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To dream of having a fever represents a situation in your life that is causing you stress, anxiety, or discomfort that is difficult to cope with. You may be feeling overwhelmed or overworked. Feeling dangerously in need of a break and special attention. You or someone else that has pushed themselves over the limit. Difficulty handling or coping with anymore stress. A buildup of stress or tension that is causing physical and emotional discomfort. A serious need for a rest, timeout, or recuperation. A fear of being out of control or overwhelmed by a situation.

Alternatively, dreaming about a fever may represents an intense passion or burning desire.

Example: A woman dreamed of her boyfriend being in bed with a fever. In waking life, she didn't know how to help him while he was experiencing problems at work which made him unhappy. In this case, the fever may have reflected her boyfriend's distress and discomfort with his work situation that he was unable to cope with. The dream may have been a reflection of her concern and desire to help her partner in his time of need, despite feeling powerless to do so.

Fez Hat

To dream of a fez hat may reflect feelings about unquestioned supportive fraternity with no regard for appearances. Negatively, a fez hat may reflect annoyance or frustration that someone is being allowed to enjoy themselves being supported when they look stupid.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a person wearing a fez hat. In waking life he was shocked to discovered a business competitor was starting to do well when the business competitor was very pathetic with lame product offerings. He couldn't understand why the competitor would become popular when they looked stupid being in business.


To dream of having a fiance that you don't have in real life represents your expectation or preparation for a permanent choice or change. Some area of your life that you will not take any short term risks with at the cost of long term happiness. Fleeting opportunities you were originally confident about.

To dream of a fiance that you don't have in real life leaving you represents unexpected upsets or problems regarding potential long term happiness. Some area of your life that you felt was certain turned out not to be. Dashed hopes. Embarrassments due to not having all the facts.

To dream of a fiance that you do have in real life most likely represents an aspect of your personality that you feel you can always rely on or depend on. They may reflect strong skills, financial security, or strong relationships you rely on. It may also reflect feelings opportunities that are sure thing.

To dream of a fiance that you do have in real life leaving you represents feelings of lost confidence. Alternatively, your fiance leaving you in a dream may reflect emotional separation due to arguments with your partner. Fear of being left before your wedding.


To dream of a fiddle represents you or someone else that is encouraging others to feel good noticing life being harmonious. Celebrating troubles or hard work that is now over.


To dream of an open field represents feelings about a situation with openness, no obstacles, or no limitations to hold you back with opportunities. Feeling that nothing stands in your way with a sense of freedom. Limitlessness to a situation. A situation is an "open field" with options that feels "wilder" than you are used to. A situation or experience where you feel there is no end in site to it's freedom, limitless, or openess. A period of personal growth, self-improvement, advancement because of no limitations or obstacles. You have the potential to advance and make progress without any limitations or obstacles. A time of opportunity and exploration, where you are free to try new things and explore different possibilities. An expansive and positive experience, where you have the freedom and potential to achieve your goals and live your life to the fullest.

Positively, an open field may represent happiness that restrictions let go of you such as parents, school, authority, financial limitations, or restrictions are taken off you. Freedom from social pressure or the freedom to be yourself with natural inclinations. The freedom to be yourself and pursue your natural inclinations. You may feel a sense of happiness, contentment, and peace in a situation that helps you make up your own mind. It may also reflect a period of personal growth.

Negatively, dreaming about an open field may represent feelings of vulnerability or exposure. You may feel that you are too open to criticism, judgement, or potential failure. It could reflect your fears or anxieties about the unknown, especially if you're in a new situation where you're unsure of the rules or expectations. It could symbolize feeling overwhelmed by the vast number of choices or possibilities in front of you, or a sense of uncertainty about what direction to take in life. It could also represent a fear of being left alone or abandoned, with no clear path or structure to guide you. Overconfidence in the openness or stability of a situation believing that freedom or limitless will never end.

To dream of freshly plowed soil in a crop field represents openness of opportunity or productivity. Readiness to "begin again" in some productive or developmental process. Readiness to work productively a situation that indicates no obstacles to your work. Readiness to "plant seeds" of creativity.

To dream of a crop field represents feelings of prosperity, plentifulness, abundance, and fruition of a situation. Productiveness, progressiveness, profitability, or readiness to "harvest" some area of your life. An area of your life where your efforts and hard work are yielding positive results. Feeling ready to "harvest" the rewards of your work, effort, and dedication. A reminder that with patience, care, and sustained effort, your aspirations and dreams can become reality. Alternatively, a crop field may be a reminder of the need for continual effort and attention to keep the areas of your life in which you are reaping success healthy and thriving. Consider the symbolism of the particular crop growing for additional meaning.

To see dead or barren field may represent feelings of disappointment, stagnation, or loss with no clear way forward.. Experiencing setbacks or failures. Pessimism or feeling that you have poor prospects for the future. A sense of hopelessness or despair regarding a particular area of your life, such as work. A feeling that you've your wasted time, efforts, or resources pursuing a certain goal. Goals didn't turn out as expected. A need to reevaluate your plans or expectations for the future, and make adjustments accordingly. Feelings of hopelessness, depletion, or exhaustion. A problem that seems insurmountable or unchangeable.

Example: A woman dreamed of leaving a field of dead carcasses. In waking life, she was experiencing herself needing to walk away from a seemingly endless number of failing opportunities to move on with her life towards a new one. In this case, the field may have reflected her feelings about the vast array of failed opportunities in her life - a situation that once felt limitless and full of potential but had now become a landscape of disappointment and failure.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of an open field next to a forest. In waking life, she was having concerns about being laid off from work and finding a new job. In this case, the open field may have reflected the wide range of potential job opportunities that are available to her, and the forest may symbolize the unknown and uncharted territories of her career path once she ran out of potential employers to call.

Example 3: A young man dreamed of standing in an open field that was cold, but he couldn't feel the cold. In waking life, he was enrolling the Marine Corps. In this case, the open field may symbolize the wide range of possibilities and opportunities that are available to him for enlisting as a Marine, while the coldness of the environment he couldn't feel may represent the harsh and demanding nature of military life he knew he wasn't confronting in person yet.

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Field Trip

To dream of a field trip represents seeing something for yourself. It reflects concerns or interests you have where you are verifying something, requesting information, going out of your way to notice something, or trying something out just to see what happens.


*Please See 15


*Please See 50

Fighter Jet

To dream of a fighter jet represents a plan or project for defensive action that is "getting off the ground." An effort or campaign to stop someone that is interfering with your freedom or independence. Feeling a threat to your free thinking. Conflict with plans or ideas. Defending yourself from competing agendas.

Negatively, dreaming of fighter jets may reflect a clash of egos. Conflict over who gets to have more freedom or control over a situation. Attempting to suppress people with alternative agendas.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a fighter jet preparing to bomb someone. In waking life his Internet affiliate advertising account was hacked and he was trying to prove his identity to the advertiser to get his hacked account restored. The fighter jet reflected his efforts to stop the hackers theft by speaking to the company and trying to present evidence of his identity to get this money and business funds back.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing fighter jets fighting and colliding in the air. In waking life she was experiencing a number of people at work fighting for control over the future of an important work project which that failed to secure. The fighter jets colliding reflected her feelings about her co-workers conflict of egos causing them to fail at work.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing a dark grey black fighter jet in the right side of the sky crash and explode followed by an enormous amount of fighter jets and bombs streaking into the sky from the right to the left in response. In waking life he was uncomfortable observing the end of a legal situation with enormous consequences.


To dream of fighting represents conflict and confrontation. Inner struggle with difficult emotions, with other people, or life situations. Resistance or trying to prove yourself. Experiencing intense bitterness or jealousy. Feeling that all your energy is required to achieve a goal. Heightened emotional state during an argument. Feeling that people don't like you or are trying you with an unwelcoming attitude. Feeling that people have turned on you. Resisting addiction.

Stress, conflicting demands being placed on you, misinformation, unfairness, confronting ignorance, or broken agreements.

Alternatively, fighting in a dream may reflect your attempt to cope with trauma or fight back against your problems. An unwillingness to put up with a problem anymore or accept poor treatment in some way. Standing up for yourself.

To see other people fighting may represent aspects of yourself that are in conflict with each other. Competing beliefs, objectives, or areas of your life. Conflicting values.

Fighting may also reflect conflict in waking life with friends, family, or other people.

To dream of fighting to stay alive may reflect feelings of desperation to stay relevant. Experiencing an intense jealous conflict in waking life. Feeling threatened by someone or something is trying to force failure or embarrassment for you. Confronting people that resent you. Fighting a serious illness or trying to desperately keep your job. Struggling to resist failure. Resisting or struggling against someone you feel is a terrible person. Struggling against an illness.

To dream of dogs fighting may reflect intense or emotional arguments. It may also reflect your feelings about a fight you are expecting. Intense hatred or anger towards another. Possibly a reflection of people trying to defend themselves emotionally. A conflict of differing loyalties. Ongoing bickering.

Example: A man dreamed of fighting to stay alive. In waking life he was confronting a very serious illness.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of fighting with her mother. In waking life she had gotten into a big argument with her mother and got thrown out of the family home.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of fighting with a man at her work. In waking life she was having problems with this man in the workplace.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of fighting zombies. In waking life she was struggling to fight feelings of boredom in her relationship.

Example 5: A man dreamed of fighting demons. In waking life he was struggling to improve himself spiritually by resisting bad habits and addictions that held his life back.

Example 6: A young woman dreamed of fighting with her cousin. In waking life she was conflicted with being a lesbian.


To dream of figs represents feelings of being balanced or wise to avoid discuss something inappropriate or uncomfortable. An intuitive understanding of when certain topics should not be broached, giving a sense of security and professionalism. This dream might imply a strategy of remaining authentic and balanced without needing to explain or justify oneself. The dreamer might feel that it's healthier or safer not to bring up certain difficult subjects unless absolutely necessary. In essence, dreaming of figs can reflect a carefully maintained equilibrium and an instinctual understanding of the appropriateness of certain conversations. Feelings about the importance of balance and discretion in conversations.

Negatively, dreaming about figs may reflect issues with boundaries of discussing something inappropriate or uncomfortable.

Example: A man dreamed of eating figs with his more attractive female friend. The figs were getting too ripe and then burst with juice all over their hands. In waking life, he had recently had a drunken conversation with this sexually attractive female friend about the reason why they had not had sex yet, which was because they valued their friendship too highly to ruin it with sex. In this case, the figs may have reflected his feelings of managing a balanced relationship with his friend, by exercising wisdom in not crossing boundaries and maintaining the sexual appropriateness of their interactions. The overripe figs bursting could symbolize his feelings of having violated an unspoken boundary that didn't think of discussing not having sex as a problem when it was.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing figs on a tree with apples, grapes, oranges, and pumpkins. In waking life, he finished sex reassignment surgery. In this case, the figs on the tree may have reflected his feelings about the importance of balance and discretion in discussing his sex change operation with everyone he knew all the time, to maintain a sense of normalcy and protect his personal boundaries.

File Cabinet

To dream of a file cabinet represents stored memories, facts, or information. Things about your life or other people that you choose to never forget.

Positively, a file cabinet may represent favors you feel you are owed or accomplishments you will never forget having achieved. Negatively, a file cabinet may be a sign that you are choosing to never let go of anything. Bitterness, guilt, anger, or bad memories.

*Please See Office

Filipino People

To dream of Filipino people represents an aspect of your personality with a mindset that thinks family-life and safety is always first without reason. A mindset that has to see why nothing is cheating respecting family-life safety all the time. Prioritizing safety and respect, and values strong family ties and loyalty. Family values are important to think about all the time. Insensitivity about why family life has to matter. Being protective of family-life or safety is what you're supposed to do.

Positively, a Filipino person may reflect sensitivity that nobody is being left out at all. It may also reflect visible signs of good listening or inclusion. Family values are important. Making a difficult choice that thinks of family or safety first. Value strong family ties and loyalty. Protective of putting others people's feelings first. Awareness of yourself having to be considerate of others feelings.
Qualities of being family-oriented, hospitable, and community-minded.

Negatively, a Filipino person may reflect too much concern with other people's feelings to the point where you feel suffocated or overwhelmed by family obligations. It may indicate a need to balance one's individuality with familial or cultural expectations. A sense of not fitting in with one's family or community. Verbally attacking other people if they don't think of family life or safety first. Family life respect that isn't wanted and doesn't feel good. Not liking what is happening in a situation if it isn't family-life safe.

Example: A woman dreamed of Filipino girl with a knife coming towards her that walked away started fighting with someone else. In waking life, she was the only person in her marriage that was working while not making enough to pay the bills. She had been resenting this while keeping quiet and couldn't think of a way to bring up the topic to her husband without making him defensive. In this case, the Filipino girl with the knife may have reflected how the woman felt pressured to prioritize her family's financial needs over her own individual needs and desires when it beginning to create tension and conflict.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of seeing her brother wearing a Filipino barong style shirt. In waking life, she was experiencing family conflict with her brother and mother angry at each other. Both were angry at their mother, but she was only angry at the brother. In this case, the Filipino shirt the brother is wearing may have reflected the dreamer's feelings about her brother's desire for a sense of unity and connection within her family, despite the current conflict.

Example 3: A young woman dreamed of a Filipino baby girl. In waking life, she usually dropped a female friend at home from church every Sunday and forgot to for the first time. In this case, the Filipino baby may have reflected the dreamer's sense of responsibility towards her friend, as well as her concern for her friend's well-being and safety.


*Please See Movie

*Please See Movie Theatre


To dream of filming represents feelings about the process of creating an experience that learns every single thing about a person or situation so that you can remember it. Learning what it's like to experience, understand, or engage with someone or something, and to remember it later.

Negatively, dreaming about filming could represent feelings of detachment, voyeurism, or intrusiveness. Feelings about yourself or other people being empty about the process of having new experiences that aren't interested in anything except enjoying it before moving on.

Alternatively, filming may represent gathering evidence, preserving memories, or maintaining a record of events. Capturing or documenting every detail of an experience in a way that can be revisited or analyzed later.

To dream of filming a Hollywood movie represents feelings about creating experiences that other people need to find incredible or believable. Preparations, plans, or lies in order to make other people believe a story you're telling so something incredible will happen. Interesting someone else is the most incredible experience of their life. A situation that is developing that you know others will take a serious interest in. Feelings about other people going out of their way to experience something you're responsible for making happen.

Example: A gay teenage boy dreamed of his boyfriend filming him with a camcorder and then seeing the boyfriend vanish. In waking life, he felt that his relationship was getting over the honeymoon phase as he and the boyfriend both learned everything about each other. In this case, the boyfriend filming him may have reflected his feelings about the process of having a dating experience with his boyfriend committed to memory in which his boyfriend learned every single thing about him while having anxieties about the boyfriend growing bored with experiencing the process of getting to know him.

*Please See Movie

*Please See Security Cameras

*Please See Video Camera


To dream of something being filthy represents feeling about yourself or a situation being excessively disgusting, unclean, ashamed, perverted, or undesirable. Feeling that you have a lot of things wrong with you. Thoughts or anxiety about experiencing poverty.

Example: A man dreamed of wearing filthy clothes. In waking life he had just had a child and was having insecure thoughts his child growing up in the same poverty that he had.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of swimming in excessively filthy water. In waking life she was in the first year of a coarse for therapists and self-diagnosing herself too much while learning about all the possible psychological problems people can have.

Final Credits

To dream of seeing the final credits of a movie represents awareness that a situation or a type of experience you are having is over for good. Change is upon you and you may feel that you can't do anything about it.


To dream of handling your finances represents setting your priorities in order. You may feel limited in some way.

To dream of financing a project, plan, or situation represents enabling you are doing. You are allowing something to happen or making sure someone else is being taken care of. You may be responsible for something happening for someone else that wouldn't happen without you.

*Please See Expense


To dream of finding something new represents feelings about new ideas or new insights you have discovered. Solutions to problems. Feeling lucky to discover something. Discovering a secret.

To dream of finding something lost represents feelings of something in your life not working anymore. Jealousy that you will be embarrassed if something in your life doesn't work easily. Your inability to come up with an idea to solve a problem.

Example: A man dreamed of being unable to find something. In waking life he was unable to find a solution to a problem and it bothered him.

*Please See Searching

*Please See Money

*Please See Coins


To dream of getting a fine represents consequences for not listening or breaking the rules. Feeling embarrassed into listening to someone who thinks you're wrong. A setback for not listening. Consequences for not liking the truth. Not liking having to do everything the right away when you don't want to.

To dream of feeling "fine" represents feelings about a situation being problemless, settled, or normal. It may also reflects feeling of something being acceptable or that there is "no harm done." Nothing bad, serious, or dangerous is happening.

Negatively, feeling "fine" in a dream may reflect feelings of saying there is nothing wrong when there is something wrong. Confidently accepting something difficult trying to maintain appearances. You or someone else that doesn't like accepting something less and does anyway for professional appearances.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed that a situation was fine until a friend suddenly decided to leave. In waking life she was having anxiety about how people around her view her. In this case the feeling of being before before her friend left may reflect her initial confidence that nobody had any issues with how they viewed her before she lost her confidence.

Example 2: A man dreamed of rejecting someone and walking away from them while the person he rejected said "fine" not liking it. In waking life the man rejected a business offer someone gave him and the people were not happy about it. The people being rejected accepted the rejection reluctantly arrogantly believing they knew better when they didn't. In this case feeling fine may have reflected the dreamers perception of others accepting his rejection pleasantly for appearances.

*Please See Parking Ticket


To dream of fingering a vagina represents feelings of trying to make someone feel good doing what you tell them to do. Manipulating someone into submission using pleasure.

Negatively, fingering in a dream may reflect enjoyment with small harmless risks that could end up being more dangerous than you think. Feeling that you don't have to be 100% involved in something dangerous in order to enjoy it. Awareness of yourself exploiting someone using pleasure. Feeling manipulated by someone else who is using pleasure or excitement to lure you. Risk of being "played" or used by someone powerful or attractive.

*Please See Masturbation

*Please See Handjobs


To dream of fingernails represents thoughts and feelings about your self-worth, confidence, accomplishments, and self-image. The condition of nails reflects how positive or negative you feel about yourself.

To dream of a fingernail breaking may reflect a temporary loss of confidence in your abilities, self-worth, or self-image. Experiencing an unpleasant wait to reestablish a confident self image. Not feeling good thinking people a re noticing you can't do things for yourself.

To dream of having fingernails totally removed represents having no self-worth. Your confidence has been totally decimated. Anything that would allow you to feel good or build confidence is beyond your grasp.

Painting your fingernails represents a heightened sense of self-worth or importance about your capabilities. Negatively, it may reflect vanity or conceit.

To dream of having long fingernails for fashion represents sensitivity about only doing what you like at all times. Alternatively, it may reflect vanity or an unwillingness to "get your hands dirty."

To dream of long fingernails because they've overgrown may represent personal issues that you need to attend to or that you've neglected. You may feel the need to clean up a personal matter before you feel comfortable around others.

To dream of dirty fingernails a low sense of self-worth. You may feel that you are not good enough or not as good as someone else.

To dream of cutting your fingernails represents personal attention to how you appear to others. Softening or polishing your appearance so you look respectable. It may also reflect personal attention to appearances after a period of being too focused on work or taking time off. Feeling that it's important to look like you matter.

To dream of cutting your nails in public represents a lack of concern for privacy or discretion as you deal with personal issues. Cleaning up your act or polishing your appearance in ways that may be unflattering to others. Not being embarrassed by being noticed that you aren't perfect.

To dream of sharp fingernails may represent you or someone else that scares others with not having to be behave respectful. An aggressive or assertive stance about not changing something about yourself that others don't like you doing.

Example: A woman dreamed of all her fingernails breaking. In waking life she lived with her brother who was currently out of town. She felt safe when he was around because she could depend on him whenever she needed him. He was protective and able to fix things. Now that he was out of town she had temporarily lost that feeling as small problems came up.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of her fingernails being eaten by a kitten. In waking life she dropped out of University and although she tried her best to be optimistic about her future she was concerned that without a degree she would like less like an important worthy individual.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of using a knife to slice her own fingernails. In waking life she was having issues with self-worth and not liking herself the way she was.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of removing something that was growing under her fingernail that didn't belong there. Once she removed the object she felt empty inside. In waking life her ex-husband wanted her to move back in with him and she decided not to, effectively ending all possibility of the couple ever getting back together. The unwanted object she removed from her fingernail may have reflected her ex-husbands lingering feelings for her giving her confidence and her choice to put an end to it once and for all. She secretly felt confidence from knowing her ex had lingering feelings for her, but felt it was unhealthy to keep thinking that way.


To dream of fingerprints represents evidence of your actions, guilt, or feelings that you can't escape your past actions. Anxiety about being discovered for your true feelings. Covering up bad behavior. Anxiety about something discovering your secret.

To be fingerprinted represents feelings of being guilty or that you can never do something ever again. Concerns about people being suspicious of you or never trusting you again. Feeling forced to be honest to a degree that may feel excessive compared to what you are used to.

Example: A man dreamed of trying to conceal his fingerprints on a pair of underwear. In waking life he was trying to cover-up evidence that revealed his true feelings for a women he liked.


To dream of fingers represents feelings about how you're involved in handling a situation or performing tasks. Skill in performing tasks, how something was controlled, and how you adapt to different functions.

Individual fingers can have specific meanings. The index finger is authority, the ringer finger is commitment, the middle finger is rejection, and the pinky finger is trust.

To dream of a bleeding finger represents feelings of a lack of control or the inability to handle a situation effectively. Loss of stability or inability to maintain a grip on a situation. You may have lost control of a relationship.

To dream of losing a finger represents damage or regret for trying to handle a situation. Feeling that you wasted your time trying to handle a situation. Diminished capability or reduce capacity to handle a situation. Loss of an opportunity. Losing the ability to function effectively.

Example: A woman dreamed of her daughter's index finger tip being squeezed and puss came out leaving a hole. In waking life the woman was upset that she couldn't see her granddaughter because her daughter wouldn't take her ex-husband to court to get her back. In this case the index finger with the hole on the tip may have reflected the dreamer's feeling about her daughter's emptiness of lacking authority to handle the daughter issue with her ex-husband in court.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of a bleeding finger. In waking life she was very upset about losing her boyfriend. In this case she may have felt she lost her ability to handle a relationship.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing a woman missing 2 fingers put on a disposable glove. In waking life she was regretting getting involved with volunteer work as the children were too difficult to control. In this case the 2 fingers lost on the woman's hand may have reflected her feelings about herself regretting trying to handle volunteer work because it doesn't work the way she wanted it to and wasted her time trying to pay her bills.

Example 4: A young woman dreamed of seeing a man with cloth covered face come up to her and remove a ring from his finger to put it on hers. In waking life she was guilty about her ex-boyfriend never knowing what she did wrong, but decided to move on thinking marriage for the future. In this case the ring taken off the masked man's finger and put on to her finger may reflect her feelings about moving on from not handling commitment well with her ex to thinking she can handle commitment with someone else.

*Please See Thumbs

Finnish People

To dream of Finnish People represents aspects of your personality with a mindset that notices the honesty or perseverance of nothing too serious being overlooked. Safety and security that nothing difficult is overlooked. Efficiency, precision, and logical thinking, and structure so that a situation is safe and socially acceptable. Socially acceptable safe behavior that notices that mistakes are not being overlooked. Work, chores, or serious situations aren't overlooked before enjoying yourself. Honest listening is important. Not overlooking health symptoms until the condition passes. Workplace camaraderie that is mindful of not making a mistake disrespecting each other because everyone works together.

Negatively, dreaming of Finnish people represents a mindset that is overdoing noticing honesty or perseverance of nothing too serious being overlooked. Not liking how serious a situation is to monitor or maintain while persevering with nothing too serious overlooked to avoid a mishap.

Dreams of Finnish people commonly share symbolism with computer or machine technology. This may reflect your mindset being concerned with safety and social acceptability through efficiency, precision, logical thinking, and structure so that a situation is safe and socially acceptable.

Example: A man dreamed of Finnish people at war. In waking life he was trying to overcome a fever. In this case the Finnish people may have reflected his mindset of honesty of nothing too serious being overlooked so that he could recover from the fever.

Example 2: A man dreamed of hearing Finnish dance music on his computer. In waking life his work had a recreational day which he thought was fun. In this case, the Finnish music in the dream may symbolize the positive and carefree atmosphere of the recreational day, where everyone could let loose and have fun outside the usual seriousness of their work environment. Finnish also represents the workplace camaraderie that is not overlooked with the sense of togetherness among coworkers because everyone is mindful of not making a mistake disrespecting each other because they work together.


To dream of something being on fire represents issues that you are consumed by. A strong passion or prolonged obsession. Often a symbol for anger, intense bitterness or waking life situation that goes way to far. A temper that is out of control. Something being on fire could also reflect the total loss of something. Destruction. Alternatively, a fire may represent a problem in waking life that has gotten out of control. Alternatively, dreaming about a fire may reflect your fear of experiencing a loss that you can't control. Destructive jealousy or over-emotional reactions.

To see a house on fire represents a stable mindset being lost. Security being lost to mistakes or careless oversights. A problems that consumes everything in it's path until all is lost. It may also reflect powerful emotions that totally overrun you. If the dream house gets rebuilt after the fire it may reflect your recovery from a serious problem or crisis.

To dream of setting things on fire represents your wish for total destruction or total failure of something in your waking life. You may be purposely trying to start a problem. It may also reflect your passion to start something.

To dream of a city on fire may reflect relationships that are being destroyed by powerful emotions or conditions that are beyond your control. Social interaction of some sort feels ruined forever.

To dream of an evil fire that feels like it's alive may reflect feelings about how horrible a situations feels that seems to be purposely out to destroy you. Fire dreams can sometimes reflect our anxieties about fire safety. Small children may have nightmares of having to rescue people from burning buildings if they are experiencing anxiety about fire safety drills. Fire dreams are also common to people who have experienced trauma from a fire, or small children who have experienced or witnessed a serious fire.

Spiritually, dreams of fire could reflect fears of eternal damnation. Powerful guilt or a tendency to be too hard on yourself with moral issues.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a field set on fire. In waking life her friend criticized her and she was so angry about it should couldn't stop being angry at her all day long.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of an evil fire that was alive and kept coming back to her neighborhood to burn other houses. In waking life she keep discovering more of her losses each day after having experienced her home burning down.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing her house on fire and burn to the ground. In waking life she was caught having an affair and watched her marriage "go up in flames."

Example 4: A woman dreamed of a fire she was problems trying to control. In waking life she felt that her strong attraction to another man was destroying her marriage.

*Please See Fireplace

Fire Alarms

To dream of hearing a fire alarm may reflect feelings about a situation being too dangerous to continue with it. Anxiety about remaining in a situation that could result in total failure if you don't remove yourself from it. Warning signs about impending failure requiring immediate action.

To dream of ignoring a fire alarm may reflect feelings about ignoring warning signs that a problem is getting out of control. Ignoring warnings about impending failure. Not believing that someone else's warnings about failure are credible or serious enough.

To dream of pulling a fire alarm represents feelings about needing to warn others about a problem that is getting out of control. Warnings others about impending failure that requires immediate action.

*Please See Fire Drill

Fire Drill

To dream of a fire drill represents preparation or readiness for an urgent situation. Going through the motions or having a plan ready in case a situation gets out of control. An escape plan for a worst case scenario you have anxiety about.

Fire Engine (Firetruck)

To dream of a fire engine or firetruck represents your decision making ability focused on solving a problem that has gotten out of control. It may also reflect another person or situation that helps you to solve a problem that is getting out of hand.

Fire Escape

To dream of a fire escape represents your need to distance yourself from a harmful situation or problem people. You may feel like you need space. A fire escape may also reflect your wish to be independent or be self-sufficient if you had to. A plan that is your "way out" if a problem arises.

Fire Extinguisher

To dream of a fire extinguisher represents you or someone else that totally focused on getting a problem under control. Using all your power or resources to deal with a something that is getting out of hand.

Fire Hose

*Please See Hose

Fire Hydrant

To dream of a fire hydrant represents an emergency option that you are aware of, but never use. A fail-safe or backup plan to deal with a problem if it gets out of hand.

Negatively, a fire hydrant may be a sign that you are always prepared to overreact or "throw the baby out with the bath water" if things get bad.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a yellow fire hydrant. In waking life he was always prepared to kill himself if his health problems got any worse, but they never did.


To dream of a fireball represents feelings about a dangerous situation that you can't do anything about and which has the potential to get out of the control. Feelings of danger and unpredictability. Feelings of being in a situation that is beyond your control, with potential catastrophic consequences. Powerless to prevent certain events from happening and may be worried about the outcome. Feeling a challenge to your sense of control and preparation for something you perceive as dangerous. The dream may be urging the dreamer to take action to gain a sense of control over their life and to be prepared for unexpected events. A dangerous situation that you can't see doing anything except getting worse while you don't know when it will stop. Sudden, unexpected event that changes the course of one's life. Powerful and intense energy or emotion, often associated with destruction or transformation.

Positively, dreaming about a fireball represents transformation or change that necessary and can't be stopped while there is no certainty about the direction it's going. The potential for awesome change or progress that doesn't have to stop and isn't asking for permission. A burst of creative energy or inspiration. A release of pent-up emotions, which can be cathartic and ultimately healing.

Negatively, dreaming about a fireball may represents overdone fears of something in your life being out of control with no sense of preparation about how to handle it. Forces or events that are beyond the dreamer's control, creating feelings of fear and powerlessness. A sense of danger, threat, or loss that descends upon someone without warning and with great force.

To dream of that you "conjure a fireball" represents deliberately creating or intensifying a dangerous or volatile situation. It may suggest a desire or ability to manipulate the circumstances in a way that produces a dramatic or destructive outcome, and can be indicative of a reckless or confrontational attitude. Being in control of situation being made worse without understanding how it will stop. This metaphor could also be interpreted as a warning to be careful with one's words or actions, as they may have the power to ignite conflicts or cause harm. Positively, it may reflect inner strength, power, and ability to take control of your own life. Taking bold action towards achieving his goals. A sense of agency and control over volatile actions.

To dream of a gigantic fireball that fell from the sky represents a sudden and powerful force or event that disrupts your life with danger and unpredictability. It may represent unexpected news or a crisis that comes out of nowhere and has a significant impact on you or those around you.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a huge fireball which resulted in a big explosion. In waking life she was contemplating her own mortality about choices that may result in a shorter life span while she feared the prospect of death that those choices bring. In this case the fireball may reflect the dreamers feelings of a sudden fear or anxiety related to mortality or a feeling of vulnerability to mortality that is beyond their control.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of conjuring a fireball in his hands. In waking life he felt the need to move out of his parents house to move on and be on his own. In this case the fireball may reflect the young man's energy and drive that he needs to manifest the power to control his own life and live on his own. Taking bold action to take charge of his life and make big changes, such as moving out of his parents' house.

*Please See Explosions


To dream of getting fired from work represents feelings of rejection, being cut off, or not being liked. The end of a situation, or relationship in waking life. Feeling stripped of an obligation, responsibility, or prestige. Feeling unwelcome.

To dream of being fired from a job may also represent feelings of not being good enough to do something anymore. Feeling that you are no longer important to a situation or relationship. Feeling that you'll never be able to do something that's important to you ever again.

Being fired in a dream may also reflect anger or retribution you are feeling from someone else for a mistake or lack of loyalty.

Negatively, being fired in a dream may be a sign that you feel bad for not being perfect in some way. Alternatively, it may also be a sign that you having difficulty acknowledging your mistakes or taking responsibility.


To dream of firemen represents you or someone else that is doing everything possible to deal with a problem that has gotten out of control. A need to restore stability to a situation where negligence, carelessness, or oversights allowed a problem to exacerbate into a serious problem. Preventing a problem from spreading uncontrolled.

Feelings about other people in your life needing to fix your life for you. Jealousy of having been proven incompetent to the point of needing others to restore order for you. Feelings about a hero in your life saving you from a problem. Feelings about God reversing a problem.

Negatively, a firefighter in a dream may reflect feelings of embarrassment that you didn't listen to a warning or advice from an authority figure. Feeling stupid that your enemies or competition is able to contain a problem you created for them.

Example: A young woman dreamed of seeing her brother wearing a firefighter uniform and then later realized that the uniform had been taking off and left on the ground. In waking life she felt that a mentor at work was very helpful to her to solve problems in the workplace, but slowly began to feel that this mentor at work was a fake person who didn't really like her. The firefighter uniform may have reflected her feelings about the personality of the mentor at work feeling obligated to help her fix problems at work while she was training for her job.


To dream of fireflies represents feelings of ingenuity, creativity, or originality that inspires you, but never lets you know it personally. Something incredible to watch that leaves you feeling that there is not much else to do with it. Amazement at how wonderful it feels to notice that nothing can stop a situation out of control. Ingenuity, creativity, or originality caused by the annoyance of someone else to your benefit. Something wonderful to watch that never wants to criticize you when something is wrong, but never notices you personally either. Feelings about observing behavior that cares about nothing except being the center of attention. Behavior that shows off never fired, stopped, or interfered while never knowing you personally.

Annoyance about someone or something that wonderfully won't do anything except feel hopeful during danger, hopelessness, or emptiness. Impersonal or distant behavior that will do nothing except keep feeling good that nothing is wrong during an empty moment. Annoyance that something is "only there" that never wants you to be nervous. Annoyance of liking being around something that you can't really know personally. Something you don't want to bother because it makes the emptiness feel more special. Disbelief or awe that someone would help you, but never talk to you. Feeling good being helped during a dangerous or hopeless time, but you don't get to talk to the people that helped you. Feeling good getting away with something because someone helped you, but you don't get to talk to them. Feels good that you are not nervous around it, but doesn't want to talk to you.

Negatively, dreaming of fireflies may represents annoyance of other people enjoying silence or quiet. Annoyance of others enjoying noticing waiting during an empty moment. Annoyance with other people feeling good never getting anyone back during an empty moment. Not enjoying asking for something while other people are enjoying taking their time. Associating with something inspiring, hopeful, or amazing that never really cares about you. Associating yourself with other people's ideas, originality, creativity, or ingenuity to make yourself believe in yourself more.

To dream of catching a firefly may reflect feelings of never wanting to let go of other people's ingenuity, creativity, or originality to feel better about yourself.


*Please See Firefighters

Fireman Pole

To dream of a fireman pole represents a readiness to act. Something you have or a plan that allows a quick response in case a problem gets out of hand. Knowing you have everything you need just in case.

Using a fireman pole may reflect a quick response to a problem you've encountered. Your split second readiness. You are on top of things.


To dream of a fireplace represents feelings of contentment, comfort, warmth, safety, and nurturing.

Look to any people or objects around you while you are near a fireplace for additional symbolism.


To dream of firewood represents feelings about maintaining or affording to be comfortable while getting through a difficult or negative situation. Having the resources and support you need to succeed, achieve your goals. Feelings about having resources to enjoy the moment during a situation that's emptier than you like. Confidence that can't never be cold or alone during one of the worst moments of your life. Being able to keep safe or use a backup plan to maintain comfort. Being well prepared or having the resources that keep you going. Awareness of yourself not having to stop feeling comfortable when everything else stops being comfortable around you. Spending money during a crisis to keep yourself feeling comfortable.

Negatively, firewood may reflect your awareness of your depleting resources in order to enjoy the moment. Knowing that good times won't last forever because resources are limited.

Example: A man dreamed of sitting around a campfire with a friend. In waking life, he spent money to go to a baseball game during a financial crisis. In this case, the firewood may have reflected his decision to use his dwindling financial resources (firewood) to enjoy the moment (campfire), despite the ongoing financial difficulties.


To dream of a fireworks represents a spectacle of success, talent, or creativity. Noticing how wonderful or incredible an achievement is. All your work has come together perfectly. Showing off how well something is working. Chemistry in relationships matching perfectly. Sexual climax. A spectacular moment.

Example: A young girl dreamed of fireworks. In waking life she was desiring to lose her virginity with her boyfriend. The fireworks may have reflected her feelings about her first time having sex being incredible.

Firing Squad

To dream of a firing squad represents feelings of inevitability of total failure through a number of very personal embarrassments. Feeling scorned, condemned, or judged by peers. Waiting for a reprieved that only punishment can give you. Feelings of deserving punishment you can't escape.

Negatively, a firing squad may be a sign that you are too resigned to your guilt or too excepting of an inevitable punishment.

To dream of being one of the people aiming a gun at the guilty party in a dream may reflect feelings of inevitability of your revenge or punishment towards someone else. Harbouring scorn, condemnation, or judgement of others.


To dream of being first represents feelings of achievement, success, or leadership. You may feel proud of yourself for being ahead of others or for reaching a goal before others. It can also represent feelings of superiority, competitiveness, or a desire to be recognized as the best. Alternatively, being first in a dream may reflect a need for validation, recognition, or approval from others.

Negatively, dreaming about being first may indicate a fear of failure or pressure to perform. Overing doing believing in superiority, competitiveness, or a desire to be recognized as the best. It could also indicate a desire to be the best or most successful in a given area.

To dream of something happening first represents the start of a new phase or project, where you are taking the lead and paving the way for others to follow. Feelings of something or someone being a priority. Feelings of uniqueness, individuality, and originality. It may symbolize being a trailblazer, innovator, or pioneer in a particular field or situation.

Negatively, dreaming about something happening first may represents feeling of not liking having to deal with a problem as a priority.

To dream of something expected to happen first, but it isn't happening, represents a feeling of disappointment or frustration about a delay or setback in a particular area of life. It may also indicate a sense of uncertainty or anxiety about the future, especially if the expected event was associated with a positive outcome or goal. Alternatively, it could suggest that the dreamer needs to reassess their expectations and priorities, and perhaps consider alternative paths or strategies to achieve their desired outcome.

To dream of winning first place represents feelings of achievement, recognition, and success in your waking life. You may feel proud of your accomplishments, or you may have accomplished something significant that others have recognized and admired. Winning first place in a dream may also reflect a competitive spirit or a desire to be the best in your endeavors. Additionally, it may symbolize overcoming obstacles or challenges to reach a specific goal or milestone.

Negatively, dreaming of winning first place represents feelings of intense pressure to maintain your position or status. It may also reflect feelings of undeserved success or that you have been given an unfair advantage over others. Additionally, winning first place in a dream may reflect feelings of arrogance or an overinflated sense of self-importance.

To dream of being the first to apologize represents a willingness to take responsibility for your actions and make amends. It may also reflect a desire to mend relationships or resolve conflicts in your waking life. Alternatively, it may suggest that you are being too passive or compromising too much in a situation, and need to assert yourself more.

To dream of being the first to establish a new style represents feelings of originality that influences other people to behave or think like you do. A your willingness to take risks and try new things in your life. Negatively, being the first to establish

Negatively, dreaming of being the first to establish a new style represents feeling that your ideas are not being recognized or appreciated by others that copy you. It could also indicate that you are trying too hard to be different or unique, and that your efforts are not being successful. Additionally, it may suggest that you are not conforming to societal norms and that you are feeling isolated or rejected as a result.

To dream of a first kiss with a crush represents feelings of excitement, passion, and anticipation about a potential romantic relationship. Negatively, a first kiss with a crush may have be sign that you are sexually fantasizing too much about them instead of trying to get to know them.

To dream of a first day at new job may represent the feeling of taking on extra responsibilities or dealing with new situations that require effort or hard work. It may also reflect new feelings of obligation to someone or something. In some cases, this dream may indicate beginning to not enjoying something that you expected to enjoy or feeling like someone is bossing you around too much. Additionally, it could represent the beginning of feeling undervalued or unappreciated for your contributions or feeling subservient to people you are doing favors for.

First Lady

To dream of the First Lady represents intuition or intuitive choices that are supportive of total power or control. You or someone else that is doing whatever is needed of you to support a leading role. Doing whatever it takes to support a more powerful situation or person because you will look stupid if you don't.

Alternatively, the First Lady may reflect an aspect of your personality based on your strongest or most honest feelings about the First Lady.

Example: A man dreamed of Michelle Obama, someone he felt risked everything to be supportive of others powerful achievements because she gave up a lucrative professional life to support Barack Obama's presidency since it was once in a life time opportunity. In waking life, he was broke and his father gave him the needed financial support to have time to write a best selling book because he was an incredible expert in his field and his father knew he would be stupid not to support him writing it.

*Please See President


To dream of fish represents unconscious thoughts or unconscious truths. Things you may notice about yourself or your life, but don't fully understand. Being aware of something you can't fully grasp. A subtle awareness.

Positively, fish may reflect valuable insights. Learning new things about yourself or that were previously difficult to grasp.

Negatively, fish reflects emotional problems or negative emotions that you notice yourself having, but are refusing to take serious. You may be aware that you have a problem, but don't understand the underlying issues that created it. Insights that elude you. It may also reflect problems that are out in the open, but nobody wants to talk about.

People undergoing therapy or powerful personal growth often dream of fish swimming below the surface of the water to symbolize new insights about themselves that they are trying to discover.

The size of a dream fish reflects how significant or important an issue is. A big fish represents something you know is important, but don't understand. A small fish may reflect a small problem that you have difficulty understanding.

Blue fish are positive thoughts, red fish are dangerous, ill-intentioned, or arrogant thoughts. Dark green fish are selfish thoughts. Orange fish are issues that hold a heavy influence over your current choices.

Yellow fish reflect subtle awareness with issues that you notice keep manifesting in your waking life. Something you can't help but notice.

To dream of catching a fish symbolizes gaining insight or new understanding. Learning something about yourself or how a difficult problem works.

To dream dead fish represents things you were subtly noticing that are no longer being paid attention to. Problems you were subtly noticing that are no longer important or stopped.

To dream of eating fish represents total confidence that an issue has been put to rest. You know that something will never be a problem again. It may also reflect a problem you recently discovered being solved permanently.

To dream of a flying fish represents issues you don't understand completely, but want to be involved with. Positively, it may reflect inexperience combined with eagerness. Negatively, it may be a sign that you moving too fast with something or need to spend more time learning before making a serious commitment.

To dream of a school of fish represents complicated or multi-faceted issues that you are aware off , but don't want to openly discuss. It may also reflect a higher than normal degree of awareness of your problems that you lack clarity about. A multi-faceted problem that you are having issues getting insight into. Alternatively, a school of fish may reflect conformist behavior or group thinking that you are trying to learn about.

To dream of fish attacking you represents feelings of being harmed or threatened by something you don't fully understand. Feeling threatened by a "known unknown." Feeling seriously threatened by something unproven, uncertain, or mysterious. Feeling that something is dangerous when you have never witnessed it yourself personally.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a big dark green fish swimming though the air and bumping into him. In waking life he was noticing himself repeatedly considering suicide even though he had no idea about how to do it successfully.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of having a fish thrown at her. In waking life a man she was dating accidentally told her that he loved her while he was drunk, but then was too embarrassed to openly discuss the situation. The fish being thrown at her reflected the uncomfortable manner in which the man's true feelings were revealed left undiscussed, but fully noticed.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing a fish die and then seeing it alive again. In waking life she couldn't be 100% sure if she was pregnant or not. She didn't bother with a test, but kept believing that certain bodily changes that she couldn't be sure about might be signaling that she was pregnant. The fish in this case may have reflected her feelings about seeing subtle signs that she was pregnant that she couldn't be sure about.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of seeing a fish in a boiling pot of water. In waking life she was having subtle feelings that a fight she had with her boyfriend was going to make him stop talking to her.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of a fish inside her belly that ate her developing baby. In waking life she was having worries about a second miscarriage.

*Please See Goldfish

Fish And Chips

To dream of fish and chips represents a wish to feel good noticing an issue being over and unimportant. Enjoying closure in a situation and not wanting to dwell on it. Trying to have enthusiasm as you move forward.

A dream symbol that may appear if you have recently broken up or are concerned about being single.

Fish Bones

To dream of fish bones represents insight that has been thoroughly examined or thought about. Facts or knowledge that can't be disputed anymore. You have fully processed or explored a new idea. Full acceptance and acknowledgement of problems you've discovered you have. Full confidence that you never need care about a problem ever again.

Fish Hooks

To dream of fish hooks represents an idea or concept that is being used to lure someone else. Seeing what happens if you try something. Attempting to drum up interest. Alternatively, it may reflect someone else that is trying to get you hooked in an idea.

Negatively, a fishhook may reflect manipulative testing or experimenting. Seeing how far you can take something. Seeing how lucky you can get with some bad intention you have. Selfishly exploiting something to discover what people really think of you.

To dream of a fish caught on a fishhook may reflect feelings about being having discovered new ideas or new insights. Feelings about a test or experiment going well. Learning new things about yourself.

Example: A woman had recurring dreams of a fish caught on a fishhook. In waking life she had been discussing her nightmares about her dead husband to a psychologist and didn't like the insights she was getting about her dreams. The fish caught on a fishhook in this case may have reflected her use of her previous dreams to get other people interested in discovering what her problems might be and not liking the final results of it.

Fish Market

To dream of a fish market represents abundant opportunities for positive change or progress. Always having the ability to do something different or deal with a new problem. Feeling surrounded by numerous possible solutions. Feeling overwhelmed with solved problems or new information. Feeling overwhelmed with solved problems, solved mysteries, or expert advice.

A fish market may also reflect an abundance of new ideas, insight, or new discoveries. Speaking to an expert that has unlimited ideas or different solutions to problems if you wish to invest your time considering them.

Negatively, a fish market may reflect too many new ideas, too much progress, or too much expert advice at one time. Too many new discoveries to handle on your own.

Fish Tank

*Please See Aquarium

*Please See Fish


To dream of a fisherman represents an aspect of your personality that is looking for something. Usually, this "something" is a solution to a problem or insight into yourself.

Fish in dream represent unconscious thoughts or things we notice without fully understanding. So fishing is symbolic of looking for a solution or an insight that brings the answer to the surface.

Fishing for things other than fish in a dream represents your search for an answer based on whatever the objects you are fishing for represent. For example fishing for a goose would represent you trying to find a way to make yourself prosperous. Fishing for a pair of shoes would symbolize your search for a new approach to life or new way of doing things.


To dream of fishing represents a wish to find new ideas or gain insights into problems. It may also reflect your search for a solution to an uncertain situation. Feeling that something is wrong in your life. An open-mind about solving a problem.

Negatively, dreaming about fishing may reflect a wish to discover ideas or insights to help you be dishonest. Awareness of yourself choosing to not offer help to others while they look for answers to their problems. Desperately hoping that someone you are jealous of will not find a much needed insight or idea that helps them. Being too serious about finding alternative solutions. Wasting an excessive amount of time hoping for a new idea. Pretending to faking solving problems. Looking for alternative answers to problems that have no solutions instead of asking for help.

To dream of ice fishing symbolizes a search for insight into hardened problems, or "frozen" situations. Things from your past that are difficult to understand, or that the ego prevents you from seeing. It may also reflect an attempt to find solutions during uncertain situations that are on hold.

To catch a fish symbolizes gaining insight as you pull it from the unconscious into your conscious mind. Discovering ideas.

To dream of fishing with objects that are not fishing rods may reflect unusual methods you are using to discover a solution to a problem. Consider the non-fishing rod object for additional meanings.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing his son fishing. In waking life he was intentionally faking helping his son move to another country while experiencing his son trying to find any alternative options available to help make his aspiration to move possible. He was aware of his son's desperation to move and intentionally ignoring offering real help that was easy for him to do.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing people fishing for mermaids and noticing that the mermaids were afraid of being caught. In waking life she was suspicious that her boyfriend was deceiving her and trying to prove it by tricking him. She was terrified of the possibility of losing the relationship if she discovered that her suspicions were true.

Example 3: A man dreamed of fishing, catching something, and then letting it go. In waking life he was brainstorming about an idea he had, but then gave up on it.

Fishing Rod

To dream of a fishing rod represents your wish to gain insight into yourself or explore the unknown. Seeing what happens. It may also reflect your wish to find a solution to a problem that you are inexperienced with.

Fishing often appears in dreams of people undergoing therapy or who are trying to self-improve. Feeling ready to confront issues or difficult emotions.


To dream of a fishpond represents feelings about easy attempts to find insight. Easy solutions available to you if you look deep enough. Easy insights into problems if you try hard enough to look. Having no fear that you can't easy find a solution to a problem, find insight, or find a resource if needed. Feelings about easy it is to find a romantic date if want one. Business owners may dream of a fishpond to reflect feelings about easily available labor or talent that can be hired.

Example: A young woman dreamed of a fishpond with no fish in it. In waking life she was thinking about numerous potential love interests which ended up not being realistic.

Example 2: A young girl dreamed of standing next to a fishpond. In waking life she was thinking about ways to find her soulmate.


To dream of a fist represents feelings about readiness to act on anger. Readiness to defend yourself. Proving that you are not a loser to people you are in conflict with. Resistance, anger, or an attempt to defend yourself. Showing others that you are not willing to be pushed around.

Negatively, a fist may reflect anxiety or discomfort with someone you feel is embarrassing you for "stepping over the line."

To dream of clinching your fists in an emergency or while bracing for a bad situation to occur may reflect feelings of desperation to feel control over your life. Feeling out of control in a dangerous or crisis situation. Possibly a sign that you would prefer to endure a difficult or dangerous situation instead of asking for help.

Fitting Room

*Please See Dressing Room


*Please See 5


To dream of fixing something represents the need for reevaluation of a situation or relationship. A change of beliefs or attitude.

Alternatively, fixing something in a dream may represent a person or situation that forces you to make progress even when you don't want to.

*Please See Mechanic


To dream of a country flag represents feelings of pride, loyalty, or identification with a specific mindset based on the country. Respect or acceptance of a certain mindset. Feeling that it's important to respect a certain way of thinking with persistence. Confidence you feel in having or projecting a certain belief system for others to see. Feeling confident that a certain way of thinking is the best way of thinking. A belief in something greater than yourself. Loyalty to a certain way of thinking that you don't want to "put down." Believing in yourself based on a specific mindset.

Negatively, dream of a country's flag may reflect overdoing pride, loyalty, or identification with a specific mindset based on the country. Feelings of having no choice but to accept or respect a certain mindset could lead to an unwillingness to question or challenge beliefs, potentially resulting in negative consequences or harmful actions. It's important to find a balance between loyalty and critical thinking, and to not blindly follow a mindset without understanding its implications.

Consider the country's cultural mindset or stereotypical national attitude for additional meaning.

To dream of the American Flag represents feelings of valuing the importance of respecting or accepting a mindset of complete freedom for oneself and others. Embracing the idea of thinking freely and not allowing anything to stop you from doing what you want. Pride, loyalty, or identification with freethinking or needing to keep believing in yourself doing whatever you want. Alternatively it may patriotism, loyalty, or duty.

Negatively, dreaming about an American flag represents feelings of overdoing pride, loyalty, or identification with freethinking. Excessively needing to keep believing in yourself doing whatever you want. Taking the importance of making free choices to an extreme, even when behavior is immoral, mean, or dangerous. Showing off to others that you respect yourself doing whatever you want when it's immoral, mean, or dangerous getting away with it. An excessive focus on doing whatever you want all day without considering the potential negative effects on yourself or others.

To dream of a Chinese flag may represent pride, loyalty, or identification with respecting the conservative honesty that doesn't overlook a mistake. Respect for conservative values, discipline, hard work patient, careful, and risk-averse, and wanting others to see you in this light. Believing in yourself never being cheated because conservative values are more important. Loyalty to conservatism because you believe other ways of thinking are reckless or going overboard.

Negatively, dreaming about the Chinese flag represents respecting excessive pride, loyalty, or identification with believing in conservative honesty that doesn't overlook a mistake. An excessive focus on never allowing enjoyment, being lazy, risk-taking, or lacking discipline to hinder your success. A staunch attitude about conservative honesty that doesn't overlook a mistake that doesn't feel good to other people or causes problems in your relationships.

Non-country flags may represent feelings of pride, loyalty, or identification with a specific mindset based on the symbolism of colors, shapes, objects, or design of the flag. Issues or situations that you deem important to respect and acknowledge. A cause that you prioritize or show unwavering loyalty to. Embracing a belief system based on the symbolism of the flag.

To dream of an all white flag may represent surrender or a non-confrontational attitude to others. You may be intentionally making an effort to show others that you are completely compliant, accepting a mindset that leaves no room for argument. Alternatively, a white flag may reflect your unwavering loyalty to a belief that is perfectly honest, moral, or focused on purification.

To dream of a red flag represents feeling of pride, loyalty, or identification with being passionate about adhering to certain behavior that's never stopping. Respecting or accepting a mindset that is passionate in a particular way. Loyal or stubborn support for beliefs that are passionate, never giving up, or never reckless about why you have to do something.

Negatively, dreaming about a red flag represents strong adherence to a mindset that is passionate in a way that is negative, dangerous, or arrogant. An indication or drawing attention to a problem, danger, or irregularity. Drawing attention to problems all the time. A sign that you may benefit from stopping something you are doing. Not listening to a single thing except that something will work when it won't work.

To dream of a black and white checkered flag may represent a competitive spirit. Respect for a competition until the end. Feeling that racing, fighting, battling, or competition is what you want to experience. Enjoying discussing or experiencing a challenge about who deserves to be best. Black and white patterns can often reflect duality.

Example: A woman dreamed of trying to rip the swastika off the Nazi flag each night only to discover that it had been sewn back on in the morning. In waking life, she was becoming exhausted trying to resist the Nazi government's invasion of her personal life. In this case, the Nazi flag may have reflected her accepting the Nazi regime in her personal life when she didn't want to.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing an American flag. In waking life, he was having financial difficulties, but felt it was important to buy things that felt good anyway because he didn't want to feel that his money problem were controlling his life. He was stubborn about believing in himself being free to do whatever he wanted even it wasted money. In this case, the American flag may have reflected the American flag may have reflected his strong adherence to the idea of personal freedom and autonomy despite the financial challenges he was facing.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of being attacked by a man who was driving an American Flag van making threats to kill her. In waking life, she had serious trust issues and was having problems stopping people from following her even after reporting it to police. In this case, the man in the American flag van may have represented her feelings about her stalkers having perfect freedom to believe in themselves while stalking her and threatening her.

Example 4: A man dreamed of seeing the former Soviet Union flag in Russia while having to avoid cheating on his wife due to fear of catching an STD. In waking life, the man was fearing failing his medical school exam. In this case, the former Soviet Union Flag may have reflected his feelings of accepting and adhering to the emptiness of an academic medical school mindset which involved rigorous discipline and a focus on achievement, potentially at the expense of personal relationships or emotional well-being. The Soviet Union flag may have also represented the emptiness of the medical school mindset feeling strict about needing to get all the answers right all the time in lockstep with other students or have nobody respect you.


To dream of a flame represents contained or controlled passion. The "fire in your heart" or your motivation. How well you are able to keep your strength or a situation alive.

Alternatively, a flame may also reflect the level of passion in a romantic relationship. How strongly people feel about each other.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing two flames. A blue one and a green one. In waking life he was feeling that his marriage was on the verge of being over because his wife was an alcoholic. He was hoping there way a way to fix his marriage.

*Please See Fire


To dream of a flamingo represents flamboyancy, an audacious display, or colorful showiness that doesn't think it's a problem. You or someone may be making a spectacle of themselves or are very interested in being noticed.

Negatively, dreaming about a flamingo may reflect feelings about showing off flamboyant, exotic, liberal, or sexual that overdoes it in a conservative situation. Carefree leisure that other people find excessive. Not saying anything about why you are liking having around people that are more conservative than you that speaks of it in other ways.

Alternatively, flamingos may be a symbol for stereotypical flamboyant homosexual behavior.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a single flamingo near a group of swans with baby swans beside them. In waking life the woman had recently separated from her husband after having a child. In this case the flamingo around the swans may have reflected the woman's feelings about herself as looking more like a slut than other mothers because she was single. The flamingo may symbolize how she felt she looked liberal about being open to a new relationship around more conservative perfect family mothers due to her personal life being observed.

Flare Gun

To dream of a flare gun represents a need for attention or help in a difficult or dangerous situation. It may also symbolize a desire to be rescued or to rescue others. Alternatively, it may represent a signal for others to take notice or pay attention to a situation that requires urgent action.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing people who were floating in the Arctic Ocean and they had a flare gun. They were going to shoot off flares every 15 minutes until they were rescued. In waking life she woke up to a tv program where people were trapped on a boat outside yacht with no way to get back on the yacht while floating in the ocean. In this case the flare guns in the dream may have been intuitive about reflecting her obsession with worrying about the crisis on television. She may have felt a sense of dangerous urgency about the crisis that kept her from sleeping.


To dream of a flasher represents the shock or trauma of total disclosure. Exposing the complete truth to someone else in order to scare them. A flasher may also reflect a need to feel good scaring other people with the truth.

A flasher may be a sign that you or someone else feels good making other people think reality is too scary or difficult to put up with.


To dream of a flashlight represents examination or questioning of certain issues. You may be trying to understand or "shed light" on the cause of a problem.

It may also symbolize sudden awareness, insight, and the ability to find your way in a difficult or uncertain situation. You are now able to see what the problem is.

Example: A man dreamed of using a flashlight. In waking life he visited a stress councilor at work who helped him shed light on exactly what he was so stressed.


*Please See Thermos


To dream of giving flattery represents behavior that is controlling others with lies that feel good. Falsely appealing to the ego or vanity to keep someone on the same line of thinking as you. It may also reflect someone you are pretending to nice to get to through something. You may be trying to use someone.

To notice someone giving you flattery may reflect your feeling about someone trying to use you. It may also reflect your own vanity.

*Please See Compliment


To dream of flax flowers represents feelings that something is so perfect or wonderful that you don't ever want to notice anything wrong. You may feel put off or irritated if you have to stop something you like.

*Please See Flaxseed


To dream of flaxseed represents your feeling that something "must" be good for you or has to be beneficial. Negatively, flaxseed may be a sign that you are assuming too much about the benefits of something.

Flea Market

To dream of a flea market represents your wish to get the best opportunity possible. You may be down on your luck and are looking for a break or a chance to "get your foot in the door." Feeling good not having to take advantage of a good opportunity right away.

Positively, a flea market represents savviness or your motivation to get a better opportunity or deal than you usually get. A mindset that enjoys not being desperate while you consider all your options.

Negatively, a flea market may reflect too much of a casual attitude about taking advantage of a good opportunity. Risking losing a good opportunity because you are wasting time waiting for something better to come along. Risking losing an opportunity because you are wasting too much some waiting for conditions of your liking to improve. A non-desperate attitude that is not appreciating how lucky it is. Waiting for the "perfect bargain deal" when it might never come. Missing out on good opportunities because you were not taking them seriously enough. A naive belief that other people are losers who will not give your good opportunity away to someone else.

Example: A woman dreamed of being in a flea market in a churchyard and then walking into the church to see someone desperately dragging a bag of rice outside the church. In waking life she had been offered a job opportunity, but then complications kept arising that delayed her ability to take the job making her believe she was never going to get the job unless she tried harder. The flea market in this case may have reflected her naive belief about the job opportunity being easy and always open to her while she got distracted with other things in her life. She may have taken too much liberty in believing she could enjoy herself considering whether the job was what she really wanted.

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