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To dream of polygamy may be a sign that you don't feel as important as someone else in relationship or commitment. Giving your all to someone who doesn't feel that giving their all to you is necessary. A sign that you need to demand more respect or start setting boundaries.

If you are the polygamist in the dream who is married to multiple partners it may be a sign that you feel more important than other people in a relationship or commitment. Positively, it may reflect your superiority or heightened sense of responsibility. Negatively, it may be a sign that are not returning the loyalty or respect that other people are giving you.

Alternatively, multiple marriage partners may simply reflect multiple areas of your life or habits that you are emotionally "married to" at the same time. Different behaviors or coping mechanisms that are very helpful to you. Negatively, it may be a sign that you feel stuck with a number of different problems.

Polygraph Testing

To dream of a polygraph test represents social verification of intentions. Having to show someone with your actions that you are being honest beyond any doubt. A reflection of a loss of confidence or faith.

Alternatively, it may reflect a need to prove that you or someone else doesn't really care about something. Honesty, fear, or, jealousy being put to the test.

Example: A man dreamed of having to take a polygraph test. In waking life his girlfriend forced him to embarrass another woman to prove to her that he didn't like the other woman.


To dream of pomegranate represents feeling good doing different things all the time. Enjoying trying or experiencing a lot of something you've never done before. Feeling good about enjoying something that is both perfect and different. Optimism to live a new life filled with enjoying new things. Enthusiasm for a lot of new change in life. Multiple enjoyable benefits perceived to be possible if a change is made.

Negatively, a pomegranate may represent your enthusiasm for new things that aren't shared by other people. Feeling ready and excited to do new things when others hold you back or are pessimistic. Wanting to start a new happier exciting life and feeling others aren't. Feeling that other people are too enthusiastic or optimistic about experiencing new things in life that you are not comfortable with.

Example: A woman dreamed of an old man handing her ripe pomegranate and then handing her husband an unripe pomegranate. In waking life she felt that her husband was holding both of their lives back by never wanting to embrace any new exciting ideas that could change both their lives in multiple ways.


To dream of pompoms represents enthusiasm or encouragement for someone else's success. Something you or someone else is doing to show their support or motivate others. A beautiful or wonderful gesture to show that you are supporting someone.


To dream of a poncho represents the personality that is always concerned other people feeling you don't have any real concerns or worries. Your personality acting above trivial or materialistic matters. Acting towards others as though your personality is always down to earth and carefree. Openly discussing your problems to feel better about them. Laughing at yourself or not taking anything too seriously. Playing down the seriousness of things.

Negatively, a poncho may be sign that you are concerned with showing people that you aren't sad or jealous by lying to yourself that something doesn't matter. Laughing about your problems so you only appear carefree. Regularly playing down the seriousness of something that actually hurts a lot.

Example: A woman dreamed of being given a white poncho. In waking life she was psychologically recovering from surgery where her breasts were removed. The poncho may have reflected her attempts to deal with her loss by actively playing down the seriousness of her operation. Projecting herself to her friends and family to be carefree and that her operation wasn't the worst thing that could happen to her.


To dream of a pond represents uncertainty in your life that you are comfortable with. Confidence in your ability to to try new things. Confidence in your ability to confront a new challenge without embarrassing yourself. Your ability to try something dangerous without angering someone. Alternatively, a pond may reflect how you are keeping a problem contained. Keeping emotions in check.

Negatively, dreaming about a pond reflects feeling about private exploration of dangerous or bad habits. Enjoying yourself doing something bad to someone else without them knowing it. Liking yourself as you are even if other people don't. Feeling that your life is easier to accept yourself as you are instead of making a big change to improve it. Feeling good enjoying something illegal whenever you want.

Example: A man dreamed of swimming the backstroke in a pond. In waking life he was heavily involved in a secretive criminal enterprise that was virtually impossible to get caught with. He felt exhilarated to make enormous amounts of money with great ease without even caring about the legal consequences. He enjoyed thinking he was better than other people because he made more money than everyone he knew in his life easier than they ever could. The pond in this case may have reflected his feelings about enjoying illegal behavior whenever he wanted and the uncertainty about being caught unimportant to him.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing waterslides being installed beside a pond. In waking life he was secretly becoming addicted to pornography. The pond in this case may have reflected his feelings about enjoying pornography in private whenever he wanted with no consequences knowing full well it was immoral.


To dream of a pony represents feelings of enjoying interesting or unique experiences with family or special people. Enjoying time with people who doesn't embarrass you or laugh at you. Enjoying spending time with family. Feeling that you're special. Personal time with people you like.

Children may dream of ponies to reflect their enjoyment of spending time with family or being treated special by family. Having a good time with parents who teach you things or take you places.

To dream of someone hurting a pony or trying to hurt a pony may reflect feelings about personal time or special relationships being threatened by conflict.

To dream of losing a pony may reflect feelings about someone not liking spending quality time with you anymore. Feeling that family or friends don't like you anymore.

Negatively, dreaming about a pony may be a sign that you or someone else is expecting too much personal care or personal time with someone. Thinking popular people should do all the work while spending time with you.

Example: A young girl dreamed of a monster putting her pony in the trash and then trying to saw the pony in half. In waking life she was experiencing her parents getting a divorce and her father moving out. The pony in the dream may have reflected her feelings about being close to her father and being treated special by him.

Example 2: A man dreamed of helping with pony rides and feeling that he needed a rest. In waking life he was very concerned with having to spend quality time with his grandson.


To dream of hair in a ponytail represents thoughts being under control, acceptable, disciplined, or practicing self-restraint.


To dream of a poodle represents emotional protection that requires high maintenance or special attention. You may be telling yourself that you are too good to put up with no standards or special treatment.

Example: A girl dreamed of a black poodle. In waking life she had broken up with her boyfriend and was telling herself that she was too good for him anyway. She needed more attention then he was willing to give.


*Please See Feces

*Please See Defecation


*Please See Swimming Pool

Pool Noodles

To dream of a pool noodle represents feelings about enjoying confronting problems on your own terms. An aspect of your life that feels good being adjustable while you problem solve. Enjoying feeling that problem solving is too easy.

Negatively, a pool noodle may reflect a lack of respect for someone helping you. Enjoying confronting problems as long as it feels good on your terms. Having difficulty confronting a problem and then deciding to completely focus on another problem because it feels better noticing that your not losing. Noticing God not fully helping you when you asked for his help and then asking for more of his help with something else.

Example: A woman dreamed of tripping on the side of a pool and then seeing blue pool noodles. In waking life she was trying to use dreams to confront her personal problems, but when confronting a personal problem didn't work out she began hoping her dreams would tell her about other problems she had instead of having to continue facing the first problem. The pool noodles in this case may have reflected her wish to enjoy dreams as a problem solving tool on her own terms.

Pool Table

To dream of playing pool represents a struggle or competition you are experiencing where you want to do everything you can to cancel out the opposition first.


To dream of being poor represents your lingering feelings of powerlessness or inadequacy. It may also reflect your sense of limitation or restriction. You feel you don't have the resources, skills, or friendships required to achieve your goals.

Refer to the themes section for money for a more in depth look at money symbolism.


To dream of popcorn represents your enjoyment of noticing something happening. Watching things that you want to happen happening all by themselves. Enjoying being a spectator.

To dream of popcorn kernels represents feelings about the potential to enjoy experiencing something. Getting ready to enjoy yourself or feeling. Feelings about waiting to have to have good time.

Negatively, popcorn kernels may reflect feelings about living in a persistent state of expecting to enjoy yourself. Having no control over your life that allows you to enjoy yourself in a stable setting.

Example: A young boy dreamed of being bounced around like a popcorn kernel inside a popcorn popper. In waking life he was moving around a lot, changing schools, changing friends, and even had to change languages at times. The dream may have reflected his feelings about moving around too much making him feel like he was always getting ready to enjoy growing up, but never actually getting to.


To dream of the Pope represents all assuming unquestioned moral authority or the belief that all your choices must be the best ones. Believing that every single thing you say or want should be liked with open arms.

Negatively, the Pope may reflect self-righteousness, a narrow-minded view, or a holier-than-thou attitude.


To dream of Popeye the sailor man represents the choice to do every single thing you don't want in order to face something dangerous.

Popeye The Sailor

To dream of Popeye The Sailor represent behavior that is focused on showing off tough when it's most important. Silly displays of strength. Embarrassing displays of self-confidence for strength. A strong need to believing in oneself for personal strength.

Negatively, Popeye The Sailor may reflect spontaneous bullying when feeling threatened with less power. No concerns for looking like an outrageous silly person by spontaneously overpowering someone you are jealous of. Looking silly showing off tough when cornered. An embarrassing temper that only appears when you are extremely jealous. Becoming a laughing stock to friends an family for an over-dramatic display of strength. Going overboard showing off strong even if it makes you look like an idiot. Arrogant parents or leaders who look silly showing off being stronger than other people. No guilt for placing the need for appearances of strength before all else even if it embarrasses you. A lack of awareness of how silly you or someone else look showing off strong. A "priceless" humorous moment of over-displaying strength.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing Popeye The Sailor. In waking life he used a spontaneous rage of anger to scare his son away from continuing to ask for promised money to move away to another country. He lied for years to his son and when cornered with no more options he humiliated himself with overbearing anger to scare the son away from speaking about the issue ever again.


To dream of the poppy flower represents your wish to feel good avoiding noticing how dangerous a situation is. A sign that you have good intentions, but are being willfully blind to a problem. Preferring to feel good not acknowledging something bad.


To dream of porcelain represents feelings about a situation being very nice as long as you carefully leave it the way it is. Enjoyment obtained by being careful not to ruin a sensitive situation. Sensitivity about leaving a fragile situation as it is for good appearances. Pleasant, yet fragile social situations. Former enemies with a strong appearance of friendship in public as long as one friend doesn't disrespect the other to reopen the conflict.

To dream of giving someone a gift made of porcelain may represent sensitive feelings about forgiveness or giving someone a second chance. Concerns about be embarrassed again when forgiving someone. Sensitive feelings about favors you are doing for someone being a mistake.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a white porcelain vase. In waking life she had gotten a restraining order against her boyfriend. The white porcelain vase in this case may have reflected her feelings about the restraining order being a sensitive issue requiring careful respect by her boyfriend. It may also have reflected her sensitive feelings about how easy it could be for her boyfriend to violate the restraining order.

Example 2: A man dreamed of considering giving an old friend he didn't really like a pair of porcelain cufflinks for a gift and changed his mind about doing so. In waking life he had become very successful and felt forced to publicly respect the old friend who had disrespected him earlier in life. He felt he could except the public acknowledgment as long as the friend didn't do anything else disrespectful, but at the last minute he decided to avoid respecting the friend in public.


To dream of house porch represents situations, behavior, or issues that you are intentional about. Caring about knowing you're doing something. It may also reflect an area of your life where you are purposely trying to be noticed for something.

Negatively, a porch may reflect bad intentions you care about being noticed by others or problems you care about never having to do anything about.

Example: A man had a recurring theme in his dreams about being on his front porch. In waking life he was a television host. The front porch in his dreams reflects his mindset about being famous and on display. Issues he had to concern himself with because of being famous.


To dream of a porcupine represents respect that's needed. Possible consequences for not caring about someone or noticing someone's positivity. You or someone else that may have given a warning to "not go there."


To dream of pork represents situations where something is only for you. Having something all to yourself. knowing that you don't have to share. Behavior that is focused completely on personal benefit. Noticing yourself doing whatever you want all the time.

Negatively, pork may reflect too much indulgence on yourself or overspending.

Porn Star

To dream of a porn star that you know represents feeling good wanting something that never materializes. Ask yourself what feelings or memories stand out most about that porn star for further symbolism.

An ugly porn star would possibly represent your feelings of how unpleasant it feels to wait or doing nothing while being told to feel good about it.

To dream of being a porn star represents your interest in making others desire things that may never happen. You may be lying to someone or trying to make someone feel good being patient.

Example: A man dreamed of a porn star named Kira Kener. His most honest feeling about this porn star was that she was so beautiful he couldn't think of anything else. In waking life he had a long standing health condition that finally began to slowly improve. Kira Kener in his dream reflected how preoccupied he was with how wonderful it was to heal while never healing completely.


To dream of a pornography video represents a life experience where you are feeling good doing nothing. Desiring, fantasizing, or dreaming about having something you want. Goals, wishes, or aspirations that feel good, but may be out of reach. Pornography may also reflect delusions or unrealistic fantasies.

Pornography may appear in the dreams of a man who can't tell a woman he likes her, ex-partners who fantasize about former lovers, someone planning a vacation, or a business man working on a project he hopes will be successful.

Negatively, pornography may reflect problems with desiring things you don't believe you can realistically have. Trusting nice sounding promises too much. Embarrassing yourself liking something or someone that never proves itself. It may also reflect intense insecurity or jealousy of partners cheating on you sexually.

To dream of pornography photos represents memories you have that feel good to think about.

Pornography can also be a sign of excessive sexual fantasies and daydreaming. You may be thinking about someone you desire and don't believe you can ever have.

To dream of someone you know in pornography may represent you fantasies about them. Something that is common for ex-lovers.

Example: A man dreamed of watching pornography. In waking life he was passionately in love with his ex-girlfriend whom he fantasized about getting back together with when she showed no interest in him.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing pornography on her fiancee's cellphone. In waking life she had just had a baby and was becoming jealous and insecure about her fiancee losing interest in her and starting to cheat on her.

*Please See Porn Star

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*Please See Harbor

Porta Potty

*Please See Outhouse


To dream of a magic portal represents feelings about how quickly your life can become different. Decisions or opportunities that make dramatic change impossibly easy. Feelings about having the ability to power to completely change your life for short periods of time. A complete lack of jealousy about why you never have to waste any time changing between two completely different ways of living. Feelings about easily changing between cultures or different types of friends. Feelings about how it is to change you life if you wanted to.

Negatively, dreaming about a portal may reflect feelings about how dangerous short-lived opportunities are. Feelings that your life may be forever changed if don't reverse a reverse a risky choice quickly. Feeling that you've made the worst decision of your life and need to quickly reverse it. Dangerous or potentially careless feelings about never wasting time doing something you are not supposed to be doing.


To dream of a portrait of yourself represents how you feel you will be remembered. Consider how happy you look in the portrait or other details in the image. A portrait of yourself may also reflect positive feelings about being remembered the way you want to be.

*Please See Picture Frames


To dream of Portugal represents a mindset that feels like life or relationships are centered around doing nothing unattractive or losing. Feeling good knowing everyone wants you to be a winner.

Negatively, Portugal may reflect feelings about yourself being unimportant if you aren't noticed as a perfect winner. It may also reflect feelings about social situations where other people make you feel that they are too good for you. Feeling that everyone in a situation arrogantly doesn't think you are as important or deserving as they are. Feeling used or totally cut off by people who won't return a favor if an unpleasant sacrifice has to be made. Feeling that nobody wants to help you because they would have to notice themselves losing anything. Feeling that being noticed losing anything at all is the worst thing that could happen to you.

Portuguese People

To dream of a Portuguese person represents an aspect of your personality that is confident about deserving to respect itself. Behavior that feels that nothing is special if it isn't deserving to be confident. Feeling believing in itself the way it is. Behavior that is confident about why it doesn't have to believe in something if it doesn't want to. Awareness of yourself avoiding being associated with anything weak or not working. Preferring to project yourself as problemless. Feeling good knowing you aren't desperate.

Negatively, a Portuguese person in a dream represents you or someone else that is sensitive about being noticed insecure. Overconfidence about noticing nothing is losing. Insecurity about being witnessed losing. Doesn't mind you as long as it's noticing it's confident. Behavior that doesn't feel good giving anything back to you if it means it will have to stop being confident. Behavior that arrogantly choose remaining confident before helping someone.

Feelings about other people arrogantly putting themselves first. Feeling that something or someone makes you feel like you don't deserve something while others do. A concern that you never look like a loser before returning a favor. Excessively drawing attention to your self-worth or that you are more deserving. Feeling too happy with your current life situation to do anyone else a favor.

Alternatively, in a negative context a Portuguese person in a dream may negatively reflect a fear of being noticed as a desperate or not good enough.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a Portuguese man. In waking life he was very confident about deserving to keep his life the way it was while ignoring a warning from someone with much more experience than him.


To dream that you are possessed represents powerful feelings of being unable to control your urges or emotions. Feeling overcome by emotion or out of control of your common sense. Feeling that you temporarily "lost it" to anger, jealousy, or other negative emotions. Feeling yourself experiencing "madness" or uncontrollable influences.

To dream of seeing someone else possessed may reflect a temporary lapse of self-control that overrides rational thinking. Negative emotions and urges overcoming you or someone. Feeling that someone you know was temporarily not being themselves. You or someone else that is experiencing anger, jealousy, or aggression taking control over common sense. Manipulative influences that have caused you or someone else to act terrible.

To dream of fighting being possessed may reflect issues with fearing closing yourself off to something you fear or that you think is dangerous. Possibly a sign that you are trying your hardest to resist an addiction or being overtaken with immorality. Resisting with all your strength to not feel like a loser or to allow someone else to control you.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed of an possessed evil unicorn chasing her. In waking life she feared getting pregnant after having sex despite her parents warnings about the dangers of unprotected sex. The possessed unicorn may have reflected her shock about how out of control her life felt after ignoring her parents advice about how special and important it was to wait until marriage to have sex.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of her ex-fiance being possessed by Satan. In waking life she was shocked by how evil and mean her ex-fiance's behavior became once he broke up with her.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of being possessed by evil spirits. In waking life she felt emotionally overwhelmed by her memories of the past. She couldn't stop the bad memories from her childhood from making her upset. She was living in a childhood home in which she was abused and so the memories of her past couldn't be stopped.

*Please See Demons

*Please See Exorcism


To dream of a possum represents a person or situation in your life where someone is fully aware of what they are doing is wrong and not caring about it. Disgusting dishonesty or arrogance. Behavior that is terrible and comfortable with it. A possum may reflect people who are so terrible that know you need something and use it to get more from you. Awareness of how disgusting someone else's behavior is. Overt dislike for someone.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing possums in his backyard. In waking life his father had promised him $200,000 when a home was sold so he could start a new life with a new business that was taking off. The father promised this because the son paid off all the mortgages and property taxes for 10 years.

He noticed his father doing everything he could to avoid paying the money with delays and excuses because he never really wanted to pay his son at all. The man felt his father was jealous of his new business allowing him have a life that didn't require paying all his father's bills anymore. The father was planing on threatening to retire as soon as his new business took off so he could never stop using him.

Example: A woman dreamed of avoiding running over a possum with her car. In waking life she had decided to move on with her life from old friendships that had deteriorated and was having trouble telling the people to their face that she didn't like them anymore.

Post Office

To dream of a post office represents a situation in your life where you are constantly trying to give people information you believe is important for them to have.


To dream of a poster represents qualities about yourself that you want others to notice about you. You may want to share something about yourself or draw attention to something happening to you. A personality trait, belief, or experience you had that you like other people noticing about you.

Negatively, dreaming about a poster may reflect issues with vanity, arrogance, or needing attention. Enjoying showing off or talking about yourself too much to other people. Desperation to impose chosen opinions about yourself on others.

To dream of yourself having a poster on your bedroom wall may reflect your secret admiration. It may also reflect the qualities about yourself which you admire. Things about yourself that make you feel good knowing you aren't stupid.

To dream of a propaganda poster may reflect feelings of forced enthusiasm for beliefs or agenda's that aren't your own. Fearing not being viewed by others as conforming to something socially acceptable. Unpleasant feelings about others pressuring you into choosing to not be yourself or to ignore your conscience.

Consider the content of the poster for additional meaning.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a women whom in waking life he felt had crazy views about spiritually telling him that "once you become famous I will print your posters for you." In waking life he had taken hallucinogenic drugs, had a powerful spiritual experience, and when he began telling people about it they all became to disassociate themselves from him because they thought he was crazy.

Example 2: A person living in Nazi Germany dreamed that propaganda posters on the corner of a street listed the twenty words people were not allowed to say. The dream may have reflected the dreamer's growing unease with having to be enthusiastic about the Nazi's growing level of power over society.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of forcing her husband to look at a poster on a wall. In waking life she acting overbearing towards a doctor by forcing him to speak to her about her faith in God being strong.


*Please See Mailman

Pot Of Gold

To dream of a pot of gold represents feelings about something valuable that sits around doing nothing. A lot of opportunity, freedom, luck, and power that isn't be used at all.

Negatively, it may reflect your intentions to steal something valuable because someone else isn't doing anything with it. Feeling that valuable opportunities are being wasted.

To dream of a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow reward or freedom at the end of troubles, difficulties, or challenges. Negatively, it pay be a possible warning about misconceptions or delusions about how easily your life is about to get.

Potato Chips

To dream of potato chips represents a overindulgent behavior or a lack of willpower. You may be having a problem stopping something once you've started it. Doing something once isn't enough. You may need to exercise more self control.

Negatively, potato chips may reflect a lack of respect for a repeating or recurring indulgence.

Example: A man dreamed of eating potato chips. In waking life he was trying to overcome sex addiction. The potato chips reflected his inability to stop wanting sex once he's had it.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing herself eating potato chips. In waking life she couldn't stop speaking to a professional for advice because the advice better than anything she had gotten before. She had to keep going back for advice over and over.

Potatoe Wedges

To dream potatoe wedges represents feelings of deserving to not care about problems. Believing you deserve to be where you are and not worrying at all.

*Please See French Fries


To dream of potatoes represents complications or hurdles. Something in your life that requires work or brings difficulties.

*Please See Mashed Potatoes


To dream of a magic potion represents a special way to alter or change a situation instantly. A method or "ingredients" to speed ahead. Not having to practice to achieve your goal or earn something slowly.

Negatively, a potion may reflect risky shortcuts or dirty tricks to get desired results faster. It may also reflect shortcuts that are dangerous in the long-term or speeding ahead with something you are not ready for. A method of cheating to get what you want instantly.


To dream of a potluck dinner represents a situation in your life where everyone has to do their part. People or situations that require everyone's co-operation to achieve a goal. Possibly a reflection of family or community goals. A potluck dinner may also represent your projection of the people around you all contributing to an experience you're having.

Example: A woman once dreamed of going to a potluck dinner at camp retreat. In real life she had lost her job. Her friends and family were all doing their part to help her get new job.


To dream of a cooking pot represents goals or objectives you are working towards that take time. Time is the only obstacle to reaching your goals. Everything you need in in place for a special future moment.

*Please See Flower Pots

Potted Plants

*Please See Plants


To dream of pottery represents sensitive feelings about maintaining a pleasant situation. Not wanting to be careless with others feelings after making up. Not wanting to embarrass or anger someone because it makes life a lot easier for you. A careful attitude about relationships or social interaction with others.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing himself thinking of giving an old friend gift earrings made of pottery and then deciding to change his mind not to. In waking life the old friend had tried to make up with him after 10 years of rudely ignoring him. He was considering showing up at a family event the old friend was having to make amends, but decided he didn't feel comfortable doing so. The gift pottery in the dream may have reflected his feelings about giving his old friend a chance to make up and carefully never insult him again.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing pottery smashing. In waking life she was being really nice to a professional to get advice from him for free because she felt that she had previously angered him. When the advice wasn't pleasant to hear she believed the professional was starting to get angry again when he wasn't. The pottery in this case may have reflected her feelings about how sensitive it felt to maintain a pleasant friendship with the professional taking extra care not to be careless with her words.


*Please See Chickens

*Please See Chicken (Food).


*Please See Weight

*Please See Money


*Please See Poor

Power Drill

To dream of a power drill represents an ability or resource that allows you to achieve goals with little effort. Something that makes solving a problem easier or gives you a lot of control over a difficult situation.

To dream of power drill bits represents a variety options that you can use to easily solve a problem or comfortably keep something under control.

Example: A man once dreamed of being unable to find a power drill. In real life he felt unable to find an effective solution to a health problem. Nothing he did enabled to easily get control over his health.

Power Lines

To dream about power lines represents feelings of stable empowerment. How securely empowered you feel or how securely empowered you perceive someone else to be. A situation in your life that gives you access to a constant feeling of power. Feeling perfectly connected to a source of power at all times. Feeling that it's impossible or extremely difficult to lose your connection to power.

Negatively, power lines may reflect feelings jealousy of other people being more secure with their empowerment than you are. People that are jealous of you and intentionally keep other people more connected to power or winning than you are. Problems associated with interrupting a confident mindset of being powerful. Other people that are never jealous at all while you can only watch them with less power.

To dream of being entangled in power lines represents your conflict with getting power or staying powerful. It may also reflect feelings of being stuck or controlled by someone else's power.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing power lines. In waking life he had lost a lot of weight and became exceptionally more physically attractive. He felt a strong sense of power over women and felt he could never lose that power again.

Example 2: A man dreamed of fearing that power lines near him would cause cancer. In waking life he was experiencing a very difficult moment with his business that allowed all his competition to be more successful than him with little effort. He felt that other people's stable sense of power may cause to slowly lose everything he had worked for.

Power Nailer

*Please See Nail Gun

Power Plant

To dream of a power plant represents an area of your life that all else depends on. An enabler of status, leverage, or success that you embarrasses you if it's removed from your life. Good times or happiness that can't continue if something important is lost.

Example: A woman dreamed of a power plant being about to explode. In waking life she knew her engagement was about to end. The power plant being close to exploding reflected her feelings about the influence of her coming wedding on all her social interaction disappearing.


To dream of a prairie represents feeling good thinking that there is "no end in sight" to good relationships or family life. Feeling that "family is forever." Enjoying feelings about situations never ever changing at all.

Negatively, prairies may reflect heightened sensitivity about death or losing a loved one.

Example: An elderly woman dreamed of putting making a golden dress while she laid down in a prairie. In waking life she was beginning to think of enjoying herself giving things away to her family so that they'd want to enjoy spending more time with her. The prairie may have reflected her wish to feel good with her family thinking about her never dying.


*Please See Shrimp


To dream of praying represents hoping for the best, or a desire to escape an unpleasant situation. You may be at a loss to know how to react to a problem, hoping that a situation will end positively, or letting fate decide an outcome.

Praying may be a sign that you feel powerless in a situation, or don't know what to do. An overwhelming feeling of hope to succeed in some area of your life that you are insecure about. A possible sign that you are not believing in yourself enough.

Negatively, praying in a dream may reflect too much reliance of God, faith, or hope. Possibly a sign that more physical action is required of you to help someone or something.

Example: A young girl dreamed of praying that tornadoes weren't going to destroy her home and kill her. In waking life she was preparing to leave home and hoping that she wasn't going to embarrass herself failing in life and having to move back home after she did move out.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of praying. In waking life she and her husband were very concerned about about her husband's business going bankrupt.

*Please See Church

*Please See Priest

Praying Mantis

To dream of a praying mantis represents your feelings about a person or situation that has a total disregard for your feelings. Feeling that someone is intentionally unsupportive. It may also reflect your feelings about a person scares you that they will never listen to you. Feeling forced to face your fear. An unbearable dilemma or inevitability.

A praying mantis may also reflect your own attempts to pressure people with fear or unbearableness to get them to go away. Insensitively subjecting others to their fear.

Positively, a praying mantis may reflect forcing others to face their fears when they don't want to. Not listening to the feelings of someone you are preparing to force into making a change they have absolutely no interest in making.

A praying mantis is a common symbol for people who take drugs and have bad trips because it reflects the person's feelings about how unbearable it feels that the negative experience will not stop.

Ayahuasca users commonly report seeing a praying mantis symbolism while intoxicated by the tea. The praying mantis in these cases most likely symbolizes unpleasant confrontation with fear or other negative psychological issues. It may also reflect the vomiting or diarrhea.

Example: A young man dream of getting into a fight with a praying mantis and getting stung by it. In waking life he felt he was risking breaking up with his girlfriend if he left on a trip and took the trip anyway. His girlfriend broke up with him shortly after. The praying mantis most likely reflected his feelings about his choice to leave on the trip being completely at odds for his feelings.


To dream of a preacher represents an aspect of your personality that is lecturing, advocating, or teaching others. You or someone else may be trying to convince or direct others to think or act in a certain way.

Negatively, a preacher may be a sign that you are forcing ideas and beliefs on others, or that someone is forcing them on you.


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Pregnancy Test

To dream of a pregnancy test represents your need for verification that a new situation is going to happen. You may be checking for signals or indicators about new developments. Saying things to people, trying to get feedback, or trying to get a reaction out of someone to understand what may be about to happen.

Negatively, a pregnancy test may reflect a concern about a possible problem developing or that you are not ready to confront a problem.To dream of a pregnancy test being positive may reflect a sense of confirmation that a new situation or problem is developing. Anxiety that you are pregnant. Anxiety that you weren't careful as you believed you should have been.

To dream of a pregnancy test being negative may reflect disappointment or anxiety about new developments not beginning. Feeling that you are wasting your time trying to get something in your life started. It may also reflected happiness or reassurance that you are not going to have to be responsible for a new problem. Feelings about not being pregnant or trying to get pregnant. Feelings about not wanting to get pregnant.

Alternatively, a pregnancy test may reflect your waking life concern about being pregnant and wanting reassurance. Ignoring your intuition that's telling to get a pregnancy test.

Example: A young girl dreamed of taking a pregnancy test. In waking life she was noticing her missed period. The pregnancy test reflected the missed period being a signal to get a pregnancy test of which she kept putting off.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of having a negative pregnancy test. In waking life she was constantly checking and trying to understand her menstrual cycles to determine when the best time to conceive would be when she didn't really want to get pregnant.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of reading a pregnancy test, having trouble reading it, and then seeing a relative fart. In waking life she wanted to get pregnant, but embarrassed herself believing she might be pregnant.


To dream that you or someone else is pregnant represents something new that is developing in your life. A new way of thinking, new ideas, new goals, projects, or a new life situation. Preparations, choices, or consequences are leading towards a new life situation. A period of gestation of ideas or plans. A development phase that is sensitive. Carrying within you new life that may be in the form of a book, project, or new lifestyle. A time of transition. Feelings about a "new self" that is about to emerge. Contemplating making a big change.

A pregnancy in a dream also reflect some area of your life where more of something is being increased or produced. Artists often dream of being pregnant when they are starting a new work of art.

Negatively, being pregnant may reflect a new problem that is developing or a problem that is creating more problems. Watching the gestation of an event in your life that makes you jealous or scared. Feeling that a change in your life was not by choice and can't be denied.

To dream about trying to get pregnant may represent your desire or wish for something in your life to develop. A wish to get something that's important to you started.

If you are actually pregnant in real life then dreams of being pregnant may reflect your heightened anxiety or concerns about issues related to the pregnancy.

To dream of being pregnant with twins may represent feelings about developments in your life that will bring conflict. Expectations of conflict or arguments. Expectations for opposite opinions once a development or plan is completed. Feeling that once something in your life completes that you and someone else will think they are better than the other.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a pregnant women. In waking life she was an author that had come up with a new idea for a book to write.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a pregnant woman that was stressed out. In waking life he was trying very hard to develop and grow a new business idea, but felt that his family was being unsupportive of his hard work during a key moment.

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To dream of a prescription represents a regiment to deal with a problem. Something you believe will fix a problem if you do it all the time.

Negatively, a prescription may be a sign that you are having difficulty finding the answer to a problem. It may also indicate a need to let go of something that doesn't work and find something that does.

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To dream of a president represents an aspect of yourself that has authority, power, or total control over others. Power structure or management structure. Awareness of a hierarchy that must be respected before all else. The ability to make important or serious decisions. Authoritarian decision-making abilities. You or someone else that has to be taken seriously.

The ability to tell others what to do. You or someone else that is dictating the terms or outcome of a situation. The right to be in charge and give orders. A president may also reflect an important decision you are making.

To dream that you are President may reflect feelings about yourself having the power to delegate decisions or control people by simply asking for it. Feelings about your power, connections, or resources having to be respected before all else.

Your personal opinions, feelings, or memories about the president may add additional symbolism. (e.g. President Nixon may symbolize corrupt power and control, Kennedy may reflect naive tragic idealistic progress.)

To dream that you are running for president represents your quest for power or authority. A relationship or situation that you feel you deserve to lead or control.

To dream of meeting the President of the United States represents feelings about be exposed to power or management responsibilities that you don't normally get exposed to. Tasting power.

Example: A woman dreamed that she was President and feeling that people were scared of her. In waking life she felt powerful after filing a complaint against a noisy neighbor and scaring them with potential eviction. She felt that she had the power to make simple phone calls or letters to make other carry out her will.

Example 2: A person dreamed of a President dying. In waking life they were experiencing a big change in management at work.


To dream of a pretzel represents feeling good being objective that something isn't a problem at all. Feeling good about not having to take action at the current moment. Feeling that it's an objective or intelligent choice to wait for something. Feeling that you to smart to have to do anything except wait. Relaxing or "taking it easy" while you wait for something to happen.

Negatively, a pretzel may reflect your preference to not notice someone else's problems. Feeling good knowing you don't need to help someone else. Being too casual about something serious. Not liking to feeling that you are required to accept something you don't like with a casual objective attitude.

Alternatively, a pretzel may reflect how you feel good keeping to yourself or minding your own business.

Example: A young man dreamed of eating pretzels. In waking life he was waiting for a important change to occur before getting serious about his business. He felt that it was better to relax and allow the change to occur before he bothered getting stressed out with hard work that may end up being unnecessary.


To dream of a price represents your personal or emotional cost. What you have to give up, change, or provide to someone else to get what you want in life. It may also reflect the value you place on yourself, your time, or your abilities.

Alternatively, a price may reflect your personal investment in a situation. What sacrifices or compromises may be requires of you to achieve a goal.


To dream of a priest (not a preacher) represents moral obligation, or ensuring that principles are adhered to. You or a situation in your life may require a stronger sense of discipline, fairness, or proper conduct.

A priest may be a sign that that something in your life is interesting you in conservative behavior or staying away from bad habits or situations.

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To dream of a prince represents an aspect of your personality that is entitled. Knowing that something is always yours, that you deserve the most, or that you are more important in some way.

Negatively, a prince can reflect self-importance, arrogance, or conceit.


To dream of a princess represents an aspect of your personality that is powerful because they are viewed as being too perfect, beautiful, or impressive. You or someone that feels that there is nothing wrong with them. Too good or too beautiful to be bothered with problems. Always getting your way because you are special.

Negatively, a princess may reflect selfishness, vanity, being spoiled, or being too demanding. You or someone else that thinks they are too perfect to "get their hands dirty" or do things for themselves.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed of being a princess. In waking life she wanted a boyfriend, but felt that she was too special to be an average boy. Being a princess in the dream may have reflected her feelings about herself being special and deserving to be picky.

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Princess Diana

To dream of Princess Diana may represent an aspect of yourself that everyone else thinks never does anything wrong ever or someone you know that people feel this way about. Alternatively, the Princess Diana may reflect a loveless relationship.

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To dream of a school principal represents social justice. A principal may be an ability to embarrass someone, make them insecure, or control what they think. He may also reflect an unpleasant issue in your life that you feel powerful enough to ignore, or manipulate in your favor.

A school principal may also represent your feelings about an issue that embarrasses you, or forces you to do something you didn't think you had to. You may have thought you could get away with something that proved wrong. You may feel guilt or regret.

To dream of an evil principal may reflect your own insensitive use of power to embarrass someone, or your projection of an insensitive situation that feels embarrassing or unfair.

To dream of fighting or attacking a principal may represent your defiance or resistance against an issue that you thought you could get away with or never need to confront.

Principal's Office

To dream of a principal's office represents an issue in your life that is encouraging social justice. Either your desire to get back at someone who making you care about a problem or an issue that is forcing you into having to deal with it.

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To dream of a printer represents an ability or wish to express thoughts or ideas so that others can understand. Communicating what you are thinking or making your plans known. Articulation.

Alternatively, a printer may symbolize the realization of plans.

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Printing Press

To dream of a printing press represents a wish to articulate or communicate something important to other people. Getting the word out. Talking about something all the time.

To dream of a printing press for newspapers may reflect a wish to communicate a serious issue or problem to other people that you feel is a priority. Talking about something important all the time.


To dream of prison represents feelings of confinement or restriction. You can't do what you want or feel held back. You may feel forced to do something or to give up something. Feeling trapped in a situation you can't get out of. Feeling repressed.

Alternatively, dreaming about being in jail may reflect feelings about discipline or consequences. Feeling that you are being punished.

Dreaming of being in a prison may reflect feelings of being stuck in a relationship that isn't benefiting you anymore. Feeling that your life revolves around keeping someone else happy

Example: A woman dreamed of being locked in a prison by a man with a "rat hood." In waking life she felt trapped in an unhappy marriage that she couldn't leave because her husband had too much control over the family finances including the children's college education fund.

Example 2: A man dreamed of being in a prison cell. In waking life he was in a hospital and they wouldn't let him out.

Example 3: A man dreamed of being trapped in jail and wanting out. In waking life he was having serious doubts about going through with his wedding. He felt trapped in the relationship. He ended up cancelling the wedding and ending the relationship.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of being inside a hospital jail. In waking life she felt stuck in a failing marriage that she was trying in vain to improve.

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Prison Camp

To dream of a prison camp represents feelings of confinement and restriction that feels purposely unbearable. Punishment that looks for new ways to make sure you don't enjoy yourself. Feeling that restrictions are being adjusted to keep you unhappy. Feeling that restrictions being placed on you are for someone else's benefit. Accommodating the expectations of others to the point of unhappiness. Feeling restricted to work only. Trapped in a work setting.

Example: A young girl dreamed of trying to tunnel out of a prison camp and escape. In waking life they were living in a very strict home and carefully trying to get around the rules in secret.

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Prison Guards

To dream of a prison guard represents you or someone else that is concerned that a restriction holds. Feeling that repaying debts or suffering punishment is mandatory. Feeling that nobody will help you escape the consequences of your actions. It may also reflect a person or situation that is making sure you face your karma whether you like it or not.

Alternatively, a prison guard may represent acceptance of your own guilt. A part of you that knows your guilty and must do something about it. Punishing yourself or feeling that the consequences must be repaid. Restricting your own growth or happiness.

To dream that you are a prison guard represents your wish to restrict someone else or make sure they face the consequences of their actions. It may also reflect your attempt to make sure that debts are repaid or the punishment is experienced in full. Not letting someone off easy.

Example: A man dreamed of being handed a white bible by a prison guard. In waking life he was actually in prison and felt that he had to change his ways because he knew he was guilty.


To dream of a prisoner represents you or someone else that is limited, restricted, or prevented from doing what they really want. Alternatively, you may feel you are being punished for something.

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To dream of lacking privacy represents feelings of being unable to think freely or fears of your true intentions being discovered. Feeling that you can't be yourself. It may also reflect feelings of being intruded on or constantly criticized. You may not want other people to see the "real you."

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Private School

To dream of a private school represents being self-conscious about responsibilities or obligations. You care or are concerned that your choices are mature, intelligent, or of a higher standard.


To dream of receiving a prize represents a sense of accomplishment. Notable progress with personal goals. A prize may also reflect feelings of being the best at something. Alternatively, a prize may reflect your feelings of being special or lucky.


To dream of being on probation represents a situation in waking life that requires you to prove that your responsible. Feeling that you need to prove that you can be trusted again. Attempting to regain trust after having lost it.


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Professional Athlete

To dream of a professional athlete represents an aspect of yourself that is an expert at winning or being competitive. You or someone else in your life that is experienced at being the best or being the most attractive. Feeling no jealousy at all when it comes to winning.

Negatively, you may be feeling that you aren't "measuring up" enough or being as competitive as you think you should be. You may feel ugly, weak, or less of a winner than someone else. It may also reflect your obsessions with winning that are going too far.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a professional athlete opening a door for him. In waking life his nagging doubts about the name of the company he was building inspired him to come up with a brand new name that was much more attractive.

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