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*Please See Kindergarten


To dream of a prescription represents a regiment to deal with a problem. Something you believe will fix a problem if you do it all the time.

Negatively, a prescription may be a sign that you are having difficulty finding the answer to a problem. It may also indicate a need to let go of something that doesn't work and find something that does.

*Please See Medicine


*Please See Gifts


To dream of a president represents an aspect of yourself that has authority, power, or total control over others. Power structure or management structure. Awareness of a hierarchy that must be respected before all else. The ability to make important or serious decisions. Authoritarian decision-making abilities. You or someone else that has to be taken seriously.

The ability to tell others what to do. You or someone else that is dictating the terms or outcome of a situation. The right to be in charge and give orders. A president may also reflect an important decision you are making.

To dream that you are President may reflect feelings about yourself having the power to delegate decisions or control people by simply asking for it. Feelings about your power, connections, or resources having to be respected before all else.

Your personal opinions, feelings, or memories about the president may add additional symbolism. (e.g. President Nixon may symbolize corrupt power and control, Kennedy may reflect naive tragic idealistic progress.)

To dream that you are running for president represents your quest for power or authority. A relationship or situation that you feel you deserve to lead or control.

To dream of meeting the President of the United States represents feelings about be exposed to power or management responsibilities that you don't normally get exposed to. Tasting power.

Example: A woman dreamed that she was President and feeling that people were scared of her. In waking life she felt powerful after filing a complaint against a noisy neighbor and scaring them with potential eviction. She felt that she had the power to make simple phone calls or letters to make other carry out her will.

Example 2: A person dreamed of a President dying. In waking life they were experiencing a big change in management at work.


To dream of a pretzel represents feeling good being objective that something isn't a problem at all. Feeling good about not having to take action at the current moment. Feeling that it's an objective or intelligent choice to wait for something. Feeling that you to smart to have to do anything except wait. Relaxing or "taking it easy" while you wait for something to happen.

Negatively, a pretzel may reflect your preference to not notice someone else's problems. Feeling good knowing you don't need to help someone else. Being too casual about something serious. Not liking to feeling that you are required to accept something you don't like with a casual objective attitude.

Alternatively, a pretzel may reflect how you feel good keeping to yourself or minding your own business.

Example: A young man dreamed of eating pretzels. In waking life he was waiting for a important change to occur before getting serious about his business. He felt that it was better to relax and allow the change to occur before he bothered getting stressed out with hard work that may end up being unnecessary.


To dream of a price represents your personal or emotional cost. What you have to give up, change, or provide to someone else to get what you want in life. It may also reflect the value you place on yourself, your time, or your abilities.

Alternatively, a price may reflect your personal investment in a situation. What sacrifices or compromises may be requires of you to achieve a goal.


To dream of a priest (not a preacher) represents moral obligation, or ensuring that principles are adhered to. You or a situation in your life may require a stronger sense of discipline, fairness, or proper conduct.

A priest may be a sign that that something in your life is interesting you in conservative behavior or staying away from bad habits or situations.

*Please See Preacher


To dream of a prince represents an aspect of your personality that is entitled. Knowing that something is always yours, that you deserve the most, or that you are more important in some way.

Negatively, a prince can reflect self-importance, arrogance, or conceit.


To dream of a princess represents an aspect of your personality that is powerful because they are viewed as being too perfect, beautiful, or impressive. You or someone that feels that there is nothing wrong with them. Too good or too beautiful to be bothered with problems. Always getting your way because you are special.

Negatively, a princess may reflect selfishness, vanity, being spoiled, or being too demanding. You or someone else that thinks they are too perfect to "get their hands dirty" or do things for themselves.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed of being a princess. In waking life she wanted a boyfriend, but felt that she was too special to be an average boy. Being a princess in the dream may have reflected her feelings about herself being special and deserving to be picky.

*Please See Tiara

Princess Diana

To dream of Princess Diana may represent an aspect of yourself that everyone else thinks never does anything wrong ever or someone you know that people feel this way about. Alternatively, the Princess Diana may reflect a loveless relationship.

*Please See Celebrities

*Please See People


To dream of a school principal represents social justice. A principal may be an ability to embarrass someone, make them insecure, or control what they think. He may also reflect an unpleasant issue in your life that you feel powerful enough to ignore, or manipulate in your favor.

A school principal may also represent your feelings about an issue that embarrasses you, or forces you to do something you didn't think you had to. You may have thought you could get away with something that proved wrong. You may feel guilt or regret.

To dream of an evil principal may reflect your own insensitive use of power to embarrass someone, or your projection of an insensitive situation that feels embarrassing or unfair.

To dream of fighting or attacking a principal may represent your defiance or resistance against an issue that you thought you could get away with or never need to confront.

Principal's Office

To dream of a principal's office represents an issue in your life that is encouraging social justice. Either your desire to get back at someone who making you care about a problem or an issue that is forcing you into having to deal with it.

*Please See Principal


*Please See Printers

*Please See Laser Printer

*Please See Printing Press


To dream of a printer represents an ability or wish to express thoughts or ideas so that others can understand. Communicating what you are thinking or making your plans known. Articulation.

Alternatively, a printer may symbolize the realization of plans.

Example: A woman dreamed of a printer being on a table and someone being rude to her when she wanted to use it. In waking life he was an older woman with a 17 year-old daughter. She went to college with her daughter so they could begin studying to complete high school equivalency test. The printer she was rudely kept away from may have reflected her feelings disliking not being able to ask someone to help her complete her high-school equivalency test quickly or have it given to her easily because of her age.

*Please See Laser Printer

Printing Press

To dream of a printing press represents a wish to articulate or communicate something important to other people. Getting the word out. Talking about something all the time.

To dream of a printing press for newspapers may reflect a wish to communicate a serious issue or problem to other people that you feel is a priority. Talking about something important all the time.


To dream of prison represents feelings of confinement or restriction. You can't do what you want or feel held back. You may feel forced to do something or to give up something. Feeling trapped in a situation you can't get out of. Feeling repressed.

Alternatively, dreaming about being in jail may reflect feelings about discipline or consequences. Feeling that you are being punished.

Dreaming of being in a prison may reflect feelings of being stuck in a relationship that isn't benefiting you anymore. Feeling that your life revolves around keeping someone else happy

Example: A woman dreamed of being locked in a prison by a man with a "rat hood." In waking life she felt trapped in an unhappy marriage that she couldn't leave because her husband had too much control over the family finances including the children's college education fund.

Example 2: A man dreamed of being in a prison cell. In waking life he was in a hospital and they wouldn't let him out.

Example 3: A man dreamed of being trapped in jail and wanting out. In waking life he was having serious doubts about going through with his wedding. He felt trapped in the relationship. He ended up cancelling the wedding and ending the relationship.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of being inside a hospital jail. In waking life she felt stuck in a failing marriage that she was trying in vain to improve.

*Please See Penitentiary

Prison Camp

To dream of a prison camp represents feelings of confinement and restriction that feels purposely unbearable. Punishment that looks for new ways to make sure you don't enjoy yourself. Feeling that restrictions are being adjusted to keep you unhappy. Feeling that restrictions being placed on you are for someone else's benefit. Accommodating the expectations of others to the point of unhappiness. Feeling restricted to work only. Trapped in a work setting.

Example: A young girl dreamed of trying to tunnel out of a prison camp and escape. In waking life they were living in a very strict home and carefully trying to get around the rules in secret.

*Please See Prison

*Please See Boot Camp

*Please See Concentration Camp

Prison Guards

To dream of a prison guard represents you or someone else that is concerned that a restriction holds. Feeling that repaying debts or suffering punishment is mandatory. Feeling that nobody will help you escape the consequences of your actions. It may also reflect a person or situation that is making sure you face your karma whether you like it or not.

Alternatively, a prison guard may represent acceptance of your own guilt. A part of you that knows your guilty and must do something about it. Punishing yourself or feeling that the consequences must be repaid. Restricting your own growth or happiness.

To dream that you are a prison guard represents your wish to restrict someone else or make sure they face the consequences of their actions. It may also reflect your attempt to make sure that debts are repaid or the punishment is experienced in full. Not letting someone off easy.

Example: A man dreamed of being handed a white bible by a prison guard. In waking life he was actually in prison and felt that he had to change his ways because he knew he was guilty.


To dream of a prisoner represents you or someone else that is limited, restricted, or prevented from doing what they really want. Alternatively, you may feel you are being punished for something.

*Please See Convict


To dream of lacking privacy represents feelings of being unable to think freely or fears of your true intentions being discovered. Feeling that you can't be yourself. It may also reflect feelings of being intruded on or constantly criticized. You may not want other people to see the "real you."

*Please See Nakedness

Private School

To dream of a private school represents being self-conscious about responsibilities or obligations. You care or are concerned that your choices are mature, intelligent, or of a higher standard.


To dream of receiving a prize represents a sense of accomplishment. Notable progress with personal goals. A prize may also reflect feelings of being the best at something. Alternatively, a prize may reflect your feelings of being special or lucky.


To dream of being on probation represents a situation in waking life that requires you to prove that your responsible. Feeling that you need to prove that you can be trusted again. Attempting to regain trust after having lost it.


*Please See Swearing

Professional Athlete

To dream of a professional athlete represents an aspect of yourself that is an expert at winning or being competitive. You or someone else in your life that is experienced at being the best or being the most attractive. Feeling no jealousy at all when it comes to winning.

Negatively, you may be feeling that you aren't "measuring up" enough or being as competitive as you think you should be. You may feel ugly, weak, or less of a winner than someone else. It may also reflect your obsessions with winning that are going too far.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a professional athlete opening a door for him. In waking life his nagging doubts about the name of the company he was building inspired him to come up with a brand new name that was much more attractive.


To dream of a professor represents feelings about yourself or someone else being exceptionally intelligent and helpful. Feelings about being stupid or that you are wasting your life if you don't listen to someone. Feelings about knowing more about a subject than anyone else.

Negatively, a professor in a dream may reflect an arrogant wish to avoid listening to someone in your life that is smarter than you at something. Avoiding letting someone with more experience than you teach you something because you don't want to fell stupid. Negative thoughts about someone who you believe thinks they know everything. Choosing to ignore boring responsible advice for something more fun. Being told you are stupid of yo don't listen to someone's advice.

Alternatively, a professor in a dream may reflect your own tendency to lecture other people too much with intelligent advice. Obsession with knowledge or expertise you can share. Sharing your advanced knowledge with others.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a professor call him stupid. In waking life the man's son was trying to teach him something about a subject for which he was an expert. This annoyed the man because he didn't like feeling stupid listening to anyone younger than him.

*Please See Teachers


To dream of profits represent benefiting or taking advantage of a situation.

Negatively, profits in a dream may reflect you or someone else that is taking advantage of others. Benefiting from others failures or misfortune. It may also reflect using people.


*Please See Movie Projector


To dream of a project represents a goal, purpose, or accomplishment that you are very focused on and want to see succeed. You may be working on something that takes a long time to finish and is important that it ends up perfect.

*Please See Housing Projects


To dream of a prom represents feeling good being finished developing yourself in some way. Showing off or celebrating your accomplishments. Enjoying something you've pushed yourself hard to earn. Feeling impressed with yourself. A beautiful ending to a challenging time.

Alternatively, a prom may reflect acknowledgment of a milestone that has been reached. High expectations or enthusiasm for the future.

To dream of not enjoying your prom may reflect a person or situation that is 'raining on your parade" or "stealing your thunder." Feeling unable to enjoy your accomplishments.


To dream of a getting a job promotion represents a heightened level of self-confidence. It may also reflect feeling more respectable than you previously were. Feeling good about yourself being important.

Alternatively, a promotion may reflect feelings of more responsibility being handed to you in your waking life.


To dream of propaganda may represent feelings about situations where there is a persistent or aggressive attempt to force enthusiasm for certain beliefs or agendas. Feeling annoyed that someone is too concerned with telling you what to do. A lack of critical thinking.

Negatively, propaganda may reflect the use of fear to drive people away from believing in themselves or pursuing their own ideas. Believing something is wrong, but agreeing to comply with it anyway. Relentless attempts to tell people what to do. Fear of speaking freely. Transparent or obvious lies being told repeatedly. Feeling that someone else's agenda is more important to them than respecting you. Feeling insulted that someone thinks you are so stupid that you will believe whatever you are told.

Propane Tank

To dream of a propane tank represents situations in your life that you are always concerned about being perfect. People or situations that you never want to risk neglecting, abusing, or being careless with. Something you feel has to always be completely looked after.


To dream of buying property represents a new perspective on a situation. Trying something new, changing yourself, or acquiring a new way to look at life.

To dream of owning property represents values, ideas, achievements, or things about yourself that you can be confident about or know will not change. How you see yourself or feel about yourself. Skills, talents, or abilities you can always rely on. Stability and status.


To dream of a prophecy represents feelings about powerful or ominous foresight. Feeling that a prediction is inevitable. A powerful sense of purpose. Feelings about destiny being predicted. Feeling about divine purpose. Powerful feelings about your life having an important meaning.

Negatively, a prophecy may reflect situations where you or others are embarrassing themselves believing that something is going to happen. Putting too much confidence in predictions. Putting too much confidence in expecting worst case scenarios to happen. Feeling that doom and gloom is inevitable. Expecting the worst. Feeling that you are destined to do something that is dangerous or immoral. Feeling that you are destined to do something important that has never been verified. Relying too much on expecting fate to help you in your life.

Alternatively, dreaming about prophecies may be a sign that you are over-confident about miracles, God intervening, or spiritual destiny. Fear of undesired outcomes being inevitable because of destiny.

Note: Prophetic dreams are very rare. It much more likely that you will experience dreams that predict the future in a metaphorical story form that describes the future based on your emotional state as opposed to a literal prediction. For example, one might dream of walking down a hallway towards a crossroads of different directions with events occurring if you walk down a left or right path. This may mirror waking life where you are experiencing a transition and then experience certain outcomes based on the choices available to you once you reach the end of the transition. A dream such as this may have predicted the final outcome of your life situation in metaphorical form.

Example: A man dreamed of being told a divine prophecy. In waking life he was very interested the purpose of his life with God.


To dream of a proposal represents a permanent decision or commitment that is being considered. The potential for a change. A person or situation may be asking for more commitment from you. A significant new opportunity or change is presenting itself. Doing everything you can to secure a situation or relationship for the future.

Alternatively, a proposal may reflect your feelings about marriage or a long-term relationship. If you are being proposed to, your reaction to the proposal may reflect your feelings about the relationship.


To dream of being prosecuted represents feelings of being singled out for retribution or payback. You may feel that someone is doing all they can to get back at you or make you face consequences. It may also suggest that you feel you have to work very hard to defend yourself or avoid responsibility for something.

To dream of prosecuting something else may reflect your attempt to make someone face responsibility. Trying to force someone else to take blame or repay what they did to you. Noticing every single thing someone you don't like did so that you can get them back or set a situation straight.

Negatively, the dream may be a sign that you need to try harder to be accepting of others or resist being judgmental. You might be too harsh on yourself or others.

*Please See Lawyer


*Please See Artificial Limbs

Prosthetic Limb

To dream of a prosthetic limb represents make-shift ideas or habits. Feeling that you can't do what you really want in your life, but can do other things to "get through" a situation. Settling on less powerful alternatives to support normal function in your life. Feeling that certain choices are only good enough and not what you really want.

Positively, a prosthetic limb may represent a willingness to do anything to achieve a goal. Putting up with embarrassment or unpleasant compromises to make sure you win.

Negatively, a prosthetic limb may represent desperation to continue bad habits.


To dream of a prostitute represents an aspect of your personality that sells itself out. It may reflect your self-interest before higher ideals or being more concerned with money than anything else.

Alternatively, dreaming of a prostitute may reflect you or someone else that provides a service whenever they are asked to. You or someone else that is easy to use.

Negatively, a prostitute may represent "caving in" or giving up higher ideals as soon as pressure is felt. Abusing talents, or lowering your standards, morals, or principles for personal benefit. Getting ahead or enjoying yourself without any regard for standards or quality.

Men with pregnant wives commonly dream of having sex with prostitutes. This may reflect their impersonal feelings about using their wife to have sex when she too pregnant to be in the mood.

Example: A man dreamed of a seeing a prostitute walking towards him. In waking life he spoke a second language fluently and someone who needed his help kept offering to pay him to do translations. The prostitute reflect his willingness to do whatever he was asked when paid.


To dream of being protected or needing protection represents feeling helplessness or vulnerability. It may also reflect a sense of relief that someone else is taking care of a problem for you. It may also represent filtering out of certain ideas and facts because you do not like someone or a certain way of thinking.

Negatively, you may be dependent on others or need to learn t stand up for yourself. It may also reflect an emotional barrier you have put up or that you're denying the truth to yourself.

To dream that you are protecting someone or something represents filtering out certain ideas, situations, or people because you don't like them. Purposely trying to avoid a problem. It may also reflect your attempt to preserve something in your life. Ideas, habits, or situations that you don't want to change. It may also mean that you are putting up an emotional barrier between you and others around you. Consider who or what you are protecting for additional meaning.

Alternatively, protecting someone or something may reflect your attempt to cover yourself.

Example: A woman dreamed of being in love with a very protective man. In waking life she believed that God was making it difficult for her ex to date someone else, protecting her ability to keep trying to get back together with him. The dream might have been a sign that she was having difficulty accepting her ex moving on to another relationship while enjoying her ex's bad luck as being a product of God's protection.


To dream of seeing a protest represents your feelings about a situation not functioning as it's supposed to be. It may also reflect you growing frustration with someone or feeling that you have been lied to. Alternatively, a protest in a dream may reflect you desire to take action or stand up for yourself. Feeling very upset about a need for serious change in some manner. Real life objections about something you or someone else doesn't like.

Negatively, dreaming about protesting may reflect awareness of people who are upset with your actions. Anxiety about angry people whom you owe money to.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing protesters outside of a government gate. In waking life he was getting tired of being lied to by his father who kept delaying a big payment owed to him. He felt that action needed to be taken, but didn't know how.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of seeing protesters in the distance. In waking life he was in serious financial trouble and felt that soon his bill collectors were going to get very angry with him.


To dream of a pair of pruners or pruning shears represents wish to not notice something ever again. Cutting something out of you life for your own good. Not believing that someone or something is perfect enough. A wish to make something more perfect.

Negatively, pruners may reflect an impotent ability to change something you think is wrong.


To dream of pruning an attempt to rid yourself of flaws or imperfections as you develop some area of yourself. Controlling or adjusting progress. Getting rid of what you no longer need as you move forward in a situation. Getting rid of anything you don't need so that you can be the best.

Pruning may also reflect your attempt to improve a situation or groom someone to be more mature.


To dream of psilocybin mushrooms represents your feelings about a situation being wonderful to notice all by yourself. An experience is nice to have as long as other people don't find out or interrupt you. It may also reflect feelings of excitement about doing something dangerous.

Example: A young man dreamed of being given psilocybin mushrooms, but was afraid to take them. In waking life he was deeply in debt and his dying father whom he hated gave him full access to all his bank accounts while he was hospitalized. The psilocybin mushrooms reflected the exhilarating risky potential in his hands to pay off all his debts without his Dad knowing about it.


To dream of a psychic represents a high degree of certainty or intelligent intuitiveness about the future. A strong ability to feel what is coming based on what is currently happening to you.

Positively, a psychic may reflect you or someone else that is intelligent or insightful about what outcomes are most likely to occur. Being so aware of what's going on around you that you can feel what will happen next. Being so experienced with certain behavior that you know what is going to happen next.

Negatively, a psychic may reflect false assumptions about current circumstances influencing your choices. Feeling too certain that bad things will happen based on circumstantial evidence. Alternatively, a psychic may negatively reflect bad advice you keep taking because someone sounds intelligent or experienced.

Example: A woman dreamed of visiting a psychic who told her that her reading wasn't looking good. In waking life she had serious heart problems and felt that because some members of her family had died suddenly due to heart problems that her heart problems were a sign that that death was imminent.


To dream of a psychologist represents insight into why you think a certain way. Either your own attempt to gain insight in your behavior or someone that is telling you why you have a problem.

Example: A man dreamed of sitting in a psychologists office. In waking life he was realizing why it was so difficult for him to get over his ex-girlfriend.


To dream of a pterodactyl dinosaur represents feelings of fear or terror of other people enjoying thinking it's easy to make you feel stupid. The terror of truth, facts, or problems easily catching up to you. Fear of something that has no problems finding you. Fear of starting something with consequences of explaining. Fear of avoiding something that ignorantly believes it understands you when it doesn't. Fear of flying.

Example: A woman dreamed of a pterodactyl giving her an egg. In waking life she was fearing flying to a another country to take part in a very foreign type of spiritual ceremony. She was afraid that both the cost of the unusual trip to the foreign country and the spiritual ceremony would make other people have an easy time laughing at her.


*Please See Bar

Pubic Hair

To dream of pubic hair represents sexually desirous thoughts.

Shaving public hair may reflect abstinence or a loss of sexual interest.

Public Bathroom

To dream of a public bathroom represents a disorderly attempt to cleanse negative thoughts, emotions, or situations. Life circumstances or bad habits aren't supportive of positive changes. You may have other problems, other people, or other situations that are interfering with your ability to smoothly fix an issue.

A public bathroom is a sign that more effort is needed to confront issues or that a current situation is unsupportive of progress.

*Please Bathrooms.
*Please See Urinal

*Please See Toilets

Public Humilation

To dream of public humiliation represents feelings about being exposed as ill-prepared, incompetent, or deserving of shame. Feeling that you are fully exposed to other people in an unacceptable way. Fears regarding preparedness or being discovered with your dishonesty.


To dream of pudding represents
situations where you are noticing how good something is. You may be noticing how good something feels.


To dream of a puddle represents a minor setback, disappointments, or nuisance that you want to avoid. You may be experiencing a situation that slows you down. Issues or problems you want to "walk around." Potential embarrassments are mindful to avoid. Feelings about having a bad day.

Negatively, puddles may reflect an excessive concern for avoiding imperfect behavior. Disappointing yourself if you aren't behaving perfect. Over-sensitivity about potential problems. An uptight personality about a single minor setback. An overly-avoidant personality. An arrogant attitude that diminishes significant problems. A small view of a serious issue. Feeling that a major action that disrespected someone is not important to address because it will slow you down with your own achievements. Sensitivity about acknowledging small problems.

To dream of stepping in a puddle may represents feelings of accidentally creating a problem. Feeling that you weren't as careful about problems or respecting other people feelings as you should have been. Disappointments about not behaving perfect. Feeling embarrassed that you weren't as attentive as you could have been. Embarrassing yourself insulting someone and then telling yourself that "they should just get over it on their own."

To dream of jumping in a puddle and laughing may represent feelings about not taking disappointments or setbacks seriously. Laughing at yourself during a setback or disappointment. Laughing at petty people for being too upset or strict. Laughing at petty issues that you think are stupid.

To dream of a puddle of blood may reflect feelings about evidence of failure, over-aggressive behavior, or criminal actions that you wish to avoid.

Example: A man dreamed of trying hard to avoid puddles. In waking life he was trying very hard to behave perfectly moral and faithful for God. The puddles may have reflected his feelings about the potential to let himself down if he wasn't living a perfectly faithful life for God. Potential disappointments to himself if he didn't maintain his perfect honest behavior. The dream may have been a sign that he was too concerned with avoiding dishonest behavior that he felt might embarrass God.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing her baby son jumping in puddles and laughing. In waking life she was worried about her fiance spending money on their baby son when they were already having financial problems.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing a puddle of blood. In waking life she was considering getting back surgery for a second time after her first surgery almost killed her. The puddle of blood in this case may have reflected her feelings about how evidently dangerous back surgery was from her last experience and her wish to avoid dying from the surgery.

Puerto Rican People

To dream of Puerto Rican people represents respects itself being realistic or feels good realistic. Feeling good that something is working, but don't care about it being perfect. No concern for being "superman" for why everything in a situation is excellent. Feeling good being fair. A realistic attitude that is not going to do anything exceptional for you for free. Beautifully realistic support that isn't going to surprise you with an exceptional miracle. Feeling good that you deserve something, bu tit's not going to get any better. An aspect of yourself that is just honest about why it deserves to have it's feelings respected no matter what. Behavior that notices everything is beautiful the way it is and doesn't believe it needs to stop. Behavior that is required to be fantastic for everyone else's feelings. Passionate attitude about why everyone's feelings need to be listened to. Noticing not being the most important person, but still deserving to be respected listened to. Behavior that expects to be realistically accepted the way it is no matter what. Behavior that respects itself never listening to anything jealous. A mindset that terrifies itself that it would even want to talk about something jealous. Realistically not feeling you are better than anyone else. Behavior that isn't laughing about everyone needing to like it. Not minding everyone else doing something the hard way, while you don't. Feeling happy about a situation working being simple. Feeling good not embarrassing anyone else with your problems while they don't embarrass you with their problems.

Behavior that notices it doesn't have to listen to anyone tell it that it isn't liking itself all the time. Feeling good taking time noticing kindness or happiness while noticing nothing is a mistake. Feeling good for family life like it's your first job. Behavior that isn't listening to why it's not considered a perfect example of caring about others feelings. Behavior that isn't nice if it doesn't want to, but is always listening. No fear of needing to be "just honest" to your face all the time. Behavior that is always volatile about why it's tough and sensitive. Behavior that doesn't like being too serious, but will if it has to. Behavior that respects itself not needing to talk about being richer than anyone else. Feeling respected liking your life the way it is. Feeling good that nothing is tragic about a mistake.

Negatively, dreaming of a Puerto Rican person represents an aspect of your personality that respects itself realistic without believing anything else matters. Covering up problems with a realistic attitude. Behavior that isn't adjusting to anyone else's problems if they aren't listening. Anger at be forced to be too serious. Feeling good not being told what to do unless their is a good reason. Getting angry or jealous if you aren't respecting it feeling good believing in itself as a priority when you feel that believing in oneself as a priority is a waste of time. Feelings about behavior that you feel wastes time wanting you to feel good about it. A mindset that may be lethal with anger if aren't listening to it or you tell it that it's not beautiful the way it is. Behavior that notices it can afford everything it needs. Not caring about the highest standards of excellence as long as everything is working, or an attitude that says "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Behavior that doesn't mind a situation being dirty or dangerous when other people don't feel good about it. Jealousy of not having a good time.

Behavior that requires a situation to be "colorful" or it's not interested. Concerns about that safe behavior could be lethal, but isn't right now. Behavior that feels good thinking someone else should fix a problem while not able or wanting to fix the problem itself. Behavior that may be jealous if everything around it isn't feeling good fantastic with them.
Feelings about telling someone the hard truth while noticing you don't want to terrify them. Behavior that makes mistakes and scares you with it's feelings hurt that you need to care about it anyway. Excessive enjoyment that doesn't believe it needs to stop. An attitude of "nothing special" towards you if you don't believe it deserves to be respected no matter what. Anger, shock, or ignorance that isn't listening to why it's not considered a perfect example of caring about others feelings.


*Please See Vomiting


To dream of pulling something represents feelings about insisting on having your way. Not believing you should need to ask to get what you want. Making an effort to help someone. Making an effort to make someone consider your views. Persistently trying to prevent something bad from happening. Alternatively, dreams of pulling in may reflect feelings of naturally gravitating towards certain ideas or situations.

Negatively, pulling something or someone in a dream may reflect an insensitive attitude about forcing someone to go along with your views. Struggling to make someone do something you way. An excessive level of insistence on getting your way or having your views respected. An excessive need for others to "pull you away" from your routines or bad habits. Desperation to help others or fearing that you can't help them.

To dream of being pulled represents feelings of being carried through a situation or responsibly helped. Authority figures in your life insisting you go along with certain behavior or choices. Allowing someone to do all the work for you.

Negatively, being pulled in a dream may reflect feelings of having no choice in a situation. Feeling that you can't stop a disaster or worst case scenario. Feeling pressure to give up or stop doing something. Feeling embarrassed that you have to go along with what someone else wants. Unstoppable urges or addictions. A natural tendency to gravitate towards bad influences or negative situations.

To dream of being pulled upwards may reflect feelings about someone in your life insisting on responsible behavior or choices. Feeling that you are being helped to improve or live better. Someone else's efforts are slowly making your life more responsible or positive. Feelings about parents, friends, or authority figures doing all the hard work for you to help you. Feeling that you are being helped by someone when you can't help yourself.


To dream of pulp represents feelings about an issue being exhaustively dealt with or reduced as much as humanly possible. Problems that have been "reduced to a pulp."

Example: A man dreamed of stirring dark purple pulp. In waking life he was aggressively investigating whether or not his wife had cheated on him. He couldn't let the issue rest no matter how much he couldn't find guilt on wife's part. he had investigated the issue to the point where he couldn't investigate any further.


To dream of a pulpit represents feelings about a using a situation or opportunity as a platform to strongly preach or moralize. Feelings about being an authority on morality or honesty. Professing love or the morality of the relationship publicly to friends, family, or fellow church goers. Using a situation as a platform to profess how serious you are about an issue. Using a situation to publicly or loudly be heard proving you are more honest than someone else. Listening to something as though it's "your calling" in life.

Negatively, dreaming of a pulpit may represents feelings about ego, arrogance, or showing off that uses a situation to prove that other people are respecting listening to them. Scaring other people "with a strong voice" that dishonesty needs to be addressed. Feelings about being annoyed that someone thinks they are an authority on moralizing to you. Fear or anxiety created by listening to your religious leader too much. An excessive need to exploit a situation to brag, prove yourself, or be overheard being more honest than someone else. Naively listening to something being your "calling in life."

To dream of being unable to find a pulpit may reflect feelings about not seeing proof that someone else would want to publicly discuss an important issues. Not seeing someone publicly professing their love to friends, family, of fellow church goers when doing so may be a sign of honesty.

Dreams of pulpits are common to people heavily involved in their churches or very faithfully "listening to God" with their faith. Negatively, spiritually a pulpit in a dream may point to spiritual obsession or listening too much to whatever a preacher says to the point of being unhappy. A dislike of listening to your Church leaders. Thinking a lot about your calling to do God's work. Scaring yourself or making yourself unhappy thinking that you are not listening enough to a "calling from God" that may not really be what you want in life. Fear of not "saving enough souls" to prove yourself to your church.

Example: A woman dreamed of her husband being proud of a pulpit that was purchased. In waking life she was experiencing her husband having problems ordering furniture up and see her husband become very angry about needing to resolve the issue by making sure the furniture company was listening to him properly.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being unable to see the pulpit in her church. In waking life she received a marriage proposal from a dishonest man in her church who already had a child from a previous marriage and eventually went back to his first wife. In this case the pulpit she couldn't see may have reflected her
feelings about not see proof of the proposal being genuine because the man who proposed to her never proved he was serious by telling the church or people he knew. The pulpit unseen represented the opportunity to profess love publicly that was never witnessed.

Example 3: A man dreamed of walking from his church pulpit to greet people. In waking life he was a part of a travelling church ministry.

Pumpkin Pie

*Please See Pies


To dream of a pumpkin represents feelings about closure in your life or the realization that a good time is over. Feelings about a positive situation that's coming to an end. An enjoyable area of your life is finishing. Time may feel like it's running out.

A pumpkin may show up in a dream when you know a relationship may be nearing it's end or you feel that a loved one is close to dying. "Time is up" in a waking life situation.

Example: A girl dreamed of pumpkins falling from a tree. In real life she was having an affair with a guy that told her he didn't think their relationship was going to work. The pumpkins reflected her feelings about the guys behavior signaling that the relationship was almost over.


To dream that you are punching something represents feelings about getting back at something directly or wish to get back at something directly. Lashing out, frustrations, or anger you are feeling. An aggressive mood. Tension about an issue that you need to release. You may be aggressively surprising someone with a different belief or opinion. Forcing a different belief, unpleasant view, or completely opposite idea to someone else. Aggressively lashing out at your own ideas.

To dream of someone punching you may reflect anger or aggression you feel from someone else. Unpleasant news or surprises that hurt your feelings. "Taking a hit" emotionally. Feeling that a person or situation gets back at you directly. Feelings about being lashed out at by someone with a different belief, idea, or agenda. Frustrations or anger you feel from others. Feeling that you are the target of someone else's tension.

If you are punched in the stomach it may reflect anger or aggression that is making you feel sensitive about something you don't like. Someone may have hurt your feelings by lashing out at you. Feeling surprised with upsetting news that makes you sensitive.

To dream of being unable to throw a punch suggests that you are feeling helpless or powerless express anger. Feeling powerless to lash out. You may have issues with self-esteem, confidence, or speaking up for yourself.

To dream that you are drinking punch represents social ease. Making an effort to get along or not notice other people's problems.

Example: A young man dreamed of punching his father after his father was hugging him. In waking life he was having difficulty forgiving his father for past abuse. The punching in this case may have reflected his need to privately or verbally lash out at his father after trying to forgive him.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of her ex-boyfriend punching her in the arm. In waking life she watched him take another woman home for Christmas and it hurt her feelings.

Punching Bag

To dream of a punching bag represents a person or situation that you are taking out your anger or frustrations on. You may also be looking for a safe outlet to express your frustrations. Alternatively, the dream may mean that you are feel like someone is taking out their anger or frustration on you.


To dream of punishment may represent feelings of harsh treatment that you or someone else believes is deserved. Believing that behavior needs to be corrected. Feeling that you or someone else needs to "pay the price." Harsh treatment towards yourself or others for something felt to be inexcusable. Feelings of shame or guilt over a transgression that is real or imagined. Feelings of "punishing yourself." Intentionally being make difficult for yourself. Feeling that someone deserves to be treated worse than other people. Feeling that someone is acting too harshly towards you or someone else. Feeling that poor treatment towards you is unfair. Feelings about be forced to work beyond reasonable expectations by your boss. Awareness of poor treatment towards others and not speaking up about it. Memories of physical or emotional abuse you endured. Feeling that life is unfair and that God is punishing you.

Negatively, punishment in a dream may reflect your wish to get revenge or "get even" with people who did bad things to you. Desiring God to punish people you don't like.

Alternatively, punishment in a dream may reflect feelings about the need for strict rules and severe consequences for not following them.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a man being punished in a dungeon. In waking life he was aware of himself enduring horrendous working conditions without taking action to stand up for himself.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of fearing being punished for not doing what her husband demanded. In waking life she felt that her husband didn't love her or her kids anymore and would leave her and make her life financially difficult if she didn't live the way he wanted.

Example 3: A man dreamed of being punished by a large man whom was too big to defend himself against. He could only avoid the large man and run away. In waking life he had a serious health problem that made living his life unbearable.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of being punished by her father. In waking life he felt that she was "paying the price" for deciding not to leave her husband with whom she felt her marriage was now too unpleasant to remain married in.

*Please See Death Sentence


To dream of a puppeteer represents a controlling or manipulative behavior. It may also reflect manipulative intentions or awareness of someone else trying to manipulate you.

*Please See Puppets


To dream of a string puppet represents you or someone else that is "pulling the strings" from behind the scenes.

To dream of a hand puppet represents an attempt to hide behind rhetoric or good feelings. Patronizing behavior or communication. Making others feel good about something you don't really think. Teaching yourself to feel good about a lie.


To dream of a puppy represents strong feelings of emotional protection towards a new situation, new area of your life, or new relationship. Someone or something very dear to you. Strong feelings of emotional protection for something you are very sensitive about. Loyalty or devotion that makes you happy.

Puppies can also reflect feelings about sensitivity about a protective area of your life that is slowly growing stronger. Protecting investments that will become stronger at a later time. Fearing or caring deeply for friends or family that will eventually have the ability to protect you. Developing a winning strategy that is not fully powerful yet.

Positively, a puppy may reflect your attempts to do everything you can to defend yourself or believe in yourself. It may also reflect how wonderful it feels to fall in love or pursue a playful love interest. Flirting.

Negatively, a puppy may reflect feelings that everyone else is a loser if they don't like something that you like a lot. Jealousy of anyone getting in the way of something you really like a lot.

To dream of a white puppy represents feelings about how honest, genuine, or perfectly clean a developing protective aspect of your life is. Developing a winning strategy that is perfectly honest or clean. Developing methods of success that are intentionally honest or perfectly focused on cleaning. Alternatively, a perfectly white puppy may reflect a developing protective aspect of your life that is ending or being removed from your life.

To dream of a black puppy represents feelings about how scary or excessive a developing protective aspect of your life is. Developing a winning strategy that scares others or is noticeably excessive. Developing methods of success that intentionally scary or excessive. Growing anger at someone. Excessive sexual interests. Feelings about a friendly person being scary or excessive.

To dream of a caramel colored puppy represents feelings about how wonderful or pleasing a developing protective aspect your life is. Developing a winning strategy that makes your life very easy. Developing methods to be successful that are not fully grown yet.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a puppy. In waking life he was facing financial ruin and only had a hobby he loved left as a way to make money. The puppy reflected his deep love and protective feelings for his hobby which he was forced to be very serious about developing into a business.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of giving birth to a puppy and thinking it was mistake. In waking life she pregnant and didn't really want to have the baby. She had actually considered having an abortion and failed to produce a miscarriage with negligent behavior. The puppy she thought was a mistake probably reflected her disinterest in caring for a child and her second thoughts about avoiding an abortion.

Example 3: A man dreamed of puppies choking. In waking life he was very upset about having to kill mice in his home as he could hear them dying in traps while he was in bed sleeping.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of having a black and white puppy in her car as she was driving. In waking life he was falling in love with a guy, but was uncertain about why he was having difficulties telling her how he felt.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of cute puppy that was actually a wolf. In waking life she was talking to her ex-boyfriend and then realized it was a bad idea and cut off all communication with him.

Example 6: A woman dreamed of seeing two puppies. In waking life she was having conflicted feelings about whether or not she should stop flirting with a guy.

Example 7: A woman dreamed of calling a puppy that would never appear. In waking life she lost her cat and kept expecting it to be found.

*Please See Dogs


*Please See Buying


To dream of something being pure represents your feelings about some area of your life being uncontaminated or perfect. Alternatively, it may reflect innocence or virtue.

Dreaming of something being pure may also reflect an experience in waking life that is exactly the way you wanted it to be. Experiencing no degradation, interruptions, embarrassments, or inconveniences of any kind.

Negatively, dreaming of something being pure may reflect excess, going overboard, or experimentation with something dangerously powerful. Going too far with being perfect.


The color purple in a dream represents neutrality, or powerlessness. Something that is uncaring, unbiased, or totally powerless.

Positively, purple can symbolize having no bias, or situations that are open. This will usually be represented by lighter shades of purple.

Negatively, the color purple reflects powerlessness. You are totally unable to respond, react, or do what you want. Impotence in some form. This will usually be represented by darker shades of purple.

When you see purple in a dream it can represent a negative situation that has been "neutralized" by a positive situation, or a positive situation that has been neutralized by a negative situation.

The symbol for purple is metaphorically based on the mixture of blue and red which is waking life create purple when mixed. Since blue symbolizes positivity and red symbolizes negativity you get neutrality with purple.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing someone wearing a purple shirt. In waking life he felt powerless to stop an enemy.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a purple house. In waking life he felt completely unconcerned with someone else's problems.


To dream of a purse represents your identity or sense of self. Thoughts, feelings, or life situations that give you confidence, power, or make you feel complete as a person. A purse can also reflect emotional dependency, or things you need in order to feel complete, whole, or confident. Feelings about your identity.

Losing your purse may symbolize losing touch with who you are, or giving up habits or life situations that make you feel confident, or complete as a person. A loss of identity. Women who are dealing with unfamiliar situations that make them feel insecure often dream of losing their purses.

Example: A woman dreamed of returning to her church to pick up a purse that she had forgotten. In waking life she had for years given up certain privileges in her church to make time for family and had only recently had her church privileges reinstated. The purse reflects her sense of identity and emotional needs associated with having the extra responsibility in the church.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of leaving her purse inside her finance's car trunk. In waking life she felt that moving in with her fiance was robbing her of her ability to feel that she had an independent identity. She felt living with him only allowed her to be independent under his terms since it was his house.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing a red purse that was so heavy it required two men to carry it. In waking life she was having sex with two men and was just starting to have her period. The red purse may have reflected her feelings about her feminine identity being that of being a sexually attractive woman who had to make her men wait for menstrual period to end before continuing to have sex with them both again.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of losing her purse. In waking life she had lung disease and felt that she was losing her identity to the illness as her health and finances got worse fighting the illness.

*Please See Handbags


*Please See Chased


To dream of pushing something represents feelings of forcefulness or insistence. Abrupt changes. Effort made to force change. Pressuring someone.

Negatively, pushing something in a dream may reflect feelings of being confrontational atmosphere. An aggressive situation. Frustration. Rejection. Not liking something being in your way. Acting too abruptly in a situation. Cheating to get your way. Pressuring others.

To dream of pushing something heavy could reflect feelings about how stressful it is to make a change occur. Desperation or obsession to force change. Feeling like a loser who has to do something without any help.

To dream of being pushed may reflect feelings of being forced into a situation or forced to change. Feelings forced to confront something even if you don't want to. Feeling that someone in your life is "pushing you around." Feeling pressured into doing something. Feelings of unfairness.

To dream of being pushed out of the way represents feeling feelings of being unimportant. Feeling rejected or that someone doesn't like you. Feeling that you aren't being respected. A competitive atmosphere. Feeling powerless.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing a dog push it's way into a house. In waking life he felt pressure from his family to have an arranged marriage.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of seeing a mutant being pushed off a cliff. In waking life he had a facial disfigurement and felt pressure from his father to do something better with his life even though he felt it was impossible to do with his disfigurement.

Example 3: A man dreamed of being pushed. In waking life he felt pressured by his wife into talking to her about his infidelities.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of pushing people around. In waking life she was frustrated by a number of people who were disagreeing with her and not giving her what she expected to get from them.


To dream of a jigsaw puzzle represents a multi-faceted challenge or problem that you need to solve in your waking life. Trying your hardest to slowly get something to work or make sense.

To dream that pieces are missing in the puzzle may reflect a waking life situation where you don't have all the facts needed to make an informed decision. Feeling that something doesn't makes sense yet, or that you are missing something. Waiting for an answer that makes sense.


To dream of an Egyptian style pyramid represents ascension of consciousness, elevation, progression, or working your way to the top. You are aware of your own progress, or a situation is allowing you to rise to a higher level.

To dream of climbing a pyramid represents progress or the achievement of a goal through perseverance.

To dream of the actual Egyptian pyramids may symbolize your perspective on a situation that can't be figured out. You don't know what to think about something that's happening to you. Feeling that something is both incredible and empty at the same time.

To see red capstone on an Egyptian style pyramid represents a higher level of consciousness with a negative intentions controlling it. It reflects knowledge or power that is becoming dangerous or corrupted.

To dream of a Mayan pyramid represents advancement or progression that is surprising. You may be experiencing a situation that is more powerful, wonderful, or interesting than you originally believed it to be.

To dream of standing on top of a Mayan pyramid represents realizations or achievements that are more powerful or wonderful that you first thought.

To dream of climbing a Mayan pyramid represents working towards goals or achievements that are more powerful or wonderful than you previously believed.

Example: A young man dreamed of the Egyptian pyramids. In waking life he had met a girl online that he liked, but couldn't meet in real life. The Egyptian pyramids reflected his feelings about the online relationship feeling both incredible and empty because the girl was both pretty and impossible to know in real life.

Pythagorean Cup

To dream of a Pythagorean Cup represents feelings about embarrassment of being left with nothing if something becomes excessive. Being left with nothing once you become greedy to set limit. Awareness of yourself getting away with something as long as you remain within certain limits. Awareness of having to learn a lesson in total embarrassment if you don't stay within perfect set limits. Total embarrassment that follows believing that something is perfectly easy.

Example: A man dreamed of a broken Pythagorean Cup. In waking life he believed that it as going to be easy to move away for a new job while breaking up with his girlfriend as long as he did it quickly. The dream may have reflected his doubts about being insensitive to his girlfriend in order to get ahead in life on his own believing the breakup may have consequences financially if she believed he was planning the breakup for a long time and using her to prepare to move away.


To dream of a python may represent fear of total failure or losses that you can't escape. Feeling that a person or situation will permanently "put the squeeze" on you if you give them any leverage at all. Fearing being destroyed by a enemy that never lets go once they get a grip on you. A problem or negative situation that feels too strong to free yourself from. Believing that once something gets leverage over you that you'll never escape it.

Positively, a python may reflect your attempt to overpower enemies or problems. "Squeezing" the competition. Never giving up on a problem once you get any leverage over it at all. Never letting go or never giving up.

Negatively, a python may reflect abuse of superior power. Never letting go people you want to dominate. Using superiority to stay dominate at all costs. Jealousy of anything ever getting to be dominate over you ever again once you are powerful.

Example: A man dreamed of fighting with a python. In waking life he was struggling against debt collectors that he felt were going to slowly bankrupt him or "squeeze him dry" if he cooperated with them at all.

*Please See Boa Constrictor

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