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To dream of a tiara represents a mindset or attitude that feels more perfect, beautiful, or special than other people. You or someone that feels they have impressive passive power.

Negatively, may reflect an attitude that is spoiled, vain, or arrogantly thinking it's too impressive to "get it's hands dirty."

*Please See Princess


To dream of a tie represents a sense of obligation and responsibility towards something in your life. How tight or loose the tie is indicates how obligated or responsible you feel.

To dream of a bow tie represents feelings of obligation or responsibility to behave. Feeling obligated to be a wonderful, helpful, or considerate person. Obligation to be loyal or faithful. Negatively, it may be a sign that you are being too nice or too considerate to people that aren't respecting you.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing his father in art class wearing a red tie. In waking life his father had died and he felt obligated as his son to explore a number of art books his had in order to understand his father more.

Example 2: A man dreamed of bow tie that was broken. He took the bow tie to numerous stores, but no person could fix the bow tie. Finally, a woman in a shop told the man that he should just give up and accept the tie as broken. In waking life the man felt that his alcoholic wife didn't appreciate him no matter how well he treated her. He eventually had to accept that the marriage was over and left her. The bow tie in this case may have reflected the dreamers feelings about himself deserving to enjoy himself inside his marriage being a wonderful faithful husband and be aware that he would never be respected that way by his wife ever again.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing a tie sitting on a couch beside an evil person. In waking life he was experiencing threats of violence if he decided to get serious about filing police reports against someone. He felt obligated to file the police reports, but also felt it was dangerous.


To dream of tights represents feelings about independent thinking with nothing to hide without ever thinking it's a problem. Fearlessness or boldness about having to say who you are with nothing to hide. Commitment to transparency and authenticity, maintaining a stance, and not feeling that it's problematic even if it goes against the "norm" or brings about personal discomfort or social isolation. Your level of comfort with revealing or opening yourself up to others.

Positively, dreaming about tights may represent comfort, self-assurance, and courage in one's skin and convictions. It might indicate a phase of life where you are unapologetically embracing your decisions, opinions, or emotional expressions. This kind of dream might suggest personal growth in terms of confidence or a shift towards a more genuine and less inhibited existence.

Negatively, the dream represents feelings of overexposure, recklessness, or consequences related to being too open or honest. A feeling of being judged, vulnerable, or isolated due to your transparency and the authentic revelation of your thoughts or emotions. A fear of rejection or criticism for showing your true self, particularly in situations where conformity is expected. Feelings about having been bolder than you should have been.

The color of the tights will reflect intentions or emotional nuances related to these feelings of openness and vulnerability.

Example: A woman dreamed of wearing thin grey tights in the middle of winter and felt that it was strange because she doesn't usually wear clothes like that in the winter. In waking life, she had lost the majority of her friends and family for speaking up about her political views about former President Trump. In this case, wearing thin tights may have reflected her feelings about being transparent or vulnerable in expressing her true independent thoughts and beliefs, regardless of how others might perceive them.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of seeing her cousin wearing a dress, tights, and boots. In waking life, she was angry at a guy she had a casual relationship with because she tried to initiate spending more time with him, but he rejected it. They didn't speak for the whole summer. In this case, the tights may have reflected her comfort and boldness in being so straightforward about not hiding her intentions or feelings to the guy she liked, showcasing her readiness to be vulnerable and honest, despite potential social risks.

*Please See Leotards

*Please See Leggings

Top Hat

To dream of a top hat represents a mood or attitude of formality and respectability that doesn't need an explanation. Mood or attitude that is very "gentlemanly", polite, or trying to impress others with respectful behavior. Projecting a "classy" personality. It represents a gentleman-like demeanor that is associated with being grown up and thinking about the most respectable outcome in a situation. A top hat symbolizes the idea of everything working in a special event to be considered respectable. A dignified and mature attitude about respecting other people during an important problem or event. Helping others and not complaining, not speaking behind people's backs, and restraining yourself from ignorance because you feel it's important that other people experience that. Feeling the importance of maintaining dignity and decorum in a current life situation.

Negatively, to dream of a top hat in a dream may reflect a mood or attitude that is trying too hard to impress or show off in a formal or respectable manner. It could also represent insincerity or a false sense of respectability. The dreamer may be feeling the pressure to conform to societal norms or expectations, or to act in a certain way that may not align with their true personality.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a little red ball person wearing a tophat floating outside a door that opened. In waking life the man felt stranded and someone was nice enough to keep telling him things in order to get through the empty moment.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of buying a new top hat. In waking life she had recently received news from her mother that her grandmother died. In this case the purchasing of the top hat may have reflected her feelings about needing to become formal and respectable for her grandmother's funeral like it was obviously what was expected of her.

Example 3: A young woman dreamed of seeing a snowman dentist wearing a top hat. In waking life her boyfriend had elbowed her in the jaw making her worried that her teeth would fall out, but everything turned out fine and no teeth were lost. In this case the top hat on the snowman dentist may have reflected her feelings about her boyfriend having a very formal respectable attitude about paying for her dentist if she needed one acting like a classy guy just in case she needed it.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of seeing a man with a top hat. In waking life she was trying to move on and was making a conscious effort to be content with her life as it is. She was also trying to maintain her dignity by refraining from speaking negatively about others and avoiding complaining. The top hat in her dream may symbolize her desire to project a formal and respectful demeanor, as she recognizes the importance of maintaining dignity and decorum in her current situation.


To see a touk in a dream represents a self-protective attitude or mood during a time of adversity. Telling yourself that things aren't as bad as they seem or that things will get better. Choosing to not give in to negative thinking patterns, self-doubt, or depression. Keeping a positive spin on a terrible situation. You may be trying very hard to "hold on" to certain beliefs, habits, or something you can't stand to be without.

A blue touk represents positive intentions during a time of adversity. Times are tough and you are keeping a positive attitude as best as you can.

A black or red touk symbolizes negative intentions or imbalanced beliefs during times of adversity.

Trench Coat

To dream of a trench coat represents feelings of avoiding embarrassing yourself by using a professional attitude or intentionally acting "grown up" in order to protect yourself emotionally. Intentionally distancing yourself emotionally so you don't look desperate. Protecting yourself emotionally by projecting yourself as already being successful or unneedy. A projection of professionalism or sophistication to others. Projecting a persona to others of "having a life." A wish to avoid embarrassing yourself with anything stupid or childish.

Negatively, dreaming of trench coat may reflect a comfortable attitude about easily getting away with dishonest behavior. Making dishonest behavior look easy. Projecting an appearance of ease and sophistication with dishonest behavior. Noticing that other people are stupid about giving you things if you pretend you aren't desperate or try your best to look professional. Alternatively, from a negative perspective a trench coat may reflect fear or frustration of never getting away from a serious situation or job. Professionalism or adult mature behavior that feels imposed on you. Feeling pressured to responsibly prepare for the future or avoid mistakes that could risk the future.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a girl he wasn't attracted to wearing a trench coat and walking towards him. In waking life he became very wealthy from a family inheritance and then a friend from his past contacted him about dating one of his two sisters. The younger less intelligent sister was offered to him first and he suspected the second old sister was using the offer of the first sister to avoid looking desperate herself. The trench coat in this case may have reflected the dreamers perception of the second older sister cleverly using the younger sister to test the dreamer without looking desperate.

Example 2: A teenage boy dreamed of an evil person wearing a trench coat. In waking life their parents forced a very strict home-life on them with school and preparing for their future as a top priority. The trench coat in this case may have reflected the teens feelings about their parents forcing him to prepare for a perfectly professional life in the future.


To dream of a turban represents an attitude that think it's important to see itself honester than other people, steadfast, and unchanging, while it completely hides what it's thinking in private. Being as honest as you can be that feels it's serious to respect yourself never letting anyone see what you are actually thinking. A turban in a dream can represent a thinking style grounded in tradition, antiquated customs, or familial values, where personal identity may seem secondary.

Negatively, dreaming about a turban may represents an attitude that overdoes importance in needing to see itself as honester, steadfast, or unchanging, while it completely hides what it's thinking in private. Behavior that's tells itself all the time that it has to be honester than other people and never talk about what it sees itself doing to keep it that way. Feelings about antiquated customs or practices that you believe are not quite aligned with modern societal norms. A reluctance to fully engage with the world or to embrace your true self, as the turban may be indicative of an ongoing struggle to reconcile one's personal beliefs and values with societal expectations. Behavior that's dishonest about being constrained to honesty that never has to tell you what it's secretly thinking or planning.

Consider the color and style of the turban in the dream, as it may provide additional meaning.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a famous man, whom she didn't recognize, wearing a turban. In her waking life, her friend was being set up for an arranged marriage by her parents. The parents were seeking eligible suitors for their daughter. In this context, the turban might have symbolized her feelings about the old world honesty and traditions of her friend's parents that remained unaffected by modern societal changes. They were not obligated to disclose their final decision to any potential suitors yet.

Interesting: Nostradamus predicted that the Anti-Christ would rise in the middle east and wear a blue turban. It's possible that that Nostradamus was hypnagogic or hallucinating that saw visions that used the dream language. If this were the case, his prediction about the Antichrist may have symbolically represented the wars in the Middle East and the governments enacting terrorism laws to begin total world takeover under the guise of importance for safety that doesn't want to tell you what it's secretly planning or who privacy it's invading while claiming it's honest because it's protecting you.


To dream of a tutu represents the personality being preoccupied with keeping composure or staying perfectly balanced. It may also your concern that other people notice that everything you are doing is perfect or flawless.

*Please See Ballet


To dream of a tuxedo represents the personality that is exceptionally prepared for something. Wanting to look your best for a special occasion. Readiness for a special event or to use your experience. A tuxedo may also reflect using your cultivated experience and skill. You may have been training for something special for a long time. Celebrating a final achievement with your expertise on display. Wanting to to appear the most impressive that you can in a situation.

A tuxedo may be a sign that you want to use your well homed skills or experience. Wanting to prove yourself, make a name for yourself, or establish your reputation. Your personality may be exceptionally ready to impress others.

Negatively, a tuxedo may reflect feelings of being over-prepared or overqualified. Feeling that your exceptional experience or skills can't be used at all. Being ready to impress others with no way to do that. Impatiently waiting to show off how impressive you are.

Example: A man dreamed of being dressed in a tuxedo. In waking life he was finished his work training and felt he was needlessly waiting for a certification form to be allowed to work. The tuxedo reflected his personality being "more than ready" to get to work.


To dream of underwear represents your most personal beliefs or wishes that you prefer to keep private. Hidden attitudes and prejudices. Alternatively, underwear represents your personal view towards sex or your private feelings about sexual attraction to someone else. Something private about yourself that you might be embarrassed for other people to discover about you.

Negatively, underwear in a dream may reflect issues that are too personal to speak about. Anxiety or fear of being embarrassed with your true feelings. Fear of being caught guilty or "red handed." Public embarrassment about your romantic crush.

Consider the color of the underwear for additional meaning.

Underwear belonging to the opposite sex often symbolizes self-awareness about sexual interests or desirable experiences you'd like to have.

To dream that you are in your underwear reflects personal beliefs or wishes that are exposed to others. If you are embarrassed to be in your underwear you may feel self-conscious, embarrassed, or that a situation has created a loss of respect for you. If you are comfortable in your underwear it may represent a lack of concern about how others perceive your most personal beliefs or interests. You may not be bothered by what other people think.

To dream that you are not wearing any underwear represents a complete lack of inhibition. You or someone else that feels they have nothing to hide.

To dream that someone else is in their underwear indicates an embarrassing and revealing situation. Alternatively, the dream may means that you are seeing this person for who they really are in waking life by learning about their private thoughts and wishes.

To see dirty or torn underwear represents discomfort in your own skin and feelings of inadequacy. You may be uncomfortable about your sexuality and feeling very self-conscious about something embarrassing. It may also be a sign that you have self-defeating beliefs that overshadow personal goals or interests. Feeling embarrassed about your private thoughts or feelings.

Example: A man dreamed of secretly looking in a drawer at the underwear of a girl he was attracted to. In waking life, he was secretly looking at pictures of this girl on facebook without her knowledge. In this case, the underwear of the girl may have reflected his private feelings of sexual attraction for the girl that he preferred to keep hidden or not openly acknowledge.

Example 2: A man dreamed of looking at the underwear of a woman he knew. In waking life, this man felt that the woman had been very kind to him and he felt guilty for having sexual thoughts about her. In this case, looking the underwear of the woman he knew may have reflected his private feelings of sexual attraction that he was uncomfortable with or felt were inappropriate given her kindness towards him.

Example 3: A man dreamed of being caught in his underwear. In waking life, he was fearing being caught guilty by his father about something he had lied to his father about months earlier. He feared looking stupid to his father. In this case, being caugth in his underwear may have reflected his feelings of vulnerability and exposure regarding his lie.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of being outside in the cold in her underwear. In waking life, she was totally embarrassed from being fired from work due to behavior her boss thought was dishonest. In this case, being outside in the cold in her underwear may have reflected her feelings of exposure and vulnerability after losing her job. It symbolized the cold, harsh reality she faced without the security and comfort of her employment, feeling as though her professional reputation was stripped down to a private, embarrassing level for all to see.

Example 5: A man dreamed of being a bit surprised to find himself wearing only black boxer underwear shorts. In waking life, he was in his 60's trying to date online. In this case, the black boxer shorts may have reflected the man's awareness of his age while feeling excessively too old to be looking for a date.

*Please See Panties

*Please See Boxer Shorts Underwear


To dream that you are undressing represents the shedding of inhibitions. You may be giving up certain beliefs or attitudes. Undressing may also reflect revelation of your true feelings or beliefs to others. You may be "opening up" about your true feelings, beliefs, or intentions. What you're thinking or feeling is being made clearer to others. Giving up secrecy. Alternatively, you may be revealing your romantic interests for someone.

To dream of another person undressing represents an area of your life that is revealing itself or becoming clearer to you. New insights are becoming obvious to you. You are becoming more aware of the truth in some matter.

To dream of undressing someone else represents an attempt to gain a better understanding of that person. Alternatively, it may reflect new information or new possibilities that are arising.

Undressing to prepare for sex represents a positive or desirable experience that close to happening.

To undress and change clothes represents an open change of attitude, intentions, or motivating factors. You or some area of your life is openly transitioning away from certain beliefs or goals.

*Please See Nakedness

*Please See Sex


To dream of an uniform represents feelings about your role in a situation. Feeling a need to behave in a certain way. An aspect of your personality that is taking on a specific type of role.

Negatively, a uniform in a dream may reflect issues with feeling obligated to behave in a certain way. Alternatively, it may reflect issues with pretending to be something you are not. Experiencing a role reversal.

To dream of a military or army uniform represents feelings about your role in a situation being serious about maintaining stability. Feeling that you or someone has a responsibility to defend the integrity of a situation.

Example: A man dreamed of wearing a doctor's uniform. In waking life, he was having problems trying to nurse his father back to health. In this case the doctor's uniform may have reflected his feelings of responsibility and the role he had taken on to care for and help his father recover. He may have felt obligated to act as a caregiver and medical expert, even though he was not a professional doctor.

Example 2: A man dreamed of wearing a police officer's uniform. In waking life, he felt the need to maintain order in a difficult situation. In this case, the police uniform may have reflected his feelings of authority and responsibility while taking on a role that required him to enforce rules and keep the peace in a challenging environment.

Example 3: A man dreamed of wearing a military uniform. In waking life, the man was a pastor for a church. In this case, the military uniform may have reflected his feelings of duty and responsibility to maintain the spiritual and emotional stability of his congregation with his role as a spiritual leader.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of people in military uniforms chasing her away from her parents. In waking life, she was experiencing fear of borrowing money from a commercial bank for her education without her parents' consent. In this case, the military uniforms of the people chasing her may have reflected her feelings about the bankers fulfilling their employment role to talk to her about a serious loan to maintain her education, which she was both afraid to go through with and considering doing behind her parents' back.


To dream of a veil represents feelings about concealment or something being intentionally being hidden. Feelings about an experience being inevitable, but not completely ready. A dislike of someone who is a jerk who intentionally keeps you waiting.

Negatively, a veil in a dream may reflect feelings about not being able to perfectly trust something. Impatience. Sexual tension. Anxiety about expectations. Feeling that someone is intentionally keeping the full truth from you. Disliking feeling that someone prefers to keep you ignorant of the truth. Feelings that something in your life is not really what it appears to be. Hesitance to be fully honest until you are secure. Hopelessly hoping that nobody discovers your flaws.

To dream of wearing a veil may reflect your attempts to conceal the truth from someone. Revealing to others only what you feel is important to reveal for the moment. Feeling that you are ugly or that someone will not like the full truth. Proving yo someone you are honest without being desperate. Intentionally keeping someone in a state of tension, ignorance, or desire. Intentionally being a jerk who keeps someone waiting.

To dream of a wedding veil may reflect feelings about anxiety or hesitance to be fully honest about yourself before a permanent change occurs. Not wanting to look desperate or pathetic to others by being too honest too soon before a big change. Awareness or anxiety about yourself not being perfect before a change occurs.

Negatively, a wedding veil may reflect awareness of dishonesty being concealed before a serious change occurs. Hopelessly hoping that your flaws aren't discovered before a permanent change occurs. Preoccupation with believing you need to be perfect for someone else.


To dream of velcro represents feelings about the ease, effortlessness, and convenience of securing yourself that requires some effort to detach yourself from. Feeling that it's simple to engage in a situation or relationship, it may be more challenging to disengage. Deserving to feel secure with convenience that might require some effort or discussion to get yourself uninvolved from. Forming attachments seems inconsequential, but detaching yourself from them may come with emotional or practical complications.

Negatively, dreaming about velcro may represent feelings of frustration that disengaging from a situation or relationship is not as effortless as entering into it was. Feelings of annoyance that it isn't as easy to stop talking to someone about something as it was to start talking. Annoyance with involvement in something with ease that requires some effort to separate from. A sense of being "stuck" in a situation or relationship, or feeling that something is difficult to let go of.

To dream of velcro shoe straps represents feelings of the convenience and security of adapting to a new approach to a situation that may require some effort or intention to detach from.

Example: A man dreamed of his brother making a stuffed animal toucan bird with a beak that was detachable with velcro. In waking life, his female friend has just had a baby. In this case, the velcro used to attach and detach the toucan's beak may have reflected the feeling that while it's simple to engage in comforting and supportive talks with his friend about her new role as a mother, it's somewhat more difficult to pull away without making her feel like the baby or motherhood isn't important to him.

Example 2: A teenage girl dreamed of having velcro rope attached to her ankle that she had to quietly take off. In waking life, she began to feel alienated because her best friend was moving away. In this case, the velcro may have reflected her feelings about how easy it was to feel emotionally secure saying she is best friends with her friend with a sense of attachment, but as the reality of her friend's move set in, the difficulty of detaching the velcro mirrored her emotional struggle and effort to accept the impending separation and change in their relationship.


To dream of a vest represents a serious attitude about something that is important to you. You or someone else that is "all business", not-kidding, or very focused on seeing results. It may also reflect a problem or conflict that has been made "personal."

Alternatively, a vest may reflect how you are showing others how serious you are.



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