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Pirate Hat

To dream of a pirate hat represents you or someone else that is in the mood to take advantage of others. If you are wearing the hat it may reflect your interest in exploiting others weaknesses. If someone else is wearing the hat it may symbolizes your feelings about a someone that is taking advantage of you.


To dream of a pocket represents feelings about how easy it is to experience or use something whenever you need it because it's always available. Feelings about something being perfectly easy or easily available for use. The ability to do something whenever you want because it's easy.

To dream of having something in your pocket represents confidence that a resource or ability is easy. Feelings about being an expert at something.

To dream of empty pockets pulled inside out represents feeling that a situation has been made obviously hopeless. Feelings about total honesty that nothing is being concealed or harbored. No hidden alternative choices available. Appearances to others that feel silly being reversed from an easy state. Feelings about being poor.

Negatively, having something in a pocket may reflect the ease with which a negative experience can be requested. Ease of negative resources being utilized. Harboring something evil, dishonest, or negative with ease towards others if you want to. Feeling that something is too easy that others may not like you thinking is too easy. Fear of the potential for someone to do something scary to you with ease that you don't like.

To dream of a cell phone in your pocket may reflect feelings the ease with which you can utilize connections and resources. The ease with which you can make experiences happen if you want to.

To dream of a hole in a pocket represents feelings of impotence to achieve confidence in making something easy. Embarrassment that you can't achieve confidence in making some part of your life easy. Feeling unprofessional or held back from being a professional. Feeling weaker than other people on a professional level.

Example: A young woman dreamed of being pursued by a man with a knife in his pocket. In waking life she felt that her boyfriend was ready to breakup with her at anytime due to her sexual history.

Example 2 : A man dreamed of seeing a girl with her pockets pulled inside out. In waking life he felt that the girl was making subtle gestures to signal that she wasn't easy sexually.

Police Uniform

To dream of a police uniform represents personality traits that are disciplinary, or enforcing changes to thoughts and behavior. Whoever wears the uniform in the dream represents the aspect of yourself that is forcing change or specific outcomes.

Negative people in a police uniform may symbolize a lack of self-control or bad intentions. You may know what you're doing is wrong and are making sure you keep doing it.

Polo Shirt

To dream of a polo shirt represents the personality showing that it's ready to do a good job all the time. Not wasting time being an expert that helps someone. Making sure everything is done properly for other people. A serious attitude about nobody losing around you. Feeling good that people got exactly what they asked for because it's your responsibility. Thoughts about customer service. Feelings about being totally focused on getting the job done. Not minding answering lots of questions to make people satisfied. Not wasting someone else's time taking care of everything for them. Feeling successful because you take care of other people's needs. Knowing what you are talking about that helps others needs.

Negatively, dreaming about a poloshirt may represent the personality being annoying that it likes to work for someone else. Greed or dishonesty that serves itself trying to completely satisfy others needs.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing 2 people he didn't like wearing red polo shirts walking towards him. In waking life the 2 people from the dream had done something illegal to the dreamers company and were now trying to make him a business offer to run his company to avoid criminal charges. The dreamer felt that they had nerve to try to protect themselves as people who were ready to do a good job running his company furthering embarrassment and insult.

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To dream of a poncho represents the personality that is always concerned other people feeling you don't have any real concerns or worries. Your personality acting above trivial or materialistic matters. Acting towards others as though your personality is always down to earth and carefree. Openly discussing your problems to feel better about them. Laughing at yourself or not taking anything too seriously. Playing down the seriousness of things.

Negatively, a poncho may be sign that you are concerned with showing people that you aren't sad or jealous by lying to yourself that something doesn't matter. Laughing about your problems so you only appear carefree. Regularly playing down the seriousness of something that actually hurts a lot.

Example: A woman dreamed of being given a white poncho. In waking life she was psychologically recovering from surgery where her breasts were removed. The poncho may have reflected her attempts to deal with her loss by actively playing down the seriousness of her operation. Projecting herself to her friends and family to be carefree and that her operation wasn't the worst thing that could happen to her.


To dream of a purse represents your identity or sense of self. Thoughts, feelings, or life situations that give you confidence, power, or make you feel complete as a person. A purse can also reflect emotional dependency, or things you need in order to feel complete, whole, or confident. Feelings about your identity.

Losing your purse may symbolize losing touch with who you are, or giving up habits or life situations that make you feel confident, or complete as a person. A loss of identity. Women who are dealing with unfamiliar situations that make them feel insecure often dream of losing their purses.

Example: A woman dreamed of returning to her church to pick up a purse that she had forgotten. In waking life she had for years given up certain privileges in her church to make time for family and had only recently had her church privileges reinstated. The purse reflects her sense of identity and emotional needs associated with having the extra responsibility in the church.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of leaving her purse inside her finance's car trunk. In waking life she felt that moving in with her fiance was robbing her of her ability to feel that she had an independent identity. She felt living with him only allowed her to be independent under his terms since it was his house.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing a red purse that was so heavy it required two men to carry it. In waking life she was having sex with two men and was just starting to have her period. The red purse may have reflected her feelings about her feminine identity being that of being a sexually attractive woman who had to make her men wait for menstrual period to end before continuing to have sex with them both again.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of losing her purse. In waking life she had lung disease and felt that she was losing her identity to the illness as her health and finances got worse fighting the illness.

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To dream of rainboots represents your readiness, preparation, and focus on dealing with uncertainty or situational challenges that require enduring sadness, disappointment, difficulties, or depression. Preoccupation with never allowing bad times get to you. Being completely ready to be "knee deep" in a crappy situation never allowing it to bother you. Protection and resilience against adverse conditions. A protective stance and emotional resilience in dealing with potential losses or difficulties. Feeling that nothing can bother you about the worst uncertainty, upsets, or unpleasant situations because you are prepared to get through it. Feelings about the necessity to protect yourself from emotional downpours, unexpected troubles, or messy situations. It can symbolize preparation, foresight, or the understanding that certain situations require caution and protective measures to prevent potential harm.

Positively, dreaming of rainboots may indicate your ability to handle difficult circumstances or emotional storms with ease. Your ability to handle setbacks and challenges effectively. You are equipped to deal with whatever obstacles come your way and can maintain your emotional stability. Being fully prepared to face unpleasant circumstances or difficult emotions and not let them drag you down. Adequately equipped to navigate through emotional or turbulent situations without getting affected. Resilience, adaptability, and determination to keep moving forward despite difficulties.

Negatively, dreaming about rainboots may represent feelings of being constantly surrounded by negativity or uncertainty. You may feel overwhelmed by the challenges and obstacles in your life, finding it difficult to escape or find relief from them. Feelings of being weighed down by the problems and unable to find a solution or way out. You may be overly cautious or defensive in your approach to life. You might be shielding yourself from potential emotional experiences or avoiding situations that could help you grow. This dream could be a reminder to be more open and flexible, as being too guarded might limit your personal growth and opportunities for connection.

Example: A man dreamed of someone with green rainboots shooting him with a machine gun and then experiencing himself jumping off a cliff that was about to break. In waking life, he was worried about an investment he had. In this case, the rainboot may have reflected his readiness and preparation to face financial uncertainty and the emotional turmoil associated with protecting himself from a potentially bad investment loss.


To dream of a raincoat represents your personality you face and attempt to shield yourself from difficulty, disappointment, sadness, or depression. You are finding the resources necessary to do what you need to do or to get through a difficult situation.

A yellow raincoat symbolizes self-awareness as you protect yourself in the face adversity. You are noticing yourself doing everything you can to stay away from negativity or negative thinking patterns.

Example: A young man dreamed of being with a woman in a yellow raincoat. In real life he was changing schools to avoid bad influences and had to put up with a lot of stress and peer pressure in order to do it. The yellow raincoat reflected him noticing himself doing everything he could to avoid the bad people who were such a negative influence.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing an African man wearing a raincoat. In waking life she was expecting to divorce her husband.


To dream of a ring represents commitment being impressive or admirable. Commitment to a relationship or to a new endeavor. Promises made. A reflection of your loyalty to your ideals, responsibilities, beliefs, or other people. Alternatively, a ring may also reflect your desire for commitment. Hoping that someone will want to have a romantic relationship with you.

Negatively, dreaming about a ring may reflect the jealousy of someone else's committed relationship. You may feel that a committed relationship with someone is unattainable or impossible. A commitment to immorality, crime, or evil.

To dream of a gold ring represents feelings of commitment tied to something that feels impressive with being valuable or important to keep. A commitment or promise that is guaranteed. Commitment to relationships that feel too valuable to lose. Feelings about secure relationships, commitments, or promises. It may also reflect your desire for loyalty, security, or permanence.

To dream of a silver ring represents feelings of commitment tied to something that feels good being lucky or intuitive about nothing you do looking strange. Looking good being lucky that you met someone you are committed to. Being committed to a job you feel lucky to have. Being committed to something you don't want to be committed to because your life is luckier with it than without it.

To dream of losing a ring represents feelings about a lost commitment or broken promise. Falling out of love with someone or losing your attraction to someone. Unexpected changes that make you lose your original interest in a person or plan.

To dream of a damaged ring represents feelings about deterioration with long-term commitments or relationships. Betrayal that makes it more difficult to maintain your commitment or promises. Making a lot of effort to maintain your commitments. Difficulty believing in promises or commitments after experiencing dishonesty of some sort.

To dream of washing a ring may reflect feelings about needing to renew a bond or commitment. Unaddressed feelings about needing to make up with a partner. A wish to restore a relationship to its former state.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a man she liked wearing a wedding ring. In waking life, she desired to have a serious commitment from this man. In this case, the wedding ring may have reflected her hopes and desires for a committed relationship with the man she liked.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being happy to find an antique diamond ring at the bottom of a swimming pool, but that later was gone. In waking life, she was trying to reconcile her relationship with her boyfriend, expecting all to go back to normal, but in the end the relationship couldn't recover. In this case, the diamond ring may have reflected her hopes for a restored perfectly committed relationship.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of having a "God ring" on her finger. In waking life, she was having concerns about her faith and her loyalty to God. In this case, the "God ring" may have reflected her feelings about her commitment to her faith.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of feeling that it was important to wash her ring to restore it to its previous color. In waking life, she was having relationship issues with her partner with whom she was separated from. She felt it was important to speak to her partner about their love for each other to renew their bond. In this case, washing her ring to restore it to its previous color may have reflected her desire to renew and refresh their commitment to each other and restore the relationship to its former state.

Example 5: A young woman dreamed of having silver rings on her fingers. In waking life, she didn't like her job and didn't like the people that she worked with, but stayed because the company offered benefits during COVID while she was divorced. In this case, the silver rings may have reflected her commitment to her job and the people she worked for because it was luckier than running her own business during COVID-19.

Example 6: A woman dreamed of having a silver ring with diamonds on it. In waking life, she met a man 8 months previous who kept making arrangements to meet her, but he kept canceling the plans. In this case, the silver ring may have reflected her commitment to waiting to meet the man she felt lucky with coincidence to have met.

Example 7: A woman dreamed of her ex-boyfriend walking up to her to give her a gold ring. In waking life, she was asking God if her ex-boyfriend was the right one for her or if it was best to let him go. In this case, the gold ring may have reflected her feelings of potential commitment to her ex-boyfriend as someone who was too valuable to let go for the rest of her life.

*Please See Wedding Ring


To dream of a ceremonial or ritual robe represents feelings about formality, ritual, or honoring a special occasion, purpose, or state of being attacked to a role. Your perception of a particular role or responsibility that you or someone else is taking very seriously. Feelings of spiritual duty, humility, importance, reverence, or sanctity attached to a certain action, position, or life event. A situation in life where you are thinking about spirituality duty exclusively as your most important role. Taking work roles seriously.

Positively, dreaming of a ceremonial robe may indicate your respect for tradition, your own or others' achievements, or the marking of a significant milestone with regard to a role. Feelings of dignity, spirituality, or a deep connection to your beliefs. Wearing a ceremonial robe could symbolize a rite of passage or the acknowledgment of a new stage in your life, such as graduation, marriage, or spiritual enlightenment. It could also reflect a sense of unity or belonging to a group that shares common values or goals.

Negatively, a ceremonial robe in a dream might represent feelings of being forced into formality or ritualistic behavior of a role that you don't agree with. Fear of not meeting the expectations attached to a particular role. You may feel that the ritual or formality is outdated, meaningless, or does not align with your true self. Alternatively, it may point to an abuse of power or authority, where the robe serves as a facade to cover up deceit or unethical actions. Honoring a role that supports immorality or evil. Taking a role too seriously. Behavior that is excessively ritualistic.

Alternatively, a robe may reflect feelings that your role is more important than someone else's role.

To dream of a group of people wearing ceremonial or ritual robes may represent collective beliefs, values, or goals that are being emphasized or celebrated. A situation where roles and responsibilities are being formalized or respected on a communal level. The robes could represent shared spiritual duties, ethical commitments, or professional responsibilities among the group. Corporate or church ritualistic behavior.

Positively, seeing a group of people in robes could symbolize a harmonious gathering where everyone is on the same page, be it spiritually, professionally, or in some other important aspect of life. A strong sense of community, shared purpose, or collective achievement. Inclusion in this collective identity or purpose.

Negatively, if the dream evokes feelings of discomfort or unease, it might point to feelings of coercion or forced conformity. You may feel that the collective is engaging in ritualistic behavior that you find meaningless, outdated, or contrary to your personal beliefs. In extreme cases, the group in robes could represent a cult-like mentality or an abuse of power, where the robe serves to legitimize or cover up unethical actions.

If you are outside the group or wearing a different kind of robe, this could reflect your feelings of being an outsider or not conforming to the collective expectations. It might indicate that you question the legitimacy or value of the group's role, or that you're grappling with your own role in relation to the community.

Example: A woman dreamed of wearing a beige ceremonial robe. In waking life, she was a street pastor and felt that God was calling her to go on a mission to help wherever the need was greater than her own life. In this case, the beige robe may have reflected her feelings of spiritual duty, humility, and reverence for the mission she felt called to undertake.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being in church and seeing that everyone else was wearing a green robe while she was wearing a red robe. She asked why everyone was wearing a green robe and a woman told her that in order to be in the group someone had to request it. In waking life, she was struggling to decide whether to stay with her job or not. The woman in the dream talking to her was someone she felt was trying to steal her job. In this case, the robes may have reflected her feelings about workplace roles and the importance of formality attached to them. Her feelings about workplace rituals required to be accepted or promoted.

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Rolex Watch

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Running Shoes

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To dream of sandles represents an approach to life that is confronting negativity. A sign that you are very focused on dealing with problems or putting up with negative situations.

Sandals in a dream are also a sign that you are worried or concerned with just getting a negative or uncertain situation over with.


To dream of a scarf represents your unwillingness to allow an unpleasant situation to embarrass you at all. Going out of your way to ensure you stay comfortable during a problematic situation no matter what. Feeling above a situation or another person. Never allowing yourself to feel like a loser.

Negatively, a scarf may represent feelings of being too good to "get your hands dirty" or lower your standards.

School Uniform

To dream of a school uniform represents your personality always being worried or concerned about something. Alternatively, it may reflect a very studious mindset that you or someone else has. Awareness of yourself or someone else being very concerned with learning new things. The personality that is very focused on learning everything it can about a particular person or subject.

Negatively, a school uniform in a dream may reflect excessive feelings of anxiety or fear that you are not good enough at something. Taking a passive role while you try to understand a situation or study other people's behavior. Never feeling that you are good enough to achieve your goals. Anxiety or worrying that causes you keep learning new ways to adapt. Jealousy of appearing less intelligent than someone else.

To dream of seeing people you want to date wearing a school uniform may reflect your concern about never embarrassing yourself around them. Wanting to learn what they like and dislike because your are focused on the goal of dating them. You might see a school uniform in a dream when you are going for a job interview or constantly trying to maintain a good impression with someone you feel the need to learn to understand so you can please them.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing a girl he liked in a school uniform. In waking life he was very self-conscious whenever he was around her.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a boy in a school uniform. In waking life she was talking to an expert who was learning from her.



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