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*Please See Mouse

Michael From Halloween

To dream of Michael from Halloween represents feelings or fears about emptiness that needs to finish you off if it ever sees you. Fear of total failure never wants to listen to anything you have to say including noticing your innocent. Feelings of fear or an evil that you feel never cares about anything except getting you back. Situations that terrify you that someone or something isn't stupid about only getting you back. An enemy that is impossible to deal with rationally. Enemies or fears that want to get you back while noticing you never get to talk back to them. Feelings of fear that someone or something will never stop coming for you like it's their job. Fear of someone or something that surprises you that it can afford to do nothing except come for you. Enemies that aren't listening at all. Enemies that don't care about why they don't like you and don't care about anything except getting you back anyway. Feelings about

Fear of an impossible ruthless enemy that will never change its mind and never want to stop coming for you. Feeling that once an enemy sees you that nothing else matters to them except making you look like a complete failure. Ignorance of terrible people that will never stop believing it's their full time job to finish you off getting you back. Putting up with an idiot that feels it's their job to never want to stop scaring you with never getting to relax.

Michael Myers from Halloween in a dream may be a sign that it's not a good idea to hope that your enemy or powerful fear will go away on it's own. It may also be a sign that getting as far away as possible from a problem or confronting a problem with a permanent reaction that you've never tried before may be better. You may need to embarrass a person publicly to draw attention to their behavior to make dealing with it easier.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing Michael from the movie Halloween. In the dream she tried and failed to beat up Michael. Michael ended up holding her throat. In waking life she was dealing with people who belittled her and felt bad that she didn't stand up to them when she wanted to.

Michael Jackson

To dream of Michael Jackson represents an aspect of your personality that is an exceptionally talented individual and stands out from others, yet is sensitive to being misunderstood or perceived as abnormal in your personal life. You have learned to accept and embrace your exceptional qualities, even in the face of judgment or negativity from others. You value your unique talents and recognize that they make you who you are, regardless of what others may think. Not giving up being incredible because someone doesn't like something about you.

Negatively, Michael Jackson may represent feeling that your exceptional talents or uniqueness are misunderstood or judged unfairly on a personal level. You may feel that others are mocking your personal life or that you can't fully embrace your exceptional qualities without being criticized or attacked for not conforming to societal norms. You may feel trapped or unable to fully express yourself and may struggle to find acceptance and understanding from those around you. Being so incredible for why you are exceptionally talented that nobody wants to do anything except attack for you who are you on a personal level which makes you sensitive about being misunderstood or judged unfairly. Feeling that you can't like being exceptional at what you're good at because people attack you for not being grown up enough. Feeling that people don't want to understand you. People are jealous of you for being exceptional and think they can ruin you for something on a personal level. The dreamer's own artistic or creative expression, which is not always accepted or understood by those around her. The need to defend exceptional talent against those who do not appreciate or understand them.

Alternatively, due to Michael Jackson being one of the most famous people who ever lived dreaming about him is common to people who have thought about him a lot around the time of the dream. Example situations are provided. 1. A woman dreamed about Michael Jackson's coffin after surviving surgery and being told by her husband in recovery that she had taken the same drug that killed Michael Jackson. 2. A woman dreamed of Michael Jackson after watching too television that compared his death to the Royal wedding or Osama Bin Laden's death in how far it reached an audience.

Example: A woman dreamed Michael Jackson at an auction. In waking life the dreamer was telling stories to her friend who responded to her "Sometimes it seems you only cause trouble, and you're right, I wouldn't know because it never happened to me." In this case Michael Jackson may reflect the dreamer causing trouble or controversy for being exceptional in some way while other people never understand her the right way.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of ballroom dancing to Michael Jackson to music with a jazz twist. In waking life she felt that people always try to take a piece of her and she was only now starting to realize it and fight it. In this case Michael Jackson may reflect the dreamer having issues with having to defend exceptional talent or individualism in some manner against those who do not appreciate or understand them due due to her personal life.

Michelle Obama

To dream of Michelle Obama represents feelings of deserving to be respected and confident in one's abilities. It may symbolize being comfortable in one's own skin and not accepting easy answers or shortcuts to success. The dream may reflect a desire to avoid embarrassment or inaction in the face of a problem. It can also suggest a belief in the importance of intelligence and hard work in achieving success with one's goals.

Michelle Obama can represent the qualities of intelligence, confidence, grace, leadership, and empowerment.

Negatively, dreaming about Michelle Obama represents feelings about safely preparing or talking about taking action that is never as strong as you'd like to see. Not feeling powerfullest right away, but having to talk about the situation a lot more thoughtfully than you thought you did. Feeling that an issue important to you isn't doing anything except saying it's important.

Alternatively, Michelle Obama may use symbolism of First Lady. Older dreams during the time of Barack Obama's presidency may have less to do with her personality and more to do with her role.

Example: A woman dreamed of sitting in Michelle Obama's office being counselled by her and feeling calm. In waking life she was in the middle dealing with a lawsuit. In this case the symbolism of Michelle Obama may have reflect her feelings about talking to her litigation lawyer about going to court. Michelle Obama may also reveal the dreamer's desire for stability and support in dealing with the difficult situation of the lawsuit. Michelle Obama's position as a former First Lady and public figure known for her stability and confidence that something could start could also represent the dreamer's aspirations for strong leadership, stability, and guidance in handling the lawsuit.

The lawyer may have felt comfortable in her own skin being a lawyer while not wanting to talk to the dreamer about thinking winning a lawsuit is going to be easy, tough, and fast. At the same time she probably liked encouraging being safely prepared. Consider the implication of the dream showing the person "married to the President and not the actual President" possibly revealing the dreamer is typical of inexperienced people having a lawsuit that expects to be fast with a stronger lawyer than the other person.

*Please See Barack Obama

*Please See President

Mickey Mouse

To dream of Disney cartoon character Mickey Mouse represents feelings about behavior that is ridiculous about enjoying noticing everything is working with fantastic appearances. A "can do" attitude that is ridiculous about always being nice as the reason why everything is working. Some area of your life works perfectly, but isn't serious. A situation more concerned with projecting an image that every single thing is "fantastically functioning" than on quality. A personality that feels that something is fantastic the way it is while you just enjoy looking at it or using it.

Consider the derogatory saying "just some Mickey Mouse trinket." A situation that's focused on "seeming" to be working perfectly.

Negatively, dreaming about Mickey Mouse represents an attitude that terrifies you that it can't even begin to believe that everything isn't already fantastically working. A ridiculous situation caused by neglect or ignorance requiring you to fix it yourself with quality or "do it the right way." Embarrassing yourself with stupid people working for you that makes you fix problems yourself.

Example: A young woman dreamed of Mickey Mouse inside a mansion. In waking life she was very concerned with feeling that everything with her family life and relationship with her boyfriend seemed to be working fine. Mickey Mouse in this case may have reflected her feelings about the ridiculous need to make her family life and relationship seem to work fantastic in appearance.


To dream of a microphone represents being more assertive or forceful with your beliefs, opinions, or wishes. A stronger attempt to make views known. Making an effort to make an issue more important to address or discuss. Voicing opinions more strongly. Feeling that it's important to be listened to about an issue.

To dream of a hidden microphones may reflect heightened sensitivity about your honest private thoughts or feelings being heard by others. Concerns about losing your privacy.

Negatively, dreaming about a microphone may reflect feelings of embarrassment that a lack of discretion is being used for an area of your private life. Embarrassment that someone is publicly talking about you.

Example: A woman dreamed of suspecting that there were hidden microphones all throughout her house. In waking life she was living in Nazi Germany and was having anxiety about her private honest thoughts being discovered by the government.

Example 2: A man dreamed of speaking into a microphone and asking a question. In waking life the question he asked in the dream was very important to him and he felt he was being ignored when asking it to someone he felt knew the answer. He felt he has to be more assertive about asking the question.


To dream of a microscope represents close examination or scrutiny of certain issues or situations.

Example: A man dreamed of his eyes turning into microscopes and then looking at his arm to see all the individual cells choking on smoke. In waking life he was taking a close look at his smoking habit and deciding to quit.


To dream of Microsoft products represents feelings that something in your life is working the way it's supposed to all the time. Noticing there is nothing wrong with a single thing you are thinking like it's standard. Intelligence about why something is functioning all the time, but doesn't have to do anything wiser than that. Not required to think in a way that needs to be exceptional all the time. Not needing to be amazing to notice everything you are doing is working all the time. Feelings about something that is perfect about just not noticing jealousy. Feelings of not having to care about why you are using something. Professionalism or expertise at not having to think of anything stupid without caring that you are. Confidence that something can be expected to work like it's supposed all the time without fear, jealousy, or recklessness. Feelings about something not exceptional, but never embarrasses you if you need to use it.

Negatively, dreaming about Microsoft products represents feelings about something in your life that works the way it's supposed to, but that's all it does. Respectable function, but nothing exceptionally sophisticated, creative, or successfully problem free. Not loved, but never believing you can do anything different or better to function properly.

To dream of Microsoft Windows may reflect awareness of issues with your normal state of thinking. Problems with Microsoft Windows may reflect jealousy that you can't restore your thinking to normal. Awareness of yourself thinking in a new way that is not normal or average for you.

To dream of updating Microsoft Windows represents feelings about your normal state of thinking increasing in sophistication or maturity.

To dream Microsoft Word represents feelings of ease with with professional or serious communication capatibility. Feelings of professionally remembering everything you can before needing to share it or act on it. Feeling that you can easily tell someone something professionally if you need to. Nothing scares you that you can easily communicate professionally if you need to. Feelings of ease with with professional communication capatibility.

To dream of Microsoft Excel represents feelings of professionally making sense of an difficult or akward situation. Your ability to communicate dififcult or awkward things to other people and instantly make sense of it.

*Please See Computers

*Please See Video Games

*Please See Skype


To dream of a microwave represents feelings of accepting yourself waiting for something to be ready for you at a set time. Set times or appointments to quickly deal with a problem. Feeling that if you wait for a specific time that a problem will go away on it's own. Choosing a set time to end situation or relationship and waiting for it. Quick action. You feel that something is urgent or don't want to wait. Easiest option to quickly deal with a problem. Choosing to not talk to a romantic partner for a certain amount as an easy way to end the relationship.

Negatively, dreaming about a microwave represents feeling stupid for not completely waiting for a set time for something to occur. Using waiting to cut people off or end relationships. Using waiting or set times as a anti-social tool. Laziness that would rather wait for something to occur than be personal with an issue. Impersonal or empty waiting on a schedule for a desired outcome.

To dream that microwave is broken or doesn't work may reflect your inability to decide a set time to wait for a desired outcome or experience. Problems with making appointments or with patiently waiting for a outcome.

Alternatively, a microwave may reflect a new and better way to deal with a problem you have. You may feel that you don't have to wait long for the results you want anymore.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a microwave that was not working. In waking life she felt unable to quickly and easy to address a hairloss problem due to a skin condition. In this case the broken microwave may have reflected her feelings about feeling unable to easily make a doctor's appointment to wait to experience her problem being fixed, or that following a set prescription medicine schedule didn't work.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of using a microwave on a tarantula which upset other people and when it was done didn't know why they were so upset. In waking life she had recently decided to break up with her boyfriend and after a while felt relieved that it was good choice. In this case the microwave may have reflected her feelings about breaking up wither boyfriend and not talking to him for a set time to prevent herself from getting back together.

Middle East

To dream of the Middle East represents a state of mind where you feel you are surrounded by people or situations that respect themselves staying safe never being a little person while other people are watching. A mindset that values traditions, community, and established practices. A sense of being in an environment where respect for authority figures, adherence to cultural norms, and maintaining relationships are highly valued. A desire for stability, harmony, and dignity in your current circumstances. Feeling surrounded by people who respect themselves with everything working the way it's supposed to without embarrassing their dignity or thinking they aren't important. Experiencing numerous people or situations that do everything to save themselves from being disrespected with being treated little. Feeling surrounded by people who think it's important to respect people for who they are.

Negatively, dreaming about the Middle East may represent a state of mind where you feel surrounded by people or situations that excessively respect themselves staying safe never being a little person while other people are watching. Overdoing respecting yourself never being wrong or as old as you said you are while other people are watching. A state of mind where you feel surrounded by people or situations that excessively value tradition, community, and established practices to the point of stifling progress and individuality. A struggle to navigate and influence a setting deeply entrenched in traditional or outdated ways of thinking. Feelings of being stifled or constrained by an environment that is overly rigid in its adherence to tradition and established practices. A situation where you feel pressured to conform to cultural norms or authority figures, even when these do not align with your personal beliefs or aspirations. A sense of frustration or being trapped in a setting where there is little room for individual expression, innovation, or open-mindedness. A sense of being trapped in an environment where rigid adherence to authority figures, cultural norms, and maintaining relationships becomes oppressive and restrictive. Overwhelming pressure to conform and maintain the status quo.

Example: A man dreamed of fighting with people in the Middle Eastern Desert. In waking life, he was having a difficult time convincing people with very old ideas to accept a new more sophisticated idea after he had made a discovery. In this case, being in the Middle East may have reflected his perception of the people he was having trouble convincing as respecting themselves staying safe with strongly held traditional beliefs because implementing new ideas might make them look little or feel like they didn't matter with other people watching.

Middle Eastern People

To dream of Middle Eastern people represents aspects of your personality with a mindset that respects itself staying safe never being a little person while other people are watching. Behavior that respects itself never being little about whatever it's seen doing while people are watching.

Positively, dreaming about Middle Eastern people may represent a respect for tradition, a strong sense of community, and the importance of maintaining relationships and harmony. A part of your personality that values stability, respect for elders or authority figures, and the wisdom of established practices. This mindset might be beneficial in situations that require diplomacy, understanding of complex social dynamics, and adherence to cultural norms. Maintaining a sense of dignity and stability. Respects itself thinking it's important to not be erased from mattering as much as someone else. Behavior that is intelligent about never saying anything empty to other people. Behavior that saves itself from ever being disrespected with being treated little. Feeling good being corrected or supported by someone who spares you the embarrassment of looking little while other people are watching. Feeling that listening to your father is safe or intelligent to do.

Negatively, dreaming about Middle Eastern people may represent prioritizing maintaining authority and respect to prevent emptiness, perhaps to the point of being unwilling to engage in open dialogue or consider alternative viewpoints. A strong sense of cultural or familial hierarchy, where authority and respect are paramount, and where questioning or challenging this structure is not welcomed. Behavior that may be irrational or refuse to listen if you don't see it as important in some way. An excessive focus on maintaining authority and respect to the point of stifling open communication and new ideas. A tendency to prioritize traditional structures or familial expectations over personal growth and individual expression. Being overwhelmed or constrained by an environment that is rigid in its hierarchy and resistant to change, leading to frustration and a sense of being undervalued or unheard. Old fashioned or difficult family members. Feeling stifled by your father or a male authority figure.

Example: A man dreamed of Middle Eastern people coming to permanently live inside his house. In waking life, he was about to get married and felt that his fiance's family was impossible to rationalize with. He felt that he was about to be stuck with an extended family who didn't listen to him. In this case, the Middle Eastern people may have reflected his feelings about his in-laws as individuals who prioritize maintaining family authority and respect regarding how the wedding should be conducted, perhaps to the point of being unwilling to engage in open dialogue or consider alternative viewpoints while not being empty about being around him as a new family member.

Example 2: A man dreamed of being involved in a gruesome knife fight in the Middle East. In waking life, he held progressive ideas and felt that the school he attended was highly resistant to embracing novel concepts. He engaged in a conflict with someone at the school to assert his right to be heard, but this only intensified the irrational opposition he encountered. In this case, the Middle Eastern people may have reflected the man's feelings about being overpowered by people who prioritize respect and authority of established school policy because they didn't want to look little being wrong with other people watching them do their jobs managing the school.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing 2 Middle Eastern men riding away from him in the distance in a perfect sunny day. In waking life, he was corrected by a friend with 2 problems that might have made him look little as though he didn't know what he was doing while other people were watching him.

*Please See Arab People

*Please See Saudi Arabian People

*Please See Muslim People

Middle Finger

To dream of someone giving you the middle finger represents feelings of rejection. It may also reflect feeling that you are being purposely embarrassed.

To dream of giving someone the middle finger represents your own rejection of someone else's beliefs or of a situation.


To dream of a midget represents an aspect of your personality that is small or insignificant. Feelings about other people consistently looking stupid being less powerful or sophisticated than you. Possibly your feelings about people or situations that think are unimportant. It may also reflect your feelings about being unimportant, helpless, or having low self-worth.

To dream of having sex with a midget represents a highly enjoyable experience where you are feeling good noticing a permanent state of superiority, more power, that you are too good to lose. Liking to feel that a person or situation always looks stupid being smaller or weaker than you.

Example: A woman once dreamed of seeing a man who had molested her when she was a child as a midget. In real life she was beginning to process the trauma of what happened to her and was getting over it. The man becoming a midget reflected the power of those traumatic memories diminishing.

Example 2: A boy once dreamed of seeing his parents as midgets. In real life he was defying their orders and getting away with it. The midget parents reflected his diminished view of his parents power over him. He saw them as "pushovers."

Example 3: A young man dreamed of defeating midgets at a game of basketball. In waking life he was embarrassing people on the internet with superior hacking skills while they constantly failed to get him back.


To dream of midnight represents feelings about a deadline. Feelings about their being absolutely nothing else left to do or change in a current situation you are experiencing. Feelings that a deadline might be dangerous. A sense of danger or uncertainty with a new beginning. A sense that "the inevitable" has arrived, but hasn't shown itself yet. Feelings about a temporary moment of dangerous transition. Feelings about having nothing left to say or argue about before judgment comes. A quiet sense that "the end is here." Empty feelings about the end of a situation being slow or meaningless. Feeling that time has run out with a deadline and that there is nobody to help you. A sense of danger about confronting jealousy or conflict that nobody else is aware of you confronting.

To dream that midnight has arrived after experiencing daytime may represents feelings about the obvious worsening of a situation, increased sense danger, or uncertainty of an inevitable ending. Feeling that a deadline has finally arrived. Dreams of midnight may also reflect feelings about the end of your day.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing parents go for a midnight swim. In waking life he was feeling tired, listless, without any clear direction, and then suddenly became more creative after a break. The parents going for a midnight swim may have his feelings about taking a break or doing something different to restore his enthusiasm at the end of the day.

*Please See Night


*Please See Army

Military Camp

*Please See Boot Camp


To dream of milk represents choices that you know are good for you and make you stronger. Choosing to self-improve or do the right thing in order to fix a problem. Feeling good experiencing improvement occurring. The choice to fix a problem that has been presented to you in waking life. Balancing or purification of some problematic area of your life.

Positively, dreaming about may reflect decisions that you feel are responsible and adult with long term benefit. Making healthy family choices because they are good for the family. Deciding to change your life for the better or do something responsible because it's good for you.

Negatively, dreaming about milk may reflect difficult or scary experiences that you are having that perfectly fixes some problem area of your life. Too much balance or purification happening too quickly. Alternatively, from a negative perspective milk may reflect showing off with an excessive amount of responsible or adult behavior.

Milk is a sign that changes are occurring in your life that encourage you to give up negative thinking patterns or problems by choice. Pregnant parents may dream of milk to reflect their wish to make very healthy family choices to prepare for the baby.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing someone with a gun handing him a glass of milk and then shooting him when he drank it. In waking life he had to fix a tax problem and after he did the government came after him for more money. The milk reflected the choice to fix his own tax problem.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of a little girl making baby bottles filled with milk dirty and having to re-sterilize the bottles. In waking life she was recovering from a serious injury and was having problems choosing to stick with the doctors recommendations for faster healing. She found sticking to the strict diet and exercise plan difficult and had to keep starting over.


To dream of a milkshake represents feelings about indulging in memories or experiences that make you feel valuable, authentic, and comfortable with who you are. Feeling deserving to be comfortable, confident, and validated. Feelings about an experience of quality deserving to be comfortable liking who you are as a person that isn't fake without having to explain yourself. Reflecting on aspects of yourself or your achievements that make you feel proud, without fear of judgment or need for explanation. Feeling comforted about yourself being important enough to never feel like a loser. Quality enjoying talking about yourself feeling that you matter without anyone telling you that it's stupid. Quality feelings about deserving to feel comfortable being important that doesn't take it too seriously. Quality liking to deserve to talk about yourself once as more interesting without anyone thinking it's stupid. Quality deserving to comfortably talk about yourself as having been successful for having an incredible that you have done. Nostalgia and comfort in recalling the pleasant memories that make you feel good about yourself having been important once. Feeling deservedly content with your past successes or unique qualities without taking them too seriously. Comfort in never having to explain why you matter to someone else.

Negatively, dreaming of a milkshake represents overdoing indulging in memories or experiences that make you feel valuable, authentic, and comfortable with who you are. Overdoing feeling comfortable feeling important without having to explain yourself that is too serious for someone else to accept.

A common symbol for our feelings about current lovers or the nostalgia of ex-partners who make you feel confident talking about yourself never being a loser for why you have ever dated them.

Example: A young man dreamed of sipping on a milkshake. In waking life, he had been remembering an ex-girlfriend. In this case, the milkshake may have reflected his feelings of nostalgia and comfort in recalling the memories of his ex-girlfriend. He felt good about himself for having ever dated her, recognizing the positive aspects of the relationship, and validating himself without needing external approval.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of holding a milkshake which he threw in his girlfriend's face. In waking life, he was fearing that his relationship would turn out to not be what he hoped. He felt that he wasn't dealing with disappointment well. In this case, throwing the milkshake at his girlfriend's face may have reflected his feelings of having indulged too much in the positive and comforting aspects of the relationship making him overreact in an argument with his girlfriend by talking about it as though it didn't matter to him anymore.


To dream of a millionaire represents an aspect of yourself that tougher or more impressive than most people about resourcefulness. Never thinking something is a problem more than most people. Resourcefulness that is so hooked up to thinking nothing is wrong can happen it never believes it's going to. Resourcefulness that notices that it's already a winner that isn't easily losing winning. Nothing is special about big things being possible. Surprise that something is powerful is possible when usually nothing ever wants you to or allows you to. Feelings about having no problems all the time when other people do. Feelings of stability that you enjoy or feel very confident about. Thoughts of doing someone unusual with nobody controlling you if you wanted to. Feelings of freedom and space to not worry.

Negatively, dreaming about a millionaire represents an resourceful aspect of yourself that arrogantly notices it's more impressive or tougher than most people. Resourcefulness that might cheat you if it wants to and get away with it. Resourcefulness that arrogantly never really thinks something is a problem. Resourcefulness that is arrogantly aware of itself being a winner that doesn't care who you are if it doesn't want to. Feeling that you can't do something yourself while having no way to stop someone else who easily can. Arrogant thoughts of being able to do something unusual to someone if you wanted to. Noticing you can get back at people like it's easy in ways that the average person can't. Expecting other people to talk about everything you are saying or doing. Issues with self-importance.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing an ignored millionaire preparing to be talked about in the newspaper. In waking life his ex-girlfriend was working in the same building as he was while she ignored him. In this case the symbolism of the ignored millionaire preparing for publicity may have reflected his feelings about preparing to "make headlines" at his workplace in an way most people couldn't hoping his ex would pay attention to him.

Example 2: A person has recurring dreams of winning millions of dollars in the lottery and sharing half with someone. In waking life they mentioned that their life was "quite stable." Winning millions of dollars may have reflected a situation that felt lucky allowing them to solve problems that they usually aren't powerful, resourceful, or lucky enough to fix.

*Please See Mansion

*Please See Lottery


To dream of millipedes represents feelings of being annoyed by a person or situation that is bigger or more powerful than you are comfortable with. Annoyance with people that you can't be easily dismissed or ignored. Having to put up with people or situations that ignorantly dismiss or overlook you.

Annoyance that something is never going to work the way you want while you feel that you don't even matter. Annoyed feelings about a relationship partner not respecting to your face as though it doesn't matter. Feeling annoyed by something that easily scares you that you never matter at all.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing millipedes. In waking life he was annoyed by his wife never feeling good loving or respecting him anymore scaring him that he didn't even matter.

*Please See Centipedes


To dream of a mime represents an aspect of yourself that is adept at impressing others with only the feeling of something being real. Awareness of yourself making elaborate projections of realness to keep others happy.

Positively, a mime may reflect making others feel good when there is nothing to show for it. Comforting others with stories or by using the imagination.

Negatively, a mime may reflect boasting or discussed expectations that have gone too far. Noticing yourself lying all the time to avoid embarrassment. Feeling good lying when there is nothing to show for it.

To dream of being chased by a mime may reflect your fear of noticed as faker or that you will "suck" to someone who has expectations from you. Doing everything you can to avoid looking like a loser who tells lies to keep people liking you. Your fear of embarrassment of never being a real winner or living out your discussed potential.

Mind Reading

To dream of telepathy or being able to read other people's minds represents an area of your life where there is an unspoken understanding. Feeling that it's easy to read other people's wishes or intentions. Feeling that you are easily understood without having to explain yourself. Being psychologically "in tune" with others.

Alternatively, telepathy in a dream may reflect relationships or best friends that you feel "just get you."

Negatively, mind reading may reflect uncomfortable feelings about being easily understood by someone you don't know anything about. Alternatively, it may reflect your own superior ability to read other people whose mindset you don't approve of. Easily determining someone else is arrogant, selfish, or jealous by their body language or behavior. Knowing exactly what someone else is thinking and not liking it.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing a person on a bus telling him that he could "talk us telepathically if you want to." In waking life he was hanging out with a person who he felt was a good friend who understood him without having to say a lot, even the the person wasn't proving their friendship in any meaningful way.


To dream of a minefield represents a burdening need to be careful. A sensitive issue that requires you to carefully ignore it. You may feel that a single mistake or misspoken word could escalate a problem. A minefield may also reflect a person or situation that you are too concerned about upsetting. A minefield could also represent feelings that someone is impossible to please.

Alternatively, a minefield may represent a sensitive problem or numerous problems that you are facing at once. You may be worried about how to tackle and resolve your problems. A sign that you need to reach out for advice or help.

Mineral Water

*Please See Bottled Water


To dream of minerals that are in your food or water represents feelings that a person or situation is always looking out for you without having to ask. Always having just enough of something good for you without having to think about it too much. Something beneficial with no risk whatsoever.

To dream of minerals in raw crystal stone form represents raw beauty. Feeling that someone or something is so incredible they care about all you want without question or pressure. Feeling that something or someone is perfect when they are unpolished, lazy, or left the way they are. Feeling that it's wonderful to never have to change, never feel control in any way, or are being encouraged to be yourself. Feeling good noticing something never has to be changed.


To dream of something miniature represents feelings about certain aspects of your waking life being smaller or less significant than they typically are. This could be an idea, a situation, a relationship, or a problem. The dream serves to highlight your perception of these elements in comparison to the rest of your life or other areas.

Alternatively, it may represent a close examination or scrutiny of certain issues or situations. An emphasis on a small detail or issue.

Positively, dreaming of miniature objects could indicate that you are managing issues well and seeing problems as smaller than they used to be, indicating growth and development. It may also represent the delight or fascination you derive from paying attention to details or understanding intricate aspects of situations or relationships.

Negatively, dreaming about something miniature represents a feeling of smallness, insignificance, being overwhelmed by the enormity of the situations or challenges you are facing in your waking life. Feeling unable to influence outcomes or that your efforts are not impactful. Feeling that even small actions or decisions can have profound effects. A fear of being "crushed" or "stepped on", or a feeling that you are easily breakable.

To dream of creating or manipulating miniatures could indicate a desire for control or mastery over a situation. A situation or person that is less powerful or sophisticated than you.

Example: A woman dreamed of having a miniature giraffe as a pet. In her waking life, she felt insecure about her marriage due to her low-income, weight gain, and age, leading her to believe she wasn't good enough for her husband. In this case, the pet miniature giraffe could have symbolized her efforts to keep her husband content amidst her insecurities, fearing that he might be subtly but intelligently aware of all her vulnerabilities. She may view him as superior to her, all the while, not perceiving the threat of infidelity as a serious concern.


To dream of mining represents a mindset that is scouting or prospecting for resources that can be used.

Negatively, mining may reflect desperation to keep finding resources to use to maintain a situation.

Example: A man dreamed of going down a mine-shaft at a scary speed to do a mining job. In waking life he was financially broke and keep looking for personal property he could sell to stay financially stable. He had to keep selling collectible coins a lot sooner than he wanted to.


*Please See Priest

*Please See Preacher


To dream of a minivan represents decision making that is careful and responsible while being focused on doing what is best for the whole family, team, or a group of individuals. Choices that you know are responsible and practical for long-term goals. Versatility and practicality. Feelings about family life or business activities that are centered around cohesiveness and productivity. Feelings about family or team decisions not having anything wrong with them.

Negatively, dreaming about a minivan may reflect feelings of frustration with family obligations or team requirements that prioritize collective well-being or long-term success over personal ambitions and desires. It may also signify the sacrifice of personal space and privacy, feeling overburdened with responsibilities, or the lack of excitement and spontaneity in your life.

To dream of a broken or damaged minivan may represent conflicts, struggles, or obstacles with making careful and responsible decisions for the family, team, or a group of individuals.

Example: A young woman dreamed of seeing her family show up in a minivan. In waking life, she was aware of her Dad getting older and not being alive forever due to a heart problem so she decided to go to the movies with him when he asked her. In this case, the minivan may have reflected her feelings about the conscious decision to prioritize family bonding and spending quality time with her father, considering his health condition.


To dream of a minotaur represents a person or situation that is being intentionally horrible. A negative situation that you feel is on purpose. You may feel someone is enjoying your bad luck or misfortune. You may also feel that someone or something enjoys noticing you afraid or failing.


To dream of a minstrel represents you or someone else that is used to do nothing except keep others feeling good or preoccupied with something interesting. You or someone else that is always available to help someone else have a good time.


To dream of mint candies represents feeling good knowing you're "positiver" or not doing anything negative at all. Situations that allow to know something is better than it used to be.

*Please See Peppermint


In a dream minutes are usually referring to an amount of days. If you have to wait a certain about of minutes it usually reflects how many days you have to wait for an event, or a change to take place.

Awareness of yourself caring about how short a waiting experience will be.

Negatively, minutes can reflect feelings about something you expect to happen shortly, but not be realistic.

Example: If a person or voice mentions waiting 5 minutes in a dream this often reflects an event that will occur in 5 days.

Example 2: A man dreamed of being told to wait 15 minutes. In waking life an important event occurred 2 weeks later.

Alternatively, minutes could use the dream numerology system to symbolize what is happening to you during a fast paced experience. For example 6 minutes may reflect something happening quickly perceived to be dangerous or evil.


To dream of a miracle represents a pleasant surprise, or a positive situation that is unexplainable. You may be reaching new heights or experiencing changes that previously seemed impossible.

To dream of hoping for a miracle may represent a desire for a solution to a problem that you don't believe you can solve on your own. You may be "crossing your fingers" that something good will happen.


To dream of a mirror represents self-reflection, self-image, or self-awareness. Self-perception. You are noticing something about yourself. Assessing yourself. Thinking about yourself honestly. A reflective mood. Seeing yourself for who you really are.

Positively, dreaming about a mirror might represent self-acceptance, or a sense of understanding about oneself. It may reflect a moment of self-discovery, self-affirmation, or gaining a new insight about your character or situation.

Negatively, dreaming about a mirror could represent insecurity, self-doubt, or a distorted self-image. Ego, vanity, arrogance, and narcissism. Too much concern with how you appear to others. Feelings about noticing yourself aging. Comparing yourself to others. Awareness of your problems or personality issues.

If you see yourself as ugly in a mirror it may represent seeing the negative aspects of your personality in waking life. Negative thoughts, fears, insecurities, guilt, jealousy, or even arrogance. You are seeing or feeling your own negativity, or experiencing the results of bad choices.

To dream of seeing yourself as attractive in a mirror represents positive thoughts self-image, aspirations, and optimism. A higher degree of self-acceptance and self-love, embracing who you are wholeheartedly. You may feel more confident, vindicated, competent, or lucky. You may be acknowledging your own talents, attractiveness, or desirability.

To dream of looking in a mirror and smiling may represent a realization or acknowledgment of the good aspects of your life or character. Self-contentment, self-satisfaction, or a positive outlook about your current circumstances. You are in a state of self-acceptance and are feeling good about your choices or emotional state. An awareness of yourself liking who you are as a person or being happy with yourself in waking life.

To dream of avoiding looking in a mirror may represent refusing to examine or face some significant truth about yourself, perhaps due to fear or a sense of loss.

To dream of using a mirror to put makeup on represents an attempt to enhance or cover up certain aspects of your personality or appearance in waking life. Respecting yourself trying to look as good as possible so that people will do things with you.

To dream of seeing someone else's face in a mirror may reflect feelings about recognizing traits or behaviors within yourself that you associate with the qualities that stand out the most about that person. Alternatively, it may reflect feelings about yourself acting or feeling like the person you see in the mirror.

To dream of a broken mirror represents feelings of discomfort thinking about yourself. Feeling that something is wrong with you. Feeling that other people don't like you. Feeling about other people not seeing you the way you see yourself. Feeling that acknowledging yourself is not allowed. Low self-esteem or confidence. Feelings about not being allowed to think you are special. Feeling that you don't matter at all.

Example: A woman dreamed of looking in the mirror and seeing herself with blue eyes. In waking life, she was enjoying watching herself become a more happy person. In this case, looking in the mirror reflected her self-awareness of her changing personality.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing two mirrors. A smaller one for her and a bigger one for her boyfriend. In waking life, she was noticing herself bolstering up her boyfriend's ego. In this case, the 2 mirrors may have reflected her self-perception and awareness of her and her boyfriend's self-images; the smaller mirror representing her own self-image and the larger one symbolizing the greater attention she felt her boyfriend's ego required.

Example 3: A man dreamed of looking in the mirror. In waking life, he was assessing himself and comparing himself to an old friend he recently reunited with who was doing a lot better than him in life financially. In this case, looking in the mirror may have reflected his self-assessment and the act of comparing himself to his old friend, symbolizing his own self-image in relation to someone else's achievements or status.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of seeing her husband's face instead of hers in the mirror. In waking life, her husband died and she was beginning to realize that her husband made up a big part of who she is as a person. In this case, looking in the mirror to see his husband's face may have reflected her feelings of loss and identity, symbolizing the enormous influence her husband had on her self-perception and self-identity.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of a mirror that reported her thoughts to the government. In waking life, she was living in Nazi Germany and felt that she always noticed herself needing approval under the Nazi restrictions. She began to fear her private thoughts about her true identity and personality. In this case, the mirror may have reflected her self-awareness under the constraints of living in a society that heavily policed individual thought and behavior.

Example 6: A man dreamed of seeing himself in a mirror wearing a Nazi Storm Trooper uniform with boots that sparkled like diamonds. In waking life, he was a doctor who did not like witnessing himself allowing his work life and hospital to become overrun by Nazi policies. In this case, the mirror may have reflected how his compromises with the Nazi government affected his self-image and identity as a medical professional committed to helping people.

Example 7: A teenage girl dreamed of looking in the mirror to see her skin melting in white and purple. In waking life, she was self-aware of herself being depressed. In this case, the mirror may have reflected her own self-awareness and introspection regarding her emotional state.


To dream of a miscarriage represents a sudden loss or end to a situation after experiencing high hopes or enthusiasm. An abrupt ending immediately after believing that something you wanted was starting. Last minute fights, arguments, or cancellations after telling other people about a plan you had.

Alternatively, to dream of a miscarriage represents an idea or plan that did not go as expected. setbacks, delays, or disappointments have ruined your plans. A miscarriage may also reflect situations where you feel wronged or screwed over. It may also point to a failed relationship or opportunity.

*Please See Stillborn


To dream of being miserly represents an you or someone else with an attitude that is concerned with never doing anything at all for someone else while expecting all that you want.

Negatively, being miserly may be a sign that you expect too much for nothing. It may also reflect selfishness or jealousy that doesn't want to have less than someone else.


*Please See Deformed


To dream of missiles represents a conscious or planned effort to target, compromise, or be rid of something.

To dream of being attacked by missiles symbolizes your thoughts and feelings of being singled out or targeted. A fear of inaction having big negative consequences. Feeling that a major embarrassment or serious failure could occur if you don't get out of someone else's way. Feeling forced to "keep moving" or being unable to rest because of the harm it could cause you.

*Please See Rocket

*Please See Bomb


To dream that you miss being around a person may represent regret or guilt for a current decision. You may feel uncomfortable with what you've done and are second guessing yourself. Alternatively, it may reflect longing for your life to return to how it used to be. Jealousy of something missing from your life.

To dream of missing an object that you can't find may represent feelings of being disconnected from some area of your life. Disbelief or shock that a problem has arisen. You may also feel out of control or disorganized. You can't figure out what you did wrong. Alternatively, it may reflect feelings of being unable to do something you usually do with ease.

To dream of a person going missing may reflect feelings of feelings about people abandoning you. Feeling that you've lost in some way. Fear of losing something important for good. Fear of good luck reversing. Feelings of being special reversing. Feeling that someone suddenly doesn't like you after liking you a lot. Fear of losing beauty or status. Concerns about a loss of quality in your life in some way. Anxiety about losing something important.

To dream of a person going missing and then coming back may reflect issues with dependency. Insecurity that something or someone isn't fully concerned with your needs at all times. Insecurity about not being given as much attention as you want.

To dream of ring going missing may reflect feelings about lost commitment in a relationship. Broken promises. Doubts about relationships.

To dream of feeling that you are missing someone you love may reflect feelings of longing or jealousy of a loss you incurred. Issues with letting go of the past.

Example: A separated woman dreamed of being asked by her husband while in bed if she missed his family. In waking life she had left her husband and was feeling a small amount of guilt and insecurity about the divorce.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a man, noticing him going missing, and then returning. In waking life she was very insecure about consistently getting an expert's advice who temporarily became unavailable before returning to answer her questions. Fear that someone doesn't care about you at all.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing her wedding ring going missing. In waking life she was having doubts about her marriage.

*Please See Lost


To dream of being on a mission represents how driven your are to do something. Being consumed by a purpose. Feeling that something must be done. Being on a mission may also reflect pressure you feel to get something done. Feeling that something is "on the line."


To dream of making a mistake represents regret or self-doubt about your choices or decisions.


*Please See Cheating


To dream of mixing in a dream represents feelings new elements in your life blending. The mixing of ideas or elements of a situation. The blending of opposites. The blending of different aspects in your personality. Creativity. Carefully creating an attitude or idea that is more flexible than your own. The blending of creative and logical elements. Developing plans or new ideas. Hybrid ideas.

Negatively, dreaming of mixing may reflect dangerous ideas or influences being blended. Dangerous relationships forming. Feelings about evil or sinister plans forming. Potential for embarrassment for thinking you are a genius that can outsmart someone with a better idea. Developing hybrid ideas with bad intentions.


To dream of a moat represents a negative situation that is acting as a barrier to progress. Feeling uncertainty about a problem that may be keeping you away from something. A problem that feels like it's trying to shut you out. Negative emotions or an emotional wall that is shutting others out.

A moat be a sign that you need to sooth someone else's concerns or pain in order to make progress. It may also be a sign that you are too unwilling to listen.


*Please See Mafia

Mobile Crane (Crane Crawler)

To dream of a mobile crane represents decisions that are focused on making enormous shift. It may also reflect a project that requires all your energy to complete move.

Alternatively, a mobile crane may represent an area of your life that requires moving or transporting a very heavy object.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a mobile crane lifting a heavy load. In real life he was preparing to move a large load of bricks from one property to another.

Mobile Home

To dream of a mobile trailer home represents a perspective on a situation being temporary all the time. No concern for appearances while you endure a temporary situation.

Negatively, a mobile home may reflect embarrassment that problems that should be temporary are dragging out. Feeling that you are a loser permanently stuck in a situation that should be temporary. Feeling that a temporary problem is becoming an obvious permanent problem. Feeling like a loser that talks about their problems being temporary when the problems never go away. Feeling like a loser that has to keep making excuses for why temporary problems don't go away.

To dream of a trailer park filled with mobile homes represents a group mindset of people who are living under temporary conditions. Negatively, dreaming about a mobile homer trailer park may reflect feelings about being surrounded by losers who refuse to admit that they are losers. Pathetic excuses to why success never happens. Feelings about yourself or someone else having low standards for success. Low standards for friends. Feeling surrounded by pathetic failures or overconfident idiots. Feeling surrounded by unsuccessful people.

Example: A woman dreamed of living in a mobile home. In waking life she was temporarily unemployed with no idea when she would get a new job. She felt like a loser in this temporary state of unemployment.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of seeing people walking into a mobile trailer home. In waking life he was hiding a serious health problem that was causing hair loss from his friends and family. He wore a hat while convincing himself that the problem was temporary and he could fix it on his own. He kept living in this state for 10 years.

Mobile Phones

*Please See Cell Phones

Mobility Scooter

To dream of a mobility scooter represents a convenience or support system that makes a situation a lot easier while you deal with your problems. It may also reflect situations where you are of sound mind while you use a resource to bypass a limitation.

Example: A man dreamed of driving a mobility scooter. In waking life he had $60,000 in the bank while being unemployed that he was using to support himself while he built a new business.


To dream of mocking represents feelings of being made fun of, not taken seriously, belittled, or diminished. Feeling open ridicule. It may reflect a sense of inadequacy or low self-esteem. Dreaming of mocking may also reflect a fear of being rejected or a fear of not being good enough. The dreamer's inner critic or self-doubt.

Alternatively, it may represent feelings of superiority or overconfidence towards others, and a tendency to belittle or ridicule them.

Example: A woman dreamed of see her dead husband in the mirror with her while a clown mocks her in the background inside the mirror. In waking life her husband had committed suicide by shooting himself outside her bedroom window years earlier. She has since remarried during the time of the dream. In this case the mocking clown may have reflected the dreamer's sense of feeling belittled or diminished by her husband's suicide.


To dream of being fashion model represents your awareness of yourself doing something better than others all the time. Being a perfect example of "positiver" behavior. Being noticed for doing something the best way. Portraying certain image to others. Negatively, a model may reflect narcissism.

Alternatively, a model may reflect you view of someone else that you are noticing is doing something better than you are. You may be striving for something that's unrealistic. Your idea of beauty.

To dream of a model car represents your observation of what it's like to live or make decisions in a certain way. Noticing all the details of a certain lifestyle or what it takes to be like someone else. A developmental phase of your life or laying out a plan. Negatively, you may be desiring too much to be something you are not or that is currently not possible.

To dream of a model airplane represents your close observation of all it takes to win or succeed at something. Being aware of all it takes to get a project or plan going.

*Please See Supermodel

Model T Car

*Please See Ford Model T Car


To dream of a mohawk represents non-conventional thinking, or not caring about what anyone else is thinking. Purposely doing things different. Insensitivity to others beliefs or views. Negatively, it represents being totally unconcerned about others.

Positively it represents resisting pressure or the demands of others with crazy ideas or unconventional behavior. A thinking style that is intentionally non-conformist or anti-establishment.


To dream of moisture represents ability to feel comfortable to matter what you are doing. Emotion dynamics of a situation or how people treat you which you feel you can control. The state of the moisture, such as if it is excessive or lacking, can indicate an imbalance in emotional or physical well-being. A reflection of your ability to have control over the changing emotional dynamics of a situation.

Example: A woman dreamed that moisture was being forcefully removed from her body, which she perceived as dangerous. In waking life, she was going through a divorce and experiencing jealousy as her adult children began spending time with their father. The dream may symbolize her feeling of powerlessness or lack of control over her children's actions, which made her uncomfortable with her divorced life, regardless of the circumstances. The moisture being forced out of her body may represent her feelings of losing control of emotional dynamics of how people feel about her after her divorce because she feels can't control her kids not liking her better than her ex-husband.

*Please See Humidity


To dream of mold represents feelings about some area of your life having been a waste of time. Spoiled expectations. Disappointment. Wasted opportunities. Someone or something is not good enough. Feelings about something or someone being a loser worth ignoring. Feelings about wasted opportunities to be perfect.

To dream of seeing mold on a wall inside a room represents feelings about yourself wasting your life not doing anything different. Codes of behavior or a personality trait that is becoming an obvious waste of time. Ignoring time wasting or signals to change. Choosing to live with ruined expectations.

Example: A young girl dreamed of seeing purple mold. In waking life she had taking drugs for the very first time and was feeling peer pressure to take more drugs. The mold may have reflected her feelings about herself being a boring loser who wasted her life never doing anything dangerous or "cool" before she took the drugs.


To dream of a mole (animal rodent) represents feelings about behavior that is keeping secrets, hiding from the truth, or engaging in covert activities. Behavior that is hidden, unnoticed, or working behind the scenes. Things happening in your life that are not immediately apparent or that are happening below the surface. Unnoticed efforts or subtle influences that are shaping your decisions and actions. Behavior that is quiet about why it doesn't respect who you are while thinking differently than you for the rest of its life. Feelings about behavior that is overlooked or underestimated for the damage it can do. A distrust of others who are not who they seem to be. A fear of being betrayed by those you trust. A need to be more discerning about who you let into your life and be more aware of the hidden agendas of others.

Positively, dreaming about a mole may represent an intuitive sense that something hidden and undermining was happening. A keen intuition or ability to uncover hidden truths and navigate through difficult situations. The ability to work quietly towards goals without needing recognition or fanfare. Comfort with working in the background or skill in managing the subtler aspects of a situation. Your intuition and the ability to notice what others overlook, suggesting a deep understanding of the undercurrents in your life or relationships.

Negatively, dreaming about a mole could represent feelings of being undermined or that something is happening behind your back. Hidden agendas, secret activities, or feelings of paranoia. Perhaps you are dealing with trust issues, fearing that others are working against you in secretive ways. Feelings of insignificance or being overlooked, as the mole's underground lifestyle might reflect your sense of being out of sight and out of mind in your waking life. Being too secretive or deceitful in your actions, or that you are involved in activities that you are not proud of. A fear of being exposed or having your secrets revealed. A tendency to be overly suspicious or distrustful of others.

Example: An older man dreamed of seeing a mole in his house. In waking life, he was persistent in trying to resolve a lifelong mystery that had already been partly resolved by "digging deeper" into the issue. In this case, the mole may have reflected the man's own determination to dig deeper and uncover the truth, even if it is difficult, secretive, or considered deceitful to other people.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of a person being a "mole" within a group of people that turns against the group. In waking life, she felt that she needed to make peace with the earth, stay at home, and get away from bad influences that she felt had infiltrated her life. In this case, describing a person as a "mole" may have reflected her feelings of being undermined by people who were pretending to be friends while secretly plotting against her.


To dream of being molested represents feelings of being violated in some way that gives other enjoyment. Feeling that your good nature is being taken advantage of. You may feel humiliated or that your trust has been abused. There may be a person with a domineering influence over you or that you're having an bitter dispute with.

Molestation may also reflect corruption of innocence. Taking advantage or abusing someone else's innocence. Corruption of someone's untapped potential for personal gain. Jealousy of having been taken advantage of while being less experienced than others or when you were a novice.

Alternatively, molestation in a dream may reflect real concerns about a child being negatively influenced while you are not around. Feeling that someone will feel good teaching your child bad things or corrupting their innocence. Trust issues with your children.

Dreams of being molested may be a symptom of post traumatic stress. If you have been molested in real life then you may need to speak to a professional.

Example: A woman dreamed of being concerned about a child molester. In waking life she was concerned about leaving her child with her ex-husband because she felt his new wife hated her and that she couldn't trust her.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being tied to a bed and molested. In waking life she felt it was unfair that someone would keep taking advantage of her good nature by asking for too much help.

*Please See Pedophile

Molotov Cocktail

To dream of a Molotov cocktail represents a vindictive choice or action to make someone else lose everything they have. Confidence that you or someone else will lose all they have slowly if certain actions are taken. Telling someone else that they should "go f*ck themselves" with actions that show that you will never care about them ever again.

Example: A man dreamed of having a Molotov cocktail thrown at him. In waking life a jealous business partner tried to use the fear of being cheated out of everything he had invested in the business at the last minute to scare him into never leaving the company.


To dream of a monastery represents your attempt to fix a problem, gain insight, or get ahead by completely sacrificing all pleasure from your life. Putting off happiness completely from your life for a greater purpose.

Negatively, a monastery may be a sign that you are too obsessed giving up happiness to deal with a problem.

*Please See Convent


To dream of Monday represents feelings about a period of time being focused mostly around having to stop pleasure or stop taking time off. A need to return to a serious or professional attitude. A dislike of having to forgo recreation time or relaxing. A fresh opportunity to work or be productive. Feelings about yourself being the only person that wants to work hard. Feeling annoyed that everyone else around you is lazy while you want to use an opportunity to work hard.


To dream of money represents the power to attain goals or objectives. The objectives can be psychological, emotional, or achieving desired experiences in waking life. You are able to think, feel, or do what you want in life. Money reflects how powerful you or some aspect of your personality is. Self-worth.

Positively, money reflects possibility, power, and opportunity. Valuable advice. Feeling capable.

Negatively, money may reflect negative life situations that are difficult to overcome, or opportunities that are being squandered. Showing off. You may feel that you don't have enough power to do what you want. Enemies are more resourceful than you are.

To dream of having no money represents feelings of low self-worth, low self-confidence, or feeling powerless to do something you want to do.

Finding money symbolizes insight that frees you from negativity and gives you the power to be a happier, more capable or aware person. Obstacles are being removed in some manner. Feeling surprised by new opportunities, resources, or power to do something you want.

To dream of winning money represents feelings of being lucky. Power or resources gained through change or that you didn't expect.

To dream of stealing money represents power, resources, or opportunity that you are ceasing. You may not care what someone else says or thinks and are doing something anyway.

To be robbed of money symbolizes negative thinking patterns or situations that steal your confidence, capability, or created emotional hurdles. Feeling that power, freedom, or valuable resources have been taken from you.

To be given money symbolizes insights, positive thinking patterns or life situations that increase your confidence. It may also point to negative thinking patterns or obstacles that are being overcome. Feeling an increase in your power or level of freedom. Opportunities being given to you. Feeling that others are helping you with your goals.

To dream of giving money away to other people may reflect your supportiveness of others goals. Helping other people be more powerful. Enabling someone in need. Negatively, it may reflect giving away your own power or supporting a bad habit. Enabling a problem to get worse.

To dream of counting money represents feelings about evaluating your power, freedom, or self-worth. Determining how powerful you are. Determining whether an exchange was fair. Negatively, it may reflect an arrogant or dishonest evaluation of your power and abilities.

If bad or evil people in a dream have money it symbolizes fear, bad habits, or difficult life situations that are powerful. It could also reflect bad habits that are getting out of control.

See the themes section for money.

The value of money in a dreams uses dream numerology.

See the themes section for numbers.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing her ex-boyfriend giving her money. In waking life he was trying his hardest to give her affection and promises so that she would take him back and start dating again. The money being given to her in the dream may have reflected her feelings about all the power and leverage to control the relationship she was being offered by her ex-boyfriend if she took him back.

Example 2: A man dreamed of hearing someone talking about the importance of spending more money on a work project because customers would like it more. In waking life he was thinking about how important it was to spend more time and effort on his work so that people at his would appreciate all his extra effort.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of having no money. In waking life she was jealous of her friends having easier lives and better jobs.

Example 4: A man dreamed of being told that he won money. In waking life his overly controlling rich father died leaving it all to him.

*Please See Coins

*Please See 100 Dollar Bill

*Please See Currency

*Please See Lottery


To dream of a mongoose represents you or someone else that always ends up first. Surprising others that you can't lose or never have less them others. Always "one upping" someone else. A feeling that someone or something is so incredible it can't ever fail.


To dream of a computer monitor represents your perception about something you or someone else is thinking. Consider the color of the monitor for additional symbolism.


To dream of monitoring represents feelings of oversight, observation, or surveillance in your waking life. A sense of being watched or scrutinized. Awareness of external supervision or control. Vigilance in keeping track of details or progress. Paying close attention to an issue.

Positively, dreaming about monitoring may represent a proactive approach to staying informed, organized, or accountable. A proactive approach to managing responsibilities, relationships, or projects. A desire for clarity, transparency, or efficiency in your endeavors. Monitoring in a dream could also represent a sense of security or reassurance, knowing that someone is looking out for your well-being or progress. Diligence, awareness, or the effective oversight of a situation.

Negatively, dreaming about monitoring may represent feelings of suspicion, paranoia, or excessive control. A lack of trust in others or in the natural progression of events. Fear of unexpected changes, making mistakes, or overlooking important details. Feelings of being overwhelmed by the need to constantly oversee or control everything around you, possibly leading to stress or anxiety. A fear of being caught or exposed. A need to break free from restrictive oversight or control. Concerns that you are not doing enough to pay close attention to an issue.

Example: A man dreamed of watching a heart monitoring screen. In waking life, he was aware of himself having to stay motivated to accomplish a difficult task while being aware of himself being capable of losing motivation. In this case, watching the heart monitoring screen may have reflected his awareness of the need to constantly monitor his motivation levels to ensure he stayed on task.


To dream of a monkey represents an aspect of your personality that is misbehaving or acting ridiculously childish. You or someone else that is aware of themselves intentionally never listening to anything they are told. Youthful protesting.

Negatively, dreaming about monkeys may represent behavior that is arrogantly spiteful, intentionally embarrassing other people, or trying to make a mockery of someone else to their face. mock someone else. Choosing to avoid listening to authority figures. Alternatively, a money may reflect a fear of being completely humiliated by a person you that is younger or stupider than you. Disliking having to babysit or closely watch over someone else's behavior. Not trusting someone to behave themselves.

Dreaming of a monkey may reflect annoying people that are trying make a mockery of you or children that are not behaving. A monkey may also reflect your own attempt to make a fool out of someone trying to control you.

Example: A man once dreamed of monkeys climbing the top of a large trunk with all the branches cut off. In real life he was dealing with a jealous coworker who was constantly embarrassing him by rejecting all his requests as he got close to solving a difficult problem.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing her husband in a suit that was a half monkey suit. In waking life she didn't trust her husband to behave himself during a special occasion.

Example 3: A young man dreamed of seeing a monkey throwing pooh at someone. In waking life this man was aware of himself childishly revolting against a teacher because he didn't agree with his rules.

Example 4: A young man dreamed of being married to a monkey. In waking life he was being made fun of for wanting to marry a girl that other people called a witch. In this case the monkey symbolism may have reflected how childishly misbehaving the girl felt to him in front of others for possible superstitious beliefs.


To dream of a monk represents aspects of our personality that sacrifice desire and pleasure for a greater purpose. A reflection of restrictions placed on yourself for things that you enjoy in order to regain control, structure, and order. You are giving up something for a greater purpose, or for goals you think are more important.

Devotion to a cause. Piety. Devotion to God or excessive devotion to God. Jealousy of losing that drives you to make powerful lifestyle sacrifices to stay powerful.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing monks at the top of a tower. In waking life she had spent a lot of time giving up junk food and alcohol in order to lose weight because being skinny was more important to her.


To dream of a business monopoly represents feelings about yourself or others having a "total lock" on a situation. Feeling that competition or alternative ideas are not possible. It may also reflect feelings about others having too much control. You or others that are jealousy using their advantages unfairly.

A business monopoly in a dream may be a sign that you are insecure about competing fairly. It may also reflect a need to make a big sacrifice in order to create more opportunities or "level the playing field."

To dream of playing the board game Monopoly represents your attempt to outdo or be better than someone else by "having it all." Wanting to be the best or get to the top before someone else.

*Please See Board Games


To dream of a monster represents an aspect of your personality that is acts terrible towards others or is totally unfair. You or someone else that cares about others feeling bad. Feelings about others being intentionally mean to you. Authority figures with the power to make decisions for you that ruin your fun.

A monster is often our projection of a person or situation that is totally unsympathetic to our wishes or feelings.

Alternatively, a monster in a dream can reflect our own wish for something terrible to happen to someone else. Children may dream of monsters eating their smaller siblings to reflect their desire for the sibling to go away.

Children may dream of monsters after confronting parents that are strict or that lose their tempers. Abused children may also dream of monsters. The monster can reflect how startling or disturbing it is to experience the scary side of an adult. A friend, family member, or boss that surprises us with their darker side.

Students of very strict parents, or people who are overachievers may dream of monsters to reflect someone or something that forces them to work hard or live with standards that feel unfair or excessive. Feeling forced to study, do homework, or go to the school you don't like.

People with family or friends experiencing a slow painful death my dream of monsters to reflect how terrible and unfair the deteriorating health of the loved one feels.

Consider the features of the monsters for additional meaning. Big sizes may reflect fears of being overpowered, sharp teeth may reflect fears of being consumed by embarrassment, and lots of eyes may reflect fears of something that you believe is impossible to avoid being witnessed by something that sees everything you do.

Example: A woman dreamed of all the machines and mechanical equipment at her work turning into monsters that wanted to eat her. In waking life she was severely inured in her hand by the equipment at her work. She may have thought about how scary, terrible, and unfair it felt to have to keep working at the same place after having such a serious injury and living with the fear of an accident happening again.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of her fiancee turning into a scary monster. In waking life she was having last minute fears about he fiancee choosing to not marry her. The monster most likely reflected her feelings about how terrible and unfair it would feel if her fiancee did in fact decide to call off the wedding at the last minute.

Example 3: A young boy dreamed of being chased by monsters. In waking life he was experiencing his parents being very strict and yelling at him.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of seeing her father turn into a monster. In waking life she had experienced her father die a very slow painful death.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of being threatened by a monster. In waking life her boyfriend was slowly becoming more violent and she felt that he was close to seriously injuring her.

Example 6: A woman dreamed of being chased down a hallway by monsters that looked like her dad. In waking life she felt she didn't like making the choice to have to get a new job because she felt that her old boss was terrible.

*Please See Ghouls


To dream about months may reflect your feelings about a long term waiting period. Some area of your life where you feel that something will take so long you feel you can't do much else except wait for it. Feelings about waiting for an inevitable moment that is pointless to be eager about.

Negatively, months in a dream may be a sign that you are too passive about putting your happiness on hold. Feeling that a long waiting period in your life is pointless to fret about or that you feel will be unbearable.

Consider the number of months using our numbers theme section for additional meaning. For example, having to wait 5 months in a dream may reflect your feelings about a very long wait for a change to occur.

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