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To dream of seeing someone else wearing a g-string (or gee string) represents something in your life that is noticeably or dramatically revealing itself to you. Opportunities, new situations, or insights are presenting themselves in manner that is difficult to ignore.

To dream of wearing a g-string represents your own powerful interest in revealing yourself, opening up, or taking part in something. You may highly motivated to make intentions known.

Alternatively, it may also reflect sexual interest.

*Please See Thong


To dream of a garment represents aspects of your personality or identity that are being crafted, developed, or presented for others. Garments can symbolize the care, effort, and attention to detail you put into how you express yourself or how you wish to be perceived in various situations.

Positively, dreaming about a garment may represent creativity, craftsmanship, and the ability to tailor your appearance or persona to suit different situations. A sense of pride in your ability to present yourself well or adapt to various social or professional environments. Feelings about your aspirations to improve yourself, to refine your skills, or to create something of value and appeal, either for yourself or others.

Negatively, dreaming about a garment in this context could represent feelings of being judged or scrutinized based on your appearance or the way you present yourself. A preoccupation with external appearances or a concern about living up to certain standards or expectations. There could be an underlying fear of not being 'good enough' or an anxiety about whether your efforts in self-presentation are being well-received. Feelings of being inauthentic or putting on a facade to impress or appease others.

To dream of designing or creating a garment may suggest your involvement in shaping or influencing your own identity or the way others perceive you. The efforts you are making to improve yourself or to adapt to new roles or challenges in your life.

To dream of selling garments may represent your efforts to present yourself in the best possible light, perhaps in a professional or social context. It may suggest that you are actively trying to make a good impression or to market your skills, talents, or personality traits to others.

To dream of buying garments may represent a desire for change or improvement in how you present yourself to the world. A phase of personal growth, a transition in your life, or a wish to adopt new roles or characteristics that you find appealing or beneficial.

To dream of a damaged or imperfect garment might represent feelings of inadequacy or insecurity about your self-image or identity. It could suggest that you are critically examining aspects of yourself that you feel need improvement or repair.

Example: A woman dreamed of wearing a long white garment while other people were dressed in other colors. In waking life, she was feeling low in spiritual fulfillment while wanting to serve God. She disagreed with her husband about going to church. She wanted to attend and he didn't. In this case, the garments may have reflected her feelings of about the quality and purity of her spirituality, which was in contrast to her current situation of feeling unfulfilled and misunderstood by her husband.

*Please See Clothing

Garter Belt

To dream of seeing a woman wearing a garter belt represents a desirable situation that is ensuring itself. Something you want in life guaranteeing itself or making you aware of it being guaranteed. Confidently anticipating a desired outcome. You may be very confident in knowing you can have or do something.

To dream of wearing a garter belt represents your own attempts to ensure a situation, or "bend over backwards" making sure something will happen. Alternatively, wearing a garter belt could also reflect your eagerness to proposition someone else.


To dream of gloves represents your feelings regarding the manner in which you are handling a situation or problem certain level of care, precision, or protection so that nothing embarrasses you. Gloves may reflect your level of caution and carefulness. Handling delicate situations. Protecting yourself as you handle a difficult or dangerous situation. Avoiding "getting your hands dirty." Protecting or safeguarding yourself from being involved in a situation that might embarrass you.

Positively, dreaming about gloves may represent professionalism, preparedness, and attention to detail with the manner in which you handle a situation. A conscious choice to handle matters with care. Perfectly or easily avoiding embarrassment with the manner in which you handle a situation.

Negatively, dreaming about gloves may reflect a wish to be careful about leaving evidence of your negative behavior. A wish to avoid handling a situation unprofessionally, carelessly, or in a manner that may regret or embarrass you. A fear of getting too involved or "getting your hands dirty." Protecting yourself from being involved in an immoral situation. Perhaps you are overly cautious or protective, to the point where it hinders your ability to connect with others or fully engage with a situation. Your fears or concerns about other people getting away with dishonesty because they are very careful about not getting caught. Feelings about other people being sneaky or being good at not leaving evidence. The color and style of gloves hint at your mindset.

To dream of black gloves may represent a professional or serious attitude about protecting yourself from embarrassment by avoiding making a mistake at all costs while handling a situation. Negatively, black gloves may reflect bad intentions while handling a situation. Knowing what you are doing is wrong while handling a situation. Avoid being caught doing something dishonest or evil. Criminal-minded self-protection. Professionally putting your own priorities first to help yourself.

To dream of white gloves may represent feelings about protecting yourself with perfect honesty or integrity while handling a situation. A cautious approach to ensure that a situation is handled with all due honesty, respect, and professionalism. Handling a situation with an attitude that requires perfect cleanliness. Protecting and handling oneself while keeping a situation exactly the way it is.

To dream of medical rubber gloves represents feelings about wanting to perfectly protect yourself while handling a situation. A heightened level of care and caution in dealing with sensitive or contaminated aspects of a situation. The necessity for clinical precision in addressing problems, ensuring that no further issues arise from mishandling a situation. Dealing with situations that require a delicate, informed approach to avoid exacerbating problems. Awareness of yourself trying to carefully handle a situation that involves a recovery or inspection of a sensitive area of your life.

To dream of winter gloves represents feelings about being prepared to carefully handle a situation during a terrible or unbearable situation.

To dream of work gloves represents feelings about being prepared to handle practical or labor-intensive tasks with efficiency and protection. A realistic attitude about handling a difficult or labor-intensive situation by accepting it for what it is. Feelings about how you handle yourself in a situation that requires a lot of work with little complaining. Forgoing vanity to handle a difficult or labor-intensive situation.

To dream of taking gloves off may represent readiness to face problems directly without any barriers or protection. A decision to engage more personally or intimately with a situation. A readiness to "get your hands dirty," tackling problems head-on without fear of getting involved or facing the consequences.

Example: A young man dreamed of wearing black gloves. In waking life, he was living with his parents and felt he had to be very professional about handling himself while improving his life in order to move out. In this case, the black gloves may have reflected his feelings about handling himself as professionally as he could to avoid making any mistakes that might prolong his ability to recover his livelihood and move out of his parents home again. He may have felt that he always had to be careful about putting his own priorities first to help himself move out.


To dream of underwater goggles represents protecting yourself by carefully paying attention to what is happening in a uncertain or emotionally overwhelming situation. Assertively not wanting to miss a single detail during an uncertain situation. An expert attitude about paying attention during an uncertain situation or emotionally overwhelming situation.

Negatively, dreaming of underwater goggles may represent dishonesty, jealousy, or fear that motivates you to pay attention to every detail during an uncertain situation to protect yourself from it.

To dream of airplane goggles represents protecting yourself by carefully watching what is happening in plan or project that has "taken off the ground." Not wanting to be embarrassed missing or not watching what's happening in a new situation carefully. Carefully paying attention to details during an event, new situation, or group project.

Example: A woman dreamed of wearing airplane goggles while on a plane she was about to jump out of. In waking life she just finished a 21 day fast with her church. The goggles combined with the need to jump out of an airplane in this case may have her feelings about quitting or "jumping out" of the fast while her church members continued on. The goggles may have reflected her feelings about needing to protect herself from other people learning she wanted to stop the fast by watching everyone else's behavior carefully to help her fake being involved until the fast was over.

Gold Ring

*Please See Ring


*Please See Dress


To dream of the brand Gucci represents feelings of accomplishment, confidence, and self-acceptance without having to prove oneself to others. Social status that doesn't need to say anything about itself to be noticed as better than other people. Feeling perfectly safe that you do everything better in life than other people is what you always do. Being more happening than other people with resourcefulness that looks good never having to speak about it.

Negatively, dreaming about Gucci may represent being vain about looking good being more resourceful than other people that never has to speak out it. The dream might suggest materialism, superficiality, or a need to impress others. It could imply insecurities about social status, financial status, or self-worth. A need for acceptance or affirmation from others, particularly if you value higher standards of success.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed of walking past a store with Gucci bags and then seeing her ex-boyfriend shopping for new clothes in another store across the mall. In waking life, her ex-boyfriend had recently broken up with her to begin dating another girl who told her to her face that she liked her boyfriend. In this case, the Gucci bags she walked past in the store may have reflected her feelings about the potential opportunity to date someone else who might be perceived as more attractive, successful, or wealthy - someone who could 'upgrade' her social status. She may have been confident that other guys were interested in her and could probably embarrass her ex quite easily by doing better than him by simply talking to other guys.

Halloween Costume

To dream of a Halloween costume represents feelings about you or someone else that changes themselves to scare other people. It may also reflect feelings about how you or someone else chooses to scare someone else into changing. A false negative persona. You may be trying to appear angrier or more dangerous than you really are. It may also reflect a deceptive attempt to scare other people. You or someone else that feels good pretending to have a negative or dangerous attitude. Not really being serious about how negative or dangerous you are acting. A phony negative persona.

Alternatively, dreaming about a Halloween costume may reflect enjoying yourself faking being something you are not or enjoying a rare opportunity to pretend to be something you are not. A situation so ridiculous you need to perfectly believe you are something you're not.

To dream of a Halloween mask represents feelings about faking your personality to scare someone into changing themselves for you. Feeling good noticing you are behaving in a way to scare someone into giving you something. Feeling good behaving in a way that scares someone with jealousy.

Halloween costumes are common to people who want to make their partner or ex-partner scare with jealousy in order to control them.

Consider the type of costume for additional meaning.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing someone wearing a Halloween mask. In waking life he was aware of himself needing fake his personality to scare other people into giving him money to deal with a problem.

Example 2: A man dreamed of being unable to find his Halloween costume. In waking life he was unable to find a way to scare his ex-girlfriend with jealousy in order to make her remain his girlfriend.


To dream of a handbag represents your wish to feel good or look good always being prepared. Feeling good always being ready. It may also reflect sensitivity about always looking professional or savvy. Projecting the image to others that you are always succeeding, rich, beautiful, or never losing.

Negatively, a handbag may reflect sensitivity about the possibility of embarrassing yourself being unprepared. It may also reflect too much concern that other people think you're perfect.

*Please See Purse


To dream of a hat represents your mood or attitude that is only display to others. How you choose to feel or how you like to feel about yourself. The mood you are projecting to others.

The color and style of hat suggest what kind of mood you are in.

Dreaming of a red hat may reflect an attitude being displayed to others that has dangerous or arrogant intentions. Showing others that you know you are being dangerous or mean.

To dream of trying on different hats may reflect your attempt to prepare for a new role. Trying to find the right attitude to approach a new situation. Testing out different personality types to discover what suits you best.

Alternatively, hats in dreams can sometimes reflect issues with hiding hair loss from others and anxiety about other people discovering your hair loss problem.

Fact: Headaches sufferers often dream of wearing hats that are too tight.

Example: A woman dreamed of hiding her perfect hair under a hat and not wanting others to discover it. In waking life she had a genetic hair loss problem and wore a hat to cover it up. She didn't want people she had just met to discover or question her problem when talking to them a second time.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of seeing a male friend wearing his favorite hat. In waking life the male friend had died and she was still in the process of grieving. In this case the hat may have reflected her mood or attitude about the dead friend being upbeat as she tried to hide her grieving from people while maintaining a positive attitude about him.

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To dream of an athletic headband or sweatband represents an attitude that notices it never worries or cares too much about something while working hard. Looking awesome about never believing in worrying. Never worrying about working hard or testing something new out. Looking good never worrying everyday. Looking good that you never worry about challengers. Feelings about practicing all the time. Feelings about professional training. Feeling good never asking for anything because you don't need to.

Negatively, dreaming about an athletic headband may reflect a serious competitive attitude that doesn't feel in charge. Being compeitively onguard and not wanting to show anyone you worry. Being competively more serious than everyone else. Looking stupid noticing that you don't have any challengers.

To dream of a fashion headband represents a passive attitude that noticeably doesn't like to be pessismisic or think of anything negative. Feeling good being a good person or having a good atttiude despite what is happening. Negatively, a fashion headband may reflect feeling good overlooking something negative because you don't want to be pessistic. A "wonderful" attitude that may be perceived by others as childish.

Example: A woman dreamed of finding a fashion headband with cat ears amongst a pile of skulls. In waking life she her family had experienced their mother stealing money and never coming back. The fashion headband with cat ears she found amongst the skulls may have reflected her feelings about not liking to think of anything negative with her mother while other people were.


To dream of a Native American headdress represents an attitude or mood that is preoccupied with standing it's ground. Purposely, never changing your stance or making it obvious to others that you will never cave in. Preoccupation with attacking problems head on.

Negatively, a headdress may reflect showing off with stubborn beliefs. Wanting to embarrass others that you'll never change a bad habit no matter what happens. Making it obvious to others that you don't care about them or anything they want.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a Native America wearing a headdress. In waking life he was being very stubborn about keeping in line with the lifestyle requirements of a spiritual retreat. Other people weren't as serious about it as he was and he refused to stray from the rules even though other people were. The headdress reflected his preoccupation with being spiritually perfect.


To dream of a headscarf represents a mood that is intentionally avoiding feelings of desire. You may be intentionally trying to show someone that you like that you don't desire them. Purposely hiding or holding yourself back from romantic feelings.

Example: A young girl dreamed of wearing a headscarf. In waking life she was spending time with her ex-boyfriend and didn't want to bring up any of their intimate past in the conversation.


To dream of a helmet represents psychological protection. You or someone else may be resisting influence or changing beliefs. Protected opinions and attitudes.

Positively, it may reflect resisting negative influences, maintaining principles, or never giving in to problems. Negatively, it may reflect stubbornness, being overprotective, being over cautious, or an unwillingness to change.



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