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To dream of a lion cloth represents the personality that is focused on never giving in. Sacrificing nothing at all to people or situations that are trying to fail you. It may reflect your fearlessness or stubborn resistance to a difficult problem.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a boy in a loincloth. In waking life she spent a lot of time discussing how horrible her past was and how difficult it was for her to get through it all. The boy in the loincloth reflected her view of herself never giving in no matter what.


To dream of being fashion model represents your awareness of yourself doing something better than others all the time. Being a perfect example of "positiver" behavior. Being noticed for doing something the best way. Portraying certain image to others. Negatively, a model may reflect narcissism.

Alternatively, a model may reflect you view of someone else that you are noticing is doing something better than you are. You may be striving for something that's unrealistic. Your idea of beauty.

To dream of a model car represents your observation of what it's like to live or make decisions in a certain way. Noticing all the details of a certain lifestyle or what it takes to be like someone else. A developmental phase of your life or laying out a plan. Negatively, you may be desiring too much to be something you are not or that is currently not possible.

To dream of a model airplane represents your close observation of all it takes to win or succeed at something. Being aware of all it takes to get a project or plan going.

*Please See Supermodel


To dream of a necklace represents feelings about total dedication to a decision, idea, situation, or other person being impressive. Feelings about dedication being appreciated or noticed by other people. Dedication with both mind and action that feels impressive. Feeling good being noticed or impressive as totally dedicated to a relationship or career. A wish to be admired for your total dedication. Awareness of someone else's total dedication to you. Spiritual dedication of "mind and body."

Negatively, dreaming about a necklace may reflect feelings of total dedication that is irrational or towards people who don't feel the same way about you as you do about them. Imbalanced feelings of total dedication and love for someone. Difficulty getting over a romantic interest because you are totally in love with the person. Imbalanced religious or spiritual dedication that gives your whole life away to God at the expense of relationships or other areas of your life.

If someone doesn't want to put on a necklace it represents unfulfilled desires, resistance, or rejection you are feeling in life.

To dream of a gold necklace represents feelings about total dedication to a decision, idea, situation, or other person being impressive with a sense of being valuable, precious, or worth being noticed. Feelings about the importance of your dedication or the high value of loyalty.

To dream of a silver necklace represents feelings about total dedication to people or a belief system that feels intuitive, lucky, or coincidental about everything working out with nothing strange happening.

To dream of a necklace with a cross pendant may reflect feelings of total dedication to sacrifice for other people giving all of yourself away to others or to a cause. Dedication to Christianity. Negatively, it may reflect an excessive sacrificial dedication to others or to a cause.

Dedication to a cause or someone else's life that matters more than your own life.

Example: A man dreamed of trying to put a gift necklace around the neck of a woman he fell in love with and watching her think it was weird. In waking life, he had fallen completely in love with this woman and later found out that she wasn't interested in him at all. In this case, the gift necklace may have reflected his feelings of misplaced feeling of total dedication to the woman romantically.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of having a second necklace being put on her by another woman. In waking life, she was a mother on maternity leave considering a new career. In this case, the second necklace may have reflected her wish to be noticed by others as professionally and completely dedicated to both a new career and motherhood.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing a black woman wanting to put a bead necklace around her neck. In waking life, her boyfriend broke up with her to be with another woman and do drugs. She still had unsolved feelings for him. In this case, the necklace symbolism may have reflected her feelings about complete dedication to her cheating drug-using ex-boyfriend.

Example 4: A man dreamed of seeing a golden necklace with a cross locket. In waking life, he had strong beliefs in himself becoming a prophet of God. In this case, the gold necklace may have reflected his imbalanced belief about seeing the value socially in dedicating his mind and body to God in order to become a spiritual prophet.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of having a man she was dating put a silver necklace on her. In waking life, she was having a romantic relationship with an older man. In this case, the silver necklace may have reflected her feelings about being dedicated to a man who made her feel lucky about the relationship working out.

Example 6: A woman dreamed of God giving her a necklace and then seeing her husband take it away from her. In waking life, she was jealous that her husband was closer to God than she was and this embarrassed her with looking less committed to God. In this case, the necklace that was gifted to her by God which was taken away may have reflected feelings of inadequacy and jealousy about her husband's stronger dedication to their faith, making her feel less committed or less impressive in her spiritual devotion.

*Please See Pendants


*Please See Tie


To dream of a nightgown represents a wonderful or charming degree of acceptance. Doing whatever someone else wants or needs while consciously pretending to ignore their problems. Making someone else feel good no matter how their treat you. Intelligently being supportive of others even if their are troubled because you want to keep a relationship happy.

Alternatively, a nightgown may represent you or someone else that thinks it's wonderful to never believe that anything is wrong. It may also symbolize a wonderful or charming person that's supportive or accepting of you while pretending to ignore your problems. It may also reflect an attempt to make others feel good by choosing to ignore their problems.

Negatively, a nightgown may symbolize total compliance while pretending to be stupid. It may even symbolize a wonderful person that never questions or criticizes you no matter what you say or do to them. Subordinate willful blindness. Total supportive behavior that is pretending there isn't an ulterior motive. Being too giving. Liking someone too much to the point of letting them abuse your good nature.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a female friend in a night gown. In real life this female friend did whatever he told her while pretending she wasn't in love with him.

*Please See Pajamas


To dream of the brand Nike represents feelings of being never nervous doing something on your own. Confidence that nothing is losing while on your own. Nothing is goofy while doing every single thing on your own. Nothing is gorgeous about confidently not losing. Feelings that it's more attractive to be competitive simpler. Never needing to show off because you notice that everything works. Confident simplicity about doing things on your own. Nothing worries you about facing a challenge. Feeling that "it's just the rest of your life" not worrying about jealousy. Confidence about competing or challenges because there is nothing weird about you.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing blue green Nike sneakers. In waking life she was considering leaving her new boyfriend and moving back to New York City on her own with new job.

Example 2: A teenager girl dreamed of her ex-boyfriend's white and blue Nike coat being all that was left of him after he went to heaven without her. She then put on the Nike coat and began to cry in the mirror. In waking life her boyfriend broke up with her due to personal problems which included self-harming to cope. In this case the Nike coat may have reflected her attempt to protect her feelings by remembering what it felt like to date her ex-boyfriend with her life feeling confident and simpler about nothing losing in her life. The symbolism of her wearing the Nike coat in the mirror crying may represent her feelings about life with her boyfriend and needing him to make her feel like a winner that is never nervous without questions. After her boyfriend left her for the personal problems and self-harm she might have fight embarrassed by her personal or romantic life being questionable, weird, and not winning because she didn't choose her life simple. Nike could reflect how she missed that feeling of dating someone without questions or looking weird being single.

Nose Ring

To dream of a nose ring represents feelings about yourself or someone who enjoys believing they are never wrong. A wish to be noticed by others as someone who is never wrong. Showing off to others that all your decisions are perfect or respected as perfect. Vanity about never being wrong. Vanity about being the only person allowed to make adult decisions. Vanity about why your life is too easy.

Negatively, a dream about a nose ring may reflect feelings you have about yourself noticing that you are more special or attractive than others. Enjoying being noticed never having to do anything for anyone else at all. Feelings about yourself or someone else looking stupid being too aggressive. Jealousy of not coming first.

Oven Mitts

To dream of oven mitts represents carefully handling a situation to avoid embarrassing or hurting yourself. You may not want to take any chances with something or make a situation worse.


To dream of overalls represents a focus on fixing or correcting something. There may be a situation that needs to be fixed, or a person in your life that is interested in correcting a problem.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a beautiful woman wearing overalls. In real life he was an author and was in the process of correcting mistakes in a book he was writing.


To dream of pajamas represents a heightened comfort level accepting or ignoring issues in your life. Your personality being comfortable choosing to "sleep" on an issue. The personality focused on taking time off.

Negatively, dreaming about pajamas may reflect feelings about needing to professionally accept a very difficult situation as it is or take a professional "time out" when you don't want to. Laziness that choose not to work or confront a problem. Willful blindness because it feels better not needing to make an effort or stay on vacation. An issue where you are consistently and purposely ignoring making a needed change. Pajamas in the dream may be a sign that you don't want to deal with problems because it feels better not doing so. Feeling that it's easier to pretend you're stupid than to confront an issue. Accepting a bad relationship as it is because you are too attracted to the person. Accepting a bad friendship or business relationship because it's easier to deal with then ending it. Laziness about an issue that is bad for you.

To dream of changing into your pajamas represents an issue or situation in your life that encourages you to take time off or accept a situation as it is. Awareness of yourself making the choice to accept an issue as it is, professionally take time off, or prefer being lazier than you normally are.

To dream of black pajamas may reflect the personality being comfortable accepting a situation the way it is in a manner that is excessive, scary, or perfectly professional. It may also represent laziness that is excessive or scary.

Relationship-wise pajamas may reflect relationships where someone is preferring to accept a crush and never do anything to tell the person they like them.

Example: A girl dreamed of changing into her pajamas. In real life she was dealing with a sleazy seductive man who slowly began to break down her will to resist him. Putting on the pajamas reflected her personality changing to slowly enjoying being seduced. Over time she began to pretend she was stupid about the seduction and gave in to it.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of attending her former lovers wedding in her pajamas. In waking life she was actually invited her former lover's wedding and was very jealous of it. She had issues lying to herself that her old relationship would be easy to rekindle. The pajamas reflected her personality being comfortable professionally accepting the former lover's new relationship in the interim hoping it would end at a later time.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of wearing pajamas while jealousy watching a man she liked get married on her front lawn. In waking life she had been flirting with man for 17 years and then found out he was getting married. The pajamas in this case may have reflected her personality accepting itself as lazy about ever wanting to tell the man she had feelings for him.

*Please See Nightgown


To dream of panties represents self-awareness about things you desire to have or that arouse your interest. Noticing yourself wanting something, desiring a outcome, or having sexual interest in someone. You may be aware of your longing for something you know you can't have or for a person that you are attracted to.

Alternatively panties can be a symbol for your attitude towards sex. A reflection of you how sexually interested you are in someone.

If you are a man then woman's panties can represent interest in a woman you have been thinking about sexually.

If you are a woman then panties may reflect how desirable or interesting you feel you are to others.

Blue panties represents positive feelings of desire. It may be a reflection of respect, love, or genuine concern for a person or goal.

Red panties represent negative, excessive, or imbalanced desire. You or someone else may be aware of someone else's desire and exploiting it for personal gain.

Pink panties represent lustful desires, wishes, or interests. Total preoccupation with "having" what you want. Negatively, it may reflect a lack of ability to actually have what you want.

Black panties represent imbalanced desires, wishes, or interests. Goals or objectives that are unbalanced, excessive, or immoral. A possible sign that your methods to achieve goals are totally out of line. Black panties are common symbols for people who watch porn or masturbate to people they aren't in relationships with.

Example: A man dreamed of looking into the underwear drawer of a girl he liked. In real life he had be sexually fantasizing about the girl. The panties reflected his self-awareness of his sexual interest for the girl.

*Please See Underwear


To dream of pants represents discipline. A reflection of your ability to stick to something, stay on track, or stay on message. It may also point to work ethic or will power.

To dream of being pantless or that your pants have fallen down represents feelings of embarrassment of having lost your discipline. Feeling unfocused, lazy, or easily manipulated.

Consider the color and style of pants for additional symbolism.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a man wearing beige or khaki colored pants. In waking life he felt a strong need to be very focused on doing his job right.

*Please See Jeans


To dream of pantyhose represents sensitive feelings about being perfectly professional on your own. Enjoying yourself being noticed doing nothing wrong all on your own.

To dream of rips in pantyhose may reflect sensitive feelings about being unable to be noticed by others as professional on your own.

Penny Loafers

To dream of penny loafers represents feelings about a casual yet intentional approach to life, work, or relationship situations. It may symbolize a blend of informality and tradition, reflecting a comfortable and balanced way of handling matters. Penny loafers, being a classic shoe style that conveys both ease and sophistication, could represent your thoughts about maintaining a sense of dignity or propriety while still keeping things simple and approachable. Trying to look as professional and trusted as you can without having to be too serious or aggressive about it. Balancing the need to comply with serious requirements while retaining your individuality and grace.

Positively, dreaming about penny loafers might symbolize a confident and balanced attitude. You may feel comfortable with who you are and the path you're on. It could reflect a wise and thoughtful approach to your responsibilities, embodying a combination of casualness and commitment. A conscious choice to carry out your duties with grace, style, and a touch of individuality. Professionalism that is trusted without being aggressive. Not talking back to people while being as professional as you can be. Maintaining a calm and non-confrontational manner in a situation that tests your integrity.

Negatively, dreaming about penny loafers could represent feelings of being casual to a fault or a lack of seriousness when it's needed. It might symbolize an overly relaxed approach to important matters, possibly reflecting a disregard for the gravity or significance of certain situations. Perhaps you are struggling with appearing too laid-back or unconcerned in areas where more attention or formality is required.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing someone wearing penny loafers. In waking life, she was in the process of doing a background check so that she could keep her job. In this case, the penny loafers may have reflected her feelings about wanting to appear professional and trustworthy to her employers without seeming overly aggressive or assertive about the test bothering her. She likely desired to maintain her dignity and show that she was fit for her position, but in a calm and non-confrontational manner. The dream could have symbolized her thoughtful approach to a potentially stressful situation, balancing the need to comply with the requirements while retaining her individuality and grace.


To dream of a piercing represents something about yourself that you like being noticed for. Wanting attention for your strengths or something you like about yourself. It may also reflect something about yourself that you want to show off.

To dream of earrings or ear piercings represents a wish to be noticed for how nice or special you are.

To dream of a lip piercing represents wanting to be noticed for what you've said. Wanting your words to be thought of as special.

To dream of a nose piercing represents a wish to be noticed for how special you are for your intuition or sense of direction.

To dream of an eyebrow piercing may represent you or someone else that wants to be noticed for their dignity. A situation where you want your pride back or to show off how much better you are than someone else. Wanting recognition for how "positive" you were.

To dream of a piercing in your forehead represents a wish to be noticed for how good your judgment was.



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