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Four Wheeler

*Please See ATV (All Terrain Vehicle).


*Please See Chickens

*Please See Turkeys

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*Please See Rooster


To dream of a fox represents cleverness, cunningness, being sly, or attempts to outsmart someone. A fox may also reflect good survival instincts.

Negatively, a fox may reflect deception, trickery, or feeling that you have to lie to and do something behind their back in stealth.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing an injured bleeding fox. In waking life her past actions has been discovered where she outsmarted someone by lying to them and doing something behind their back.


To dreamed of being framed for a crime represents feelings of not being responsible. Not liking being accused of something you're aren't responsible for. Feeling that someone may be getting away with making you look responsible for something you're not. Feelings of having to put up with someone try to get back at you. Experiencing a situation so dishonest and/or reckless that you are in disbelief that you are being accused of something dishonest. Suffering for someone else's problems or dishonesty. Paying the price for someone else's mistakes or actions. Feeling wrongful snobbiness or blame while someone takes all the credit for you work.

*Please See Picture Frames


To dream of France represents a mindset that is immersed in a situation were the highest standards of integrity are demanded at all times. Situations in your life that require or encourage constant a high degree of integrity as though it was normal. No compromises with safety, money, enjoyment, or love. Prolonged difficult experiences for the sake of honesty. Strict spiritual experiences. Situations where lying, being lazy, or being a slob are unacceptable. Respect for high standards.

Negatively, being in France may reflect unpleasant feelings that expectations of honesty or integrity are too high for you. Feeling that people are snobby to you if you aren't a perfect expert. Feeling surrounded by people with more experience than you at something who don't treat you nice.

Example: A man dreamed of returning from a trip to France. In real life he had just returned from a spiritual retreat with strict standards of honest behavior.


To dream about Frankenstein represents some area of your life that you regret starting or giving the power to think for itself. Unbearable selfishness that is so terrible it will never stop scaring you that it doesn't respect you anymore. Feeling that someone is so selfish they don't want to like anything accept what they want once you give them what they want. Feelings about a situation or other person's behavior turning into a monster after you first believed it was incredible. Feelings that something incredible that has gotten out of control in a very unpleasant or scary way.

To dream that you are Frankenstein may reflect feelings about yourself having friends, family, or colleagues being scared of you thinking for yourself. Feelings about your own independence scaring others away from you. You may feel alone and that no one understands you. Frankenstein may be a sign that you have beliefs or habits that make others not want to like you or spend time with you anymore. You may be making other people think you are too weird, unpleasant, or dangerous to know anymore.

Fact: The character Frankenstein originally came from a dream that the author Mary Shelley had around the time that she first became pregnant. The character's appearance and behavior may have actually been a symbolic representation of Mary Shelley's feelings about her boyfriend's selfish sexual desires and his scary or unpleasant demeanor when he wasn't getting sex.

The green skin may have reflected Mary Shelley's feelings about her boyfriend being selfish about sex and no longer wanting to talk like they used to. The bolts in the neck reflecting how terrible it felt that the boyfriend wanted sex all the time now that they were planning to be married or committed. The quote from the book "I've created a monster!" may actually reflect Mary Shelley's feelings about having created a selfish sexual monster in her boyfriend by having had sex with him for the first time making him never want to stop.


To dream of a fraud represents you or someone else that is aware of themselves cheating. Knowing what you are doing is wrong or being on the lookout for it. Feeling that someone in your life thinks you are stupid and easy to fool. Feelings about dishonesty being intentional and calculated.

Fraud Department

To dream of a fraud department represents you or someone else that is always on the lookout for others people's deceptive behavior or cheating. Making sure that people are following the rules. A fraud department may be a sign you or someone is purposely trying to get around the rules. You may fear getting caught cheating.

If you dream of calling a fraud department it may reflect your wish to assure yourself that you or someone else is following rules. You may also be aware of behavior that is purposely trying to get around the rules.


To dream of freckles represents a problem or embarrassment that stands out. You or someone else has an issue that can't be hidden or that others are fully aware of.


To dream of freedom represents feelings of independence or release. A sense of liberation. Liberation from problems or control. Creative release. Discovery or enjoyment of a passion you have. Feelings about the end of a bad or controlling relationship. Feelings about doing something for yourself. Feelings about having free time or time to spend with someone. Escaping stress. Relief. Solving a problem.

Negatively, dreaming about freedom represents jealousy of having be associated with a person or situation. Choosing isolation because it allows you to be your own person. Feeling cut loose Chaos. Anarchy. Behaving wildly.

To dream of having freedom, but being unable to move represents feeling of liberation from problems that doesn't let you take action.

To dream of not having freedom may reflect feelings being resentful towards people or problems that hold you down. Feelings about debt or health issues. Restrictions.

Example: A woman dreamed of wanting her freedom. In waking life she was resentful of her husband for stopping her from pursuing her own career.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of wanting to be set free. In waking life she was sick of men and wanted nothing to do with them.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of being young and free. In waking life she enjoyed herself having a romantic meal with her husband. The sense of freedom in this case may have reflected.

Example 4: A man dreamed of trying to free himself from an octopus. In waking life he was struggling to free himself of a worsening illness.


*Please See Highway


To dream of a freezer represents ideas or situations that you totally putting off for later. Doing absolutely nothing with something until later on.


To speak French in a dream represents a mindset, feelings, or attitude that is concerned with integrity. Behavior that is focused on never embarrassing itself before all else . Being spoken to in French may reflect situations that are encouraging to you stay away from negativity all the time.

Negatively, dreaming about speaking French reflect an arrogant attitude that you or someone else has about never having to anything that makes you appear to lose to others. Experiencing being better than others and fighting hard to stay that way.

French Fries

To dream of french fries represents thoughts that are frivolous, unimportant, or not serious. Enjoying yourself wasting time being involved in an activity that you know isn't that long-lasting or of real value.

Example: A woman dreamed of eating french fries. In waking life she was enjoying herself taking an educational course to pass time. She started to feel that the course wasn't worth the effort after realizing that it wouldn't produce a real certificate to help her get a better job. She felt that she was wasting time even though she enjoyed the educational course.

*Please See Potatoe Wedges

French Kissing

To French kiss symbolizes a strong motivation to believe in something or to care about something. Going out of your way to protect, nurture, or encourage something. Proving to yourself or other people how much you care about something.

You may be thinking or feeling something that is increasing in frequency.

A French kiss a sign that you are doing everything you can to support certain people, beliefs, or situations.

French People

To dream of French people represents aspects of your personality with a mindset that respects itself with integrity all the time. Making no compromises whatsoever when it comes to safety, respect, enjoyment, rules, or love. Integrity with completeness. Knowing you deserve the best and demanding it. No cheating, experiencing nothing half way, enjoying something with integrity the way it is. Feeling that nobody laughs at you for why life is beautiful. Never embarrassing yourself while never embarrassing other people as well. Feelings about enjoying your life with complete autonomy, success, or sophistication. Liking why you have integrity.

Negatively, dreaming about French people may reflect behavior that is insensitive about self-respect and expecting full integrity. Integrity with completeness that is excessive. Integrity that is mean or snobby. Integrity that thinks or says it, but doesn't stand up for itself. Ruining yourself seeing yourself having integrity when nobody excepts it. Feeling pressured to compromise your integrity. Not wanting other people to laugh at or diminsh your integrity.

To dream of speaking to French people may represent beginning to feeling or thinking that you should demand complete respect for integrity in some way. Feelings about living with or demanding integrity for yourself. You may be considering standing up for yourself or don't want to embarrass yourself doing something others will think lacks integrity. Thinking of deserving no compromises.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing French people in a cafeteria being shot to death with a machine gun. In waking life, the man was experiencing his father's arrogance as he kept all the money after selling the family home, which the dreamer paid for. The father used the wealth to show off to family and friends to no end. The machine-gunned French people in the dream may have reflected the dreamer's feelings about the integrity of his expectations for his future being "shot down."


To dream of Friday represents feelings about a moment in time being focused mostly on work or stress being close to ending. Anticipating a break or time off. Feeling good about problems being close to be solved. Enthusiasm for work-time ending. Being distracted by future plans to enjoy yourself. Recklessly overlooking important work or last minute details because you are annoyed with having worked too hard already.

Feeling that nobody around you cares about being serious because they have less tolerance for work or dealing with difficulties than you do. Anticipation of a deadline approaching that overpowers feelings of needing to be serious. Feeling that you deserve to be lazy or enjoy yourself more than anything else happening in your life.


*Please See Refrigerator


To dream of fried food represents a desire for instant gratification or pleasure that may not be the healthiest or most beneficial choice. It may reflect a temptation to indulge in something that is enjoyable but could have negative consequences in the long run. Fried food can also symbolize a need for comfort or emotional nourishment, but in a way that is not sustainable or healthy. A situation where it is faster to notice you enjoyed yourself while not really getting the full benefit from it. Additionally, it may represent a need to balance one's desire for pleasure with responsibility and moderation.

Alternatively, dreaming of fried food may reflect feelings about enjoying yourself too much not eating healthy. Temptation or guilt about indulging in unhealthy food.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed of sleeping on a giant piece of fried chicken and then falling off and breaking both her legs. In waking life she was very focused on exercising and avoiding getting fat. In this case, the friend food may have reflected the girl's feelings of temptation or guilt about indulging in unhealthy food, even though she was trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle through exercise and diet.

Example 2: A older woman dreamed of eating some chicken fried steak. In waking life she was undergoing therapy and was expected to go to read a letter she wrote to express her feelings, but she decided to put that off. In this case, the fried food may have reflected her feelings about how much faster and enjoyable it was to skip therapy while knowing she wasn't getting the full benefit from therapy.


To dream of a friend represents a quality in yourself based on your most honest feelings about them. Ask yourself what memories or feelings stand out the most about them and see how that quality may apply to your own life.

Friends in dreams may also represent your current projection of that person based on a current situation or conflict in your life.

To dream of having a friend that you've never seen before represents beliefs or situations that make you feel good, or help you in some way. A supportive or co-operative aspect of yourself. It may also reflect your projection of a situation or arrangement that is beneficial to you.

To dream of a friend dying may represent your negative feelings about an impending change, loss, or failure. Consider what qualities stand out the most about that friend and how that quality may be lacking or suffering in your life at the moment. Alternatively, seeing a friend dying may reflect your feelings about that person losing power or undergoing an unpleasant change.

To dream of a deceased friend most likely reflects a quality about them that stands out the most in yourself. Unless their death was recent or you are having issues with grieving the fact that they are dead is most likely not significant to the dream symbolism. Alternatively, dreaming of a dead friend may represent something good in your life that has been long lost.

*Please See Best Friends


*Please See Fear


To dream of playing frisbee represents behavior that is co-operative or sharing. Do favors or helping each other out back and forth. Experiences of reciprocation.

Negatively, a frisbee may reflect jealousy that someone is not reciprocating as much as you are. Giving to others and not getting the same respect back. Not getting an easy experience in return after giving someone else an easy experience.

Alternatively, a frisbee may represent feelings of always getting something in return when you do something for someone else.

Example: A woman dreamed of throwing a frisbee at her husband's head and then seeing him run away from her. In waking life she had been quite co-operative with her husband's demands during a divorce proceeding, but felt cheated by him when he would ignore her.


To dream of a frog represents situations in your life that harmlessly don't listen to you or annoy you that they aren't what you really want to experience. Often a symbol for experiences that leave you jealous that something isn't working out. Jealous of not having your choice. Disappointments or feelings about goals that have escaped your ability to achieve them. Relationships or situations that failed or don't happen as you expected them to. Jealousy that what you want to experience eludes you or is not as easy as you thought it would be. People in your life that are good listeners, but don't do what it is that you really want. Some area of your life that "just isn't it." Frogs in a dream may be a sign that you need to accept a non-functioning situation, relationship, hope, or promise as never doing what you would like it to do.

Black frogs reflect disappointments that instill fear in you or that you have a lot of difficulty getting over. Fear of something that will never stop embarrassing you with not working or not being good enough. Feeling that something is excessive or empty about always eluding you.

Light brown frogs may reflect feelings about easy removal of problems that seem to remain elusive or persistently disappoint you when you try to deal with them.

Copper color frogs may reflect failure for things you desire and don't believe you can ever have. You may also be wasting your time and resources trying to fix failures or change the past. Some are of your life that isn't what you want as though it's forever intended to keep you wanting.

To dream that you can't catch a frog may represent situations in your life where you are wasting time trying to make something happen that might never happen. Your unwillingness to give up on something that persistent disappoints you or doesn't listen to your wishes.

Example: A woman once dreamed of frogs in the her backyard while she was spending a lot of time thinking about a number of her failed relationships. The frogs in this case may have reflected her recurring feelings about no man ever being the right man as her relationships persistently didn't work out.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a frog. In waking life he had failed to finish a long term running marathon because he had collapsed from a heat stroke. The frog in this case may have reflected his feelings about running the race not feeling as good as finishing.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing a frog with a human head inside his girlfriend's vagina. In waking life his girlfriend had temporarily turned him down for sex when he was expecting it. The frog symbolism in this case may have reflected his feelings about not having sex not feeling as good as having sex as the sexual encounter didn't work out as he expected.

Example 4: A man dreamed of seeing frogs underwater. In waking life he was experiencing major financial problems and fear of failure. The frogs underwater in this case may have reflected his feelings about being overwhelmed by problems and all his attempts to fix his problems never seeming to work out. Financial problems while all his options to restore financial stability consistently disappointing him.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of seeing a huge disgusting frog. In waking life her ex-husband stop paying support payments while he was enjoying a life of luxury. The frog in this case may have reflected her feelings about ex-husband problems with consistency with her support payments making her feel disappointed or that her life was working out the way she wanted.

Example 6: A woman dreamed of seeing an owl and a frog in her living room. In waking life she felt that it was suspicious that her daughter and husband could afford their rent without jobs. She was disappointed that they were selling and doing drugs instead of being normal hardworking people.

*Please See Bullfrogs

Front Yard

To dream of a front yard represents issues or situations that you like noticing about yourself. Things you want to think about or have others notice you for. Situations you approve of. Enjoying being acknowledged in a positive way. Pleasant feeling attention. Feeling good about accomplishments or hard work on display. Awareness of yourself winning or being more incredible than other people.

Negatively, a front yard may reflect your enjoyment of experiencing other people jealous of you. It may also reflect approval of a negative situation that is less dangerous than you were expecting. Problems you feel good knowing you can use to your advantage.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a person from high school that he didn't like in the front yard to a home. In waking life he inherited a family property with full control and his Uncle was jealous and making powerless legal threats. The front yard symbolism may have reflected the dreamers pleasant feelings of being too powerful for his jealous Uncle to stop him while he enjoyed his new wealth. He was also enjoying being viewed by others as richer and more powerful than they were.

Example 2: A man dreamed of standing in his own front yard. In waking life he was witnessing a corrupt dishonest business partner becoming jealous of his renewed financial power after a very long time of experiencing this corrupt business partner ignore him to avoid paying money. He felt good having renewed leverage he could use to manipulate and control his corrupt dishonest business partner.


To dream of a frontier represents a mindset that is constantly discovering things that have never been experienced or noticed before. Always experiencing change or something new. Learning new things all the time and having to incorporate them into your life.

Negatively, a frontier may reflect uncomfortable feelings about having to keep changing or doing new things. Not liking being in unknown territory in your life. A desire or longing for stability.

Froot Loops Cereal

To dream of Froot Loops cereal represents starting a situation that's childish about liking seeing that anything could happen all the time while noticing that it's not stupid that you haven't made up your mind yet. An open experience that is wacky about having to like that anything could happen until you finally finish making a final decision. The beginning of an experience that feels wonderful about saying anything could happen, but isn't dangerous. Lots of people saying different things about you that never has to fear it. Eccentricity, spontaneity, playfulness, and a constant sense of anything is possibile.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a bowl of Froot Loops cereal with milk on it which he ignored. In waking life, he was very successful causing a lot of other women to talk about dating him. In this case, the Fruit Loops cereal may have reflected his initial excitement or anticipation about the variety and colorfulness of his new dating prospects, analogous to the variety of colors in the Froot Loops. He was experiencing a lot of offers to date him like it was a crazy situation and had to have a sense of humor about it to diminish the seriousness of the situation.

Frosted Flakes

To dream of Frosted Flakes cereal represents beginning a situation that is enjoyable, straightforward, and confident about not needing ask anyone else. Not wasting any time being confident liking something straightforward the way you want without asking. Contentment and satisfaction with uncomplicated success or the fulfillment of basic needs. It could signify taking pleasure in simple tasks or routine activities, or a desire for a smooth, straightforward life with a touch of indulgence. An experience that is gratifying yet simple, without complexities. The sugary frosting might be symbolic of added sweetness or enjoyment to an otherwise ordinary straightforward situation.

Negatively, it might represent an over-reliance on immediate gratification or superficial pleasures. It could also point to a fear of complexity or challenge, a desire to avoid anything that isn't easy or instantly gratifying.

Example: A woman dreamed of grocery shopping with a guy she liked and considering buying a box of frosted Flakes which has Corn Pops mixed in. In her waking life, she was a single mother contemplating the idea of dating a man who would not only love her but also her children. In this case, the Frosted Flakes may have reflected her wish to begin enjoying a new sexual relationship that felt confident, straightforward, and never wasted her time. The corn pops mixed in with the Frosted Flakes may have reflected her feelings about confidently enjoying starting a straightforward relationship with a man without jealousy or hangups that didn't mind the man showing up when her kids were around to begin to become friendly with them as well.

*Please See Corn Pops


To dream of frosting represents preoccupation with things that only feel good. Experiencing new creativity, prolonged success, or renewed self-assurance. Enjoying new opportunities catered to you. Enjoying feeling that you can't lose. Pleasure that is all about you.

Negatively, frosting may reflect a superficial or "winner only" attitude. So concerned with winning that you don't care about other people's feelings. It may also be a sign that you need to look deeper to find the truth of a matter. Beauty with no substance.

*Please See Cake


To dream of being frozen may represent your inability to take action or progress. You might also feel unable to express yourself. It may also reflect delays or setbacks. Some area of your life that is doing nothing at all. Conversations that have come to a permanent standstill.

Frozen foods or objects may imply procrastination or putting something off. You've chosen to ignore certain issues or deal with something later.

Thawing frozen food could symbolize issues that are being reconsidered or a sign that you are finally confronting problems that you put off dealing with.

Example: A young woman dreamed of seeing people being frozen and killed. In waking life she was raped and felt that her mother was very unwilling to discuss the rape in a supportive manner. The freezing in the dream that killed people may have reflected her feelings about the "cold uncaring" attitude from her mother that "froze" the conversation and family support when the rape was brought up in conversation.


To dream of fruit represents feeling good about something being good for you. Enjoying honesty that is good for you. Feeling good about honesty, positive ideas, responsibility, helping others, etc. Enjoying being a good person. Feeling good not being lazy. Feelings about being a good person doing something that is good for you or good for others. Enjoying being a grown up. Feelings about being conscious of your health or making improvements.

Negatively, dreaming of fruit may reflect honest or positive behavior that feels excessive. Too much positivity. Too much sex while in love. Feeling good teaching someone a lesson. Enjoying criminal activity that improves your life. Enjoying using people that improves your life. Honest behavior that feels makes other people jealous while you enjoy that you aren't jealous. Feeling good thinking of being a good person in some manner while never taking action to make it an objective reality.

To dream of an assortment of fruits may reflect abundance, pleasure, or gain. Lust and sexuality. Feeling good about something. A reflection of some kind of enjoyable experience you are having in waking life.

To dream of frozen fruit represents feeling good that is good for you that is intentionally on hold or enjoyable when you are ready. Awareness that you could do something positive, healthy, or responsible later on that feels good if you wanted to. Positivity on hold. Readiness to be a nicer, responsible, or romantic person by choice when you are ready to.

See food in the themes section for more specific fruit symbolism.

Example: A woman dreamed of a box a fruits that cost her money. In waking life she wanted to enjoy herself knowing that it would make her husband jealous. The fruits in this case may have reflected her feelings about knowing that enjoying herself without her husband was a good thing.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of frozen strawberries, pears, and grapes out of the refrigerator to eat. In waking life she was having relationship difficulties. The frozen fruit symbolism may have reflected her feelings about improving her relationship by doing ever single thing positive she could such as being nicer, being more responsible, and making her sex life more interesting after noticing she wasn't trying hard enough to do so.

*Please See Apples

*Please See Pears

*Please See Mango

*Please See Bananas

*Please See Orange

Fruit Flies

To dream of fruit flies represents an annoyances that frustrate you with doing exactly what you don't want. Feeling annoyed that something or someone will keep choosing to do anything except what you really want.


To dream of being frustrated represents feelings about difficulties, challenges, or obstacles you are having. Feeling annoyed by someone or something. Too much willingness to accept a problem. Keeping your frustration or anger bottled up. Anxiety about communicating your true feelings that is causing a problem to get worse. Being too nice or respectful to someone that is causing problems. Ignoring your own happiness to keep others happy. Sensitivity about something you like not being as easy as you think it should be. Feeling that others are not helping out. Frustration that someone or something is holding you back in life.

Negatively, frustrations in a dream may be a sign that you are allowing yourself to get too emotionally involved in something that may be hopeless.

Often times frustrations in dreams may mirror waking life situations where you are allow frustrations to build up or go unexpressed.

Example: A woman dreamed of being frustrated with her boyfriend and throwing a hotdog at his head. In waking life she was very angry with him and ready to break off the relationship.

Example 2: A man dreamed of feeling frustrated by a color on a map bleeding on the map. In waking life he was irritated by problems at his new job making it more difficult than he expected.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of feeling frustrated that nobody was helping her. In waking life she was taking care of her sick mother and her stepfather as they battled serious illnesses. She felt she couldn't cope and that nobody was helping her.

Frying Pan

To see a frying pan in your dream represents a quick development in your life, or in the way you think. Something that may require care and caution. There may be an eagerness to get something done or make something happen. One that could potentially cause a problem if you are not careful.

To dream of cooking eggs in a frying pan symbolizes fast developments or waking life experiences. If you notice changes in your life you may want to exercise patience.

To dream of a dirty frying or cooking pan represents a feelings that you have to make all preparations or do all the dirty work on your own. Feeling that others aren't as interested or eager as you in a risky endeavor. Negatively, a dirty frying pan may reflect feelings about having to clean up after someone else's quick choices or projects.


To dream of fudge represents a situation in your life that feels exceptionally indulgent, pleasurable, or that satisfies an intense craving. Enjoying the best part of something completely. Enjoying something completely that you don't get to enjoy very often. Any circumstance in waking life that provides a heightened sense of enjoyment or is deeply fulfilling. It could also symbolize your desire for luxurious or hedonistic experiences, whether in relation to food, relationships, or other aspects of your life. Devotion to pleasure, enjoyment, or a craving. Rewards or treats that you think you deserve but have been denying yourself. Enjoying oneself in the moment, without worry for the future.

Negatively, dreaming about fudge might indicate an overindulgence or a lack of self-control. Enjoying yourself too much at the expense of your health or long-term goals. A sign that you need to consider moderation or balance in some aspect of your life. Issues with self-control and weight loss goals. A desire for instant gratification and avoiding responsibility.

Dreams of fudge appear common to people who are planning to get married or attending a wedding.

Example: A woman dreamed of chocolate fudge that she kept taking out of her backpack to smell and then putting it back in the backpack. She wanted to taste it badly, but never did. In waking life she had lost 20 pounds and was in a struggle to lose weight with regular visits to the gym. In this case, the fudge may have reflected her intense craving for indulgent foods, which she was trying to resist for the sake of her weight loss goals.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a table with chocolates, fudge, and candy on it at her friend's wedding. In waking life, she was planning to attend a friend's wedding and was concerned about her weight to fit in her dress. In this case, the fudge may have reflected her anxiety about the indulgent food and potential for overeating at the upcoming event.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of eating a fudge ice cream and wanting a strawberry flavor instead, but couldn't get one. In waking life, her boyfriend had just asked her to marry her. In this case, the fudge ice cream cone that isn't as good as the strawberry flavor may have reflected her feelings about enjoying indulging in sex before the wedding, when she really wanted to enjoy everything about being engaged including making wedding plans together with her fiance who didn't want to make plans yet.


To dream of fuel represents energy, support, or motivation to keep moving forward in a situation. It symbolizes power, sustenance, and investment in a positive outcome.

Negatively, dreaming about fuel may represent energy, support, or motivation for conflict, tension, or anger. It could represent giving power to a destructive or harmful situation or investing in negative outcomes.

To dream of running out of fuel represents running out of power, motivation, or sustenance in some area of your life. Running out of support or motivation. A lack of energy to continue on. Attraction or interest reducing or lost in a relationship. Feelings about yourself "running on empty" or "running out of steam." A sense of danger of giving up. It may also reflect feelings of being at a low point, without the resources you need to keep going.

To dream of talking about fuel represents prioritization of energy and resources to navigate a situation. It may indicate considering new sources of support or motivation to achieve your goals.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed of running through a field and needing to refuel. In waking life she felt exhausted all day long after awaking from his dream feeling completely drained with no energy.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of train engineers discussing fuel. In waking life she was having issues getting through a very long situation and putting her life back to normal.

Example 3: A teenage girl dreamed of trying to refuel at a gas station. In waking life she was trying everything possible to keep her relationship going with her boyfriend.

*Please See Gasoline

*Please See Gas Station


To dream of a fugitive represents feelings about a desperate wish to evade disciplinary action or unpleasant consequences for your actions. It may also reflect feelings about trying to escape confronting dishonesty. Feeling that apologizing is impossible.

Alternatively, dreaming about fugitives may reflect feelings of danger that problem situations or problem people are difficult to control. Feeling that it's difficulty to punish or control guilty people. Feeling that it's difficult to force responsible behavior on someone who is eagerly avoiding it. Frustrations with people who keep getting away with things you can't get away with. Problem children or teenagers that avoid punishment.


To dream of being full or something being full in a dream can represent a sense of satisfaction, contentment, or completion. It can also symbolize abundance, prosperity, or having enough of something. Heaviness of every last option or possibility happening at once.

Alternatively, it may indicate a feeling of being overwhelmed, or a need to release or let go of excess emotions, thoughts, or behaviors. Feelings about something being too much. Nothing more can happen with a situation in your life. Feeling unable to concentrate on doing anything else besides one thing.

To dream that your hands are full represents a sense of responsibility, burden, or obligations in your waking life. It may indicate that you are overwhelmed and have too much on your plate to handle. Alternatively, it may suggest that you are successful and accomplished in managing multiple tasks or situations simultaneously. Full time effort.

To dream of being full from eating represents a sense of satisfaction, contentment, or fulfillment in waking life. It may symbolize a feeling of abundance or having enough of something, such as resources or emotional support. Feelings about an experience you had leaving no room for other experiences. Consider the type of food for additional meaning.

To dream of mountains full of ice can represent a feeling of being stuck or frozen in a particular situation or mindset. The mountains may symbolize the obstacles or challenges that are currently blocking progress or preventing personal growth. The ice may represent feelings of emotional coldness, detachment, or a lack of warmth in one's relationships or personal life.

Example: A woman dreamed of her hands being full of all the marketing tools she needed. In waking life she quit her job to run her own company. In this case the hands being full of marketing tools may have reflected her feeling of being fully equipped and prepared to handle the challenges of running her own company, and her confidence in having all the necessary resources and skills to succeed. It may also reflect her feeling of being in control and capable of managing multiple tasks and responsibilities at once.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a teacher chastise him for doing something stupid again and then saw the teacher walk into a classroom full of students that had already begun. In waking life he experienced a planned wedding being cancelled while trying to find a new venue. In this case the full classroom that had already begun may have reflected his feelings about people who he had invited to his wedding already being preoccupied with preparing for his wedding with no more room for mistakes.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of mountains being full of ice. In waking life she had a big problem with her job being too important to quit while being in a separate state from her boyfriend. She felt her life situation was impossible to change with full workload and no openings for change. In this case the mountains being full of ice may have reflected her feelings of being overwhelmed by obstacles and challenges in her life situation, just like a mountain being full of ice is difficult to climb or move through. The ice may also represent her emotional coldness or detachment in dealing with the situation, as she may have felt frozen or trapped in her current circumstances.

Example 4: A teenage girl dreamed of a canal being full of mermaids. In waking life she felt that reading a lot had started to overwhelm certain parts of her life such as homework or art. In this case the canal being full of mermaids may have reflect her feelings about being overwhelmed by the alluring and captivating nature of reading that is drawing her attention away from other important aspects of her life.


To dream of a fumigation represents your unwillingness to tolerate annoyances or deception ever again. A complete overhaul of your life, relationships, or a troubling situation. Taking measures to eliminate everything embarrassing or undesirable from your life.


To dream of fundraising represents you or someone else that is going out of their way to keep a situation or relationship the way it is. It ensure that something in your life never stops.

Example: A woman dreamed of being at a fundraiser with a guy she liked. In waking life she and this guy were in failing relationships and she was trying to spend as much time talking to him as she could so that when the relationships failed he would know she would be interested.


To dream of a funeral represents an acknowledgment that something in your life has ended. The end of a situation or aspect of yourself that you know you'll never see ever again. Letting go or a final goodbye. Experiencing the end of a bad habit. Alternatively, a funeral may reflect preoccupation with a loss.

If you are actually dying in real life a funeral dream may reflect your feelings or anxieties about your own death. Otherwise funeral dreams can also reflect your feelings of mourning for people who have died in waking life.

Positively, dreaming about a funeral may reflect acceptance of losing a negative aspect of your life. Feeling that you are better off without a bad habit or negative influence.

Negatively, dreaming about a funeral may reflect difficulties moving on or letting go of unhealthy situations in your life. Feeling bad that you have grow up or be a lot more mature than you want to be. Dependencies or addictions you feel forced to separate from without a choice.

Example: A woman dreamed of being at a funeral with pictures that came to life. In waking life her boyfriend had brought belongings of his deceased mother who died in a tragic car accident into their home. The funeral reflected her preoccupation with noticing these belongings and remembering the tragedy.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing animals that were buried at a funeral coming out of the ground to live again. In waking life he had fought hard against an addiction which he believed he had successfully overcome, but then months later the addiction returned. The funeral symbolism at the beginning of the dream most likely reflected his initial awareness of himself "saying goodbye" to his addiction as he tried to move on with his life.

Example 3: A man dreamed of attending a funeral. In waking life his friend was getting married and he felt that because of the marriage he was witnessing the moment that his friendship would end with the friend.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of attending a funeral. In waking life she was having a hard time quitting smoking.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of preparing for a funeral. In waking life she was in the process of a divorce. In this case the funeral symbolism may have reflected her feelings about having to let go of her marriage.


To dream of fungus represents feelings about something parasitic in your life that never wants to choose to the go away and comes back if you don't address it properly. Problems that annoy with never being lethal, but never wants you to feel good. Annoyance, disgust, or fear that you have to notice something is being kept from being perfect all the time. Feelings about a waste of your time by something uses you and never goes away. Feelings about people living off your money, power, status, or resources and never choosing to go away on their own. Feelings about the unbearableness of never being completely free of a problem. Persistent stress, frustrations, or money problems. Annoyance or fear that a problem will spread. Concerns about a slow spreading problem. Concerns about persistent money problems keeping you in a state of unhappiness or robbing of your ability to enjoy an area of your life to the fullest.

To dream of fingernail fungus represents non-lethal problems with self-worth, confidence, or self-image that never let you be happy. Self-worth problems easily noticed by others or difficult to hide. Self-worth issues that never lets you be perfectly confident in your abilities.

To dream of toenail fungus represents represents difficult to see non-lethal problems with self-worth, confidence, or self-image that never lets you be happy. Self-worth problems that are not easily noticed by others or more easily kept a secret. Issues with self-worth that never lets you feel perfectly secure with yourself.

Example: A woman dreamed of a fungus that was cured. In waking life she was annoyed by financial costs and never having enough money. The fungus in this case may have reflected her feelings about persistent financial burdens never seeming to be lethal, but never letting her feel good.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of a brown fungus that smothers the whole world. In waking life she quit her job, but ended up getting a new job later on. The brown fungus in this case may have reflected a short moment of concern about lacking money causing financial problems that might spread to all areas of her life.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of being chastised for a fungal infection. In waking life she had concerns about spending a significant amount of money causing long-term problems that might not go away easily.

*Please See Mold


To dream of a carnival funhouse represents feeling of fear or frustration that you can't get out of a situation. Feeling trapped in a terrible temporary situation. Feeling that everyone is laughing at you because you are stuck with a problem. Feeling trapped with everyone thinking you are total loser. Feelings about people enjoying seeing you lose.

Negatively, a funhouse may be a sign that you have serious insecurities about the loyalty of your friends and family. It may also be a sign that you have too many unloving people around you. Problems asking people to be more supportive of you. Problems discussing your insecurities and trust issues.

Example: A woman dreamed of being stuck in a carnival funhouse. In waking life he was pregnant and unmarried. She feared that her husband would cheat on her while she was heavily pregnant and that everyone she knew would think was a total loser in life. The funhouse may have reflected her feelings about being trapped in a heavy pregnant body that was too unattractive to love while also feeling stupid for having gotten pregnant while unmarried.

Fur Coat

To dream of a fur coat represents feeling good thinking about yourself being too fantastic, too incredible, or too extraordinary to worry about anything at all. Noticing that everything you do is fantastic. Enjoying feeling that nobody can do anything to stop you. Feelings about one's self being too attractive, too incredible, or too amazing to be stopped. An assertively extravagant attitude.

Alternatively, dreaming of a fur coat may reflect the personality that enjoys flaunting something that is considered offensive, outdated, or ignorant of social acceptability when they are fully aware of it hurting others feelings.

Negatively, a fur coat may reflect feelings about yourself enjoying being a genius that always gets away with crime or dishonest acts. Feeling fantastic not having to care about anyone else's feelings. Enjoying thinking about getting away with bad behavior like it's easy. Feeling good doing bad things that you don't think you will ever have to stop doing. Delusions of grandeur. Loving yourself too much. Feeling good being empty towards others. Discussing far-fetched ideas like they are easy. Showing off being richer than other people.

Example: A prisoner dreamed of seeing someone wearing a fur coat. In waking life he was telling a friend that he planned to kill someone who he thought planned to kill him. He was enjoying thinking about how he would easily get away with it.

Example 2: A man dreamed of wearing a fur coat. In waking life he son was very rich and he was bragging about himself being rich because his son would always pay all his bills.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing people trying on fur coats. In waking life she was suffering from powerful hallucinations which she didn't find threatening and wanted to discuss them with other people in a humorous way. The fur coats may have reflected her wish to use the hallucinations to make herself look like incredible person who was comfortable with herself instead of appearing crazy.

Example 4: A 14 year-old girl dreamed of seeing Paul McCartney wearing a fur coat. In waking life she was having a small argument with her friends about her taste in music. She thought her taste in older music like The Beatles was far better than their preference for new music. The fur coat may have reflected her feelings about enjoying sharing or showing off her her tastes in music that aren't socially acceptable.


To dream of a furnace represents feelings about a stable sense of comfort from terribleness. The stability of parents, jobs or partners paying bills. Keeping comfortable or "warm" from terribleness as though it doesn't matter. Confidence in a relationship that is unquestionable and rationally adjusts without conflict.

Example: A man dreamed seeing his wife taken into a furnace by kidnappers where he was told she would be executed. In waking life he wanted to leave his wife. Seeing his wife taken to the furnace by kidnappers and then being told his wife was going to be executed in the furnace may have reflected his feelings about changes to his wife's personality driving his marriage to a relationship that does nothing except keep the bills paid and bring a general sense comfort in the marriage...followed his wish to move on from his wife.


To dream of furniture represents how you want to feel about yourself as a person. Self-image or the impression of your views you give to others. It may also reflect how you want others to perceive you as a person in a particular situation. The perception of attitudes, beliefs, or your personality that is given off.

Consider the style of furniture for additional meaning. Antique furniture may reflect old fashioned values or "old school" ideas.

To dream of broken furniture may reflect feelings of being unable to relax or feel normal at all. Feeling that your ability to have a normal life is "broken." Broken furniture is a common dream symbol for people recovering from injuries. Negatively, it broken furniture may be a sign that you are too tired to do anything about a problem that keeps bothering you.

Example: A man dreamed of an old fashioned wooden washing machine being used as furniture. In waking life he was unusually persistent in paying off his mortgage because he wanted to feel secure owning his home as quickly as possible. Other people thought it was stupid because it ignored the ability to use his money to enjoy himself in the present moment. The old washing machine being used as furniture may have reflected his wish to feel comfortable living by old standards or carefully dealing with problems the old-fashioned way as though it were normal.

*Please See Couch

Furniture Store

To dream of being in a furniture store represents your attempt to decide how you want to feel about yourself and your life. It may also reflect trying to discover what attitudes, ideas, or personality traits would be accepted best by others.

Example: A young man dreamed of walking around a furniture store where there was nothing he really liked. In waking life he was having problems deciding what to say to his father whom he felt it was important to remember himself confronting because his father had abused him for years.


To dream of being in the future may reflect discussions, hopes, or fears about what is expected to happen. Being around people who are ahead of you or more advanced than you are. Thinking about what you expect to happen. Idealizing potential outcomes. Feeling anxiety about the future.

Alternatively, dreaming being in the future may represent your feeling of not having to worry about problems anymore that you previously had no way to deal with. Life may feel easier and solutions are more forthcoming.

*Please See Time Traveling


To dream of a creature, animal, or insect having fuzzy hair on it represents feelings about behavior that's crazy about liking itself the way it is. Complex emotions or thoughts regarding behavior that seems unconventional or unusual, but is fully comfortable with itself. This "fuzzy" or unconventional behavior may be something you're observing in others or even within yourself. A sense of uniqueness and individuality that might stand out from societal norms. Grappling with how to understand or accept behavior that doesn't conform to conventional standards. Your own desire to express your individuality or eccentricity without fear of judgment. Behavior that never says it's crazy when it is crazy all the time.

To dream of "peach fuzz" facial hair represents feelings about behavior that is deserving to begin to become assertive, but never does yet. A budding assertiveness that is still in the early stages of growth or that you find unattractive. Feelings about not deserving to express yourself as fully assertive yet because it will look stupid. Assertiveness that childishly doesn't think of other people's feelings while proving or testing itself. Feelings about males looking foolish that they are not deserving to be assertive as a grown man yet.

Example: A young woman dreamed of seeing a deceased teenage male friend with his peach fuzz hair shaved off. In waking life, her deceased male friend had tragically passed away in a car accident when they were both 16. She often thought about him and wondered if she'd ever see him again. In this case, the deceased male friend with his peach fuzz shaved off may have reflected her feelings about remembering him in a way that overlooked or "smoothed over" memories of his budding teenage assertiveness, which she didn't particularly like about him. The dreamer may have had similar thinking to many people who often tend to think of deceased people in a more positive light after they've died.

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