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Rubbing Alcohol

To dream of rubbing alcohol represents your attempt to totally sterilize a mistake or problem that has gotten out of hand. You don't want to think about something ever again.


To dream of a ruby gemstone represents incorruptible negative intentions. It may also reflect negative situations that are intentionally permanent. You or someone else that is very motivated to do something bad or wrong. Cherishing a negative plan or idea.


To dream that someone is being rude to you represents feelings that someone is intentionally not considering your feelings. Awareness of yourself not deserving something. Unappreciative behavior or feelings that someone is being inconsiderate of you. Feelings about a person or waking life situation that you feel is arrogantly dismissive or disrespectful.


*Please See Carpet


To dream of the sport rugby represents situations in your life that are overly competitive or aggressive in terms of achieving progress. A conflict or challenge with a lot of resistance. A conflict of leverage where being mean or abrupt is normal. Conflict of leverage where there is no hesitation with getting rough or exploiting weakness if needed. Conflict of leverage where both sides noticeably don't care about being unfriendly in order to defeat each other. Conflict where being polite is not respected. A conflict or challenge between two sides that refuse to be pushed around.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a rugby player and enjoying riding a horse with him. In waking life she was enjoying making her ex-boyfriend jealous in order to make him come back to her. The rugby player may have reflected her feelings about being willing to get mean with her boyfriend using jealousy of other men in order to make him desperate to come back to her.


To dream of ancient ruins represents feelings about memories or nostalgia of something in your past that is gone. Feelings about exploring or encountering remnants or memories of a past that has long been forgotten or discarded. Thoughts about history, legacy, and the passage of time. Experiences that have shaped the present but are no longer active or influential. Something about you or your past that used to be important, but isn't anymore.

Positively, dreaming about ancient ruins may represent a conscious choice to explore or reconnect with your roots or personal history. Discovering strength, resilience, or beauty in what has been left behind or forgotten.

Negatively, dreaming about ancient ruins could represent feelings of decay, loss, or the passage of time eroding something meaningful in your life. A fear of aging, mortality, or the impermanence of material possessions. A sense of being stuck in the past, clinging to outdated beliefs or behaviors that no longer serve you, or feeling overwhelmed by the weight of history and tradition. Feelings about the consequences of neglecting important aspects of your life. Feelings of being outdated, irrelevant, or left behind by progress.

To dream of a city in ruins represents feelings about lost friendships. Your ability to socialize with people in a certain way that have been lost or ruined. Social interaction with other people that isn't possible anymore.


To dream of a ruler represents a careful analysis of a situation or other people. You may be examining, observing, or comparing something. A ruler could also represent measuring how powerful, valuable, or important something is.

You may also be considering a number of factors before making a decision, or double-checking something.

If you attack something in a dream with a ruler it may reflect your objectivity or criticism of a problem. You may be confronting a situation by examining all possibilities or weaknesses.


To dream of rum represents indulgence in something that lacks integrity. Full awareness of yourself liking something that may be considered off-putting, unsavory, rough, or imperfect. Liking to do something that makes you feel like a jerk or look dangerous or risky to others. Noticing you're a bit of an asshole and not caring about it.

Example: A woman dreamed of sipping rum and being insecure about it. In waking life she was a recovering alcoholic and was enjoying herself breaking one of the smaller rules of the recovery group that was unrelated to alcohol ingestion. The rum reflected her enjoyment of doing something that tended to make her feel like a jerk when around her recovery group because she wasn't sticking to the all the rules perfectly.


To dream of being a runaway may be a sign that you are having difficulty confronting an issue or situation. Alternatively, it may also reflect problems with belonging, acceptance, or being told what to do.

*Please See Chased


To dream of running towards something represents your anxiousness, eagerness, or feeling of importance that something should happen as soon as possible. It may also reflect desperation or a fear of losing something.

To dream of running and feeling that you can't go fast no matter how hard you try may reflect feelings of being held back or stifled. Feeling that you can't get any progress or momentum no matter how hard you try.

To dream of running away from something represents your wish to avoid a situation.

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Running Away

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Running Shoes

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To dream of rushing represents feelings of wanting a situation or problem over-with as quickly as possible. Nervous or urgent feelings. Eagerness to complete something you want really badly. Last minute pressure. Feelings of being unprepared. Eagerness to meet deadlines. Eagerness to hurry a relationship or aspect of a relationship.

Negatively, rushing in a dream may reflect desperation to complete something. Fear that drives you to avoid unpleasant consequences. Fear of cleaning up mistakes or dishonest behavior. Intimidation motivating you to avoid something. Pressure fix something that was bungled or severely neglected. Fear of losing due to an oversight. A possible sign that you need to slow down or that you are worrying about something that is unproven. "Rushing" into new situations too quickly without thinking about them clearly. Feeling that situation is moving too quickly for your comfort level. Feelings about a relationship moving too quickly.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a group of people running around screaming while rushing to get out of the way as quick as they could. In waking life they were a group of criminals who experienced one member being arrested and the rest rushed to hide the evidence of the criminal behavior to avoid further arrests.

Example 2: A man dreamed of experiencing himself of being busy and rushing. In waking life he was very concerned with meeting a deadline for work.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of rushing to get dressed. In waking life she wanted to get married quickly, but was having problems discussing marriage with her boyfriend.

Example 4: A man dreamed of rushing around a room trying to avoid aliens. In waking life he felt forced to socialize with people he didn't like and was eager to get the socializing over-with as quickly as he could.


To dream of being in Russia represents feelings about being immersed in a situation with a mindset that respects itself safe about critical thinking in order to believe in itself never being weak. Experiencing repeated situations or encounters with people with a mindset that values self-respect, resilience, and rigorous critical thinking to ensure ongoing strength and safety.

Positively, dreaming about Russia may reflect feelings about yourself or other people being exceptional with critical thinking to avoid weakness in situations where it's important. Intelligence about critical thinking that allows you to safely bypass something serious or dangerous. Intelligence about not being weak that is happy to stay safe or keep things the way they are. Overcoming weaknesses through strategic thinking.

Negatively, Russia may reflect feelings of being actively sabotaged, subverted, or repressed by someone intelligent about critically thinking about what your weaknesses are. Feeling canceled by someone who's intelligent about your weaknesses just enough to make you go away or give up on your own. Feeling stuck in a situation where people are overly concerned with being pressured to win for appearances to the point of using critical thinking skills to cover dishonesty. You may feel that others don't want you to be free to do as you please and are aware of themselves making sure you don't. Feeling totally controlled by others or that nobody wants you ever having power. Russia could also reflect how you or someone else is always trying to keep someone else down.

A situation where everyone involved is so concerned with critical thinking to avoid weakness that they stay the way they are. Russia may also reflect jealous competition that you and others are intelligent with critical thinking to try to keep each other weaker. Russia may be a sign that someone wants to you restrain yourself. A person or situation that is so terrible they never want you to have your own power or freedom. Alternatively, Russia may reflect a self-defeating attitude about an important issue. Feeling stuck in a situation that feels unemotional about weakness.

Example: A man dreamed of being in Russia and seeing the Soviet Union flag. He was put in a Russian dungeon. In waking life, he was a medical intern trying to pass his final tests to become a doctor. In this case, being in Russia may have reflected his feelings about the intense and critical environment of the medical field, where he feels constantly evaluated and under pressure to prove his critical thinking about being as good a doctor as possible. The dungeon symbolizes his feelings of being trapped or confined by the high demands and expectations of his profession, and the Soviet flag may represent a sense of emptiness of strict control and the need for resilience in the face of the challenges of high medical standards to earn a position in the hospital as a doctor.

Russian People

To dream of Russian people represents an aspect of your personality respecting itself with a mindset that's safe about critical thinking in order to believe in itself never being weak again. Situations or encounters with people with a mindset that values self-respect, resilience, and critical thinking about avoiding weakness to ensure ongoing strength and safety. A "harder" personality that is acclimatized or accustomed to critical thinking while safely avoiding weakness. Asserting yourself to avoid being weak in a way that is unemotional about facts or critical thinking. Feelings of importance being placed on listening skills and facts so that you never can experience yourself as weak.

Positively, dreaming about Russian People may represent your recognition of the importance of self-respect, resilience, and the ability to think critically to maintain strength and safety. Behavior that respects itself being intelligent and safe about being aware of what weakness is while avoiding it. Critical thinking that's intelligent about prioritizing avoiding weakness with minimal effort that doesn't need to overdo what isn't needed. Never giving enemies advantages using critical thinking skills. Confidence and humor that weakness isn't possible because you're too tough with being safe and intelligent to even believe in it again. Critical listening when a situation is too serious or unsafe. Critical thinking that doesn't believe weak people ever think properly. Critical thinking that sees every detail to counter serious competition or a problem. Reading people for every detail about them to understand why strength or weakness is happening. Standing up for yourself when nobody likes you.

Negatively, dreaming about Russian People may represent feelings of being surrounded by individuals who are overly concerned with maintaining control or the status quo, even if it means using critical thinking skills to cover up dishonesty. Sabotaging or repressing others. You or someone else who feels "terrible" to other people about never being weak. You may feel that others around you are focused on control and power, making you feel restricted or controlled. Jealous competition that uses intelligence to safety subvert the other. A self-defeating attitude regarding a particular subject that you want to avoid reversing or ever appearing weak about because important critically thought facts you are emotional about maintaining are more important than feeling good in general. Using the truth or difficult facts in order to be dishonest or subvert. An all-controlling or conquering attitude using facts or critical thinking skills. Harder living that isn't complaining about it. Putting up with relationship difficulties like it's simple. A personality that is "harder" than someone else about being unemotional about critical thinking or facts. Using the leverage of unknown or unseen facts to keep people down. Lying or cheating that uses critical thinking. A need for strength that is overconcerned with itself to the point of not listening.

Example: A man dreamed of being in a room with Russian spies. In waking life, he was looking for ways to sabotage his son's efforts to leave the country. He was studying his son's plans and looking for excuses to make him choose to stay home. In this case, the Russian spies may have reflected his critical thinking skills that were focused on gathering intelligence and strategizing a way to safely prevent his son from leaving by tricking him that it was too difficult. The dream reveals his desire to be in control and maintain a sense of power and authority over his son's life, as well as his willingness to use covert or manipulative tactics to achieve this goal. The dream may be a reflection of the man's own sense of insecurity or fear of losing control, and his need to assert his dominance in his son's life.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of a Russian holding him hostage with a gun. In waking life, he was belligerent about having to say he was going to kill himself even when people tried to convince him that things would turn out OK. In this case, the Russian holding him hostage may have reflected the man's mindset of holding himself hostage emotionally with being too focused on not wanting to appear weak or unintelligent about making the decision to kill himself, even with the support and help from others. The Russian spy may also indicate his tendency to subvert his own happiness by being unemotional with attempting to rationalize suicide.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of talking in her sleep in the Russian language in order to keep herself safe because she feared the government would come to take her. In waking life, she was living in Nazi Germany and felt that she had to train herself to speak in a nationalist patriotic tone at all times at all costs in order to protect herself from being reported to the government. In this case, the Russian language may have reflected her need to intelligently protect herself by concealing her true thoughts and emotions and adopting a persona that aligned with the dominant ideology of the time. She was being careful to appear to other Germans as a perfectly loyal Nazi person who critically thought about how to never be weak as a "safe Nazi" while speaking to people.

Example 4: A teenage girl dreamed of dating a Russian man. In waking life, she was fighting with a guy she loved while her family didn't like him. In this case, the Russian man may have reflected her feelings about the man's personality changing to become more focused on critical thought truth that protected himself from appearing weak by avoiding being wrong about whatever the argument topic was. The relationship may have become less emotional and more focused on using critically thought facts about perfect truth to attack each other.

Russian Roulette

To dream of playing russian roulette represents a situation in your life where you are taking a significant risk, gambling with your safety or well-being, or testing your luck with potentially severe consequences. A situation in which you're pushing boundaries or making risky decisions, and it underscores the precariousness of the situation you are in.

Negatively, dreaming about Russian Roulette may reflect feelings of risk or danger that are out of your control. It could be indicative of self-destructive behavior or a sense of fatalism about a decision you've made.


To dream of rust represents neglect. Problems that have been ignored or something you've been too distracted to concern yourself with. Feelings about time having made something less significant. Feeling that certain relationships, roles, or behavior are not as important as they used to be. Awareness of something you haven't done in a very long time. Awareness of yourself having a lack of practice with something.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a rusty chain fall to the ground. In waking life she got into an argument with her mother about her own daughter's health problem. She felt her mother's attempt to control the situation was not important anymore and had to yell at her to stop.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of experiencing rust infection killing everyone. In waking life her mother had stolen money and then abandoned her entire family. In this case the rust infection that was killing everyone may have reflected her feelings about her mother's neglect of the family causing serious problems for a number of family members.


*Please See Camper

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