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To dream of an Egyptian style pyramid represents ascension of consciousness, elevation, progression, or working your way to the top. You are aware of your own progress, or a situation is allowing you to rise to a higher level.

To dream of climbing a pyramid represents progress or the achievement of a goal through perseverance.

To dream of the actual Egyptian pyramids may symbolize your perspective on a situation that can't be figured out. You don't know what to think about something that's happening to you. Feeling that something is both incredible and empty at the same time.

To see red capstone on an Egyptian style pyramid represents a higher level of consciousness with a negative intentions controlling it. It reflects knowledge or power that is becoming dangerous or corrupted.

To dream of a Mayan pyramid represents advancement or progression that is surprising. You may be experiencing a situation that is more powerful, wonderful, or interesting than you originally believed it to be.

To dream of standing on top of a Mayan pyramid represents realizations or achievements that are more powerful or wonderful that you first thought.

To dream of climbing a Mayan pyramid represents working towards goals or achievements that are more powerful or wonderful than you previously believed.

Example: A young man dreamed of the Egyptian pyramids. In waking life he had met a girl online that he liked, but couldn't meet in real life. The Egyptian pyramids reflected his feelings about the online relationship feeling both incredible and empty because the girl was both pretty and impossible to know in real life.

Pythagorean Cup

To dream of a Pythagorean Cup represents feelings about embarrassment of being left with nothing if something becomes excessive. Being left with nothing once you become greedy to set limit. Awareness of yourself getting away with something as long as you remain within certain limits. Awareness of having to learn a lesson in total embarrassment if you don't stay within perfect set limits. Total embarrassment that follows believing that something is perfectly easy.

Example: A man dreamed of a broken Pythagorean Cup. In waking life he believed that it as going to be easy to move away for a new job while breaking up with his girlfriend as long as he did it quickly. The dream may have reflected his doubts about being insensitive to his girlfriend in order to get ahead in life on his own believing the breakup may have consequences financially if she believed he was planning the breakup for a long time and using her to prepare to move away.


To dream of a python may represent fear of total failure or losses that you can't escape. Feeling that a person or situation will permanently "put the squeeze" on you if you give them any leverage at all. Fearing being destroyed by a enemy that never lets go once they get a grip on you. A problem or negative situation that feels too strong to free yourself from. Believing that once something gets leverage over you that you'll never escape it.

Positively, a python may reflect your attempt to overpower enemies or problems. "Squeezing" the competition. Never giving up on a problem once you get any leverage over it at all. Never letting go or never giving up.

Negatively, a python may reflect abuse of superior power. Never letting go people you want to dominate. Using superiority to stay dominate at all costs. Jealousy of anything ever getting to be dominate over you ever again once you are powerful.

Example: A man dreamed of fighting with a python. In waking life he was struggling against debt collectors that he felt were going to slowly bankrupt him or "squeeze him dry" if he cooperated with them at all.

*Please See Boa Constrictor

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