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To dream of a wardrobe represents your attempt to decide how to portray yourself to other people. Deciding how you want to be noticed or what impression you want to give. Making an impression may be important to you right now or you are going through a transitional phase in your life.

Alternatively, a wardrobe dream may reflect issues with your self-image or fitting in. You may have difficulty being yourself around other people.

Positively, a wardrobe may reflect feelings about being an expert in many different ways or being very socially adaptive. Liking who you are. A strong sense of respecting yourself.

Negatively, a wardrobe may reflect conceit or arrogance in your abilities. Feeling socially superior to others. Being to snob to others. Changing your personality on a whim to manipulate people.


To dream of a wrist watch represents feelings of ease about sizing situations up, knowing what needs to be done next, or intuitively understanding the signals you are get from people or situations. Feeling that it's easy to always know what to do next or what actions are a priority. Metaphorically always "noticing what time it is" without effort.

Competence, experience, or expertise that allows you to easily stay on top of things.

To dream of a broken watch represents your feeling that you don't know what you should do when a problem or something important happens. Your ability to stay on top of a situation or problem is hampered. Feeling that you lack answers or required knowledge should a problem arise. Feeling cut off from feelings of being adept or always in control of a situation.

To dream of a Rolex watch represents the ability to stay on top of a situation while feeling that you are better than anyone else. Staying in control of a situation while being noticed by others as never losing.

Feeling comfortable with yourself making the biggest decisions all the time. Intuitively finding it easy to stay biggest or be a perfect winner. Always having the answers you need to easily to remain superior or look dominant.

Negatively, a Rolex watch may reflect an arrogant mindset that is abusing power or expertise to keep looking good as the strongest. An intuition that cares about nothing except keeping yourself looking too big or powerful. Enjoying positions of power that allow you to look better than others.

Wedding Dress

To dream of a wedding dress represents the personality choosing permanence. Wanting to give yourself away to a situation or relationship for good. Desiring a sense of permanence with some area of your life. It may also reflect how you are becoming mentally or emotionally "married" to certain behaviors.

Alternatively, a wedding dress may reflect your feelings about being married, being committed, or your thoughts about your future wedding.

Negatively, a wedding dress may represent the personality choosing to permanently give itself away to problems or negative influences. Wanting what's bad for you or to permanently corrupt something about yourself. Giving away integrity, love, or goodness permanently.

To dream of a black wedding dress represents an excessive attitude towards making a permanent choice. It may also reflect fear that is motivating you to make a permanent choice. You may feel that you have to do something forever.

To dream of a red wedding dress represents negative intentions that are driving a permanent choice. Lying, cheating, stealing, or intimidating others to get something done for good. It may also reflect priorities that are out of balance as you make a permanent choice. Alternatively, a red wedding dress may be a sign that you feel stuck accepting a negative situation.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a woman trying on a wedding dress. In waking life he was suicidal and was considering a big change in his life to give him one last reason to live.

Example 2: A woman dreamed that she was wearing a wedding dress with dirt on it. In waking life she lost her virginity a few months before her actual wedding and felt dirty about it.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of having to create the perfect wedding dress for another woman. In waking life she was a designer that was trying to create the perfect design for someone else's business.

*Please See Wedding

*Please See Marriage

Wedding Ring

To dream of a wedding ring represents feelings about accepting a commitment, stability, security or a promise. Enjoying never having to say you'll ever stop loving, caring or being loyal to someone or something. Feeling that a promise or commitment made will last forever. It may also represent feelings of completion, perfection, or eternity in regards to a relationship or situation. A deep sense of loyalty. Loyalty to a lifestyle change.

Alternatively, a wedding ring may represent your desire to be married or deeply committed to someone. A deep connection or bond with someone, or a desire for one.

Negatively, a wedding ring can represent feelings of being trapped, limited, or obligated to someone or something. It may also reflect a fear of commitment or a fear of losing freedom and independence. Difficulty getting over a commitment or relationship that you are jealous isn't permanent. Desiring a commitment or relationship that isn't possible.

To dream of giving a wedding ring away represents giving up or rejecting a commitment of some sort. Walking away from promises or permanent plans for the future.

To dream of a diamond wedding ring represents commitment, loyalty, and fidelity in a way that feels perfect about being permanent. The diamond ring may also symbolize a promise or a vow that has been made and is expected to be fulfilled. Feelings of permanence or that something you are involved with is for the rest of your life.

To dream of dropping a wedding ring represents a sense of commitment, stability, security or promise in some area of your life that has been lost or that you made a mistake with. Feelings of losing something valuable lost or a fear of making a mistake in a significant manner. It could also represent a feeling of clumsiness or lack of attention to detail in waking life. It may also symbolize a loss of love or a shift in the dynamic of the relationship. Feeling that you can't be respected because of a mistake. Feelings about making a relationship mistake. Anxieties about marriage failure or wedding cancellations.

Example: A young woman dreamed of seeing a guy she liked with a wedding ring on his finger. In waking life, she harbored secret fantasies of being married to him. In this case the wedding ring may reflect her fears or concerns about the man's availability or commitment, and her desire to have a committed relationship with him.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of her mother walking upstairs and then seeing a person's hands throwing a wedding ring down. In waking life her sister was getting married after being broken up for 4 years. In this case the wedding ring may reflect how the dreamer is letting go of negative emotions or beliefs about her sisters marriage having ever been a failure.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of getting a custom gold band wedding ring to get married to royalty whom she never ends up seeing in the dream. In waking life, she had recently ended a friendship with a man who helped her a lot and was well-liked by her children, but there were issues with boundaries and mixed signals. The custom wedding ring in the dream may reflect her desire for a committed and exclusive relationship with the male friend, who acted like a husband figure and provided personal attention, but never fulfilled her hopes for a romantic relationship.

Wet Suit

To dream of a wet suit represents comfort in facing the entirety of a negative or uncertain situation. A willingness to deal with big problems freely and openly. Feeling comfortable acknowledging your vulnerabilities and feelings.

Winter Coat

To dream of a winter coat represents how you protect yourself mentally and emotionally during times of adversity. How you defend or shield yourself from a terrible situation. Snow and winter point to a purification or cleansing of negativity in your life. A winter coat reflects your thoughts, emotions, or habits as you attempt to confront this.


To dream of a yarmulke represents a mood or attitude that's conservative about believing it didn't get ripped off with anyone seeing it making a mistake doing anything immoral. You or someone else is being very stubborn about conservative moral beliefs or actions. Feelings about not being better than anyone else while having to see yourself being never being questionable about making a mistake with morality. Honesty, fairness, caring for others, or confronting problems may suddenly be very important with integrity that isn't questioned. Not wanting anyone to get angry or yell at you for why you like yourself being moral.

Negatively, dreaming about a yarmulke may represent feelings about overdoing conservative about believing it didn't get ripped off with anyone seeing it making a mistake doing anything immoral. Feelings about behavior that is laughed at for being too conservative about seeing itself as never making a mistake being immoral.

A yarmulke may appear in a dream when your integrity, success, or ability to adapt to problems is being tested.


To dream of a zipper can represent a sense of ease or professionalism for accessing or containing one's true feelings, thoughts, or emotions without a problem. Feelings about closure, containment, or control that works without a problem. Zippers can symbolize being able to open and close different parts of your life, thoughts or emotions. It can reflect a need for control, security or a need to keep things organized. A sense of order, stability, or being able to effectively manage different aspects of your life.

Negatively, a zipper represents overdoing seeing it's easy to contain or control some aspect of yourself. It could also reflect a fear of losing control or containment being too easy

To dream of an open zipper represents feelings ease or professionalism for accessing one's true feelings, thoughts, or emotions that are usually kept contained.

To dream of a closed zipper represents the ease or professionalism of containing one's true feelings, thoughts, or emotions. Professionally containing oneself because something is not needed right now. A desire to keep something concealed or protected. Being closed off, locked up, or shutting down. A choice, option, or resource that you can choose to use whenever you want. Something about yourself or your life that can be accessed at anytime. Zipping up may reflect something about yourself that you are choosing to close off or discontinue. Anticipating ease of access.

To dream of closing a zipper represents about controlling or containing yourself that is easy.

To dream of unzipping reflects something about yourself that you embracing or choosing to use. You may "opening up."

To dream of a zipper on an object that is not clothing may reflect your sense of ease or professionalism about understanding how something really works.

To dream of an attractive person unzipping their clothes may represent a sense of excitement or anticipation in revealing something that has been kept hidden. Feeling about witnessing something enjoyable or pleasurable.

To dream of a problem with a zipper on a woman's dress may reflect a difficulty or failure in containing or controlling something that is personal or private. It may also reflect anxieties about being exposed or judged for something one considers flaws or mistakes. Alternatively, it may represent a struggle with access or opening up emotionally or mentally to someone or something.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a shirtless man turned away from him with a zipper installed horizontally across the back of his shoulders. In waking life the man was taught a very difficult lesson in controlling himself while feeling he could professionally open up if the right conditions presented themself.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of a beanbag with the zipper undone. In waking life she experienced herself questioning whether or not to buy a pair of sandals while wondering if she could refashion or convert the sandals to make them more usable. In this case the undone zipper on the beanbag in the dream may symbolize the ease with which the dreamer can access her skills and understanding of the inner workings of the shoes, allowing her to redesign them for her own purposes.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing a large paper case with a zipper on it and inside the case with a government form for local government election. In waking life the man had been thinking about the upcoming local election. In this case the zipper on the government election form may have reflected his feelings about the ease or professional access he felt he had with voting rights and being able to vote if he chose to.



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