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High Heels

To dream of high heel shoes represents an approach to a situation that is focused on never being rejected or losing. Ambition or drive to guarantee winning. You feel confident and self-assured. A dominating attitude. Wanting to "seal the deal" or being a "closer."

Alternatively, high heel shoes may reflect someone or something that is difficult to say no to. Feminine dominance.


To dream of a hoodie represents the personality being completely casual and hidden if you want to. The personality being perfectly comfortable with nobody needing to look at what you're doing if you don't want them to. The personality being perfectly comfortable being competitive. The personality being perfectly comfortable never having to do anything for anyone else if it doesn't want to. The personality that is very comfortable busy doing things on it's own and doesn't want to talk about it.

Negatively, dreaming about a hoodie represents an casual attitude about secretive, dangerous, or criminal behavior. Behavior that is comfortable with being private about dishonest activity if it wants to be. The personality being perfectly comfortable being dangerously secretive or hiding something dangerous. The personality having no concern for why it's scaring people that it might rob them. The personality being perfectly comfortable with how dangerously competitive it is. Awareness of yourself casually keeping secrets that others might find offensive. Casually aware of yourself or someone else planning violence. A personality that is casual about hiding important details. Casual faith that may secretly not being faithful.

Dreams of hoodies are common to students studying for exams, possibly to reflect to reflect their awareness of themselves comfortably isolating themselves while studying or secretly preparing to cheat.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a girl wearing a hoodie. In waking life she was trying to be perfectly casual about hiding her attempts to find a new job.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of trying to clean dirty hoodies. In waking life she was trying to convince a bitter friend that she didn't care about a problem and felt they should both just move on from it. The need to clean dirty hoodies in this case may have reflected the dreamer's feelings about her friend's casual secretive behavior being revealed which caused issues in the friendship and was difficult to reconcile.

Example 3: A teenage girl dreamed of seeing a murderer in a black hoodie coming after her. In waking life she was concerned about moving ruining her life. The black hoodie wearing murderer in this case may have reflected her feelings about how casual she felt her mother was about deciding where they were going to live next when they moved.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of wearing a purple hoodie. In waking life she was very busy and living at home taking care of her mother. The purple hoodie in this case may have reflected her feelings about being comfortable living at home taking care of her mother, but choosing to hide some of her money for herself.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of seeing a man in a hoodie repeatedly show up. In waking life she was concerned about her husband's casual faith in God that she felt may secretly not believe in God.

Hot Pants

To dream of a hot pants represents noticing how more positive, wonderful, or desirable a situation is all the time. Always noticing something is better, more interesting, or funner. Non-stop luck, winning, success, or sexiness.

Wearing hot pants may reflect yourself being noticed by others for how good you are all the time. Situations where you are always feeling "positiver" than others. Feeling sexier, richer, stronger, or better all the time.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing an attractive girl in hot pants. In waking life his slob rich father died leaving him a huge inheritance and the ability to finally clean up after him. The hot pants reflected his view of his life always being better and luckier all the time now that his slob father wasn't getting in the way anymore.


*Please See Coat


To dream of seeing denim jeans represents a casual degree of discipline. A comfortable or casual attitude towards goals. Focus, discipline, or willpower that is comfortable not overly concerned. Your ability to persevere without worrying about anything.

Negatively, a pair of jeans may be a sign that you are not serious or focused enough. You are talking a very casually disciplined stance towards a situation. Casually accepting a situation the way it is without believing that being more serious is important to cause any desired changes,

To dream of folded blue jeans may reflect a conservative attitude that accepts a casual aspect of your life as no longer being important. e.g. An older person no longer believing that casually dating matters anymore in life.

To dream of a denim jean jacket represents feelings about protecting yourself from an unpleasantness with an casual attitude. A casuall attitude about asserting yourself. Intimidating other people that getting them back is easy if you needed to. A casual attitude about sticking up for yourself or defending yourself. A casual attitude about being tough to protect yourself. A casual attitude that never feels the need to explain itself.

Negatively, a denim jacket may reflect feelings about how casually mouthing off to people isn't working in your favor. Casually asserting yourself that isn't working.

Denim jeans are common to people experiencing a separation in some area of their life while having a casual attitude about it.

Example: An older aged woman dreamed of seeing a bedroom filled with folded denim blue jeans. In waking life she very casual about her single life while wondering if she would ever date a man again. The folded blue jeans may have reflected her older conservative attitude about no longer believing that casually dating was important anymore in life.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing his wife wearing a denim jacket. In waking life he was aware of his wife wanting to leave him and knew that she had been cheating on him. In this case the denim jacket may have reflected his feelings about his wife having a casual attitude about cheating on him without needing to explain herself.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing denim shorts. In waking life she was experiencing a separation that was likely to end up in divorce. She had no idea how to stop the divorce or fix the relationship so she casually accepted the relationship ending.

*Please See Pants


To dream of khakis represents the personality having discipline or self-control that is casual about being objective. Casualness, practicality, non-jealous, and objectively adapting to various situations with ease in waking life. A personality that is down-to-earth, approachable, and capable of fitting in or getting along with different types of people without jealousy. Objective methods of handling yourself without jealousy or desperation in a situation. Deserving to feel comfortable with objective rules or adhering to standard expectations. The ability to objectively adapt to relationship breakups without jealousy because you confidently aren't desperate or can date someone else quickly.

Negatively, dreaming about khakis may represent your feelings about behavior that is mean while it remaining casually objective. Jealous feelings about other people who don't have to embarrass themselves being objective while they maintain a casual attitude about it (e.g. Your jealousy of a married couple).

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a love interest with his wife, both dressed in khaki pants. The love interest took his wife home and then came back, sat down, and waited for her. In waking life, she was in love with a man who was married, asked him to end his relationship to show he was serious, and he eventually broke up with his wife. In this case, the khaki pants may have reflected the dreamer's perception of the love interest's practical and objective nature in handling his marital situation. He was disciplined and controlled in his decisions, not allowing jealousy or drama to interfere with his choices.

Example 2: A teenage girl dreamed of being all beat up and bloody while wearing khaki pants. In waking life, she recently broke up with her boyfriend. In this case, the khaki pants with blood all over them may have reflected her feelings of being emotionally battered and bruised by the breakup while trying to maintain a practical and objective attitude about not needing to be controlled, made jealous, or kept from dating other people by her ex-boyfriend.

*Please See Pants


To dream of a kilt represents the personality being totally unconcerned with what other people think of your beliefs or choices. Showing others that you feel no shame or embarrassment whatsoever with something that may feel is weird. Fearlessly expressing beliefs that may be shocking or embarrassing to the average person. Never allowing your ego to hold you back no matter what.

Alternatively, a kilt may reflect fearlessness expressing sensitivity or doing something others think is embarrassing. Telling other people "you're a pussy if you think what I'm doing is gay." Being very comfortable with your masculinity or manhood.


*Please See Panties

*Please See Underwear


*Please See Shoelaces


To dream of leather represents you or someone else that is totally insensitive. A tough or uncaring nature. Alternatively, you may be a experiencing a situation that feels like it's purposely ignoring your feelings.

To dream of leather pants represents preoccupation with staying tough or insensitive. A discipline attitude focused on staying immune to feelings or never showing sympathy.

To dream of beige leather may represent a strong insensitive attitude about everything in your life working.

To dream of brown leather may represent an insensitive attitude about getting rid of problems or unwanted things in your life. Negatively, brown leather may reflect feeling terrified that you might not survive something.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing beige leather. In waking life she was in a new relationship with few problems in her life and wanted her life to remain working.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a beautiful woman wearing a brown leather bikini. In waking life a old business venture he was using to pay his bills died forcing him to do whatever he could to improve a new business venture to survive serious financial difficulties. The brown leather bikini in this case may have reflected his attempt to become completely immersed in building up his new business to allow him to confront the enormous difficulty of doing whatever it takes to pay off bills.

Leather Jacket

To dream of a leather jacket represents an assertive indifference or insensitive persona. Protectiveness or defensiveness that is insensitive. A part of you that puts up a fight, or cares little about others feelings. Doing what has to be done no matter what.

Negatively, a leather jacket may reflect an insensitive, rude, or dangerous attitude.. Areas of your life that you will cause you to insult or harm others if threatened. A leather jacket may also reflect cold or unpopular decisions you've made that require you to ignore complaints or others feelings.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a strange man in a brown leather coat. In waking life he was quite old and insensitively speaking about dying to friends and family more often than usual.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing his ex-girlfriend wearing a light brown leather jacket and then take the jacket off making another person in the room angry. In waking life he was jealous of his ex-girlfriend beginning to talk badly about him after a long moment of time respecting him. The light brown leather jacket in this case may his original feelings about his ex-girlfriend being insensitive about mentioning his breakup to other people without being mean with personal attacks.


To dream of leggings represents competitiveness with flexibility, adaptability, personal freedom, and never being uncomfortable with who you are as a person in your actions or decisions. A readiness to face challenges head-on with ease, comfort, and confidence with who you are as a person that doesn't think anything is wrong with it. A situation that requires you to be versatile and resilient, adapting to various circumstances while maintaining your personal boundaries or style. Behavior that is original about adapting and never being uncomfortable with who you are as a person. A blend of personal comfort, preparedness, and exploration. Showing off staying on top of a situation while not changing who you are. Loving being resilient in a form-fitting role without having to talk about it. Adaptability that stays true to itself. Personal time that doesn't have to explain what it's doing while challenging itself.

Positively, dreaming about leggings may represent ease, comfort, and confidence in your own skin. It may reflect a situation where you feel that you can move freely, achieve your goals with flexibility, or express yourself without restriction. It could also indicate an informal yet positive approach to certain situations, suggesting that you are comfortable with who you are, embracing your natural qualities, and possibly even showing off your talents or strengths.

Negatively, dreaming about leggings may represent overdoing one's confidence or taking one's flexibility and adaptability too far to the point of looking stupid.

Leggings dreams appear common to people with relationship breakups, possibly indicating their journey toward rediscovering personal identity, freedom, and the balance between adaptability and maintaining personal boundaries in new or existing relationships.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed of getting thorns stuck in her leggings and then pulling them out on 2 separate occasions. In waking life, she was having issues with relationships. In this case, the leggings may have reflected her feelings of trying to maintain confidence and adaptability in her social interactions while dealing with the painful or uncomfortable issues arising in her relationships.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of her sister giving her a pair of leggings while her ex-boyfriend was in the next room. In waking life, she was recently dumped by her ex-boyfriend after he had promised to marry her. In this case, the leggings may have reflected her feelings of needing to rediscover her independence, adaptability, and a sense of comfort with herself as an individual, separate from her relationship.

*Please See Tights


To dream of leotards represents behavior that is concerned with doing every single little thing perfect. Negatively, you may be very concerned with making any mistakes at all.

*Please See Tights


To dream of lingerie represents enticement. Your or some aspect of your personality is arousing hope or desire. Lingerie may point to sexual enticement as well as desirable life situations that are arousing interest.

To dream of wearing lingerie represents your personality being focused on enticing a person or situation towards a goal you have. It may also reflect sexual desire you feel for someone or your attempts initiate intimacy with them.

Lingerie can also represent the readiness of one aspect of your life to merge with another aspect of your life in creating a life experience. One area of your life or aspect of your personality enticing or luring another to form another kind of experience.


To dream of lint represents an irritating flaw or obstacle that distracts you. An annoying imperfection that you feel is wasting your time waste time.

Example: A young man dreamed of removing lint from his clothing. In real life he was in the process of finally figuring out the solution to a very frustrating problem.



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