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War Zone

To dream of being in a war zone represents a point of conflict in your life. The setting of the conflict experience. A reflection of the personal or emotion cost of fighting with someone or struggling with a problem. Feelings about the devastating personal costs of confronting a waking life problem.

Alternatively, a war zone may reflect the your emotional state as you struggle against an internal problem or the personal cost of facing your addiction.


To dream of a wardrobe represents your attempt to decide how to portray yourself to other people. Deciding how you want to be noticed or what impression you want to give. Making an impression may be important to you right now or you are going through a transitional phase in your life.

Alternatively, a wardrobe dream may reflect issues with your self-image or fitting in. You may have difficulty being yourself around other people.

Positively, a wardrobe may reflect feelings about being an expert in many different ways or being very socially adaptive. Liking who you are. A strong sense of respecting yourself.

Negatively, a wardrobe may reflect conceit or arrogance in your abilities. Feeling socially superior to others. Being to snob to others. Changing your personality on a whim to manipulate people.


To dream of warmth represents feelings of care, comfort, safety, love, ease, as well as finding balance. Feeling that nothing unfair can happen. Feel accepted, nurtured, and protected. Warmth can symbolize emotional closeness, compassion, tenderness, or connections with other people. It can also be an indication of inner peace and happiness. Something in waking life that spares the dreamer from terrible conditions. Favorable conditions or circumstances in waking life. Feelings about someone or something that makes you feels safe being cared about no matter what happens.

Negatively, feeling too hot or overwhelmed by warmth could represent being smothered, overwhelmed, or feeling trapped by someone else's affection or care. This could also symbolize a relationship or situation that is stifling or overbearing.

To dream of the warmth of blood may represent the aftermath of an emotional wound or a difficult situation that has stirred strong emotions. Feeling the "heat" or impact of an emotional conflict, issue, or situation.

To dream of a warm gun represents feelings about danger that still lingers in your thoughts, leaving a residual sense of fear or uncertainty. Feelings about yourself or someone else that has already made a dangerous or serious decision.

To dream of a warm car hood represents ongoing concerns or anticipation related to recent experiences with decision-making or control of a situation.

Example: A woman dreamed going into a luxury home and feeling warmth from all the people welcoming her. In waking life, she wanted to temporarily move out of her home away from her husband to live with her drug addicted son to keep him safe and clean. In this case, the luxury home with people that made her feel warmth welcoming her may have reflected her deep desire for a harmonious and supportive environment where she could focus her care and attention on helping her son, despite the challenging circumstances.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of getting a rush of warmth in his body after a female he had recently met flew towards him to scare off a monster. In waking life, he had recently broken up with his girlfriend and was beginning to like a female he met. In this case, the sensation of warmth in his body may have reflected his feelings of acceptance, comfort, and burgeoning affection for the new girl in his life, while simultaneously learning to get over his past relationship.


To dream of a warning represents feelings about potential danger with your current choices or actions. Feelings that you are doing something wrong and need to change. Sensing danger or possible future embarrassment. Feeling the potential to "cross a line." Anxiety about potential consequences for your actions. Doubts or uncertainties you have. Feeling an urgent need to act.

Negatively, a warning may reflect your intuition about wanting to avoid confronting guilt or dishonesty. Feeling that you need to take action to avoid being caught doing something illegal. Intuitive feelings about wanting to avoid being embarrassed for something that you are fully aware of being wrong with. Planning to change bad behavior only when it begins to embarrass you. Awareness of yourself choosing to not get involved in other people's problems when it may spare someone from serious problems.

Alternatively, in a negative context, dreaming about warnings may reflect strong feelings of paranoia or fear of things you don't understand. Fearing things you don't understand or sensing that people you haven't spent any time getting to know personally are dangerous.

Example: A wealthy man dreamed of his mother warning him about needing to kill a cat before it got away from him. In waking life he was intentionally lying to his son about helping him financially in order to maintain control over his son and when his son found a way around his control he felt that if he didn't take action soon he would humiliate himself being exposed for his lies in front of the whole family. The mother giving the man a warning may have reflected his intuition about the future sensing danger about potential embarrassment.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of herself wanting to warn people about a snake. In waking life she was hesitating to warn her husband about dangers she felt existed with a business opportunity he was about to get involved with. She hesitated.


To dream of an arrest warrant represents justification to cancel a problem or take control of others. If you are being served with a warrant it may reflect consequences or payback that you can't stop. Feelings of having to ability to resist disciplinary action. A person or situation gets to have its way with you or force you to deal with a problem without interference. You may have finally been forced to deal with your problems, bad habits, or past. A different course of action may be needed in your life.

To dream of getting a search warrant represents feeling justified to look deeper into a problem or gather information. Checking facts about possible liars. Jealousy that someone is lying to you or hiding something from you. Powerful feelings of suspicion.

To dream of someone getting a search warrant to search you may reflect your lost sense of privacy or feelings about people who are questioning your motives. Feeling that people don't trust you or will look deeper into something you are guilty of. Anxiety about people checking acts about lies you've told. Feeling that people are very suspicious of you or anxiety about giving someone a reason to be suspicious of you.

To dream of not having a search warrant may represent feelings about being aware of violating someone else's privacy or personal space without permission. Feelings of having gone too far with control or overbearing behavior.

Example: A man dreamed of something issuing a warrant in his name. In waking life was having anxiety about potential employers becoming too suspicious about lies on his employment application.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a group of people barge into him apartment without a warrant to disarm his guns. Once they realized that couldn't legally take his guns because they didn't have a warrant they attempted to risk disarming the guns without any serious plan out to get out of the apartment legally. In waking life the dreamer was experiencing criminal attempting to cost his business money while hacking his computers and website in order to control him. The criminals were too scared to simply go away out of fear of further incrimination.


To dream of a warrior represents an aspect of your personality that's fearless. Showing courage in ways you feel others wouldn't. A fearless attitude towards challenges. You may be standing up a fear you have or casually taking a big chance. A fearless willingness to fail or humiliate yourself for the greater good. "Dying for a cause" or "living for God" only.

Negatively, you may be experiencing a person that fears nothing you threaten them with. A fearless enemy. It may also reflect your own excessive drive to confront problems or show off doing so. Preoccupation with "not being a wimp."

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a 10 foot tall warrior. In waking life she was very focused on being spiritually tough for God. She wanted to be perfect and face all negative thoughts or selfishness as soon as she spotted in herself to please God. She didn't care what anyone thought and was fearless about facing her conscience.


To dream of war represents a ongoing struggle or conflict in your life. Inner conflicts or emotional battles. You may feel something is at stake. An urgent need to defeat or overcome an obstacle. A problem that you feel requires your full attention or all available resources. A war in a dream may also reflect a need to be perfect at all costs or a struggle to avoid catastrophe. Conflict and anger.

Alternatively, a war may reflect an internal conflict with different beliefs or goals. Strong feelings in different directions.

Wars may point to personal struggles or arguments. They may also be linked to projects and tasks which you devote all your time and energy to. A war could also reflect prejudice you are experiencing. War dreams are common to successful people, business people, or people who have to make a lot of important decisions.

Negatively, a dream of war may be a sign that you are too concerned with having your way or are too aggressive. It may also reflect a fear of having to experience a major argument or face an enormous challenge you may not feel strong enough to take on.

The dream may also be reflection of your personal feelings about current wars around the world.

Example: A woman dreamed of being involved in constant warfare. In real life she was a closet lesbian who was outed by former friends. The war symbolism reflects her constant concern about being ridiculed or embarrassed for being gay.

Example 2: A man dreamed of being at war with demons. In real life he was dealing with racists who were attacking him for being a minority.

Example 3: A man dreamed of trying to escape a war. In real life his workplace was becoming hostile and he didn't want to be involved.

Example 4: A man dreamed of being at war and having enemies surrounding him. In waking life he been battling heart disease for 3 years and began to fear pain he was having during the day.

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Arrest Warrant

*Please Warrant.

Civil War Reenactment

To dream of a Civil War Reenactment represents paying careful and close attention to details. Doing everything you can to make sure a situation is perfect. You or someone else that is very focused on noticing details. It may also reflect attentive research that is being done.

Example: A woman dreamed of speaking to a man who was a civil war reenactor. In real life she was speaking to an experienced researcher about a problem she had. The Civil War Reenactment represents the attentive research that the researcher discussed with her.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of replacing someone in a role for a civil war reenactment that someone else didn't show up for. In waking life he had to do a lot of medical research for his father because he was too lazy to do it for himself. The role of civil war reenactor that he had to take over reflected his careful attention to details regarding his fathers health.

Nuclear War

To dream of a nuclear war represents feelings about conflict that risks total devastation of relationships, status, or financial resources. Conflict where both sides mat risk totally wiping each other out completely. Feeling that you are fighting against a problem that risks all that you care about. Risking everything you have to keep everything you have.

Example: A man dreamed of feeling that nuclear war was imminent. In waking life he was totally distraught after finding out his father was just diagnosed with a terminal illness. The nuclear war may have reflected his feelings about imminent financial losses with legal problems and family lawsuits as soon as his father died.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of experiencing a nuclear war breaking out. In waking life he was fearing an friend finding out that he was now dating his girlfriend and trying to break them up or embarrass him by revealing other person secrets.

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Search Warrant

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Star Wars

To dream of the Star Wars movies may reflect feelings of anxiety, tension, or being challenged during a non-stop continuous experience of something you've never done before. Experiencing enormous pressure to preserve something good during a highly unusual situation. Unusual conflict where you feel that everything that's important to you is at risk. An unusual experience where you feel family or friends are always at risk. Feeling that there is always an "asshole" around that wants to "fuck up everything" for everyone else. An usual experience where everyone is your enemy and you are always risking every single thing to just to keep your life normal. Feeling that your "entire universe" is at risk all the time.

Vietnam War

To dream of the Vietnam War represents an struggle in your life that feels impossible or pointless. An unwinnable conflict. Constant embarrassment or rejection. You may be struggling with something that always eludes you.


To dream of a prison warden may represent feelings that obligations or debt needs to be carried out completely. You or someone else that feels nothing should feel good until justice is perfectly served. A prison warden may also reflect your feeling about someone else being a "stick in the mud" about fulfilling a punishment or debt perfectly.

Negatively, a prison warden may represent an unwillingness to let anyone off easy. Feeling that a punishment has to be carried out until the very end.



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