Showing off with more energy, edginess, or competitiveness than you normally do.

Positively, dreaming about Red Bull Energy Drinks may represent a sudden surge of energy, confidence, or enthusiasm. A conscious choice to stimulate yourself into action or to find the extra drive necessary to overcome obstacles or complete demanding tasks. A period of high productivity or the ability to tackle challenges with renewed vigor.

Negatively, dreaming about Red Bull Energy Drinks may represent a reliance on external factors to feel competent or to keep up with others. A sense of inadequacy without additional support or a fear of falling behind without a certain edge. Concerns about the sustainability of your current pace or approach. Feelings about a choice being edgy, competitive, and quicker that's permissible, but might cause you to "burn out" if you overdo it.

Example: A young woman dreamed of a contest drinking Red Bull with her ex-boyfriend. In waking life, she had been thinking about her ex-boyfriend a lot. In this case, the Red Bull energy drink may have reflected her feelings about being faster at social competitiveness with her ex-boyfriend and dating other people now that they were broken up.

Red Carpet

To dream of a red runner carpet represents a path in life where you are noticing yourself being better, powerfuller, or "positiver" than other people.

Negatively, a red carpet represents arrogance, self-importance, or the desire to be admired or looked up to. Positively, you may be seeking validation and acknowledgment for your achievements.

Example: A man dreamed of walking down a red carpet. In waking life his art was being showcased and made him more popular than other artists.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of seeing someone standing on a red carpet. In waking life his father was using his money to show off with all his friends.

Red Head

*Please See Hair

Red Stripe Beer

To dream of Red Stripe Jamaican beer represents a relaxed attitude about not needing to worry about an issue because everything is working out safe, simple, and different about always being supportive of never having a problem. Behavior that's safe and simple about being laid-back no matter what happens. An attitude of laid-back optimism and a tendency to expect easy-going support and stability. Believing that a laid-back approach to a situation is special about remaining laidback, stable, and untroubled despite challenges because other people are supportive of seeing it the same way as you do.

Negatively, dreaming of a Red Stripe beer may reflect overdoing a relaxed attitude about a situation being safe, simple, and different about supporting you. Overdoing a relaxed attitude about an issue while mistakenly believing that simple safe supportiveness will last.

Example: A high school girl dreamed of ordering a Red Stripe Beer for $500 and then watching a man order one for $500 before the dream scene changed to standing in front of churning black water. In waking life, she was concerned about losing her relationship with her boyfriend when leaving for college. In this case, the Red Stripe beer may have reflected her and her boyfriend's initial relaxed or laid-back feelings about the future of their relationship, believing that everything would remain simple, stable, and untroubled despite the upcoming changes due to the naive belief that their relationship was different than other relationships about being able to remaining supportive of each other's futures no matter what happened.

*Please See Beer


To dream of redecorating represents feelings of needing a change. It may also reflect your attempt to redefine yourself or remake something important you. Positively, it may be a sign that you want to stay on the leading edge or keep yourself interested in something you do all the time. Negatively, it may reflect negative influences that are taking hold.


To dream of a redneck person may reflect feelings about behavior that is hopelessly ignorant or feels good completely lacking sophistication. Feelings about behavior that doesn't question ignorance. Feelings about other people people being lazy, stupid, or having low standards. Feelings about other people looking stupid thinking that growing up doesn't matter. Low standards for personal appearances. Little respect for anything special or sophisticated with pride. Enjoying low standards as though they were high standards. Feelings about someone looking stupid believing they are successful when their appearances are obviously low standard.

Example: A young girl dreamed of seeing a redneck person shoot her with a duck hunting gun. In waking life she was very concerned that her parents wouldn't accept her as a trans-gendered person. The redneck in this case may have reflected her feelings about her parents being hopelessly ignorant about trying to understand her feelings about being trans-gendered.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of seeing a redneck man sitting in the living room of a house. In waking life he felt that his father was hopelessly ignorant about taking care of himself with dirty clothes, a messy home, and ruining personal property that should have been considered special.

*Please See White Trash


To dream of redwood trees represents longevity or something you can't believe will ever go away.

Negatively, a redwood tree may reflect problems that you think are too big to ever go away.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing two redwood trees in the forest that she felt were symbols for her and her husband. In waking life she was having doubts about whether or not her relationship would last. After 14 years she and her husband were still together.


To dream of reeds represents feelings about needing to find an alternative method to dealing with a problem situation. Needing to "get around" something in your life. Your awareness that you can't do anything about a problem right now using regular or usual methods. Temporary have to do different things than you would like.

Positively, reeds reflect flexibility and resilience while trying to prevent someone else from beginning or ending a situation.

Negatively, reeds may be a sign that you feel making a change is too dangerous. It may also reflect feelings of annoyance that you can't easily end an uncertain situation or easily begin confronting uncertainty. Feeling that it's' difficult to get revenge on someone because something is in your way.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing reeds. In waking life she wanted to leave a 25-year relationship, but realized that it wasn't a good idea financially at the current moment. The reeds reflected her feelings about herself feeling unable to leave the relationship until she found an alternative way to financial support herself while single because she felt it was too dangerous.


To dream of a referee represents an aspect of your personality that mediates or moderates conflict. Impartiality. You or someone else that is ensuring fairness in contact or in dealings between people. A neutral observer and judge over conflicts.

Example: A young man dreamed of referees ignoring him. In waking life he was having arguments with other people on an Internet message forum and felt that the moderators were not doing enough to respect him by chastising other users who weren't following forum rules.


To see your reflection in your dream represents self-awareness, self-evaluation, or issues with your perception of yourself. Self-perception in a way that has never happened before. Your desire to better understand yourself and your behaviors. The reflection may highlight both your flaws and positive attributes. A need for self-examination. Issues with self-image. Introspection, self-awareness, and personal growth.

To dream of ignoring your reflection represents denial or avoidance of some personal issues. You may denying or ignoring a perception of yourself that you don't like.

To dream of a distorted reflection may represent a sense of dissatisfaction or discomfort with certain aspects of your self-perception or behavior. Self-doubt, confusion, insecurities, or a distorted self-image.

To dream of seeing a reflection of someone else represents self-perception in a new or different way that has never happened before due to new experiences. A part of your personality that you need to acknowledge or awareness of yourself doing something new for the first time. Self-perception in a way that is not your usual self. Perception of your personality mirroring someone else's or the qualities that the person you saw has.

To dream of a reflection of a woman when in waking life you are man represents self-perception in a more passive way than you are used to.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing his daughter in the reflection of a mirror instead of himself. In waking life, he caught his daughter doing something prohibited and her behavior reminded him of himself when he was young.

*Please See Mirror


To see a refrigerator in your dream represents the preservation of goals, plans, or situations. Keeping something ready.

To put something in a refrigerator represents your interest in dealing with something at a later time. Maintaining opportunities. Feeling comfortable putting important off for later.

Negatively, dreaming of a refrigerator may reflect procrastination or putting things off. Telling yourself that something important can be put off until later. Feeling that you don't have to be serious or responsible about something at the current moment.

To dream of removing something from a refrigerator represents the continuation of goals, plans, or situations. Restarting with something you choose to temporarily put off. Negatively, it may reflect a fear of being patient. It may also reflect awareness of yourself having put something important off for too long.

To dream of putting fake food in the refrigerator may represent your plans for the future where you plan to pretend to undergo a experience. Expecting to fake something or lie to someone when the right time arises.

To dream of putting something on top of the refrigerator may reflect your attempts to use an excuse or lie of future possibilities to achieve a goal. Lying to someone about your plans in order to make something else you want happen. Telling white lies. Telling a lie whiling you wait for something else because you don't think it will matter. Negatively, putting something on the refrigerator may be sign that you are taking a big risk lying to someone.

To dream of a broken refrigerator may reflect feelings of jealousy that you can't preserve a situation the way you want when you know it's possible. A dislike of not being able to preserve a situation when you want to.

Example: A woman dreamed that her mother put her baby in the refrigerator where she found it icy cold. In waking life her baby ended up dying in the womb. The dream may have reflected the woman's awareness of herself temporarily neglecting something helpful for the pregnancy.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of buying a pink refrigerator that she regretted buying. In waking life she had made a spontaneous purchase for knitting lessons that she was having second thoughts about because she felt her husband would think it was too costly. The refrigerator may have reflected her feelings about the knitting lessons being something that was already ready for her to enjoy at her leisure.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing a refrigerator blocking a passageway in her home. In waking life she was annoyed by a surgery that had been delayed without a new date for the surgery provided to her. The refrigerator in this case may have reflected her feelings about the need for surgery being kept ready by doctors with details on a new date.


To dream of refuge represents feelings about safety, security, or sanctuary during times of turmoil, danger, or change. A need for protection from external stresses or conflicts in times of trouble or uncertainty. Your search for emotional support, understanding, or a break from the challenges you are facing in your waking life. A desire to find a peaceful, stable place or state of mind where you can recover, regroup, or gather strength. A desperate need for someone to help you. The dreamer's search for stability and "solid ground" during times of uncertainty.

Positively, dreaming about finding refuge may represent finding solace, support, or understanding in difficult times. A conscious choice to seek out help, advice, or companionship to overcome obstacles. A period of healing, personal growth, and the restoration of balance in your life. A refuge in a dream could represent a trusted friend, a supportive relationship, or a safe and comforting environment that helps you feel secure and valued.

Negatively, dreaming about seeking refuge may represent feelings of vulnerability, fear, or the inability to face problems on your own. Avoidance of difficult situations, a desire to escape from responsibilities, or feelings of being overwhelmed and needing to retreat. Perhaps you feel isolated, unsupported, or uncertain about where to turn for help. A need to confront and address feelings of insecurity or to build resilience against life's challenges. A longing for a sense of belonging and acceptance. A reluctance to open up to others about your struggles.

Example: A man dreamed of experiencing flooding all around him and trying to find refuge. In waking life, he was experiencing problems with his company because his brothers who worked for him were unreliable and untrustworthy. He feared that they would let him down and ruin his reputation with his clients and future work opportunities. In this case, trying to find refuge may have reflected his desire to seek a solution or a safe haven away from the chaos caused by his brother's behavior.


To dream of a refugee camp represents feelings of a temporary state of safety during displacement from a normal life due to conflict, difficulties, or crisis. Feeling uncertain about future prospects of your life in some way.

Negatively, dreaming about a refugee camp may reflect a sense of displacement from normal life that is causing a lack of privacy over your personal life. Living with people through a tough time while no secrets can be hidden and accepting less for yourself in order to stay safe. Feeling that you are not angry about your temporary state of displacement, but you don't like other people noticing your problems. Hoping someone else will stop being angry in order to go back to your normal life.

Example: A woman dreamed of a refugee camp. In waking life, she was experiencing marriage problems and a sexless marriage, but was happy to try to love and respect her husband anyway. In this case the refugee camp may have reflected her feelings of temporary displacement from a normal marriage while she held on hoping her husband would stop being difficult.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing people migrating to a refugee camp. In waking life, she was giving spiritual counselling to women. In this case, the refugee camp may have reflected her feelings about the women she was giving spiritual counselling while helping them escape something unpleasant in their lives.


To dream of a refund may represent feeling of not having care about the personal costs of a choice. Dissatisfaction with a choice. Feelings about something different happening in a situation and not wanting the current choice anymore. Feeling that you don't need something anymore and want to do something else. Feeling that it's not important to do what you already decided to do. Feeling good not being ripped off. Not liking choices with personal costs being permanent. Not having to like what you decided to do because it doesn't matter anymore. Not liking any personal costs with something stupid.

Alternatively, dreaming about a refund may reflect financial difficulties.

To dream of getting a refund for a piece of clothing may reflect your feelings that it's acceptable to believe in yourself a certain way. Not wanting to feel stupid changing yourself for anyone else. Feeling that you haven't "bought yourself a problem" or been ripped off with needing to behave a certain way. Consider the type clothing for additional meaning.

To dream of giving a refund may reflect feelings about other people being dissatisfied with you or choosing you. Feelings that other people may not like thinking they are being cheated by you. Feelings about other people changing their mind about you. Not feeling successful as you'd like to feel. Feeling incompetent or that something about you isn't as good as somewhere else. Feelings that other people don't want to accept any personal costs for mistakes you've made. Feeling that you aren't good at your job. Feeling that you aren't doing what you supposed to do because you shouldn't have to reverse yourself once. Not liking apologizing.

Example: A woman dreamed of wondering if it was too late to get a refund. In waking life she was experiencing financial difficulties and frustration with cash flow.


To dream of refusing represents feelings of something being disallowed or not acceptable. Feeling that someone or something won't let you do something. Feeling that someone doesn't like you doing something. Rejection or discrimination of something that isn't important.

Negatively, dreaming about refusing may represent feelings about a person that ignorantly doesn't want to do what you want. Feeling you are ignorantly not being listened. Feeling that someone won't listen accept something because it shouldn't have happened once in the first place. Not liking listening to someone in your life with authority to tell you that they don't like or accept something about you.

Example: A lesbian teenage girl dreamed of her parents refusing to help her have a wedding with the girl she was in love with. In waking life the girl felt that her parents would never accept her having a lesbian relationship and may have scared her female love interest away. In this case the refusing of the parents may have reflected the dreamer's feelings about her parents not wanting to accept her living as an open lesbian.


To dream of rehab represents feelings of recovery, transformation, starting anew, or overcoming problems. Feelings of recognition that you need help or support to overcome a problem or addiction in your waking life. Your willingness to address issues or habits that have been negatively affecting you. A proactive approach to healing and self-improvement, confronting personal demons, or the journey toward a healthier state of mind. The process of healing or working through issues that have been detrimental to your well-being or personal growth. An understanding that the path to healing is not going to be quick or easy.

Positively, dreaming about rehab might symbolize your commitment to change, self-betterment, or the determination to overcome obstacles. A conscious choice to remove yourself from negative influences or behaviors that have held you back. The support system that you have or need to achieve your goals of personal transformation. A desire to make positive changes in your life, seek guidance, or develop healthier habits. Your commitment to personal growth and a willingness to confront and address your issues.

Negatively, dreaming about rehab could represent feelings of struggle, relapse, or the challenges associated with changing ingrained patterns. Fear of facing the underlying issues that led to the need for rehab or a feeling of being judged or ostracized for past behaviors. Perhaps you are feeling forced into making changes you are not ready for, or you might be experiencing the pain that often comes with growth and self-discovery. Feelings of shame, guilt, or remorse related to your actions or behavior. A fear of losing control over a situation or addiction, or concerns about the consequences of your actions catching up with you.

Alternatively, dreaming about rehab may reflect literal waking life issues with needing rehab.

Example: A young woman dreamed of trying to warn her dead friend that after 30 days of rehab, she was going to overdose and die. In waking life, her friend died of a drug overdose a year earlier. In this case, the reference to rehab may have been literal while it reflected her issues with regret, helplessness, or unresolved grief regarding her friend's death while pointlessly wishing she could change the past.

Example 2: A person dreamed of being in a mental institution rehabilitation facility. In waking life, they were experiencing a traumatic time in their life. In this case, the rehab may have reflected their feelings about the need to recover emotionally and mentally from the trauma. The dream might be pointing towards their realization that they required help or support to deal with the intense emotional impact of their experiences. It could also suggest their understanding that the path to healing was not going to be quick or easy, but a necessary process for their overall well-being.


To dream of rehearsal represents thoughts about practicing what you say, do, or how you feel to people. Spending a lot of time thinking about what you will say or how you will act. Being very concerned that a situation is going to work out smoothly without any problems.

Negatively, dreaming about rehearsing may reflect a need to practice lying. Frustration or anxiety that you are not good enough at something. Behaving in a rehearsed or ingenuine acted manner. Preparing to lie to someone. Rehearsing too much or not feeling prepared enough. Not feeling confident about your beliefs or something you need to say. Going to great lengths to show off in a fake way.

Teachers or students may commonly dream of rehearsals to reflect issues with school plays. Students may commonly dream of dinner rehearsals to reflect educational preparations they are making for planned careers.

Example: A woman dreamed of being a band rehearsal. In waking life she was busy putting a party together for her son.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of attending a wedding rehearsal dinner where she was going to marry a man she had never met before. In waking life she was concerned with getting internships to prepare for a good job after graduating .

Example 3: A young woman dreamed of a rehearsal dinner where people were talking about her getting married the next day. In waking life she was a high-school student that was attending community college courses and volunteering at a cancer hospital to "get a head start" on her future.


To dream of reincarnation represents feelings about your life having changed completely in some way. Never getting to go back to your previous way of living.

Positively, dreaming about being reincarnated may reflected feelings about reinventing yourself or experiencing yourself living a totally new life. Moving on with your life in a big way.

Negatively, reincarnation may reflect feelings about a major loss changing your life for good. Possibly experiencing the death of a loved one that you felt was a significant part of your life. Alternatively, it may be reflect feelings about yourself finding it difficult to have to live as a good honest person after such a long time of not doing that.

To dream of being reincarnated into an animal or bug may reflect your major changes or failures that now allow you terrify your enemies. Negatively, it may reflect major changes or failures that force you to live your life embarrassed or with guilt.

Example: Dreams of reincarnation have been reported for people experiencing the death of a loved one. The reincarnation may reflect their overwhelming feelings about themselves having to live a totally new life without their partner.


To dream of a reindeer or caribou represents behavior that doesn't mind what's happening in the current moment because it has to endure a situation towards a longer term goal. Behavior that isn't snobby about enduring a long-term plan in order to get the job done. Endurance, perseverance, and resilience without complaining in order to get a big job done. Drive and determination to keep moving forward towards a larger strategy without thinking anything is special about keeping it up.

Negatively, dreaming a reindeer may represents being frightened of never getting to the destination or long-term goal that you need to get to. Feeling burdened or overworked because you are too focused on completing a strategy or larger plan that will be ruined if you slow down. Behavior that believes strength comes from never requiring assistance from others, never allowing others to suggest necessary changes, and never admitting weakness because you fear stopping because it ruin a larger strategy. Not listening to anything except moving forward.

To dream of Christmas reindeer represents feelings about behavior that is loyal, focused, and hardworking about carrying everything generous for a special situation with hard work by never thinking about itself once. Endurance, strength, and resilience associated with family or generosity. Drive and determination required to make a special situation work.

Negatively, a Christmas reindeer might indicate feeling burdened, overwhelmed, or stressed due to responsibilities or expectations. Feelings of exhaustion or burnout from trying to make everything perfect for special moment.

Example: A woman dreamed seeing a reindeer pulling a sleigh. In waking life, she was camping while experiencing strong back pain that concerned her that old back problems might return. In this case, the reindeer may have reflected how she was pushing herself to keep up with her camping activities while ignoring her back pain, signifying her determination to reach her long-term goal of completing the camping trip despite potential health setbacks.

Example 2: A man dreamed singing "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" like he was Frank Sinatra. In waking life, he had a strong desire to get away from people causing him stress and to just wanted to relax. In this case, singing "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" like Frank Sinatra might have reflected his feelings of embracing the spirit of resilience and perseverance to keep working while making the other people who he wanted to get a break from from feel good about it.


To dream of rejecting something represents a lack of interest in something or feeling that something isn't good enough for you. Ideas, attitudes, choices, or situations that don't meet your standards. Not allowing something to be imposed on you.

To dream of being rejected represents a lack of self-worth or feeling unimportant. It may also reflect disappointment after trying hard at something or having high expectations. Feeling failure. Feeling alienated. Alternatively, being rejected may be a sign that you are too agreeable, accommodating, or nice for your own good. Learning to be more assertive may be helpful. You may not believe in yourself enough. Feelings about people in your life not liking you. Feeling surprised that people don't like your ideas or don't want to spend time with you. Feeling outclassed or alone. Issues with accepting defeat.

To dream of being rejected by a lover represents a lost sense of stability or enjoyment in your life. Setbacks with success. Alternatively, being rejected by a lover may reflect difficulty getting along with your partner or different opinions. You may also fear your partner losing interest in you. Insecurity about the strength and consistency of their affection. Feeling that your lover is losing interest in you.

Example: A man dreamed of people rejecting him and calling him names. In waking life he noticed people whom he invited to be part of a business slowly choosing to turn his offers after having tried it. He felt rejected and like a loser for asking for their help.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of being rejected by his girlfriend. In waking life his girlfriend wouldn't return his cellphone text messages.


To dream of a relapse represents feelings about problems in your life worsening. The return of problems that you believed were under control. Feelings about problems being a lot more difficult than you first thought. Addictions returning. Giving up too easily or giving in to your problems.

To dream of your father relapsing may reflect feelings about difficulty with maintaining a healthy decision. Decisions you've made to help you keep stable feel too difficult to maintain. Avoiding or resisting bad habits feels too difficult. Returning to bad relationships after deciding to avoid them. Decision-making abilities are being overwhelmed by addictions or bad habits. Logical decision-making is overwhelmed by feeling good.

To dream of your mother relapsing represents feelings about your ability to avoid trouble or prepare for the future being overwhelmed by bad habits. Bad habits that make you plan your future around bad those habits.

To dream of a friend relapsing may reflect feelings about helpful habits or opportunities giving in to addictions, bad influences, or bad habits. Some kind of helpful habit or behavior to resist something was working, but isn't now.

Dreams of relapsing may be common to people having difficulty resisting drug addictions or fearing returning to their addictions.

Example: A woman dreamed of relapsing, but never actually saw the drugs. In waking life she was recovering drug addict trying to stay clean and avoid being homeless due to having no job.

*Please See Addiction


To dream of being in a relationship that you are not actually having in real life may reflect feelings waking life experience being unusually successful or progressive. Feeling that something new you are doing is helping you a lot. A dream relationship may also reflect situations or habits that you've grown accustom to. A long-term experience you've been involved with.

Negatively, a dream relationship with someone you are not having a real relationship with may reflect bad habits. Habits you rely on to avoid a confronting fear of failure. Behaviors or habits that enable you to experience winning that is not honest. Negative behavior that allows to experience progress in new ways. Problems letting go power you may have never experienced before. Anger, arrogance, meanness, bitter behavior that is helpful to your goals.

To dream of having a relationship with someone you've never seen before and then waking up from the dream and missing that person all day may be a sign that you are not doing enough to address your problems. You may have had a "taste of success" and then gave up...choosing to instead live with failure.

To dream of being in an abusive relationship where you are the one being abused may reflect bad habits that harm you. Addictions you can't get rid of because you like them too much. Awareness of yourself living with bad habits that embarrass you or cause you to fail. Reflections of waking life relationships that may not be helpful.

To dream of being in a relationship with a celebrity may reflect life experiences you are having based on your most honest feelings about the celebrity. It may also reflect your awareness of how regular habits are effecting your life. Ask yourself what qualities stand out the most about the celebrity and how you may be acting or living in that way. Negatively, it may reflect prominent qualities or behavior in yourself that is causing conflict in your life.


*Please See Family Members


To dream of feeling relieved may reflect waking life problems that have been reduced or alleviated. An anxiety or fear may have passed. A bad situation may not have turned out the way you had expected.

Negatively, relief in a dream may be a sign that you are too preoccupied with hearing good news. Looking for reasons to believe that everything will turn out okay without addressing the real problem. You may need to be more careful about how you evaluate a situation or your decisions.

Example: A man dreamed of experiencing relief from depression. A person then told him that he was not going to have to worry anymore and then he felt relief. In waking life he had grown to expect the reality that he would be forced to move from his home and then experienced news that reversed his belief that moving was certainty.


To dream of religion represents feelings about a fundamentalist faith in boundaries and structure. Faithfulness. Convictions. A behavior or habit you are "religious about." Adhering to strict laws you or someone else has made. You may be having issues with your sense of spirituality.

Negatively, dreaming about religion may be a sign that you are having difficulty being accepting or tolerant of differences. Obsession with fundamental values. Faith or convictions that hurt relations with other people. Naively believing you need to as committed or serious about an issue. Fear of what other people think if you break tradition, boundaries, or structure.

*Please See Christian People

*Please See Muslim People

*Please See Islamic Fundamentalist


To dream of relish represents feelings about thoroughly savoring or enjoying the moment more than you usually do because you're allowed to. Feeling that nothing stops you from liking something more than you usually do. Enjoying yourself personalizing something in order to savor it. Enjoying the present moment and appreciating the small details. Wanting to enhance an experience. Feelings of no question about being allowed to savor or enjoying something more than you usually do.

Negatively, dreaming about relish may represents feelings about overdoing thoroughly savoring or enjoying the moment because you were allowed to.

Remembering Dreams

If you are having difficulty remembering your dreams see our dream enhancer webpage.


To dream of remodeling a house represents a change your values or belief system. Changes to your lifestyle or behavior. You may be attempting to self-improve, are attending therapy, or learning to become more sophisticated in some manner. Changing something in your life to make yourself more confident. Attempting to like yourself or accept yourself more. Removing someone difficult or unpleasant from your life. Getting rid of bad influences, bad friends, or people you feel are losers from your life. Attempting to move on from a bad relationship.

Negatively, dreaming about remodeling may reflect problems with excessive concerns about appearances.

*Please See Houses

Remote Control

To dream of a remote control represents feelings of being able to easily control or manipulate outcomes. Changing outcomes or choices to always suit yourself. Not wanting to notice anything you don't like. it may also reflect the ability to stop a type of experience you are having whenever you want to.

Negatively, it may reflect feelings of being totally controlled or subservient. Someone is always getting their way with you or can keep changing outcomes to suit themselves. It may also mean you are being too controlling.

Remote Control Car

To dream of a remote control car represents feelings about being able to easily control decisions or manipulate situations. Feeling good noticing automatic control over a situation or over others choices. Full power to direct or guide someone else's life. Easy ability to manipulate someone.


To dream of removing something represents thoughts about something in your life not being what it once was. Problems going away. Feelings about change that isn't doing something anymore. Drastic change to improve something. Moving on from something. Removing bad or dangerous influences. Watching something in your life go away. Feelings about a burden being taken away. Getting your peace of mind back. Frustrations or annoyances go away. A way of thinking that has to stop. Awareness of something not being important anymore. Feelings about not needing to think about something anymore. Removing embarrassment. Choosing some area of your life "out of sight out of mind." Cleaning up a problem or improving a situation. Preventing bad habits or dangerous situations. Something in your life that can no longer be.

Negatively, dreaming about removing something represents drastic change that limits or stops you from something. Disliking something not being the same anymore. Feeling that nothing is special about something anymore. The loss of existing power, respect, abilities, or resources. Losing the feeling of being exceptional. Something you liked a lot stopped. Special treatment stopped. Happiness, security or family life is negatively changed. Feeling that something is never going to happen again. Intimacy, closeness, or comfort that is lost in your life. Feeling left with emptiness that is aware of what it's like to lose something. Letting go of something for the rest of your life.

To dream that you can't remove something represents feelings about being stuck with a problem.

To dream of yourself being removed from something may represent feelings of change being pushed or imposed on you. Feeling that someone or something is stopping you from doing something. Feeling that your life is different when you don't want it to. Feeling that you are not good enough.

To dream of police removing you or other items from a situation may reflect forced discipline. Feeling that you are in trouble if you don't accept forced change.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a dead body being removed by a garbage truck. In waking life he had used someone to help himself respect himself for the rest of his life and was happy to ignore them to make them choose never speaking to him ever again. In this case the symbolism of removing of the dead body may have reflected his feelings about waiting for the person he used to stop calling him back on the phone.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of a dead baby inside her body that the doctors couldn't remove for 9 months. In waking life she was experiencing financial problems. In this case the the symbolism of a being unable to remove a dead body from her body may have reflected her feelings about financial problems stalling an early stage of a plan she paid for that couldn't be reversed.

Example 3: A young woman dreamed of being removed from her home by police. In waking life she felt pushed away from family and to break up with her boyfriend. In this case the symbolism of being removed from a home may have reflected her feelings of drastic change with stable relationships feeling imposed on her.

Example 4: A man dreamed of seeing someone being removed by a giant invisible hand. In waking life his father died.

*Please See Shaving


*Please See Home Improvements


To dream of paying rent represents personal obligations and responsibilities. The personal cost for what we have or want. What's expected of you.

To dream of collecting rent represents obligations or responsibilities that you expect from others.

*Please See Landlord

Rental Cars

To dream of a rental car represents a temporary mindset related to decision making or being in control of the direction of your life. Feelings about "borrowed time" related to decision making or control over a situation. Feeling that the power of decision making or control over a situation is not really yours. Feelings about temporarily needing to fix a problem.

Negatively, dreaming about a rental car may reflect feelings about time limits to decision making power. Time limits to control over a situation. Time limits to having control over your life. Feeling that you may be wasting time with a situation you are in control of. Feeling that control over a situation is not really yours if someone with more power asserts themselves. Insecure feelings about being in control. Feelings about temporary control over a situation having steep personal costs. Frustrations with solving problems. Feelings about yourself not being as much of an expert as you would like to feel.

*Please See Cars


To dream of a repairman represents you or someone else that is restoring the functionality of some area of your life. Putting something back the way it used to be or returning a situation to normal. Recovering from an upsetting or difficult situation. An aspect of yourself that cares about making a situation do what it's supposed to do.

Negatively, dreaming about a repairman may reflect a laziness with confronting your own problems. Allowing others to solve your problems for you. Awareness of yourself using someone to fix your problems. Feeling stupid that you are not capable of fixing your own problems.

*Please See Repairs


To dream of repairing something represents recovery, restoration, or some area of your life that has upset you. Disappointments being corrected. Relationship problems needing to be reconciled. Setbacks you are working on resolving.

Alternatively, repairs in a situation may reflect your awareness of mistakes that you don't want to repeat in your life. Damage to something in a dream may reflect feelings about regret about mistakes you made, excessive behavior that has embarrassed you, or losing function in some area of your life.

Negatively, repairs in a dream may reflect your awareness of fixing a negative aspect of your life. Bad relationships you are reconciling. Returning to bad habits after first trying to move on from them. Expertise in dishonest or criminal behavior that is being used to restore a dishonest situation. Feeling that a problem situation will never end. Enduring other people making your life difficult.

The object being repaired symbolizes the area in your life that is being are worked on.

Example: A man dreamed of repairing a house. In waking life he was trying to fix a relationship that was causing him a lot of depression.


To dream of repeating something may represent feelings about something annoying in your waking life. Problems returning that can't be ignored. Feeling stuck in a routine. Behavior or habits in other people that bother you. Feeling that someone else "never learns." Repeated mistakes. Nagging problems or nagging from people. Ignoring something that doesn't go away. A lack of interest in dealing with a recurring problem. Feelings about a situation or person being predictable. A reflection of expectations you have of a situation or person. A sign that a significant change may be required to stop a repeating cycle in your life. An area of your life that won't shut off.

Negatively, repeating something in a dream may reflect feelings about being aware of repeat dishonest behavior. Repeated situations of using people. Refusing to stop something dangerous that keeps happening. Repeat confrontations with fears that you don't want to stand up to or speak to other people about. Feeling that a problem repeatedly embarrasses you. Feeling empty about something you lost repeatedly being impossible to get back. Feelings of uncertainty that won't go away.

To dream of feeling that you need to intentionally repeat something feelings about having problems getting something right. Feeling that you or someone else is slower than other people. Frustrations with repeatedly making the same mistake twice. Feeling that someone is not listening to you enough no matter how hard you try to make them.

To dream of words being repeated may represent issues with needing reassure yourself. Awareness of yourself repeatedly not listening to your intuition about solving a problem. Recurring feelings about how important something in your life is to address. Not listening an inner voice. Something in your life that is trying to draw attention to itself. Feeling annoyed that you have to pay attention to something that keeps drawing attention to itself.

*Please See Recurring Dreams

Report Card

To dream of a report card represents feelings about how well you have performed in a waking life situation. It may also reflect insight or input from others about an achievement you've realized.

Positively, a report card may reflect confidence that nobody can laugh at your performance. Positive feedback from authority figures that makes you look good to others. Feeling that your performance was judged exceptional above others.

Negatively, dreaming about a report card may reflect anxiety about looking stupid or not having performed as well as you were expected to. Feedback from authority figures that embarrasses you. Feeling that you've been judged on your performance as being less exceptional than other people. Thinking that "passing" someone else's expectations is good enough. Naively believing that more won't be expected of you. Naively believing that your exceptional performance is actually relevant when it may not be. Consider the saying "resting on your laurels." Believing that you don't have anything you can improve about yourself.

Consider the letters or number percentages for further symbolism.

Alternatively, a report card may reflect anxiety your performance at school or how good your grades are. Negatively, it could be a sign that you are too excepting of poor grades or believing that passing is good enough.

Example: A student dreamed of getting a 60% passing grade for a class they were having trouble with. A few days later they actually got a 60% passing grade. The dream may have been intuitive, while also signaling the dreamer's heightened degree of acceptance for their unexceptional performance.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of getting a very good report card that showed that he had very few areas that he needed to improve upon. In waking life he had passed a very hard test that he believed was the hardest test you can pass. He was slowly becoming annoyed by his teachers continuing to force discipline on him that would take years to perfect himself with.

*Please See Grade


To dream of a news reporter represents an aspect of your personality that is informing others about serious problems or important issues. Keeping others up to date on your life or a problem.

Example: A woman dreamed of being interviewed by reporters and liking it. In waking life she was in the hospital recovering and updating her friends and family about her recovery.

*Please See Journalist


To dream of property being repossessed represents feelings about not being able to afford the personal cost or obligations required to continue your goals. Getting too far ahead of yourself. Irresponsible management of a situation that has resorted in having to start over from nothing. Embarrassment that you aren't as successful as you want to be.


To see a reptile or lizard in your dream symbolizes fear. Either a fear you have or a fear you are projecting to someone else.

To dream of a yellow lizard or reptile reptile represents fear you have that is quite noticeable.

Women who are pregnant commonly dream of lizards. This most likely reflects their fears associated with maintaining a healthy pregnancy or the safety of the baby. Fears of having deformed baby or that the baby will die. Fears of a difficult delivery, of their partner leaving them, or being unable to financial support the baby.

Example: A man dreamed of being reborn as a reptile. In waking life he as just recovered from a dangerous experiment with mind altering substances. After the dangerous experiment he realized he was scaring his friends and family all the time when he discussed it. The rebirth as a reptile reflected the dramatic change in how he was perceived by others as his new reputation instilled fear in the people that cared about him.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a giant black lizard. In waking life he was experiencing a serious crisis and feared being murdered.

*Please see Dragons

*Please See Dinosaur

*Please See Alligators

Reptilian Aliens

To dream of reptilian aliens represents behavior that is cold, unfeeling, controlling, and inhuman in a way that feels foreign or unfamiliar. Fear or anxiety that is alien and unsettling. An authority figure who is indifferent about your feelings or what happens to you. Total control over you in the strangest or most unusual circumstances of your life. Feelings about the highest order of evil controlling you. Secretive control that is highly unusual and doesn't want to reveal itself or give you any advantages to allow you to escape it's control. Feelings about people being stupid about using total power or control over others in a way that unusual about not being afraid to. Feelings of hidden, highly unusual control that seeks to maintain dominance over your life.

Negatively, reptilian aliens in a dream might represent feelings of fear, powerlessness, or loss of control. Feelings about immoral or evil people trying to control you for the rest of your life. Feelings about immoral or evil people that coldly want manipulate you into a state of permanent total control. Feelings about a criminal that doesn't like being caught and does whatever they can to control you like a slave in order to trick you into releasing them. A dangerous situation that you can't do anything about because it's so foreign you don't know what to do about it.

To dream of being a reptilian alien may represent feelings of having total control over others that is cold, immoral, and powerful in a situation that feels unusual. Feeling annoyed that you are not taking total control over someone in a way that is mean and unfeeling.

To dream of a shape-shifting reptilian alien represents feelings about unusual, cold, and inhuman control that is two-faced or sells itself as acceptable while arrogantly doing the exact opposite in plain sight. (e.g. Politicians selling the public security or peace, but then sending your country to war anyway).

A reptilian alien is a sign that you are fearing an unusual situation that feel unstoppable or dangerous with total control.

Interesting: David Icke's theory of all the most powerful people in the world being reptilians is most likely due to symbolic hallucinations that are reflecting the all-powerful sense of danger and control they see in the Illuminati with their two-faced nature. Anyone that David Icke has interviewed that's seen a Reptilian Alien may have actually experienced a hallucination that uses dream symbolism.

Example: A man dreamed of reptilian aliens outside a chainlink fence that were controlling him and keeping him inside the fence. In waking life, the man was facing police corruption that was controlling his life through hacking his personal computer and cellphone without a warrant for their personal enjoyment.


To dream of having a reputation represents feelings that others expect certain behavior from you. Feelings about others assumptions about what you're really like.

Positively, a reputation may reflect feelings that other people have trust or confidence in you that you want to respect. Feeling automatic respect. Less hurdles or difficulties because of what you've done or your associations.

To dream about a bad reputation may reflect feelings that you are feared or not trusted because of one thing you did wrong. Feeling that others assume you are dangerous without knowing you. Stigma.

Negatively, a concern about your reputation in a dream may be a sign that you are too concerned about what other people think of you or expect from you. To much of a concern about maintaining an appearance.

To dream of having your good reputation ruined represents feelings about others thinking you are dangerous, untrustworthy, or weak. Insecurity about not being perceived as perfect or a mistake you made.


To dream of rescuing someone represents feelings about an urgent need to be spared from neglect, danger, or situations that leave you feeling overwhelmed. Feeling desperate to escape a problem. Alternatively, it may represent waking life situations where you are carrying someone through a bad time or sparing someone trouble. Taking a stand or stepping up. Burdens you desperate to escape. Keeping something going, doing everything possible, feeling like a hero. Cheering someone up or being a good influence. Saving yourself.

Positively, rescuing someone in a dream may reflect situations where you are making do or making important sacrifices to solve urgent problems. Feeling helped or spared from a difficulty. Alternatively, it may reflect feelings about yourself providing help to others. Enduring someone difficult to help someone. Trying to do as much as possible for someone. Trying hard to keep a friendship together after a breakup. Intervening or taking action to stop a health crisis or deteriorating health.

Negatively, rescuing someone in a dream may reflect your desperation to continue bad habits. Giving help to bad people or people who don't deserve help. Helping people too much. It may also be a sign that you are aware of a problem you've created for yourself. Feeling that you've gotten yourself into trouble or that you have a tendency to get into trouble.

To dream of being rescued represents help or opportunities that are restoring something that has gone wrong. You may feel that someone in your life is carrying you through a problem or saving you from disaster at the last moment. Positively, being rescued may reflect your own efforts to finally stand up to a problem or spare yourself of trouble. Negatively, being rescued may reflect your unwillingness to deal with problems until they get out of hand. You may be too proud to do something for yourself. A reflection of your cry for help or feelings of desperation.

Negatively, needing to be rescued in a dream may reflect a mistake you want to correct or feeling that you went overboard with something you can't fix on your own. Feeling that there is nobody around to help you anymore. Expecting help without asking for it. Not wanting to admit weakness. Being too proud to ask for assistance.

Pregnant women commonly dream of their husbands rescuing them. This may reflect their heightened sensitivity about everyday life becoming increasing harder as their pregnancies progress.

Example: A woman dreamed of having to save her baby from drowning. In waking life she was trying desperately to save her business in tough economic conditions.

Example 2: A man dreamed of needing help, but nobody would stop to help him. In waking life he had a large workload at work that he felt he couldn't do himself and was afraid to ask for help.

Example 3: A young woman dreamed of needing to be rescued. In waking life she had just broken up with her boyfriend and was desperate fro help with her school exams. She felt she had nobody to help her.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of seeing a friend needing to be rescued. In waking life she felt that she had to do as much as possible to cheer her friend up.

Example 5: A young man dreamed of wanting rescue his girlfriend. In waking he had broken up with her and was beginning to regret the decision. He wanted desperately to get back with her.

Example 6: A woman dreamed of seeing people being saved from a tornado. In waking life she was experiencing herself resolving a serious disagreement between family members.

Example 7: A woman dreamed of trying to rescue a dog and baby from drowning. In waking life she was trying very hard to save her failing business in tough economic times.


To dream of a reservoir represents resources that can be tapped when you need them, but you aren't sure when you are going to need them. Having the resources to get something back if you ever need to.

To dream of an outdoor water reservoir represents feelings about controlling an uncertain situation that doesn't have to think of other people's feelings yet. Feeling that it's safe to not have to think about anything else with a problem yet. Safely controlling resources to used when you need them. Behavior that isn't ignorant about saving something for later. Safely controlling something because it might be needed later. Feelings about not sure what is going to happen in a situation that doesn't have to care other people yet, but will. Intelligently conserving or controlling resources.

Negatively, dreaming about an outdoor water reservoir may represent feelings about not having to be a jerk yet, but confident that you will.

To dream of a drainage reservoir represents feelings of limited safety or protection from an uncertain situation going overboard.


To dream of resigning from a position represents your wish relinquish power or responsibilities. You may be experiencing a big change of heart or major change in your life. You may feel unwilling or unable to continue on the same path.

*Please See Retired


To dream of a resort represents your mindset being totally focused of having every single little thing done for you. It may also reflect a situation where someone is going of their way to make sure you always feel good not having to do anything for yourself.

Negatively, a resort may reflect laziness, neediness, or that you are using someone. You may be expecting too much from someone or expecting to never have to lift a finger no matter what.

*Please See Hotel


To dream of respect represents feelings about the value of something or someone that deserves honor, dignity, recognition, or acknowledging. Feelings of being valued, important, or appreciated. Feelings about needing to not embarrassing someone or something for the rest of your life. Feelings about leaving something alone because it's a more intelligent choice. Avoid exacerbating an issue because it saner or safer to do so.

Alternatively, respecting someone may reflect feelings of being courteous, polite, or considerate towards others. Literal feelings of respect that match waking life.

To dream of being respected from others may represent feelings of being valued, important, or appreciated. Alternatively, it may reflect feelings of being recognized for your accomplishments, skills, or qualities.

To dream of losing respect for someone represents a feeling of disappointment, disapproval or a shift in perception towards someone or something that was once held in high regard. It may also suggest a loss of trust, admiration or a change in the perceived value of a person, situation or belief. The dream may be a reflection of an experience in waking life that has caused one to lose respect for someone, or it may signify a need to reassess one's own values and priorities.

To dream of disrespecting someone whom you respect a lot in waking life is most likely evidence that the person in your dream is a symbol for something happening in waking and not to be taken literal.

Example: A young woman dreamed of being married to her ex-boyfriend and standing up to her mother to tell her to respect him because he wasn't going anywhere. In waking she was still friends with her ex, but may have been experiencing internal conflict between her desire to hold on to the relationship with her ex-boyfriend and her intuition calling for her to move on completely. In this case the demand for respect may have reflected the dreamer's need to defend her attachment to her ex-boyfriend as a friend and a need to honor and acknowledge that part of herself while also moving forward towards a new future.

Example 2: An older woman dreamed of not being afraid of bees because as long as you respect them they will will not sting. In waking life she was frustrated by 2 painful, annoying, but non life threatening health issues. In this case respecting the bees so they don't sting may have reflected the dreamer's belief that if she respects her body and takes care of it, she can avoid exacerbating her health issues and prevent further complications because it was safer to do so.

Example 3: A young man dreamed of wearing a hoodie while playing music in a band, and then when it was over he bowed his head to the drummer to show him respect. In waking life he was studying science at university and discovered a band he enjoyed playing with in his spare time. In this case showing the drummer respect may have reflected his feelings about acknowledging that he liked playing music a lot more than he thought he would. The drummer might also symbolize thoughts about repeating playing in a band over and over, similar to a drumbeat. Respecting the drummer may reflect the dreamer's recognition of himself liking playing with the band over and over.


To dream of a restaurant represents feelings about how easy it is to be "served" particular feelings or experiences in waking life. Specific types of feelings or experiences that you are choosing to have. Consciously making the choice to feel a certain way or to easily have a certain type of experience. The freedom to have a certain type of experience that is always available to you.

Negatively, dreaming about a restaurant may reflect feelings about expectations for certain types of experiences to be easily given to you by others. Using others to keep feeling a particular way with ease. The idea that you can simply "show up" whenever you want to experience whatever you want.

Advertisements for restaurants may reflect people in your life with offers of easy experiences or easy access to something you enjoy. The option to feel a certain way if you want to.

To dream of eating dinner at a restaurant represents feelings about a finalizing type experience made easy. Feelings about other people helping you to finalize wedding, funeral, or business arrangements.

Consider the type of food being served for additional meaning.

To dream of eating at a French restaurant may reflect feelings about expecting to easily have experiences that make you feel integrity or self-respect. Expecting to see supported as a winner without question. Possible feelings about support groups.

To dream of a Chinese restaurant may reflect feelings about expecting to easily have experiences where you enjoy not having to think feelings matter.

Example: A man dreamed of eating at McDonald's. In waking life he was having issues with discontinuing a bad pornography habit. Dreaming of choosing to go to McDonald's represented his choice to keep going back to a pleasurable feelings that he knew wasn't healthy for him.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of eating dinner at a restaurant. In waking life she was finalizing her marriage and paid to have wedding arrangements finished for her.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of going to a restaurant with her husband and thinking to herself how diverse the people in the restaurant looked. In waking life she had attended her local church and began to see how diverse the religious views of her fellow churchgoers were. The restaurant in this case may have reflected her feelings about the church allowing her to feel spiritual whenever she goes to attend.


To dream of resting represents feelings about taking a break, recuperation, or stepping back from active engagement with an issue. Feelings of needing relief from problems or stressful situations. Situations where you feel the need to take time off. Taking time off from fighting with someone or a relationship problem. Feelings of wanting someone to take over for you. Feelings about a situation being more difficult or exhausting than you expected. Struggling to find peace or respite amidst challenging circumstances. A need to slow down and reflect on one’s current situation.

To dream of needing to rest represents feelings about being overwhelmed, exhausted, or overburdened by responsibilities or stressors. The recognition that you are pushing yourself too hard in a situation, struggle, or conflict and need to slow down.

To dream of being told to rest represents external cues or advice from others in your life about the need to take a break, recuperate, find relief, or step back from active engagement with an issue. Inner conflict between your own drive to keep going and the clear signs that you need to slow down. External pressure to take a break or pause from a situation. Your inner voice telling you to slow down and take care of yourself.

Example: A woman dreamed of being in a man's arms with her head resting on his shoulders. In waking life, she and her husband had decided to end their marriage and stop attempting to reconcile. In this case, resting her head on the man's shoulders may have reflected her feelings of relief and acceptance in finally letting go of the struggle to fix their relationship, and finding comfort in the decision to hire a lawyer to deal with her husband instead.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being asked by her boyfriend if she rested ok. In waking life, she had just had 2 fights with her boyfriend. In this case, being asked by her boyfriend about whether she had rested may have reflected her feelings about her boyfriend questioning whether or not she had taken enough time off from fighting with him to move on.


To dream of being restrained represents feelings of difficulty getting away from something. Not liking what you are doing because nobody will let you. Feeling held back. Feeling controlled from actions or expressing yourself. Feeling cut off from bad habits.

To dream of restraining someone represents feelings of control to prevent something from happening. Suppressing behavior or an aspect of yourself. Controlling someone else's actions or expression.

To dream of restraining yourself represents feelings of holding yourself back, being reserved, or being conservative. The need to control yourself. Being polite. Suppressed anger. Restraining yourself from having an argument. Cutting yourself off from bad habits.

Example: A woman dreamed of having to restrain herself from hitting her soon to be mother-in-law. In waking life she felt the felt the need to "bite her tongue" or control herself from attacking her soon to be mother-in-law after experiencing her drunk and mean. A reflection of her suppressed anger.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being restrained in a car she was trapped in. In waking life she felt frustrated with her job and wished she could quit. The feelings of being restrained in this case may have reflected her feelings about how difficult it was to get away from her job and find a new one. Safety paying bills was a priority.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of an angry dog being restrained and avoided. In waking life she was having relationship issues where she felt she was losing her boyfriend. In this case the restrained dog may have reflected her feelings about restrained arguments within the relationship.

*Please See Handcuffs

*Please See Straight Jacket


*Please See Public Bathroom

*Please See Bathrooms


To dream of an employment resume represents feelings about your abilities and experience not looking stupid while being evaluated or scrutinized by others. An attempt to show others how experienced you are at something. Presenting yourself in the best possible light to those who might be judging or evaluating you. Using your past experience to assert yourself or impress someone. Anxieties or hopes regarding your qualifications for a new role, opportunity, or challenge in waking life. A desire to prove yourself as qualified and acceptable to other people to handle a responsibility or role.

Positively, dreaming about a job resume may represent confidence in your abilities, ambition, and readiness to take on new challenges or opportunities. A sense of self-worth and pride in your experience.

Negatively, dreaming about a job resume may represent feelings of insecurity, inadequacy, or self-doubt about your qualifications or abilities. Concerns about your perceived lack of experience or skills, or you may fear rejection or criticism from others. Pressure from external sources, such as societal expectations or familial obligations, to conform to certain norms or standards of experience. Anxiety about job hunting, career changes, or uncertainty about your future career path.

Example: A woman dreamed of someone handing her a worn and tattered employment resume that she was unsure about. In waking life, she was older and insecure about showing off her previous experience out of fear of being irrelevant. In this case, the worn and tattered employment resume may have reflected her feelings of inadequacy and concern that her skills and experience might not be valued or considered up-to-date to other people.


To dream of a resurrection represents amazement that something lost or long gone has been restored. It may also reflect how you feel you've done the impossible to restore your respect, dignity, or power. Alternatively, it may reflect a special moment that restores lost love, relationships, or situations.

Negatively, it may reflect a powerful fear or negative situation that has surprised you by coming back into your life.


*Please See CPR


To dream of wearing a retainer represents feelings about maintaining or preserving perfect compliance with habits that help you to retain a strong sense of vitality or confidence about yourself after a difficult adjustment. Awareness of the necessity to stay disciplined and focused on new habits to sustain a revitalized sense of identity. Security measures taken to ensure you perfectly maintain a personality adjustment the way someone else wanted you to. The need to hold onto or stabilize a particular aspect of yourself, such as your identity, values, or achievements so that you remain confident about yourself. Your efforts to keep things in their proper place or to prevent regression in areas you've worked hard to improve.

Negatively, dreaming about a retainer may represent feelings about maintaining or preserving perfect compliance with adjustments that you feel are unfair, terrible, or embarrassing. Something or someone that is just making sure you don't return to old habits after making positive adjustments to yourself. A fear of losing ground or backsliding on progress made. Perhaps you feel pressured to keep up appearances or maintain certain standards that are exhausting or challenging to uphold. Insecurities about looking like a loser that has to maintain conservative or uptight habits in order to maintain or preserve yourself.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a retainer. In waking life, he had undergone the most powerful spiritual experience of his life which gave him a renewed sense of confidence as a person. He felt the need to maintain new habits to confidently retain his new sense of self. In this case, the retainer may have reflected his feelings about the importance of adhering to new practices or behaviors that supported his renewed sense of confidence and spiritual growth. The retainer in the dream symbolized his commitment to maintaining the positive changes he had experienced, ensuring that the transformative effects of his spiritual journey were preserved and continued to influence his life positively. The dream highlighted his awareness of the necessity to stay disciplined and focused on these new habits to sustain his revitalized sense of identity and purpose.

Example 2: A woman had recurring dreams of putting a retainer in her mouth that she felt didn't fit. In waking life, she was experiencing an abusive relationship with her boyfriend after moving in together. In this case, the retain that didn't fit may have reflected her feelings about the unnatural or forced effort she was making to adapt to the relationship and maintain a sense of self. The uncomfortable retainer symbolized the difficult adjustments she felt compelled to make to preserve the relationship due to its abusive nature, even though it was damaging her sense of identity and self-worth.

Retaining Walls

To dream of a retaining wall represents feelings safeguarding yourself against total failure in a situation or in your life. Having a way to maintain stability or security.

To dream of a retaining wall collapsing may reflect feelings of losing a support system in your life. Dreams about retaining walls collapsing are common to women experiencing a divorce or breakup.

Example: A woman dreamed of her retaining wall falling down again. In waking life she was divorced and was totally disappointed by the new man she recently started seeing. The retaining wall reflected her feelings about having a man in her life to feel more secure.


*Please See Mentally Challenged


To dream of being retired represents old habits or an old way of living that has been discontinued. You may have walked away from a previous belief system or lifestyle choice. You may be experiencing a transition or new phase. Some area of your life has been put to rest as you move forward.

Alternatively, you have made the choice to give something or noticed that you don't want to do something anymore.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing her ex-boyfriends father living in a retirement home. In waking life she had decided to break up with her ex-boyfriend after she found out he cheated on her, but she still wanted to be friends and allow her ex-boyfriend to help her raise their child. The retired ex-boyfriend's father may have reflected her feelings about decided to discontinue or rest the romantic aspect of their relationship.


To dream of returning to a location you've previously been represents a return to a previous psychological state, emotional mindset, or issue you previously were involved with. Feeling that you are going to back to previous way of thinking. Returning to safety. Realizing that a previous idea was right.

Negatively, returning a previous location that you have already been may reflect a return to negative habits, unhealthy choices, or failed ideas. The potential to repeat something that has already failed. Considering listening to advice you previously ignored because you're own ideas didn't work. Feeling that trying to new ideas is hopeless and choosing to except a stagnated situation.

To dream of returning to your home represents feelings about a waking life situation returning to normal. It may also reflect a return to an unpleasant emotional state after experiencing a short-lived lucky moment. Good or bad, you feel a situation is returning to a normal state you are used to.

To dream of a problem returning that you believed was solved represents feelings of annoyance about unresolved issues. Frustration or jealousy that you can't keep your life in an improved emotional state. Feeling plagued by annoyances. It may also reflect difficulty speaking up about your true feelings of annoyance or dislike.

To dream of a person returning who had previously left represents feelings about an aspect of your personality returning. Feeling that problems or distractions are over and you can return to your old self. Feelings about good luck or an enjoyable aspect of your life returning. Functioning situations in your life returning to normal. Negatively, dreaming of a person returning may reflect awareness of problems, sickness, enemies, competition, jealousy, or bad habits returning.

To dream of returning a product to a store represents feelings about choices you changed your mind about. Feeling you made a wrong decision or that a something you've chosen wasn't what you expected. Having second thoughts. Feeling that you like your life the way it was before you made a choice. Wanting a situation to return to normal or to a previous emotional state. Feeling regret or disappointment. Having doubts.

Example: A man dreamed of returning to a house he had left behind. In waking life he had decided to return to a previous mental state of trying hard to get a job after giving up on job hunting.

Example 2: A man dreamed of returning to his home while it was dark. In waking life he had a very serious illness which he had to ignore treating during a serious crisis and when the crisis ended he returned to treating his health problems which had worsened.


To dream of a reunion represents feelings of rediscovering something that you haven't cared about in a very long time. Old feelings, interests, relationships, or situations that you are revisiting.

Alternatively, a reunion may also reflect feelings of something lost being restored in your life. Getting your pride or self-respect back. Having something that went wrong put right.

*Please See High School Reunion


To dream of revenge represents feelings of needing restitution. Getting back certain feelings or a sense of power that you feel has been taken from you. Positively, it may reflect a need for justice or to feel that fairness has been restored in your life.

Negatively, revenge may reflect jealousy, arrogance, or difficulty believing others deserve something they've earned. A sign that you or someone else is too controlling.


To dream of moving in reverse represents your choice to intentionally reverse decisions or your direction in life. You may feel that you've gone to far with something or need to reexamine something before continuing again.

To dream of seeing something or holding something that has been reversed represents your feeling that something is the exact opposite of what you believe it should be. You may also feel that you have to completely start over from the beginning with something.

*Please See Backwards


To dream of a revolt represents feelings of intense rebellion, defiance, or resistance against authority, rules, or established norms. A desire for change, freedom, or independence from oppressive situations or constraints in your waking life. Rejection of established norms, values, or modes of behavior. A refusal to conform to authority or a rejection of outdated beliefs, systems of control, or practices that no longer serve your best interests.

Positively, dreaming about a revolt may represent a conscious choice to stand up against what you perceive as unjust or outdated principles or habits. A courageous stand for your principles, values, or rights. A willingness to challenge the status quo and advocate for justice, equality, or fairness. A need to assert your individuality, assertiveness, or autonomy in the face of opposition or oppression. Empowerment, liberation, or the assertion of independence. A call for unity and collective action towards a common goal that defies the status quo, suggesting a desire for progressive change and reform.

Negatively, dreaming of a revolt may represent feelings of anger, frustration, or resentment towards authority figures, institutions, or societal norms. Feelings of unrest, chaos, or conflict arising from your desire to defy authority or resist conformity. Conflicts or confrontations in your waking life where you feel powerless or unfairly treated. A warning against reckless or impulsive actions that could lead to further discord or chaos.

To dream of a revolt against you represents feelings of being challenged, opposed, criticized, or undermined by others in waking life. Experiencing resistance or defiance from people in your waking life who may not agree with your decisions, leadership, or way of handling situations. Feelings about a group of people turning against your authority or ideas. Feeling threatened by a loss of control or authority. A sense of being targeted or attacked for your beliefs, actions, or authority. Feelings of vulnerability, insecurity, or frustration as you face resistance from those who disagree with or oppose you. Alternatively, it may suggest a need to reevaluate your approach or behavior if it is causing unrest or discord among others. This dream serves as a warning to address conflicts or confrontations constructively to avoid further escalation or damage to relationships. Insecurities about your ability to maintain leadership or respect among your peers, family, or colleagues.

Negatively, dreaming about a revolt against you may represent your own authoritarian behavior or rigid stance on certain issues that's leading to conflict or rebellion from those around you. A sign that you may need to reconsider your approach, be more open to compromise, or address underlying issues that are causing tension and dissent.

*Please See Rioting


To dream of a revolution represents major change. Trying your hardest to do everything different. You may be giving up everything to face your problems or confront someone. A revolution may also reflect major changes to your belief system, lifestyle, or who you are. It may also reflect your enthusiasm for change.


To dream of a revolver represents your awareness of your power to make choices being limited. You know that you only have a few opportunities to make a change or do something effectively. It may also reflect your perception of a time window being small.

*Please See Guns

Revolving Door

To dream of a revolving door represents issues, problems, or opportunities where you may be "going in circles." Issues that you try to fix, but keep returning. Feeling that you are going nowhere or continually falling back to your old ways.

Negatively, a revolving door may reflect issues that you don't really care about doing anything about. A constant state of redoing something. No concrete solutions.


To dream of a reward represents feelings of doing more than was required in a situation and receiving a benefit or payoff for it. Recognition, validation, praise, or appreciation for your efforts, achievements, or moral stances in waking life. Feeling that your morality, risks, and difficult choices pay off. Feelings of deserving a positive and mutual response of reciprocation. A return on investment from hard work, struggles, or challenges that you have faced, suggests a period of accomplishment or the receipt of positive karma. This dream could reflect your internal desires for acknowledgment, success, or the fulfillment of your aspirations. Anticipation for a "payoff" of an emotional investment and efforts in nurturing a situation or relationship.

Positively, dreaming about a reward may represent a boost in self-esteem, satisfaction, or contentment with your efforts or achievements. Actual achievements or recognition you are experiencing or hoping to experience. The internal reward of personal growth, enlightenment, or the development of a more positive outlook. A sense of justice, of receiving what you deserve, and it could point towards a harmonious balance in the give-and-take of your personal or professional relationships. Feeling that are on the right track, and your efforts are paying off.

Negatively, dreaming about a reward could represent feelings of not being appreciated or recognized for your efforts. An unhealthy focus on external validation or a materialistic attitude towards success. Feeling undeserving of recognition or rewards. Frustration if the rewards received do not meet your expectations. Waiting for a payoff that seems never to come, which could be causing resentment.

Example: A young man dreamed of a pastor giving rewards to him and his currently married girlfriend for being the number 1 financial giver to the ministry. In waking life, he was in a relationship with a married woman, twice his age, who wanted to leave her marriage immediately to be with him. In this case, the rewards may have reflected his feeling of hoping that his risk of being in a relationship with a married woman twice his age would be vindicated or payoff in the end.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of his church handing out rewards. In waking life, he was trying to get close to a woman he liked and was beginning to feel a connection with her. In this case, the reward may have reflected his feelings of anticipation for the "payoff" of his emotional investment and efforts in nurturing the relationship.


To dream of a rhinoceros represents pushiness or forcefulness. Aggressive people in your life that you feel don't listen. Feelings about someone aggressively telling you to get out of their way.

Negatively, a rhinoceros may reflect feelings of embarrassment for having overlooked how dangerous or angry someone could be. Fear of getting in someone else's way or interfering in something someone has warned you about not interfering in.

To dream of a white rhino may reflect pushiness or forcefulness that has good intentions. Examples may be doctors forcing you take drugs or parents forcing you to do something.

Example: A woman dreamed of looking at a photo of a rhino. In waking life she was in a lawsuit and her defense was that she remembered the her opponent assertively telling her to not get involved with the issue that was brought to court.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing someone inject something into a rhino in order to make it weaker. In waking life he had to borrow money off friends in order to stop his bossy landlord from kicking him out of his house for non-payment of rent.

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